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  1. [SKY Castle] Ep 7 spoilers, Yum Jung Ah x Lee Tae Ran x Yoon Se Ah Article: Naver 'SKY Castle' Kim Seo Hyung meets Song Geon Hee's father, Yu Seong Ju, "A late greeting" 1. [+2291,-18]The twins' mother seems like a really lovely character.. She uses her gentle voice to control her husband, that was interesting to watch. 2. [+957,-19] It's fun. The ending is awesome today. I think the ending will be awesome tomorrow too. Oh Na Ra-nim is cute. What will happen to Hye Na now... I think she'll be dragged for the evaluations... Don't feel good about this student.....3. [+928,-23] Looks like teacher Kim Joo Young will disclose how Hye Na does those evaluations. And Hye Na will lose the election.. Of course, it's just what I think. 4. [+1170,-40] After watching a trashy drama like Boyfriend, watching SKY Castle purifies my eyes... As expected, scriptwriters are the most important people in dramas... This scriptwriter writes well... I acknowledge that. It's fun. 5. [+512,-14] Wow, seriously. Time flies.. Stop airing ads. 6. [+436,-4] I'm surprised to see that the scriptwriter portrays how trashy and degrading our country's education is realistically. Please, I hope the people in the Ministry of Education sees this. There are so many things to improve on. Please reflect. This isn't just interesting, but this shows the education crisis in our country. 7. [+296,-5] That girl, Hye Na.. Somehow, she seems tougher than Ye Seo. 8. [+266,-2] Does Young Jae's father have the right to blame others? 9. [+261,-1] Teacher Kim Joo Young may be in the wrong, but why is everything her fault? They are having problems themselves too. If things go well, it's because of them. But when things go wrong, it's someone else's fault? ...I think Young Jae's father will kill himself out of guilt. Article: Naver 'SKY Castle' Yum Jung Ah makes up with Lee Ji Won, "Even if you're upset, talk to me about it" 1. [+487,-6] You can believe in and watch Yum Jung Ah~ But the child actress acting as her daughter Ye Bin is really good too. It's my first time seeing her... 2. [+158,-1] Ye Bin is really born for acting~ I can feel her energy. Fighting!! 3. [+151,-4] I feel bad seeing Young Jae's family separated because of his family's selfishness and greed that led them to giving him education in the wrong way. 4. [+127,-1] What's with this drama, seriously?~ There are no unnecessary scenes. It's perfect. Even those 1min previews are perfect, really.5. [+67,-7] By the way.. Do something about Lee Tae Ran's bangs.. Her character is a children's book writer.. do they have to portray her in such a tacky way.. She lives in the Castle, and her husband is a doctor, I don't think she'd be so tacky.. Please let her look more sophisticated~~ I'm Lee Tae Ran's fan~~ 6. [+56,-3] Hye Na received money to do the evaluation. But she acts upright, and wants to get rid of the special? class. ㅋㅋㅋ Anyway, the coordi might disclose that and she will be eliminated from being a Chairman. 7. [+40,-1] In dramas, the mothers take their own lives, but in reality, the kids take their own lives. That's scarier.
  2. [SBS Star] 7 Actors Who Can Guarantee the Success of Their Drama People sometimes call some actors a 'certified check' because they make every drama they film a huge success. The viewers gear up to keep up with every episode of their drama after seeing their name on the cast list and there is no better advertisement than that. For this reason, actors tend to be cautious and pay extra attention when joining a new project because the ability to choose their next work is considered just as crucial as their acting. Their drama can never see the light of the day no matter how many efforts they put in or how good their acting is if they fail to catch the eyes of the public. But these seven actors will never know the meaning of a debacle since they not only have a good eye, but also excel at bringing their characters to life. 3. Lee Minho Back in 2009, actor Lee Minho got his name out there with KBS' beloved drama 'Boys over Flowers'. The public assumed that he would have a hard time finding a next project since his character 'Koo Jun-pyo' in 'Boys over Flowers' was bit too impressive and stuck in everyone's head. However, Lee Minho succeeded in proving his power over Korea and even China with other dramas such as 'City Hunter', 'The Heirs', and 'The Legend of the Blue Sea'. https://news.sbs.co.kr/news/endPage.do?news_id=N1005052944
  3. [SKY Castle] Ep 6 spoilers, Yum Jung Ah x Lee Tae Ran x Yoon Se Ah x Oh Na Ra Article: Naver 'SKY Castle' Jung Joon Ho unable to forget his first love.. blames Yum Jung Ah, "It's all because of you" 1. [+1000,-8]Yum Jung Ah~ Of all actresses who had joined Miss Korea, her acting stands out the most... The kid Ye Bin shows stable acting too. 2. [+792,-5] It's spicy flavor for today~~ Jing Ramyeon. 3. [+524,-19] The kid acting as Lee Tae Ran's son, I think he's growing up well... His acting in Signal is good. He's a child actor I'm paying attention to, he's cool. 4. [+440,-9] Jung Joon Ho's family is funny and pitiful. Both father and daughter are taking turns to create a scene. ㅋㅋ5. [+285,-5] Ah, Pa Gook ahjussi's [t/n: Kim Byung Chul from Goblin] sons are so cute. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ It seems like his second son has the same temper as him. The fact that they are holding back because they don't want their mother to get hurt is so funny. And no matter how much their father wants them to compete with each other, they still continue to maintain a good relationship with each other. That's so pretty to see. The two of them being lovey-dovey with their mother is the cutest thing to see. