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  1. Drama is so good I like it [Room No. 9] Ep 2 Kim Hee Sun asks Kim Hae Sook, "I'm Eulji Hae Yi, who are you?" Article: Naver 'Room No. 9' "I'm alive" Kim Hae Sook who meets her mother, steals away Kim Hee Sun's life Eulji Hae Yi (Kim Hee Sun) is now in Jang Hwa Sa's body. She attempts to escape from the prison guards but gets caught after meeting Jang Hwa Sa (Kim Hae Sook). Jang Hwa Sa promises to find a way to return her body when she is done with what she wants to do. She went to visit her mother. Jang Hwa Sa bumps into Ki San (Lee Kyoung Young) and shouts, "Chu Young Bae". He chases after her. Eulji Hae Yi is getting transported to Gongju where mentally ill patients stay. 1. [+818,-50] Kim Hee Sun's acting is not bad, really. It's a pity that she's underrated. 2. [+402,-15] I've decided to watch Room 9 on weekends. 3. [+376,-22] Kim Hee Sun is really pretty. 4. [+225,-21] Is Kim Hee Sun a doll? Thank you, Room 9~!! Makes me look forward to evenings on weekends^^ 5. [+209,-9] When she danced in the hotel room, it reminds me of Kim Hye Ja from the movie Mother. I thought it was a homage. 6. [+94,-7] Kim Hee Sun isn't lacking in acting, but because their bodies were switched, she has to look awkward. She can't be perfect. I think she did well. Acting is acting, but she is really pretty. 7. [+50,-2] Seriously, the directing felt like a movie. Because of Kim Hae Sook-nim's acting, I can't bring myself to change channels. She acts so well that I had goosebumps~~!! Article: Naver 'Room No. 9' Kim Hee Sun insists, "I'm Eulji Hae Yi" Kim Hae Sook in a crisis of getting transferred to Gongju1. [+414,-34] I watched Kim Hee Sun and Kim Hae Sook while holding my breath. Kim Young Kwang is a little lacking, but if his screen time continues this way, I don't think it will bother me. 2. [+284,-6] Yoon Park turned into Lee Kyoung Young. That was amazing. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ3. [+249,-36] The female casts are not bad, but what's with the male casts? Lee Kyoung Young, Kim Young Kwang, Yoon Park......... 4. [+190,-13] Seriously, the female leads have crazy acting skills.. how do Kim Hae Sook and Kim Hee Sun portray their characters so well? And even Lee Kyoung Young-ssi with his perfect acting skills. And the story doesn't seem to be like a joke anymore. And Kim Hee Sun nuna is so pretty, really. 5. [+114,-8] I've found a really fun drama.. The immersion is amazing. 6. [+72,-2] Kim Hee Sun is still constantly acting even after getting married. Kim Hae Sook and her are two of the top actresses, and they are leading the drama well with their acting skills. [Room No. 9] Ep 3 Kim Hee Sun uses her peach allergy to change bodies back with Kim Hae Sook [Room No. 9] Ep 3 Kim Hee Sun uses her peach allergy to change bodies back with Kim Hae Sook Article: Naver 'Room No. 9' Because of Lee Kyoung Yong, Kim Hae Sook became a convict on death-row.. revenge begins 1. [+172,-4] Really fun. 2. [+107,-4] In the future, won't they help each other? 3. [+71,-4] Kim Hee Sun's acting is so good. 4. [+43,-5] Going to watch Room No. 9 on weekends. 5. [+36,-3] I got immersed. It's exciting. 6. [+25,-1] Eulji Hae Yi (Kim Hee Sun)'s meticulous plan today. 1. Uses the fact that she has an allergy to peaches. 2. Made use of Jang Hwa Sa (Kim Hae Sook)'s emotions. 3. Made use of Jang Hwa Sa's mother to make Jang Hwa Sa go to her. 4. Putting peaches in the bread and made Jang Hwa Sa eat it. 5. Attempts to change their bodies again. Her intelligence is the best. 7. [+24,-3] I'm surprised at Kim Hee Sun's beauty. Kim Hee Sun's acting surprised me too. And it's fun. And it's needless to say that Kim Hae Sook-ssi's acting is good. 8. [+14,-0] Kim Hee Sun and Kim Hae Sook have good acting chemistry. 