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  1. A very sweet drama. Episode 15 was the end and 16 was the epilogue. Druthers: Would have like to see the scene wth Jeom Soon loses her finger, and the guilt that Jeom Dol felt as explained to us. Also would like to have seen Jeom Dol have a human version like Jeom Soon has. I was left wondering the mystery of the Prof Jeong's father (was he a priest? was it a rape? etc.) and also who Geum's dad was. His mother refers to the difficulty of being a single mom but no further explanation. But I thought it interesting that both of them did not have a father in their lives growing up. And, it is suggested that Fairy has a western style wedding dress this time around. Would have liked to have seen her in a big white fluffy gown. I was glad to see though that Prof Lee gets her man! She really does deserve him. They even show her just showing relief he is alive and well, even if she cannot have him herself. And, then just packing up and dropping her life and following him into the wilderness - made me like her.
  2. Like Blue Dragon's shower of rain put out many fires, Episode 15 answers many many questions. This was a bit convoluted, but yes, all questions answered. Even so far as to why Fairy was so convinced Prof Jeong was her husband - because that is what is predicted by North Star, even the pain that Geum would suffer in his heart. I always did want these two to be together. Especially when he bonded with his daughter so well and his son recognized him immediately. I havke small peeves about Place deity Bong suddenly revealing she is South Star/North Star's little sister, and the sudden introduction in ep. 14 of the monk character who then has a key role revealed in ep 15. New things like that popping into the plot at the end without being developed disrupts the flow of events for me. I thought the 3 Stooges were quite funny when they started fussing over nonsense when the fairy pond /celestial door was being burnt down. I agree with @aoikarin that scene was much too dark. Previews - looks like fairy has to go to the celestial world for awhile but I think theywill be reunited. I guess any loose ends will be tied up in 16. Does Geum's mom marry Teacher Goo? (not that I care a whole lot, but that would be nice) She mentions difficulty of being as single mom raising Geum. Did we ever learn about what happened to Geum's father? Wondering about Pro Lee Ham Sook, if she will finally get some traction with Prof Jeong now that he has come to his senses. After all, she has been devoted to him, since she met him when they were in school.
  3. @lotuzea I understand now - I have been watching the whole episodes but missed that Wind god tattled on her, and I did not get that she was punishing people in response to another lifetime she had. I guess her lifetime as a deer is the one where she feels she needs to pay her karmic debt but her lifetime as a goddess still wants revenge. Confusing. I also knew fairy found the pee stream sound familiar but thought that was too small for her to be so ready to accept him especially when Geum ate the neck of the chicken and shared so many more traits. But she does say at some point that his need for her, and her worry about leaving him she thought might be love. Until that last kiss when she is convinced Prof J is not her husband. But she did promise she would not leave him, and that must be seen as a betrayal too, I think. Oh well. And still curious about why the deer had the winged robe.
  4. Hello everyone, I have just watched 14 episodes in a marathon. And now reading your ideas about how they got all jammed up in this existence. Some thoughts and questions that still outstanding Prof J appears to think he was the god/goddess Gate and the deer and the child who was sacrificed for food. This does not make sense. Because the god/dess sets the food on fire that the peasants obtained through the sacrifice of the child. So the child and the god/goddess Gate cannot be the same being. Also the deer and the god/dess have two different messages. The deer says he must repent and the god/goddess says he must get revenge for the betrayal. What is the betrayal? Is it that he did not become a mortal with God/goddess gate when he said he would? She was very selfish because she was being punished and he was not. Still he did become a mortal, so why would she still be angry? Was it because dhe was in love with old Geum god but he liked Fairy and eventually married her (but the deer sent him there to meet her) or, she also liked Fairy and he took her from her? But why then did the deer send him there although then it appears she took the winged robe for some reason we don't know yet) I also read in a comment that fairy was being annoying by her vacillating between Geum and Prof J. It was very painful to watch them in competition like that. I am wondering though why she thought Prof J was her husband in the first place? Did he marry her after the woodcutter died? Maybe she had two husbands? Finally, only one fairy will eventually stay on earth and not go back. That is why they are all losing their powers. Who will the fairy be that stays on earth? Sorry to barge in on your thread at this late time but just had this all on my mind. We will find out soon.
  5. This group of murders and poison pen letters have some similarity to The Moving Finger. If the next one is at a party it could also be "A Murder is Announced", or as suggested by @gutibear "The Mirror Cracked" both of them have murders at a gathering. @gutibear said I think that is a good theory. That would fit with Nemesis at least as far as there being two girls. But in Nemesis they both were killed by the maniac god mother. Ms "Ma" is suffering so much, I would love her daughter to be alive. Do you think she could be the faux niece? I am also wondering about what she did to the real writer Ms Ma. I can't believe she would kill her. I can't understand how she could threaten a perfect stranger like that? That is where I thought of Return because in her vengeance the mother became so cruel. But in this story it is out of character completely. She has such a soft heart. Confused.
  6. Ha! Maybe they will. Sometimes the local police are pretty incredulous in Ms Marple's series. But Christi is too tactful to make fools of them, and usually redeems them in some way. I don't find similarities in the plot itself to Ms Marple. The plot is more like the K-drama Return. A woman plots for years to get revenge for the cruel murder of her daughter. But that is more in the Korean revenge drama motif then "Nemesis" which is a kind of an agent of divine karma. In the tv show based on Nemesis - a wealthy man names Ms Marple "Nemesis " in his will. I think there are subtle similarities to Ms Marple (discussed earlier on this thread). The village, Ms Ma sees into human nature as just mentioned. I think the sudden appearance of the faux niece kind of reminds me of all of Ms Marple's numerous nieces, nephews and godchildren who invariably turn up. Christi often has characters take on false identities, so in the case the "niece" is a twofer. Agatha Christi said she envisioned Ms Marple like Joan Hickson, quiet and understated. McEWan's marple was more comical, I thought.
