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  1. I'm still here. Too far invested and lost too much tears to give up now. >o< I haven't tuned into eps 19-20 yet, but I can't agree more. The misery just keeps piling on for these siblings. What's most upsetting is that most of the mishaps could have been and still are "fixable". With attitude adjustments, new perspective and mindset-- it's all up to the characters themselves to make a change to see change. I was hopeful with Jin Sang at the end of ep18, but I won't speak so fast just yet. @qynn @chickfactor @tas82 That was disturbing and infuriating. Not just the fact that it's rape, but that Hwa Sang didn't drag her to jail herself. I hope the domestic audience will bring attention to this double standard ugliness. I honestly feel it's out of character for Hwa Sang to take this more passive approach, considering her nurturing natire with Wi Sang.
  2. The new OST is soo good. Been waiting for it. Monday Kiz~~ ♡ I realize I take a deep breath after the ending credits of each episode. Especially this last one. Found myself with Poong Sang, Hwa Sang, and Wi Sang. Hwa Sang... ugh, no matter what, I never could despise her. I felt sorry and can understand why she felt unloved and could hold that above her older siblings. She is a reflection of real people and situations, with or without her scars (gee, her reveal was really sad). And now we fully see why she keeps insisting on returning to her abuser. Jin Sang, on the other hand, he's crazy. This family is crazy. In just one scene, Jin Sang goes from chastising Wi Sang to pulling off that move at the end. My heart rate.. From this ending scene, though, it does show some consistency that he cares about respect and dignity of the family (he always says no one in the family is divorcing anyone). He can disrespect Poong Sang, but no one else. If only he could apply this passion elsewhere other than a career in instant money. I still don't see why he would put the blame on that other guy, as if he was forced or held at gunpoint to gamble. I'm curious if there's more to this backstory. What more does the divorcee see in him that hasn't been shown? I hope there's more development here. I'm confused about Jung Sang. It looks like she's committed to the marriage if mother-in-law accepts them. But why did she marry him after all that happened? Is it for love, sanity, protection? Wi Sang... our maknae. ㅠㅠ It was all so sweet and gone in a second. I'm so relieved he gave back the money. Something smells fishy and I'm debating whether the pregnancy is nonexistent, or exists but isn't his, or one of those and he's being set up by his past. It's a hard place to be in and with his upbringing, progress, and expectations, he's in no position to disclose it to the family. We won't be seeing our maknae happy for a long time, if ever. ㅜㅜ Poong Sang's dream was hilarious! Compare that to him declaring his siblings would not hesitate to be his donor. Of course, knowing him, he isn't so sure either. @chickfactor That's a big tell-all. Before the drama got its English title, I suspected how this would go down, that eventually there would come a time when Poong Sang's siblings would come to his rescue. And that would be the ultimate lesson of this drama. Their names have been a figurative i.d. for their livelihoods. Poong Sang and Jin Sang isn't too far apart in age, are they? He knows a lot more about their mother. When exactly did she leave them? It's amazing and sad how they yearn for their mother so desperately that they don't look into why Poong Sang wants her away. No matter the frustration, I can't help but feel for and care for these siblings. I want to see them all win in the end.
  3. I really love the drama too, despite its low popularity with the international audience, or perhaps not on the radar yet. The last episode reached 10.2% in ratings! *confetti* Deservingly so because it really pulled at my heartstrings. I'm very interested in Hwa Sang's past and what she endured. She wasn't always vile; she's nurturing to Wi Sang and sad/pained/vulnerable in the presence of her ex-husband. Something tells me she suffered an accident, either leading up to or as a result of her divorce. Was it mentioned how long ago she was divorced? I was very disappointed in Poong Sang for what he did to save Jin Sang. But by the end of this week's episodes, he had me in tears. Boon Shil too. She is a saint for returning and telling him he did nothing wrong [to his siblings]. That scene was so moving, the best. ㅠㅠ Thankfully he has Wi Sang to stand up for him now, but still, violence isn't the way. There wasn't a lot of Jin Sang in the second half though. Thankfully, Jung Sang's affair came out sooner than later. I did not want this secret to drag out her story, although I know she will be dealing with the relationship the rest of the drama. Her dialogue with Poong Sang was tragic and I really hope they don't keep her ex-fiance in the picture just to keep pestering her. She deserves better. Wi Sang sure does move fast. He's more upfront and bolder than I thought (the complete opposite of what I'm used to seeing from Yobi). Maknae is right, he's perfect. But he has people after him. I wonder why he didn't notice the gang when they were being so obvious? >0< Recent news also says that another woman [from his past] will enter the picture in the coming episodes. By the way, if ratings hit 13%, the cast will dress up as the 5 Doksuri Siblings. They're classic sciency ninja characters, haha.ㅜㅜ It's quite funny and cute. This was proposed by their geeky maknae during promos. BTV's "What's Wrong Poong Sang?" Cast Interview
  4. Even though it is likely to be later, until we get official confirmation from Joon's agency, I think it's best to stick to the original too. Thanks for your everyday countdown. ♡♡♡
  5. She seems to be a just and sympathetic person, someone you'd want for a friend. She shows that she feels bad about her romantic feelings, but the friend in me can't help but see this train lead to a crash. Or worst, nowhere. So for now, I'm interested in how this will make of her relationship with Hwasang and the family. Poongsang will be heartbroken. I hear you, this is what I mentally prepared for. Still, I'm not used to all the yelling. And all the hitting and slapping that happens in kdramas.. to grown people. I agree. We say "Poor Poongsang", but really, it's "Poor Poongsang's wife and daughter". Even when he's firm with his siblings, his soft heart comes over him. What his wife says is true about Jinsang and Hwasang, but I got a kick out of her father. At first I thought, what kind of a person would Poongsang not get along with? I guess more fun and chaos coming to the home. The way Wisang spoke about their mother at the wake, it sounded like she was a loving mother abused by their father, so I initially thought maybe he had a different mother that ended up caring for the kids. But now, it seems that mother could very well be the same mother that returned to steal from Poongsang, hence his reluctance when maknae longs to see her. We'll have to see what the cast meant when they said he has a different mother. Now that the drama is set up with Poongsang at the center of every character, I look forward to seeing more interactions between each sibling. This might give us a clearer understanding of their parents. It was sweet. A good breather from all the headache of the household. I expected her character to be a bit aloof and bring dimension to Wisang (we know he's trying to leave his gang life behind), but I didn't know she would be friends with Junsang. I like this! Btw, I had a cute image of teenage Hwa Sang taking care of her baby brother. She was the first and only one to comfort and caress him when slapped by Poongsang, so I look forward to learning more about how her inferiority complex came to be. Still, I don't know why I laughed at the image in my head.
