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  1. ET’s confession can last me until next Sat. YH, if you are not going to say yes, I am going to steal your position. You can’t find Man like ET, a rare breed. I really like the flimsy and sexy nightgown. Anyone of you like that too? I find it strange to have in-laws telling you, who should sit at the bride’s Mum’s seat. (Probably this only happened in SK). First time I heard of this arrangement. Someone has to go and tell WAM to mind her own business and MY’s wealth is hers alone.
  2. I haven't commented on this page for quite some time. But CK and MS made my blood boiled so much this week. These are two mean and greedy people. CK worked in the hospital because he married JJH and I think the founder of the Jahan Hospital was ET’s Dad. What rights he has to go to HS’s shoes workshop to insult him just because MS asked him for a favor. MS is only an adopted son of MY and what rights he has to stop his Mum from marrying. Hope MY has the time to stop all his nonsense. Since he needs MY’s permission to sell his shares I hope MY put a stop before he knew it. Awesome return of ET. This time he received a slap from YH after his return. I saw the similarities in FOTG, he received a foot stomped from JY. The child actress who played ES is awesome. Look forward to next week how MY solves this issue with her adopted son.