  7. Hmmm, could be, good thinking! EDIT @thistle Thinking about it some more, just the entry of young pretty "niece" into the plot is very typical in many Marple stories. She has a lot of nieces and god children that pop up. In this the twist is she is acting. Christi also frequently includes characters who are assuming false identities. So that makes it a twofer.
  8. Finished watching 3 & 4. I agree there is a mash up going on here of tv/novel female middle aged sleuths. I see some small similarities with Agatha Christi's Ms Marple . I didn't read Nemesis but I saw the bbc tv version with Joan Hickson (who is my fav Ms Marple), but the girl who dies (actually 2 girls ) are not related to Ms Marple who was never married and she never went to jail. Also, Miss Ma's cover persona while she's on the lam is as a writer - which reminds me of Murder She Wrote. I do recall the poison pen letters in another Agatha Christi. Ms Marple is referred to as "Nemesis" (goddess of revenge/divine retribution) by a very wealthy older man who leaves money in his will to her if she will solve a crime and help his nephew. She is not seeking revenge for the terrible pain in her own life but to right a great wrong that is causing pain for his nephew. This show is also reminding me of the recent k-drama Return. That series was all about a middle aged woman seeking revenge for the death of her daughter. The original actress in the part, Go Hyun Jung also looks a little like Kim Yunjin - I even thought it was her at first. I think as we go along it will be fun finding all the references. I am wondering about that trunk load of money Ms Ma found buried in the woods. Her family is wealthy (the prosecutor's theory is that she was spoiled and got everything all of her life, so when she couldn't get custody she murdered the child for spite - which is horrific) - so did she bury the money there? or someone else. Also, As of now, that quirky younger woman has shown up out of the blue, and for some reason is giving credence to Ms Ma's fictional identity. Need to know more about her.
  9. So far of the 3 other Fall 2018 dramas I have started watching, this one has the strongest and most alluring open. Very intense and each character is so complex. There is a lot of tension between them that is palpable from the beginning. MY is already making JK and JK uneasy even though they are not sure how they know him. Just want to add, that it is easy to see how MY is so attractive to women. SIG is killing this role, great casting. And he is handling that dark edge so well. But can someone who is kind to a kitty be all that bad? I find it off putting when some people have seen the original, but will check in and see the comments about how this plot unfolds. So far I am in for the long term.
  10. I just watched Episode 1, will watch 2nd episode. I like the acting very much. After 1st episode don't see similarity to Christy story - but it may be coming at it from a different prospective.
  11. Hello, just joined the thread. She told the kids he went away on the 3 year business trip to heaven. I agree that the husband is not developed as a character we attach to and feel bad for when he dies. The writer I think doesn't want us to dwell on him. But the writer is careful not to make him too awful, she was not abused. They just had a lot of stress between them and he was not thinking of her feelings. But the last thing he did when he was alive was to clean the house. So they had some push and pull there. He had some relationship with the children. When she was reading to them in bed they said they loved when he read to them about the 3 little pigs. And they missed him. She began crying a lot after that. I think you missed that scene because that is when she mentions he is on the business trip. Or maybe didn't see the subs yet. I am wondering why the handsome hit man took the kids? Was he really going to kidnap them? At first they are suspicious that the wife may catch on that her husband was killed but then reassured he had arrhythmia. What were they planning to do with the children? Anyone get that? The cast is wonderful, I see lots of pros - and this seems well written so far.
  12. @packmule3 (sorry for cutting your comment) but just making a brief observation: Yes I agree if she recognizes him it is convoluted. I don't think she does recognize him. She didn't know he could read. But - the thought I had about the bridge scene when he chased her, was that he recognized her. After his amnesia, he doesn't even seem attracted to her at first, and at some point he mentions that "the body remembers" so he was going to try that? ... but his body didn't seem to remember her at all which all seemed strange although he is beginning to like her now, clearly. @packmule3 also said Agree, this missing 6 years is a problem. The brother was older and more self sufficient, and had great martial arts skills - maybe he got employment someplace he could see her during that time (who knows). I am also wondering what her adopted father knows. I think he knows she loved the little boy who was her fiance. And I think he might know that he became CP but perhaps never told her?
  13. Good question. Not sure if she knew he was to become the crown prince when they were little - if yes I think she would be mourning him now that she heard he died. that confuses me too - maybe she thought he was just noble. At the time she knew him he was still a nephew of the king ..... then his father took over.
  14. Thoughts on 5 and 6. The pace is a little slow at times. And, I wish there was a more spiffy OST. But for me dawdling in village life draws me into the atmosphere of an older world. Then it picks up and we learned things. Could the younger prince be the father of crown princess' child? What is in the letter she hid? Is she having some innocent guy her lover killed? or is she warning her lover? or setting up someone else for the fall? I loved them holding hands at the end. I feel so sad though. HS's cherry blossom tree was torn up and the crown princess had LY's tree cut down. Hope that is not an omen of their ill fated love.
  15. I think this has to do with what the time period was between the childhood scenes and the present. I thought it said 16 years later, but then they kept saying 10 years ago. I think 16 yrs makes more sense. HS is referred to as a spinster because she has held off getting married so long. But younger prince is still pretty young because LY's mom was killed off so he would marry this Queen and that was also about 16 yrs. . Yet in those days they even married at 15 so I guess he could be the father. Crown Princess was frustrated because LY would not touch her.