9. [+14,-0] It's more interesting because I can't predict what's happening next. 10. [+13,-0] It's so interesting, but why is it so short.. Mr Sunshine begins at 9pm and ends at 10.40pm.. But this one feels like it ended in just one hour.. Is it because it's too interesting that time flew by too quickly.. Article: Naver 'Room No. 9' Kim Hee Sun plans to use her allergy with peaches to change her body back with Kim Hae Sook 1. [+155,-5] The story development is too exciting. Kim Hee Sun and Kim Hae Sook have good acting chemisty. 2. [+91,-8] Kim Hee Sun's acting is immersive. 3. [+43,-5] Kim Hee Sun is so beautiful. 4. [+40,-2] If she used her allergy to escape prison.. it would be daebak. 5. [+15,-3] Will their souls exchange again? 6. [+6,-0] It's so interesting.. It's not simply about exchanging souls.. It's meticulous.. And the actors have great acting skills. cr:melohwa
  2. Ratings 181008: #WhereStarsLand : 6.7% | 9.1% #TheBestDivorce : 3.2% | 4% #BadPapa : 2.4% | 3.5% #100DaysMyPrince : 9.1% #BeautyInside : 3.5% rating are rising so good
  3. [Room No. 9] PILOT Ep 1 Kim Hee Sun and Kim Hae Sook exchanges their soul Article: Naver 'Room No. 9' Kim Hee Sun x Kim Hae Sook tough ill-fate for each other.. 'exchange soul' Eulji Hae Yi is a lawyer and meets Jang Hwa Sa (Kim Hae Sook) who is a death row convict. Her boyfriend Ki Yoo Jin (Kim Young Kwang) is a doctor, he went to the prison to look for Jang Hwa Sa. Jang Hwa Sa faints, Hae Yi who is in the same room exchange soul with her when Yoo Jin uses a mysterious AED machine to save Hwa Sa. 1. [+163,-7] Kim Hee Sun is pretty, Kim Hae Sook's acting is the best. And the story is thrilling. 2. [+68,-15] Kim Hee Sun's acting is good though? 3. [+47,-5] Both Kim Hee Sun and Kim Hae Sook have good acting.. I want to see the next episode quickly.4. [+45,-3] I had goosebumps while watching Kim Hae Sook's acting when she ate the donut. 5. [+34,-3] After The Lady in Dignity, I think this one will be a hit too.. Firstly, the first episode is really interesting. 6. [+11,-1] Kim Hee Sun did well acting as a rude character. 7. [+9,-0] I respect actress Kim Hae Sook. Article: Naver 'Room No. 9' Kim Hee Sun and Kim Hae Sook exchange souls.. shocking ending 1. [+1111,-74] It's good to focus on Kim Hee Sun, Kim Hae Sook and make quick story developments... Kim Young Kwang seriously, he can't do dramas like these. He should practice on his acting.. 2. [+538,-80] Kim Hee Sun's acting is really good though... 3. [+348,-26] I hope Kim Young Kwang get hold of being the center between the two actresses quickly. He's still lacking now. Hope he finds strength. 4. [+378,-146] The soul changing story that I'm fed up of. ㅠ.ㅠ It's boring. 5. [+186,-23] It's fun. 6. [+139,-12] Kim Young Kwang, Nam Joo Hyuk, Lee Jang Woo = Uee, Seolhyun, Hyeri, Seohyun. 7. [+154,-25] Kim Young Kwang didn't show up a lot, there aren't any scenes to say that he's bad. ㅋㅋㅋ Overall, I think everyone is fine and it's interesting. 8. [+88,-4] Am I the only one enjoying this? ㅠㅠ I really didn't notice how much time had passed watching it.ㅠㅠ Kim Young Kwang's acting is good too.. ㅠㅠ9. [+79,-13] Young Kwang should just continue to be a model, or gain more experience being a supporting actor first... So far, a main role is too much for him to handle, even a supporting role... I guess the story development for both Miss Ma and this one will decide who wins. cr: http://melohwa.blogspot.com/2018/10/room-no-9-pilot-ep-1-kim-hee-sun-and.html