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ♥6. [+178,-3] There are no supporting characters in this drama. Even the coordi has her own story and her character makes sense! The scriptwriter is daebak.7. [+170,-2] Is it K.. Seeing him acting insane gives me goosebumps... 8. [+141,-3] I'm too used to seeing Pa Gook ahjussi being angry or glaring at someone. Now, it seems awkward to see him if he's not angry. Article: Naver 'SKY Castle' Yum Jung Ah's daughter runs away from home... reads the tablet like a Pandora's box 'shock' 1. [+2709,-20] Yoon Se Ah's character's lines were delivered calmly, it's clear and soft. That made it impactful. Really, I get why this drama is so popular these days... 2. [+2180,-19] Today's touching point is Oh Na Ra saying sincere words while lying on the bed with her son.. Refreshing point is Yoon Se Ah winning the bet with her husband and is now responsible for both her sons.. Sad point is Ye Bin went into Lee Tae Ran's embrace and burst into tears... Shocking point is K's appearance..3. [+1126,-42] I think the coordi for entrance exams, Kim Seo Hyung hates prestigious families and wants to take revenge. 4. [+847,-13] Spicy flavor for today. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I felt so bad when Ye Bin cried. Who is K? I'm looking forward to next week's episode too. 5. [+367,-0] Those words that Oh Na Ra said while hugging her son is what mothers usually feel.. 6. [+360,-3] Today's golden lines. 1. It's spicy flavor for today. 2. Why did you become a doctor? My mother told me to. Today's so fun too. ㅋㅋㅋ7. [+297,-2] Yoon Se Ah, "It's spicy flavor for today." ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Pa Gook ahjussi's acting matches so well. Ah, why is this drama so interesting? 8. [+281,-1] The people acting as children here are so good at acting. In other dramas, there are times where the children break the flow. But in here, it feels like the people acting as children are leading the show.. https://melohwa.blogspot.com/2018/12/sky-castle-ep-6-spoilers-yum-jung-ah-x.html (3. [+524,-19] The kid acting as Lee Tae Ran's son, I think he's growing up well... His acting in Signal is good. He's a child actor I'm paying attention to, he's cool. ) Proud fan Fantasy
  4. [SKY Castle] Ep 5 spoilers, Yum Jung Ah x Lee Tae Ran x Yoon Se Ah Posted on Friday, December 7, 2018 Article: Naver 'SKY Castle' Yeom Jung Ah pays to cover up her daughter's shoplifting acts... Lee Tae Ran 'furious' 1. [+1521,-17] Ye Seo's mother who is raising her children with a twisted mind~ These children will go astray for a long time when they start going astray... The mothers and children appearing in Sky Castle.. everyone is so good at acting. It's nice to watch it. 2. [+1044,-8] Yoon Se Ah came from a good family and school. But her husband has been putting her down. I hope she divorces and live happily with her children! 3. [+859,-13] I'm looking at Yum Jung Ah in a new light. I didn't know that she's so good at acting. 4. [+721,-7] How can you be a parent but call that a kind of stress reliever and overlook that..? I'm having goosebumps thinking that it might happen in real life too.. 5. [+594,-7] Wow, seriously. Every episode gives me goosebumps..... This is the most interesting drama recently. 6. [+313,-18] Are you watching this, the scriptwriter and actors of Boyfriend? This is what you call high quality drama and acting.. 7. [+260,-9] I'm scared of the people who said that they can relate to Yum Jung Ah. She's saying that her child stealing is only a stress reliever and she lied about her job and school as a parent. How can anyone be able to relate to that?? 8. [+237,-4] You can find Lee Tae Ran annoying, and say that she should respect how others educate their children.... But this is cultivating criminals. How can you do nothing... If they live on their own on Mars, probably.. But this is going to hurt other people.. This isn't annoying, but it's helping them learn from mistakes. People who call her annoying needs to reflect. 9. [+231,-1] Hye Na is Jung Joon Ho's daughter?? Article: Naver 'SKY Castle' Yum Jung Ah wounded by Song Geon Hee's knife.. "A relief that Kim Seo Hung is fine" 1. [+1204,-11] Kim Seo Hyung's character seems really scary since she uses whatever methods and tactics she can to raise her student's grades... The actors have amazing acting skills. 2. [+817,-8] Yum Jung Ah who's taking Ye Seo's mother role~ She's acting well without any flaws. 3. [+722,-8] Noh Seung Hye's sons are cool. 4. [+567,-4] Kim Hye Na is Jung Joon Ho's daughter?????? 5. [+442,-9] No acting holes among the actors playing as their children. Wow. 6. [+261,-1] Today's summary. 1. Study room destroyed. 2. Hye Na is Jung Joon Ho's daughter. 7. [+251,-0] I thought he was going to cut Yoon Se Ah's hair with the scissors. ㅋㅋ But the cards. ㅋㅋ This drama is a black comedy. 8. [+216,-17] Yum Jung Ah's acting skills is no joke. She's supposed to be a villain no matter how I look. But I got attached to her and found Lee Tae Ran frustrating instead. I begin thinking from Yum Jung Ah's point of view. This is really daebak.. It's my first time being amazed while watching. 9. [+202,-7] The fact that there are people saying that Lee Tae Ran is annoying is evidence of how sick the society is, isn't that it? https://melohwa.blogspot.com/2018/12/sky-castle-ep-5-spoilers-yum-jung-ah-x.html
  5. Original Article: [star news] 'SKY Castle' Yeom Jungah, Knifed By Song Geonhee.. "Relieved That Kim Seohyung Is Safe" https://kkumnetz.blogspot.com/2018/12/drama-sky-castle-ep-5.html
  6. https://entertain.naver.com/read?aid=0000930424&oid=311&lightVersion=off&lfrom=twitter https://tv.naver.com/v/4713434