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  1. The costumer designer is Emi Wada who did the costumes for House of Flying Daggers and Hero.
  2. [Drama 2017] My Sassy Girl 엽기적인 그녀

    AWWWW - The way ge looks at her portrait! The man is slowly falling he only doesn’t know. GW sure spends a lot of time searching for a woman he claims to be the complete opposite of a woman he would like - he commissions a portrait of her and then he goes around the city, holding it and asking literally everyone whether they saw her. And let’s face it GW’s adorable, pissy denial (LOL! His look of utter disgust when his friend suggests she is his lover!) only confirms that he is actually curious about this strange girl who flabbergasts him so and whom he just can’t forget. I particularly love the subtle hint about the depth of GW’s interest in HM - the portrait. Because the portrait his friend paints for him according to his description of HM is so detailed and accurate - the shape of her nose, the color of her lips, the sassy expression in her eyes,… GW remembers every detail of her face. In contrast, there is the portrait the gansters are given which is so impersonal and vague.
  3. [Drama 2017] My Sassy Girl 엽기적인 그녀

    New OST 'Because I Love You' which will be sung by GUMMY, one of the kdrama OST queens New stills source: naver
  4. [Drama 2017] My Sassy Girl 엽기적인 그녀

    The BTS of the rain scene Adorable instagram photos of OYS in rain coat New stills from this week's episodes
  5. [Drama 2017] My Sassy Girl 엽기적인 그녀

    AGB ratings: MSG gets FIRST place in the slot with episode 12 (10,5 %) Fight My Way Lookout 8,1%
  6. [Drama 2017] My Sassy Girl 엽기적인 그녀

    I mean that's exactly the point isn't it - IT WAS WRITTEN DOWN IN THE SYNOPSIS "so it must me true", right? There is a disappearance and the person is someone who almost everyone only THINKS is her lover, but that is something the synopsis (smartly) doesn't say/reveal and as always people took the synopsis literally, as if it were the holy writ, and thought until the very end that it must have been her lover even though there have been hints that there is something strange about it, that something just doesn't add up - that was what I meant when I wrote that the audience did something similar to believing in rumours. Personally, it wasn't the synopsis (plus I only read the one-liner about GW and a troublesome princess anyway) or story which brought me on board of this drama - first, it was the preview and the preview didn't really focus on the "lover" plotline - for me it was the whole way the preview was together which made me interested, but that wouldn't be enough for me to make me spend so much time writing about it and fall completely in love with it - IT WAS THE LOVE AT FIRST EPISODE for me, so to say, and the first, or first two episodes didn't have any "lover" plot in it, they were amazing as every episode ever since.
  7. [Drama 2017] My Sassy Girl 엽기적인 그녀

    I know I'm skipping but I need gush about this scene from episode 9 before returning back to writing about episode 3 - a backlog caused by my exams. This moment has cemented my love and endless admiration not only for this entire drama but most of all for the writer who has been gradually giving new layers and depth to the story and its characters alike; while doing it so subtly and seamlessly. There has been such a huge, unjust backlash pointed at HM’s character as people have been criticizing and bashing her for behaving reckless, unfit for a princess, being naive and risking everything for some lover… However, everything was completely different from the start - there has never been any lover - the ring belongs to her mother and she’s been escaping the palace each night, risking it all, waiting for her - because her mother is worth all the risks as long there is at least 1% change of meeting, HM will believe in that 1%! SHE IS STILL THAT LITTLE GIRL WHO WAS LEFT IN THE RAIN, CRYING AFTER HER MOTHER, MISSING HER! And this is where the sheer brilliance of the writing and directing (and editing) comes in because the hints has been always there; there was always something quite not right about HM having a lover - the rumours, the gossips and her enemies said there was one but HM never looked quite like a lovelorn lover, Kang nor her servants were never worried about the return of a man who looked just a little too old for the princess. And just like that so many viewers, like the readers of the pamphlets believed what they were told, never bothering to doubt it, or investigate or be bothered by things that didn’t add up - it was in the news, it was written on paper so it MUST be the truth. Because that’S how rumours and defamation work - the author takes the just a little portion of the truth (which is the least relevant) - the names and the fact that she climbed the wall and spinned it, deforming it beyond recognition. The audience might have had suspected something wasn’t quite right about the princess and her “lover” but no one could have known the full truth until it was revealed in this scene and yet there has been so many hints that it makes total sense and the revelation doesn’t come out of nowhere like in many other dramas - this is how you edit and write your shows, this is the quality of well-done pre-production.
  8. [Drama 2017] My Sassy Girl 엽기적인 그녀

    Talking about the spoiler pictures, they are so important and awesome because: - first, it’s HER who kisses him - second, this means we are guaranteed at least 2 kisses (which is already a premium level for a sageuk)! YAY! - finaly, HM is wearing an apron so she is either taking care of the sick, or more likely, WORKING!!!
  9. [Drama 2017] My Sassy Girl 엽기적인 그녀

