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  1. It's horrifying and really irresponsible news reporting. I pray for Joon and his family that he is well and strong. Please try to refrain from liking or clicking on any negative news articles regarding this. Keep positive thoughts and stay strong too, everyone.
  2. Happy New Year!!! Happy Joon Year!! Joon posted a message at the fan cafe today, just after midnight. He is out on vacation.
  3. Joon(g)Al is the most adorable couple. Oh, I miss them so much! Thank you @Go Seung Ji. ^^ D-587 It's below 0° in Korea. My prayers to dear Actor Lee and all Lovelies who are experiencing the cold. ㅠㅜ My warmest thoughts are with you. Fighting!!
  4. Always proud of Lee Chang Sun. I'm very happy for Manager-nim to reunite with Joon, the person he's missed so much. Manager-nim is right. He looks healthy and with broader shoulders. ㅋㅋ Ah, I love it. Beautiful Joon... what a feeling to see his face again..!! ㅠㅠ
  5. So proud of Lee Chang Sun. It's almost the end of the 5 weeks training! We're only a month or so in, but every day feels like an accomplishment. Let's cheer him on until the end. *fighting* @Go Seung Ji I look forward to your countdown every day. It helps me a lot. 땡큐!
  6. Just feels so good to see a glimpse of our Joonie's smile. Ah, we love you Joon! It also looks like the squad is already adoring their leader too. That makes everything all the more ok and comforting. Trainee No.168 fighting!!! Leejoonssi Lovely fighting!!!
  7. Every day, it gets a little easier because the number gets one digit lower. XD And with these heart-happy images and moments to look back on, it helps a lot. And Prain's sense of humor. ㅋㅋㅋ Joonie, we miss you!! Please eat healthy and get enough sleep.~ I look forward to photos of him smiling or just having a good time leading his squad in a dance routine, hehe. ♡
  8. Thanks for sharing them here, @Go Seung Ji. I felt unsettled at first, then relieved. The first glimpse of our Joonie in uniform after two weeks is bittersweet, but puts me at ease. I'm so proud of him. ♡ㅠㅠ Lee Chang Sun is the best!
  9. D-626!~~ Prain TPC has posted information about sending letters to Joon. http://cafe.daum.net/leejoon.fancafe/X7YP/68 http://cafe.daum.net/leejoon.fancafe/huUd/5 In consideration of other soldiers and avoiding flooding his mail, Prain encourages fans to send physical letters to Prain, who will continuously deliver fans' letters to Joon on a regular basis. This way, it will be more organized. Please refrain from sending letters directly to the military sites, as he will be moving a lot and may not receive it. To send your letter by post, please use a standard size 105 x 225 mm envelope with just your letter inside (no extra envelope) to Prain TPC at: 2F, 6, Bongeunsa-ro 18-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea Internet letters can also be submitted at http://www.army.mil.kr/iletter/main.do. Once you enter the site, please select the 8th division where Joon is serving. Then, provide his name "이창선" (Lee Chang Sun). When his name appears, verify that it is him by his date of birth. After you click his name, it will bring you to the page to write and submit your letter. You must enter your name, any password, and the title for the subject line. Please consider Joon's limited free time and other fans who have sent in letters. Only limit yourself to one letter in a period of time. Do not submit more than one letter a day. Hope that helps! Let's do our best and give lots of support to Changsun so he knows he is never alone. ♡^^
  10. "The most handsome person in the world" makes me smile... ㅋㅋㅋ Thank you @Go Seung Ji. ♡
  11. Yayyy, everyone doing good? Considering it's been four days, I think we are doing good, hehe! I told myself I would stop crying after Day 1 and I have honored that for Joon. We want to be strong and happy for him, despite missing him. So proud of our Joon, aka The 8th Division New Recruits Representative Lee Changsun! I think he will be proud of us too. @Go Seung Ji Thank you so much for keeping count for us here. I said I wasn't going to keep count, but it's unavoidable, I just want to hug all of Joon's Lovelies. Please continue to grace us with Joonie's face every morning. Btw, I've been reading and re-reading Joon's talk at The Present in Seoul, which @eyjooniesh shared, thanks to @stroppyse. He can really talk a lot when with Leejoonxi Lovely, stringing on random topics that may or may not have any point to his message. I giggle and think, "He's amazing!" at the same time. He makes everything he talks about sound fascinating (i.e. the noraebang videos and fanmade MVs, I agree!) and what we get out of it are his cute, random thoughts. I especially liked how he said he was going to die singing "What I Wanna Give" for the first time in The Present in Japan. XDDD Wish we would get a peek of that one day. I can listen to him talk all day. ♡^^ Any favorite moments from the MV?
  12. Thank you, girls! My heart too........ is actually really happy and ok now. These glimpses of his smiling face and happily waving were enough to cure my blues..... for now until at least the MV. Joon, our pride and joy, I know you will serve well because you are a responsible and diligent person. Please keep your promise of staying healthy. Don't get hurt, and please just be truly at peace with yourself. We'll be here waiting. ♡ .....I finally feel rest assured to sleep now.
  13. My heart is crying, but this is perfect... These two years will fix us. We will become better people. Joonie, please go well and return safely back to us. ㅠㅠ Lovelies, I'll be here. Let's stay together for Changsun and each other. ♡
  14. Emotions all over the place and it's not even time yet. Congratulations to the solo debut of Lee Chang Sun! ㅋㅋㅋ Ah, this is bittersweet. More sweet than bitter. It is a most meaningful present that I will repeat for the next two years. Now, to relearn how to stream music on Korean music sites to mark Joon in the charts... It's been a long time. XD I meant to thank @stroppyse for your time and hard work in translating that segment of the fm. It puts things in closer perspective, especially with the single release tomorrow. So special. Thank you very much!! Of course, thank you @eyjooniesh for sharing, always. Thank you all for your sharing and company. I believe we have a mission for the next two years. While Joonie has his responsibility to his country, we have ours to him too. Let's keep Lee Joon present and relevant so that he can serve and return in peace and with certainty that his Lovelies are forever beside him. P.S. Must share this loving video made by PArty씨. ♡ ㅠㅠ