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  1. THE FEELS! So it was really Bong Soon’s sass, honesty and courage, not her supernatural strength which made Min Hyuk so utterly obsessed with her and why he hired her; and he still remembers that moment as if it happened yesterday not months ago; HE WAS INTERESTED IN HER, NOT HER POWER, FROM THE VERY BEGINNING. HE INDIRECTLY CALLS HER HIS GUARDIAN ANGEL AGAIN! It’s important and poignant that the experience from 10 years ago has been as unforgettable, meaningful and life-altering for Bong Soon as it’s been for Min Hyuk, that he isn’t just one of the many she saved, BUT HER VERY FIRST ONE. THE MOMENT AFFECTED THEM DEEPLY AND IS SPECIAL FOR BOTH OF THEM, JUST AS IS THE PINK HOODIE - she’s kept it as a remainder of the moment all those years while Min Hyuk immortalized her wearing it in his painting. And if she had left it behind like Cinderella her slipper, judging from the way MH drew her lifesized portrait, he would have probably put it into his personal display cabinet and cuddle it as his personal teddy bear when he was sad.
  2. Stay still my poor shipper heart! MIN HYUK GETS STABBED FOR BONG SOON! He completely disregards his own safety and acts purely on instict. When he is racing to her everything rational leaves his mind and the only coherent thought that remains is TO PROTECT BONG SOON AND SHIELD HER WITH HIS OWN BODY. He does it because he loves her, because he couldn’t bear to see her hurt, because he promised her father that he would protect her and because he finally has the chance TO REPAY HER FOR SAVING HIS LIFE 10 YEARS AGO when she was wearing the VERY SAME PINK HOODIE THAT IS NOW GETTING STAINED WITH HIS BLOOD. There is something so impossible intimate and tender about the way Min Hyuk gently places his big hand on Bong Soon’s small, slender one while it’s lying over his wound AS SHE IS HOLDING HIM IN HER ARMS, CRYING HER HEART OUT FOR HIM, AND HE IS BLEEDING FOR HER. And even though he is slowly losing consciousness, MH still finds the strengh to assure and calm her, making sure BS doesn’t blame herself and it does remind you of their training together when he never got angry at her and always encouraged her. And here he is again, taking responsibility for her and protecting her in every way he can.
  3. MIN HYUK KNOWS! That his guardian angel in the pink hoodie is the woman he has actually fallen in love with. And it’s so damn apt that the missing piece of his memory reveals itself when the history repeats itself and the pink hood reveals Bong Soon’s face again while MH’s watching her with a combination of awe and wonder that after all this time HE HAS FINALLY FOUND HER! It means so freaking much that it’s Min Hyuk and his words what Bong Soon remembers before the fight; as if she somehow gained assurance, confidence, courage and encouragement from it - it shows that HE IS ALREADY PART OF HER, having a place in her heart. The whole scene is all kinds of awesome - BS is being utterly badass, beating the gangsters but the difference from the first time she met them is that THIS TIME SHE IS IN FULL CONTROL OF HER POWERS and how much she will hurt them; they are completely at her mercy. However, the thing that doesn’t change is that MIN HYUK IS ONCE AGAIN THERE WATCHING FROM THE SIDELINES, utterly mesmerized by her and proud as she perfectly uses all the moves, tricks and techniques HE TAUGHT HER. HIS SUPER POWERFUL GIRL.
  4. When you get stabbed but you still make sure your girlfriend eats properly.