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  1. So nice of fans to organize this last meal for the team! I was reading the fans' exchanges this morning and realized Joonie wrote the wrong nickname (Puhet instead of Luhen). I don't know if he meant it as a joke or if he remembered wrong, but she now has to answer to the new nickname Joon gave her hahaha. Too cute. Below, you can see the pretty set-up that the three organized. Don't cry! I totally understand. Between the announcement (which wasn't widespread) and ticket sales date, there were only five days to decide and rearrange to see if you could make it. Thankfully, the FM is on a Friday evening, so only one missed day of work, but I have to start out at midnight. XDDD Now that I think about it, I think my stay in Mexico will be less than 24hrs! >_<... All for Joon. ㅋㅋ I won't guarantee photos though, since I will be solo and am planning to just be in the moment, lol. Actually.. I don't even know if cameras are allowed.-- This FM was such short notice I haven't been able to see that far! XDD *headache* I wish you'd all come! //Edit. @the girl who!Such beauty!!! I love GQ shoots for its sophistication. Joon sparkles in sophistication. Look, he's not even trying. Thank you! ^^
  2. Just so beautiful, he is. ^^ @the girl who!Thanks! I'd appreciate it if you would help with the Spanish news/updates. I'm not from Latin America, but I will be visiting for the first time just for Joon. XD If anyone is interested, the organizers are having a limited-time super promotion sale from August 21st - 27th. Joon has listed the site: If you don't mind, please let me know if you'll attend. I am fairly new to being a J+, so I'd love to make friends. I've managed to avoid the FIS thread for fear of getting too obsessed and addicted haha. I think it may be a little more manageable to visit after the last episodes next weekend.. for soothing, actually. XDD Ohh, I'm going to miss seeing/hearing from Joon on a regular basis. T___T
  3. @the girl who!Such true, but loving words. Joon has my upmost respect and if anyone has followed his work, they would only have positive feedback. He surprises me sometimes, and yet he doesn't. I'm so proud of him!... And am so sooo excited for The Present in Mexico! He must be preparing hard. Take care of yourself, Joonie!
  4. So bitter and sweet, these last days of filming for Joon. While he is working hard and savoring every moment of the script, we are savoring every moment of him. I agree with him; it will be strange not having a new drama of his to look forward to for two years. T__T But all in all, so proud of him and his growth and accomplishments! The DC food truck is super adorable. Happy to hear Joon will be forced to try to relax a bit on the trip after filming. Thanks @the girl who! @Go Seung Ji!
  5. His JoonMin photos.. so giddy!! And then deleted. XD Does anyone plan to attend any of his fan meetings, specifically Mexico?
  6. Haha, I had forgotten about the description of the drama. I think Viki could still do even better than what the description is now, but you're all right-- the drama has spoken for itself. I can see it had a loyal following, not just here in this thread, but on its other official platforms. For it to have all the outside circumstances surrounding it, but garner attention (from individuals who never expected it from themselves and individuals who returned to [Taiwanese] dramas because of it) and produce the insightful, in-depth discussions like it did here says a lot more about the quality of the drama. I hope the BYS team knows what a special thing they created. Here is the Vidol link to the last BTS. Again, thank you for all the translation help you've been able to provide. I can remember the first day we had legitimate help. XD
  7. Thank you for your artwork, @ducan! I hope you make more. ^^ I hope to see these two in another project or just passing by at the company. Any reference to LXY and ZYT would be a plus hehe. Their friendship shows in their comfortable attitudes around each other.
  8. Thanks, but no thanks! I've had my long history with Taiwanese and Korean dramas, and have seen enough of those two dramas, to be absolute that I won't be going back. It's not the dark genre, but the deep and thorough characterizations and how they're handled (the mood of the drama?) that keeps me on for the long run. I'm aware of Taiwan's cheerfulness and that's what I was talking about when I mentioned society; it reflects in their dramas. I also said when I first entered this thread that BYS is refreshing because of this, that its seriousness is still maintained with the light stuff woven in. That's really good directing to me. I can also say the same, that perhaps fans are too immersed with the past success of Marcus or his current rumors that it deters them from really watching and receiving BYS for what it is. I think it's unfair for the entire BYS production team and cast that SET, and even Marcus, encouraged this by allowing non BYS-related material to be the focal point at BYS promotional events. It's a disservice to BYS and I know I share this thought with many others. However, the drama's ended now and I try to separate the outside issues from the quality of the drama itself, even though there is direct influence. So I think it's both a difference in taste and how much you actually like the drama starting from a clean slate.