  6. Even Poongsang. His adoration for his siblings make him an enabler. When he gets a drink with Wisang, though, and apologizes and smiles, you can't help but love this oldest brother more that he's willing to come forward first with no grudges after all that transpired. Doesn't help that Yoo Jun Sang has the cutest dimples haha. I was also surprised to see Song Jong Ho in the snippets of promos. I haven't seen him since The Princess' Man (2011). At the moment, though, I think I differ with your opinion. Without knowing the full background of their relationship, I don't feel sorry for Jiham and Junsang. Infidelity is still cheating. But because I do identify with Junsang as a person, I've mixed feelings. I was glad to see Hwasang discover her sister's relationship, but it looks like she will be the one to expose it. Who knows the limits of Hwasang. I honestly feel for Hwasang as the twin who's lesser than (and Lee Si Young is so cute and plays her so annoyingly well!). I'm excited for Wisang's development with Jo Young Pil (played by Ki Eun Se). Their interaction in ep4 (or ep2) was cute and heartwarming. She will definitely be the one to move the tough Wisang (but hopefully her acting will improve ). After ep2 (ep3), I'm not entirely sure now. The father told Poongsang that Wisang isn't his child (or was it out of rage?). Does Wisang have a different father or mother? Was he talking about a different mother at the funeral or is it the same mother that Poongsang has seen coming back for money and stealing from him (that's why Poongsang doesn't want to disclose that he's seen their mother)? By the look of Poongsang when Wisang tells him that he misses his mother, it could be either. Maybe it's supposed to be ambiguous for now (or someone can clarify this ^^). The fact is, they are all broken by the man they call father. ㅠㅠ I don't watch too many dramas now and certainly not the trendy ones nowadays, but when I came back from my long kdrama break, I found that I prefer the calmer and slower things in life haha (i.e. family dramas), thus, was a bit nervous about this drama. But, I love rookie actor Lee Chang Yeob, so I've been excited for it and had to mentally prepare because it just looked and sounded chaotic. Thankfully, this unexpected and fun cast are being such good seniors. Together, they are chaos in real life too! It's very nice to see them poking fun at and taking care of Yeobi at all his "firsts" (his first weekday prime time drama as a main cast, first appearance on a variety program, first live events and talk shows with KBS, etc.).They all seem to embody similar traits as their characters! Especially Oh Ji Ho. He and Lee Si Young are the goofballs. And Hyebin is very nurturing, very noona-like. Yoo Jun Sang is really like the father of the bunch. And maknae Yeobi is opening up because of his colorful seniors. It really helps make the drama that much more enjoyable. The cast being goofy in last night's KBS Entertainment Relay. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uwCjgzgOx3c https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MiGvWuEedRw
  7. I really liked the first two episodes! It was not as crazy as what I was expecting (but I admit, I may have mentally over-prepared ). It was chaotic and brutally comedic, but heartfelt and [sadly] relatable. You get the sense that Poong Sang's siblings respect their oldest brother most, or at least enough, to be present at their father's wake. And of all siblings, it is maknae Wi Sang that puts a stop to it. With her uncontrollable outbursts, I was expecting Hwa Sang to be the first to walk out. XD At the bottom of it all, they are heartbroken kids-- no, siblings, because they never had parental figures. Ending of ep2 was very sad (I was also taken by how beautiful the shots were-- indeed, Poor Poong Sang. Poor Yoo Jun Sang-nim ). We know that there are at least two different mothers (in Happy Together, they reveal that maknae has a different mother than the rest, and he touches on it in his breakdown). The ensemble is awesome. We don't get to see too many personal interactions between each sibling yet (except each with Poong Sang), although there are obvious suggestions that the twins are complete opposites. Jin Sang and Hwa Sang are more likely to flock together, whereas Jung Sang and Wi Sang rather keep to themselves. From the looks of things, Jun Sang is or will be in an affair with her married colleague, and Wi Sang is trying to leave his gangster life behind (the scene of the gang coming to the wake was scary). I'm excited for what's to come! (I find that I prefer family dramas now that I consider myself officially old, so my excitement may understandably differ. ) I knew I'd love Poong Sang and Wi Sang together, but didn't expect to have teary eyes as a result. Yoo Jun Sang is amazing, as expected. I found myself saying out loud that I wanted a brother like Poong Sang. ㅠㅠ And yay to the public service ad: Don't drink and drive. (And congrats to Yobi! I'm thrilled he's finally listed in the main cast, sort of. Super happy for him!)
  8. Based on the younger siblings' appearance on Happy Together, they are not only a fun and chaotic bunch in reel life, but in real life too. Yes, poor Poong Sang-ssi. I'm excited and will be rooting for actor Lee Chang Yeop. ^^