    Gyun Woo has the most adorable, functional and well-adjusted family in the history of sageuk! I adore them all and their whole dynamic (also thanks to the perfect cast and acting) - the strict but kind dad who can’t be angry at his son longer than a minute, hilariously doting mum who never fails to jump to her son’s defense, mischieveous little sister and cute puppy - everyone loves him and dotes on him, including the servants. I pray to drama gods each day that nothing bed ever happens to them. The scene where GW comes home after a whole night out, his clothes a complete mess is awesome.
  10. [Drama 2017] My Sassy Girl 엽기적인 그녀

    MSG is such an off-beat, unconventional and non-traditional sageuk and it shows in every part and element of the story, even more so in the romance department - the OTP is not star-crossed, there is no social divide separating them, on the contrary, GW is high-born enough to be considered a first-choice candidate for HM’s husband. And even the king would have approve of him but with GW’s talent he has other plans in store for him and marrying HM would thwart all of GW’s great prospects as husbands of princesses are by law forbidden from holding governmental position. This is why the it was such a brilliant idea to set the whole story during the reign of a completely fictional king, actually, the writer went even futher because she basically created an ALTERNATIVE UNIVERSE OF JOSEON with a fictional royal family yet it still is real Joseon in everything that truly matters - THE RULES, LAWS, INJUSTICES, COSTUMES,… So while MSG might have a relatively small fandom (which I would compare to that of a normal sageuk), this fact allows people who usually avoid or don’t like the sageuk genre enjoy the show so much. While on the other hand, the drama contains so many references to actual history and meta about traditional sageuk that it’s a fun ride for every sageuk lover to find all these hints and references. This story-telling technique and solution is simple and brilliant and it’s the first time any sageuk has ever done it and and actually delivered it. For instance, the story is clearly set somewhere between the end of the 17th and the beginning of the 19th century and immediately in episode 1 the events lead to the original Queen being deposed and Concubine Park becoming Queen as a result - that’s actually a reference to Jang Ok Jung becoming Queen and later being deposed which made Sukjong pass a law which forbade concubines from becoming queens because of the dangers such power-struggle posed. Therefore Concubine Park’s ascession to the Queen’s position was possible precisely because the story takes place in an AU.
  11. [Drama 2017] My Sassy Girl 엽기적인 그녀

    First of all, I'm sorry I'm so far behind in my commentaries but I have exams so I needed to basically forget everything else because it would distract me. Also, I'd like to thank @lavender2love for all your lovely comments and your insights and questions you are asking me - I think HM is extremely fascinating character, or to be more specific an extraordinary female lead, and her and her personality and motivations are definitely something I want to write about in more detail once I manage to get to the scenes which hint on it the most. One of the zillion things I adore about My Sassy Girl, particularly during these initial stages, is how it manages to turn all these highly romantic moments which would be in any other kdrama accompanied by some equally romantic OST song into such hilarious failures - their first meeting on the bridge, HM vomitting on GW after he saved her later and now this, they fall onto a bed together and he is looking at her, seemingly captivated, and then he is like “hell, no” AND PROCEEDS TO WASH HER VOMIT FROM HIS CLOTHES. I believe this is the appropriate moment for the meme “FIND YOURSELF A MAN LIKE GW, WHO WILL WASH HIS OWN CLOTHES AND THEN EVEN YOURS” - really, this show is the best thing ever. Watching the cleanliness-loving GW retching is a sight to behold and it’s clear that he would gladly stay away from HW, a woman covered in her own vomit, however, he doesn’t and not because he likes her but because he is a good man and a real gentleman. It’s hysteric to watch him as he tries to compromise between being a gentleman and his reluctance to touch the vomit directly while he’s trying so valiantly and hilariousl to blow it away. Coming back to the way the show always turns the romantic scenes into something funny, I love it because it frees the OTP from the romantic cliché where in sageuk most of the ships are destined because they are the sun and the moon and the stars basically aligned for them to be together and each of their meetings is loaded with it. Whereas in MSG, these hilarious failures infuse the relationship with a certain degree of realism because in RL people more often than not mess it up one way or another. HM and GW are not fated or star-crossed, they are just two people who accidently met one day and as it often happens their lives start getting entangled.
  12. [Drama 2017] My Sassy Girl 엽기적인 그녀

    That tree is Joo Won’s destiny. If it appears in another 2 or 3 of his future dramas they might name it after him one day.
  13. [Drama 2017] My Sassy Girl 엽기적인 그녀

