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  1. It could be when he went to Okinawa for the reward vacation after "A poem a day" with all the staff
  2. Hi I really can't stand the brother. He really gets on my nerves.
  3. What did he answered? Do you think that someone will be sub the live chat? I am so curious
  4. I can't wait to watch this drama I hope it will be subbed soon
  5. I am here for Lee Jun Hyuk, I am his fan since City Hunter. In the past he used to be te second male of the drama. During the years he improved a lot and I am sure he will do a great job as a male lead as he did in the short drama "Naked firefighter"....I am looking forward to watching him in this drama <3 I can't wait!! ^___^
  6. Since they already started filming I think the drama will be pre-produced. About the first script reading I think they will release the pictures later, right before the press conference, like they did with "Are you human too?". Does someone have more info?