  4. SF9’s Rowoon Explains The Unique Way He Conquered Nerves About Acting With Cast Of “Where Stars Land” SF9’s Rowoon came up with a way to deal with his nerves about acting with his co-stars in “Where Stars Land”! The SBS drama follows the daily lives of people who work at the Incheon International Airport, and Rowoon plays the role of rookie employee Ko Eun Seop, who is a member of the airport’s mooring operations team. At a recent press conference for the show, Rowoon was asked to share a story from filming alongside the cast, which also includes Lee Je Hoon, Chae Soo Bin, Lee Dong Gun, Kim Ji Soo, and more. “Rather than a story from filming, I have one from before filming,” said Rowoon. “When I first met the senior actors, I couldn’t look them in the eye,” he shared. He then made everyone laugh by saying, “Before we started filming, I printed out photos of them and practiced acting while looking at them.” Rowoon made his debut with SF9 in October of 2016, and has since begun establishing his acting career as well. In addition to his role in the drama “Where Stars Land,” Rowoon has also appeared in “About Time,” “School 2017,” and “Click Your Heart.” cr.soompi
  5. Ratings 181002 WSL rise good #WhereStarsLand - 6.3%/8.6% #BadPapa - 3.4%/4.0% #LovelyHorribly - 2.9%/3.3% WSL recorded peak 11.3 %
  6. [SPOILERS!!!][Where Stars Land Roundup] Episode 1 (premiere) Original Source (Star News via Naver): First episode 'Where Stars Land' Chae Soo Bin's fateful encounter with Lee Je Hoon "It was you" Nationwide ratings for episode 1: 7.2% (cr. Nielsen Korea) 1. [+414, -106] Am I the only one enjoying it....? I'm going to watch this on Monday-Tuesday! 2. [+529, -268] Chae Soo Bin doesn't have the impression of a female lead, how did she get casted in a important drama like this, I feel like she's lacking to be Lee Je Hoon's co-star ↪ [+72, -10] Koong kwang.. (t/n: Koong kwang is the sound effect of stomping and people use the term 'koong kwang-ah' then they're saying it's like a fat person hating on celebrities and what not or that the commenter is a fat person) ↪ [+101, -1] If you think like that then do supporting actors have to be supporting actors forever...... ㄷㄷ 3. [+250, -24] It might be the character but I don't like Chae Soo Bin's personality, is it even possible in the real work place for her to get smart with her senior Kim Ji Soo.. First off, the cinematography is pretty and because I like going to the airport, I liked learning about things I didn't know about the airport ㅎㅎ 4. [+185, -12] The cinematography is so pretty ㅠㅠ What's with Lee Je Hoon's arm? I'm so curious ㅋㅋ 5. [+172, -19] I was looking forward to it because good actors are coming out but.. Because there's so much forced set-ups, I was disappointed to the point where I was furrowing my brows. Especially, did they just have to write the female lead like that so that the drama can go on.. 6. [+102, -10] Inconvenient female lead ㅜ Original Source (iMBC via Naver): 'Where Stars Land' Lee Je Hoon releases superhuman strength, 'mystery man' appears! 'Refreshing shocker' 1. [+361, -22] The male lead is really cool but... the female lead is a bit dumb, reckless, has no ability to deal with crisis, she's a troublemaker and her personality is even self-centered... Why are the female lead characters in Korean dramas all like that... 2. [+111, -11] God Je Hoon ㅠㅠㅠ Ah I feel like he's going to record a new life character 3. [+72, -6] Is this 'You Who Came From the Stars' season 2? 4. [+58, -3] Kim Ji Soo-nim's acting force is no joke, the cinematography is good. I'm going to watch the drama until today and then decide, currently I'm undecided cr: https://ddoboja.blogspot.com/2018/10/spoilerswhere-stars-land-roundup.html
  7. Lee Min Ho nominee for the Most Handsome Faces of 2018 please visit and like https://www.instagram.com/p/BoZyeXqFKyH/?hl=tr&taken-by=tccandler
  8. Ratings 181001 #SF9 #WhereStarsLand - 5.1/7.2 #BadPapa - 3.5/3.7 #LovelyHorribly - 2.7/2.8 Where Stars Land also recorded peak of 10.7 % https://twitter.com/sevennySF9/status/1046885699088240641
  9. https://twitter.com/SF9NATION/status/1046611392630018048 https://twitter.com/SF9NATION/status/1046739935699640320