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  1. I am again disappointed at the PD. We saw MS's Dad, Mr Yang planning some issues,(defintely not favorable to MY)and Lewy in Ep 44. I am one of those, who never like a rush ending, why introduce so many new issues now? I need these ppl to redeem themselves. I dont need a fairy tale ending but at least not something like; kneel down and seek forgiveness and all forgiven. (Citing past wounds, why they did that!).
  2. Ep 44, I want to see WAM working her butt off in the cafe, cos that was her precious son 10 years savings. Noona needs to eat humble pie in this epi and she gets more attached to ES. Probably I was mistaken, during 1 of the earlier epi, it was mentioned that Manager Yoon and Yang are a pair. I hope they aren't plotting anything. Or MS's father discovers before what they are planning. Poor MY, can't the PD leave her alone. We are coming to the end and we don't need incurable illness here. I know we have to be realistic but I need a weekend drama to enjoy not tearing every weekend.
  3. I am really disappointed with the PD, that this beautiful, kind-hearted grandma has Alzheimer when she just begin to enjoy her life with the man she loves. Really lazy writing. I hope with early intervention and supports from HS and family can delay her illness. Why they must bring back the good-for-nothing ex? Looks like he is plotting to get hold of MY's $ after learning from MY that in order to bring him back, MS lost his inheritance. The kiss is hot, I rewinded a few times. Come back later.
  4. ET: Now she is keeping her distance from me. Last time she used to address me as ETsshi, now she addresses me as Prof Jung, when I will be her Oppa? ET first time playing chauffeur to ES, to bring her to school. He is so pleased to send his little daughter to sch. But why is this boy hugging my ES, holding her hands? lol
  5. So MY was the one who told Noona that ES is JET's bio daughter. Come back later.
  6. Many thks to @Cestbonfor the preview for Ep 40. Besides Noona to sleep in bed for 10 episodes, how abt we send WAM to keep her company? ES hugging ET as her Dad for the 1st time. Such a warm big hug and the smile on ET is splendid. MS is such a bad loser, DY likes JH, there must be a reason, MS needs to chk the mirror again. Waiting for Sat to come. lol
  7. Did anyone see the playful elbow punch by MY on HS? @CestbonI fully agree with all your points. Brava, well written about ET. Let us leave ET for a week to come back stronger and happier. HS is right, we need to give ET some time to sort out his thoughts. No doubt he was prepared to be nice ahjussi to ES and suddenly he is the bio dad. He is conflicted at this moment. We have to leave him to sort out his thoughts but he will definitely comes back next week stronger and ready to be a marvellous Dad and husband to ES and YH respectively. WAM always dresses like a Christmas tree. I can never understand why in-laws in SK is demanding for a cafe. Do they have the rights? At least WAM is honest that she allowed SH and KS to date again and married cos of MY's wealth. I guess HS's friend, the cafe owner or his wife let the cat out of the bag so that SH and family know how greedy WAM is. Hope MY's plan works out right. I need ES out of the bed next week. Cant have that kid stays in bed for so many epis. Until Sat, as usual is so far away. lol
  8. ES overheard YH/HS that he is the bio Dad of ES. HH should have hit the ex stiff boss harder with her handbag. MS is defending his Hyung and Noona. He has come a long way. Finally happy for him to have accepted them subconsciously. WAM is those Kdrama's terrible MIL, she even went to MY that she wanted the cafe in her building. Past episode, she was talking to SH, since she is the eldest daughter she should be entitled to some of MY's assets. WAM, teach your son to fish first, nothing drops free from the sky these days.(In Ep 39's preview, she approaches MY again despite being rejected and chased out of the Park's house in Ep 38) How I wish that ET's Noona is dumb like one of her other dramas. I think ES's recent illness is caused by the additional droplets of medicine she took before her outing with CSW.(Not GVHD) Wrote this while waiting for subs
  9. ET's Noona is really w/o an ounce of compassion. She wanted ES out of the hospital cos of some rumours. Now I put her as the same category as her scumbag husband. She said to YH that she has the phone number of a better doctor. Why she is bad mouthing her own hospital and doctors? Fortunately DY is a balanced person. WAM, there are more ppl who fare worse than her spineless son. Why is she taking it out on SH instead of teaching her son to be more independent! It seems like CK is up to mischief again with JH. I need YH and ET to find a solution to ES's illness soon. I can't bear to see that kid suffering. ET, it is not his fault, dont blame himself to much. Prepare lots of tissues for Sat. It is still so far away.
