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  1. The betrayal was such a huge motivation for OG, explaining why he was the way he was, that it deserved more than a one passing mention. There should have been flashbacks and more depth and more detail. Also, it's inconsistent and contradictory to what was mentioned about it previously - it was said that OG was betrayed by A HUMAN (one specific) not humans - also OG never adressed it whenever SM asked; it also doesn't explain why OG was so affected by the mermaid story. The thing is that throughout the whole story it was shown that this betrayal hurt him deeply, so much that it created a lasting disdain for humans in him. The disdain and hurt was deep but then MW said that OG didn't do it because he cared for humans so logically their betrayal shouldn't have hurt him much. However, the mermaid tale and also how he advises BJ to seek revenge and how he despises humans show that he was hurt. You can get hurt only when you care. Even OG himself said that himself. Therefore this is a huge writing mistake on Hong Sisters' part. Finally, your character mainstory isn't something you mention in the last episode, at a point where it doesn't even matter anymore, like a by-the-way.
  2. One of the biggest regrets about Hwayugi and its flaws is that the viewers never learned more about Son Oh Gong’s backstory, specifically his history with humans. Till the end, it remained a hearsay just like many other things mentioned in the drama. However, the human’s betrayal was probably the most intriguing mystery surrounding him and also an explanation why Oh Gong turned out to be the way he had, why he held humans in such a huge contempt. Futhermore, he has suffered for it dearly - being tormented, burned, imprisoned for almost a 1,000 years,… - that’s not something a writer should leave without adressing. Considering that OG has always been evasive about the reason for his punishment in front of SM, the experience must have affected and hurt him deeply. So what happened? How terrible it must have been to make OG lose all trust in humans forever? Who betrayed him - a man or a woman? Did OG care for that person? Did he love him/her? It would explain so much including why his m.o. has always been to seek revenge and why he was so affected by the episode with the mermaid. Not only do we need a Hwayugi sequel, we also need a Hwayugi prequel. SON OH GONG: THE BEGINNING.
  3. I counted the average rating and Hwayugi is with 5.4544 % the 9th best rated tvN drama, if it weren't for the Olympics it might have been on the 7th place. Still, a successful run in the ratings department
  4. Final episode ratings: Nationwide - 6.881 % Seoul - 6.924 %
  5. It seems that CSW, LE and ONE weren't there but "Han Joo", "General Frost" and even "Jonathan" made it source: as tagged
  6. A goodbye group picture with LSG and OYS sitting next to each other and more photos from the wrap-up party source: whgkstpfk, eileenoharin instagram
  7. OK, this is hilarious source: shinodualist tumblr
  8. A confession: When I was livestreaming the episode I was so baffled and disbelieving that they could end it simply like that I ended up watching the whole ending credits because I was seriously expecting an after-credit epilogue.
  10. The moment featuring Son Oh Gong heading off to hell to get his Seon Mi back is awesome but not for a conclusion. That’s something that should have happened in the first half of the episode which should have started with that goodbye on Namsan. What was the point of that pointless and ilogical amnesia plot?! Nothing it only killed 60 minutes of the episode - 60 minutes that ended up being a complete filler instead of giving answers and closure. The final episode was all over the place and anticlimatic. Such an ending would be appropriate if there was going to be an epilogue, a movie or a second season but there won’t be so it feels incomplete and unsatisfying. The viewer doesn’t doubt that OG will get SM back since he is a deity now and can meddle with the fate of humans and no god can really compare to his powers. However, the point of watching 20 episodes of drama is because you expect a closure which unfortunately didn’t happen. It’s not the worst ending ever but one of the most unsatisfying definitely.
  11. I refuse to analyze the last episode because, frankly, there is no way anyone could make sense of this mess. I’m afraid my brain could explode from trying. In the last few episodes, the Hong Sisters pretty much threw logic completely out of the window so at this point they could have Jesus snowboarding down a rainbow and I wouldn’t question any of it, as long as the OTP finally got the happiness they deserve. There were so many ways to end it but they gave us that unsatisfying open ending?!