    I’M GOING DOWN WITH THIS SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIP!!!!!! Their first meeting is freaking dreamy and romantic and THE SHEER CHEMISTRY, HE JUMPS TO HER RESCUE AND THEN HYEMYUNG BURPS STRAIGHT INTO GYUN WOO’S FACE! And the reason why she almost fell over the bridge is because she is tipsy! (In a way it almost feels like MSG is subtly making fun of the traditional sageuk romantic tropes.) But he obviously isn’t so stuck-up nor prickly not to appreciate her spunk and sass because it must be rare for him not meeting a woman who isn’t swooning over him, and he smirk appreciatory while watching her leave. I’m already loving their dynamic. This show is seriously gorgeous to look at and the colors are so vibrant, such a welcomed change after all the washed-out cinematography in sageuk dramas these past 2 years. OMG! GW once again comes to HM’s rescue and this time she vomits all over him and then falls straight into his arms! THIS DRAMA IS THE AWESOMEST THING THAT HAS EVER AWESOMED! For the first time in the history of dramaland and maybe even global cinematography the stop-motion technique was used to capture vomit! ANd GYUN WOO’S SCARED FACE is the best thing ever! The whole moment, basically all the events which take place between GW and HM during the night is a top-notch comedy but there is a catch because the fun isn’t superficial and under all the hilarity there always lies something much deeper and poignant. And this moment is perfect at showing it because from the moment they meet on the bridge GW and HM are in the exact same situation - DRUNK AFTER A NIGHT OUT - the difference between them is that he is allowed to drink, it’s even expected of him, and unlike HM he is only tipsy mostly because he has the practice; HM DOESN’T HAVE THAT - she doesn’t know how to drink nor how to not end up completely wasted, SHE ISN’T ALLOWED TO DRINK, SHE ISN’T EVEN ALLOWED TO LEAVE HER OWN HOUSE AT NIGHT and she had to secretly jump over the palace wall. The whole scene is a direct hit at the mysogyny and unfairness women had to face during the Joseon Dynasty and even today. When HM stands up for the old man no one takes her seriously - no matter if she uses her words or fists to argue her case - she is in the right but no one cares because she is a woman. But the moment GW steps in everyone pays attention and the bully becomes afraid. I really love this sort of moments because their point isn’t to show GW rescueing HM because she couldn’t stand up for herself but to show that it’s much more difficult to stand up for yourself when you are “just a woman” and in the Joseon Era it equals to being a thing, a possession of your father or husband.
  14. [Drama 2017] My Sassy Girl 엽기적인 그녀

    I SHIP THEM!!! THE WAY GYUN WOO SMILES AT HIS LITTLE MASTER DOGGY/SOYBEAN! It’s awesome how proudly and lovingly GW carries that little bundle of hair around, giving no damn what people would think about him. This is pretty much the least macho dog a man could ever have; the way he treats this little cutie reveals what sort of a man GW is. That’s the most adorable dog that as ever adorabled in kdramaland! Seriously, I have like 120 screencaps of the dog alone! When someone dares to diss my dog. Basically. Like seriously, Gyun Woo is such an epic cinnamonroll! I can’t resist a man who is so protective of a little dog and that loving, supportive smile he gives Master Doggy basically translates to - “don’t mind her, you are the prettiest here”. It’s awesome how GW named the dog “Master Doggy” or “Dog Teacher” to be literal when basically the word “dog” when used as a prefix in Korean always means an insult while the word “master/teacher” is used to address someone of huge wisdom and importance who deserves immense deal of respect. I mean there are so many reasons to fall in love with GW but this fact alone would be enough for me. I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!! IT’S ALL KINDS OF AWESOME! When the Chinese government doesn’t allow you to export Korean entertainment and actors to China you do it in an actual drama and show that the chinese were addicted to Korean culture for centuries. GYUN WOO HAS TO RUN FOR HIS LIFE FROM HIS CHINESE FANGIRLS! It’s a hyperbole but apt one. There is so much epic meta and social commentary and references - the addiction of the Chinese to the k-entertainment, fan merchandising and the need to own the limited editions obsession,… HE EVEN BRINGS A SAMPLE HOME! LOL! If you’ve got it, flaunt it!
  15. [Drama 2017] My Sassy Girl 엽기적인 그녀

    You know it’s love when your ideal sageuk male lead is dark, dysfunctional and tormented antihero with a richard simmons-up family and wild mane of glory flowing in the wind and here you are gushing over a sane, courteous scholar with his hair tied up in a topknot and a loving family that dotes on him. It’s a complete sageuk role reversal because it’s the heroine who is the proverbial jerk with issues and richard simmons-up family in tow. It’s the brilliant combination of writing, directing and acting which makes GW into this awesome and fascinating character who doesn’t bore you for a single second and Joo Won has really outdone himsefl once again because I’ve seen all his dramas and watching him in MSG is like watching him for the first time he doesn’t remind me of any of his previous role, actually his character doesn’t remind me of any kdrama male lead period. Gyun Woo is singular and epic. I love how he isn’t rude or mean he simply tells the truth how it is and he knows where to strike so it would hurt the most - for instance this scene, he needed only 2 sentences to put that bully in his place. Plus this is another apt social commentary on nepotism. One thing I particularly like about GW is that while he is clearly an idealist he has no illusions about the world and knows how it works. In sageukland where a hero must be either hardcore, almost utopian-like, idealist or an utter cynic, it’s rare to meet a male lead like GW who is written with this realistic combination of idealism and pragmatism.