  9. I went ahead and watched EP19 with subtitles. I'm not sure if it's because feelings have settled after a few days now, but the episode isn't as bad anymore, lol. I laughed a lot. I feel like the Tang, XY/SZW, and XM/YN plots would still be included and handled the same way if we had 20 episodes, that's why it felt so rushed. It was more a feel-good episode after the chaos, which felt nice actually. If we had a bit of time with LXY/LM and somehow addressing the Tourette's with ZYT, I think that would suffice. The touch on the cafe partnership was good for me; if we had another episode, I would expect more from that and possibly rebuilding Leishing Co... maybe. Ok, that's it from me on this last episode. XD
  10. @Shushu Yang @akirabita @phoiphoi, I agree, it's a pity. But I'm ok with it being underrated. The international reception was good and I think Marcus mentioned it a bit in the wrap party(?). I did notice too that both local and international viewers took more notice or returned to see it towards the later episodes. Sounds like it could very well be the underdog, but we have to admit that Sanlih didn't put its all into promotions. :/ Yeah, like I said, I can't say too much about line delivery, but even the way Marcus spoke as ZYT, it was quite clear he grasped the character well. You can hear the distinction in his voice when he is ZYT vs. when he is Marcourageous. I think we talked about this here at one point too; his voice becomes deep and volume lowers, making it unclear sometimes. This is the same for his facial expressions as they are very telling of ZYT as he put himself in the shadows, confident in nature but resisting to show his full self. As for Eugenie, some of her movements in the first episode wasn't as natural, but that hardly bothered me, it actually added to LXY's unfamiliarity with the world she fell to. And if people had stayed longer, they'd learn that those unnatural or awkward movements could be attributed to Tourette's. She was lovable at first impression for me, the opening included, and sometimes it was hard for me to decipher LXY from Eugenie. I could be biased now, but I wasn't when the drama first aired; I wasn't familiar with either of them as actors. @raewonkim I'm confident in their love and am ok with no kiss, but the fact that they teased us all episode and then no kiss? >_< If you think about it, it would have certainly helped to make buzz for the drama, so where was the harm? Seeing them post of each other makes every day without ZYT and LXY a little more bearable.
  11. Was someone disappointed in the ending? The episode as a whole didn’t meet its standard, but the last ending scene was generally well received, I thought. Well, it is the scene done most right in the episode, for me at least. I haven't been able to bring myself to watch the episode with subtitles yet. Thank you for the background information. I recognize most of the titles. When it comes to ratings and popularity, I think it's not only the pool of survey, time slot, actors, and plot, but also genre that plays a part. Every country and society is different in terms of what they generally prefer. We don't see too much of the heavy emotions in dramas (that we get in BYS) coming out of Taiwan. The subject matter may be serious, but not handled as dark and deep as with BYS (this is another reason why I loved the drama). I think it's interesting to see opinions of the local vs. international audiences. The answers to Q3, I think many of us here can disagree with haha. To each their own, but the discussions on this Soompi thread can simply debunk some of those more negative opinions. XD I think we were quite descriptive and reasonable here with our reading of the characters and storyline. It looks to me that fans who love it, love it a lot as I know of a few Taiwanese fans who share the same love for it as some of us here. It wasn't perfect, but it could be closest to perfect for some (me, haha). We all take and reflect differently, and I think having a committed and thoughtful group to discuss with is important. I can't say about line delivery, but Marcus and Eugenie were the embodiment of ZYT and LXY. I'm curious to know what they mean by terrible or ok acting. I think these roles were demanding and the two delivered successfully, considering we referenced their body language and expressions a lot. I don't mean to be defensive, but maybe I do. XD BYS is one of the more successful dramas in terms of writing style and directing. Haha! The point about Shi Huan not being there for the proposal made me laugh. XD Bad Boss! This is out of nowhere, but I noticed last week while watching earlier episodes that the actor who plays the sketch artist also plays the Mojin shareholder who threatened ZYT's CEO position. So funny!