  10. CSW and all his excuses for stealing the sperm specimens of ET. It is time to speak out and resolve the illness together. Don't let the innocent ES suffers unnecessarily. Dont blame ET for innocently donated blood to save ES at that critical moment. I can never understand the in-laws in SK. Does WAM have the rights to ask MY to set up a cafe for her mama-boy's son? She should teach KS to grow a spine instead of taking the easy way out. Finally WAM showing her true colours and very colourful indeed. SH will not be having a good time in the house. WAM: "SH. We are doing the whole thing for our family. Right now, your family are KS and herself" Then why must MY give her the cafe if her family has only 3 members. SMH.. When ET went to CSW's hotel room to pick up Anna. He said "Anna, Dad is here". CSW was looking at him suspiciously, probably thinking he found out everything. HH has a weird stiff ex-boss. I hope JH and MS went there to give him some punches. Until next sat which is always so far away.
  11. Probably I am mistaken but have a feeling, CHK made a fake passport for ES. Cos YH still have a copy of ES's passport and HS went to chk whether they applied a passport for ES recently. CK should give up now, DY has never been interested in MS. Whether MY and HS are married or living together, why is WAM so interested? SH has to let her know they cant get any benefits or advantages from MY. Waiting patiently for subs and cant wait to know what CSW said to ET in the next ep.
  12. Preview for Ep 36 is out. Hope s/o subs it soon! Sat is too far away. YH is looking at a passport. Whose ppt is that? Why CSW approaches Dr Kang? MS feels defeated, 1st time a girl rejected his love! Waiting for Sat.
  13. How many crimes CSW has committed? Stole sperm specimens without Hospital and donor's knowledge. Prevent or obstruct Dr from attending to his patient. Leaving Korea with child without the Main guardian's knowledge. He had already given up custody of that child! CSW wants to hide his infertility so he wants to leave with ES. CSW, a child is for you to love not for you to make use of her and wants to take care of her when she is useful to you.
  14. Was the gunshot incident in the US staged by CSW to steal ET's specimens for YH's artificial insemination? As ET mentioned that it was not serious and not even reported on TV. Despite ET's smile, I think he suspected something as he and ES share a rare blood group. YH further emphasized that she was at that Hospital at that period too. CSW doesnt want YH to date ET cos his Big Secret would be exposed. He has this Big Ego's issue, so no one is supposed to know about his fertility problems. Since YH isn't heeding his advice, he has to take ES with him. Not because he suddenly misses her after all these years. YH found out from Dr Kang that ET had donated his sperms for research purposes in the US when he was there. OMG, I broke out in cold sweat when I saw ES putting extra drop of medicine into her drink. Images of overdose keep on appearing in my head. YH should be more careful. ET's Noona confirmed that ET is not interested in raising a family, didn't even want to leave his gene behind at all. ET is totally unawared that his specimens were stolen. SH saw MY injured hands when she prepared the snacks for her MIL. Now she is really touched by her sincerity. But her MIL thinks otherwise as she sees from the monetary point. Next week, I want to see the results of the DNA and YH filing a lawsuit against the CSW and CHK or take ES's inheritance to their Uncle.
  15. I am against anyone who put their pride and greed before their children's lives. The Chaes' brother and sister are a pair of AHs. When YH and CSW are divorced, YH told CSW to see ES for the last time and he refused. Now he wants to take ES away because he doesn't anyone to know he can't have children not because ES is better off living with him. Next epi, YH should file a restraining order or PPO against the Chaes. HS is too lenient, he should have given CSW two slaps, one left and one right. He should have taken ES's passport and ticket with him for further evidence. WAM, if your son is not capable, please dont blame your DIL. Come back after the subs.