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  1. The protector is probably immortal - I think that there is a possibility that the protector might have failed to save the previous SM or the SM died because she/he was a mortal. I think a good spin on the story would be if the protector was a woman while the previous SM a man. I think the translantion of the text preview might be slightly incorrect by choosing do indentify the child with the pronoun "him" so there is still no confirmation whether the child is male or female.
  2. Hwayugi Ep.16 Text Preview Oh Gong, who dreams of a baby born in a countryside clinic where many people die of epidemic, finds a mysterious baby in front of Sureumdong. Feeling the revelation that someone has called him, Oh Gong goes to find the clinic he saw in his dream. There, he meets the protector egret of the previous Sam Jang. The egret tells Oh Gong that Sunmi was born with the fate of Sam Jang, and he was designated by the heavens to be her guardian. Meanwhile, ASN who is in danger of ceasing to exist, tells Ma Wang that the child born from him and Na Chal Nyeo is still alive, and proposes a secret deal to find him… source:http://840418.tumblr.com/post/170977311184/hwayugi-ep16-text-preview-more-oh-gong-who
  3. Episode 16 preview - it seems OG is still wearing the bracelet. Will SM change her mind? Or won't she be able to take it of? Or will OG wake up and stop her?
  4. OMG, the episode ends with SM about to take off the GGG
  5. This is the first time we see the Great Sage truly, utterly helpless and nothing can be worse for an almighty deity like him like helplessness to protect the person he loves. It shows how far has Oh Gong come from the first time we met him. When he started his personal journey he couldn’t even comprehend the concept of desperation and when SM told him she waited for him desperately he gave her a curious, baffled look as if he didn’t even know the meaning of such a word because, in fact, he didn’t. However, now he knows, now he knows the very depth of desperation as he is holding Seon Mi’s lifeless body in his arms, desperately calling her name and begging her to call him, imploring her to come back to him.
  6. YEEEEEEEESSSS - Son Oh Gong finally holds his bride in his arms once again (a bride who is wearing a royal wedding dress). Judging from OG's scarf this scene will follow the confrontation with the Winter General source: newsen
  7. When someone tells you your otp is a notp Unfortunately for his love life, it seems that the Monkey King’s popularity with women has only increased ever since. AND NOW THAT ARMY OF COCKBLOCKERS KEEPS BLOWING HOLES IN MY SHIP!
  8. For your information, that guy is older than the pyramids. Take that, you seniority obsessed love expert! That time when PK tried to save the Great Sage from himself but failed.
  9. Before the next episode airs tomorrow I have a series of quick thoughts about some particular moments: Did Son Oh Gong give all his fur coats to PK now or what? Oh Gong is the stereotypical kdrama female lead in this relationship, isn’t he? He threatened to destroy Heaven to get Ma Wang his first date in 1 000 years. That closet romantic.