  12. I awoke this morning feeling less empty. It's because I went to sleep with reassurance from Eugenie. I'm sure you've seen these, but just to put it on the record for ZYT and LXY..^^ She is so close to LXY in character, and she just becomes herself in LXY, as we see a lot in the BTS. I think that's why she's taking it harder, like some of us. T__T This "follow-up" wedding shoot of our Light and Shadow is exactly what we need. Sorry @hppatronus, I don't know any other source for the full BTS besides the official Vidol. Yesterday they also uploaded a special from the live watch of the actors reenacting the dinner scene and everyone stuffing Marcus with gummy bears, haha..... I miss them. It's been a pleasure interacting, sharing and reading with everyone who love BYS. It probably wouldn't be this difficult to let go without all the discussions and bonds here, but at the same time, you all make this withdrawal period less lonely and hopeless. Thank you everyone for sharing these past months with me. Thank you for the laughters and tears, the voice of reason sometimes, haha. Thank you for diving in deep into the depths of this drama, into the darkness and pains discovering the beauty in it with me. Thank you to all our translators, including our transliterators! You all made and make BYS all the more meaningful; the drama is a special place for me. Thank you. And thank you for the thread @IamMissBookie @best_sparklez @ducan. I was guess I'll be sticking around here longer.
  13. This thread makes me smile.  Thank you. I was having a hard yesterday since it was Day 1 without ZYT/LXY, Marcus/Eugenie... but as if she felt everyone's longing, she posted the wedding shoot and made it all better. I love and adore these two, but Eugenie is just sunshine.
  14. Haha, correct. The first of the lighthouse kisses is my favorite because he stops to look at her as if to reassure himself this is what's going to happen. I hope one of the kisses wins in the year end for Best Kiss. But nah, I have no high hopes for it at the award ceremonies, just based off of our assessments here with the viewership and fandom. Money and ratings, as @beijinhos says is the truth. It's a pity. However, the drama is popular, but not over the top and it could be due to its genre and slot time in addition to lack of the right kind of PR (I'm looking at you, Sanlih and Marcourageous*). However, fans that do love it, love it a lot. *Oh gosh, I didn't want to mention that Marcus relationship bit at the wrap party. Sorry for my language, but I was PO. It was not the first time it's happened in an interview with Eugenie beside him. He seems to be getting more comfortable with those questions, but to me (for Eugenie because she can't exactly express it herself), it's inconsiderate, rude, unfair, awkward, and makes her look and feel like an outsider. It makes me so angry! Especially when the events are for BYS promotional purposes, the topics (and his answers) should be centered on the drama and be redirected to people relating to it. @sherry2468 That video was not nice at all. Especially when Eugenie was already emotional from the drama ending. Makes me love her even more. Imagine if Marcus plays up his role, treating Eugenie not as the pawn but his QUEEN. Other fans would not like it, but ratings would soar!! @alex325 I agree with everything you said. I am quite conflicted because, personally, I have been ok with the pacing of the drama and-- exactly!-- its standard has been above the rest in my book. This final episode did not keep to its standard and is actually one of the worst written episodes I've seen. It's as if a whole new set of writers who weren't there for the drama were brought in and they decided they would give attention to every character that made a difference because they deserve it (and they do deserve it, but it's not necessary all the time and certainly not when it disrupts the focal point of our story). With that,--plus @alex325's thoughts, plus the actual final ending we got-- I think we should have enough to rewrite that episode. Hi, BJ! I'm not sure anymore whether it's you who is the brave one or us who have marched on to the final episodes. Still, it must have been hard for you to come back here and I'm sorry if I called you out on it. I believe that everyone copes differently and for you to have stayed passed your judged time, I thank you for putting up with it to face us. You know I get emotional, but BYS is an emotional place for me essentially for that wonderful pace of storytelling and meaty characterization you say. Your contribution, along with all the friends made here, are valuable to me because you understand and know what's at the heart of this drama. I'm sorry for all of us that the drama had to end this way. (Not the final scene!-- the final scene was very perfect. ) Because ZYT and LXY are precious, our time with them from the beginning is to be cherished-- I understand and respect if you decide never to watch the final episode. Similarly, I will disappear from soompi again and may never visit if it isn't for BYS. I haven't watched the finale with subtitles, but I did manage to watch it a raw a second time. When I did, I couldn't stop myself from crying at the end. I've never cried so much with a happy ending. It wasn't my disappointment in the episode, but more for the journey we've been on and the vulnerabilities and strengths that make ZYT and LXY beautiful, meant for and worthy of each other. I woke up this morning feeling empty and at a lost. It's both love and pain for me. I think it will be difficult to watch the episode again with subs, and may be even more difficult to marathon afterwards. I'll need some time because BYS is my favorite; it is truly a happy place for me. Just hard to say goodbye. I'm getting all emotional again. P.S. Where's @hennybird?
  15. Thanks for the recommendation, but this thread is only for discussing Behind Your Smile. You can always tag members here to get their attention in another thread.