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  1. Kim Ah Joong 김아중

    I hope they'll changthe script and AJ's gonna play Park Hae Jin character (drama plot)
  2. Kim Ah Joong 김아중

    ahhh the casting news and especially a genre film,grand my wish!! I havent watch the drama but seems like it's a male dominate one but AJ's gonna play a new character so definitly it's not "the king" no.2 :3 with her interest in thriller film for a long time now I'm glad that she finally got to play one!!
  3. Kim Ah Joong 김아중

    AJ selcas <3 From one of the oldest (2006) to the new one since her kfans think her selca skill isnt good my opinion is it's just about the angle and AJ seems doesnt change this thing that much ㅋㅋ much better ones but all these are all lovely and bring the happy vibes,kind of "be yourself and take a picture" not "try hard to be prettier" so more selcas MaJoongie!! TT
  4. Kim Ah Joong 김아중

    @sarangashia my guess based on her high socks outfit(just like in the movie) and how the man behind her and the couch dressed :3 but cant wait for the dcut too @siena king ceo also updated her 효도 with mom in 2016 (Ulleungdo island) we didnt have selca this time
  5. Kim Ah Joong 김아중

    the king cut scene ?!
  6. Kim Ah Joong 김아중

    My fav with my cap :3 insta live?! "mulang" ㅋㅋ "you guys just keep asking questions and not going to hug me?!" ㅋㅋ saying goodbye to fans with this kind of look,Majoong is just love T__T (cre gif dc) (if she's going to shoot the movie this autumn,maybe it'll be realeased next year,and this time leading role please!)
  7. Kim Ah Joong 김아중

  8. Kim Ah Joong 김아중

  9. Kim Ah Joong 김아중

    selca ㅋㅋ cre kajdc and I have to gif this
  10. Kim Ah Joong 김아중

    heart warming moments <3 https://m.weibo.cn/status/4246970522471069? with director Byun,ahh feel chemistry here ㅋㅋ
  11. Kim Ah Joong 김아중

    rip replay button https://twitter.com/I982I0I6/status/1003270834079727616
  12. Kim Ah Joong 김아중

    I saw some clips on sns when AJ talked to fan,took pics with them and even holding their hands with both hands,so sweet and sincere her eyes say it all T___T gosh! I love you AJ her star talk yesterday
  13. Kim Ah Joong 김아중

    like an angel
  14. Kim Ah Joong 김아중

  15. Kim Ah Joong 김아중