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  1. Emotions all over the place and it's not even time yet. Congratulations to the solo debut of Lee Chang Sun! ㅋㅋㅋ Ah, this is bittersweet. More sweet than bitter. It is a most meaningful present that I will repeat for the next two years. Now, to relearn how to stream music on Korean music sites to mark Joon in the charts... It's been a long time. XD I meant to thank @stroppyse for your time and hard work in translating that segment of the fm. It puts things in closer perspective, especially with the single release tomorrow. So special. Thank you very much!! Of course, thank you @eyjooniesh for sharing, always. Thank you all for your sharing and company. I believe we have a mission for the next two years. While Joonie has his responsibility to his country, we have ours to him too. Let's keep Lee Joon present and relevant so that he can serve and return in peace and with certainty that his Lovelies are forever beside him. P.S. Must share this loving video made by PArty씨. ♡ ㅠㅠ
  2. It was October 1st... He hasn't even gone yet and I'm an emotional mess watching these performances again today. ♡ Such meaningful, comforting song choices...
  3. Lots photos and footage to share, so thank you @Go Seung Ji for your hard work! His performances are so emotional, my tears. ㅠㅠ Just beautiful. His cute message to Lee Joonxi Lovely is what has been circulating most. I just die at his helpless reaction. I love when he's embarrassed of himself hahaha. Mianhae, Joon! Our Joonie, he left a message at the cafe around midnight, thanking fans and Prain. The time was short, but good memories were made and he had tears. The atmosphere was perfect, I'm so happy too that everything went well according to plan. Then, he came back about 10mins later to say "I love you". Our Changsun ah, that was the cutest. So sweet. He must have feel so much love in his heart. Anyhow, it seems like that he confirmed the rumors of a single he's working on with Cheondoong as producer. This is such happy news for all fans. As if he wasn't The Present already, he's going to leave us with this last present.
  4. Isn't he lovely~ our Lee Joon-ssi? There is so much to share. The adrenaline rush and the emotions. ㅠㅠ Thank you for sharing, @Go Seung Ji dear.
  5. I love our weirdo. Is this him making fun of the celebrity syndrome? He smiles behind it. ㅋㅋㅋ Eee, so excited for fans in Japan!
  6. Everything he says is so relatable (to me). So beautiful and humble. Right, there is no need to ponder on unnecessary thoughts. He's always been level-minded. Our Lee Joon-ssi Lovely, he is my healer. ^^ Just one look at him and all is at peace, hehe. Looks like he had a trim, can't wait to see his new hairstyle at the Japan fanmeeting. Praying there will be sneak-peeks. I'm so excited for fans and wish Joonie a successful meet. ♡
  7. Hahaha! By the time he wins, I think it would cost less if we just buy pikachu and send it over. Several pikachus. Ah, it was too adorable! XD
  8. I'm going to eat chicken and pizza today to ease my Joonie blues. I'm not used to it, but I will work on putting a written account together of the experience meeting Joon, since there have been requests. Today has been a struggle getting back to normal life. ㅠㅠ
  9. It was a beautiful night, we're looking for something dumb to do~~ ㅋㅋㅋ Kidding. It was really a beautiful evening with Joon though. There were many awful things that happened in addition to the earthquake, but I won't go in detail. Despite the bad organization and natural disaster, Joon carried on successfully. He had a heavy heart and you can feel it. There is also a cultural difference here. Although I'm not Mexican, I did meet with Mexican friends who said that the earthquake is not something that would halt daily life. Mexicans carry on and that's the attitude. They have a morbid saying about carrying the dead to the party; that is their culture and mentality. So most thought that Joon's conflict in whether to cancel or not or change the schedule of events was not necessary. I understand him and the decision he contemplated. I worried that he would stress about fulfilling a promise and respecting the citizens of Mexico, at the same time not upsetting or giving his country a bad name or doing something out of his cultural norm and personal stance. In those hours of delay, I think he really suffered a lot behind the decisions. I love him more because of the suffering he didn't have to go through, but chose to cope through. He fought with himself, and in return, I feel more sad that he was feeling that way. Although shorter than planned, fans were happy and lively to see and Joon. He is just the way you see him on the screen, just more beautiful and thinner underneath his loose clothing (his hugs were really deep and warm!!!). It was a very special night, indeed. I felt that he felt bad and sorry, so he gave even more love. I want to share more, but I dont really know where to start. The disorganization from the beginning (not on Joon/Prain's part), or the moment he walked out of the car. Here is my little contribution. It's further away, despite being a VIP ticket holder (like I said, bad organizing). But really, his love filled every corner of the room. Deeply. Perhaps I will post more when I'm not so emotional, haha. I went to sleep in tears and woke up in tears, then watched his performance again and teared up again.~~ Joon is The Present.
  10. I worried about Joon and his staff and fans all flight long. Thankfully the cafe did update and several news outlets. I hope everyone is well and safe! Mexico is in a tsunami warning now. I thought my IG wouldn't load his photo, but it was because he posted white. Way to get us anxious, Joon! >_<
  11. I just checked with my friend. She said it was scary, but all is calm now and hope that Joon is ok and not too shocked. It's a relief.
  12. Instalive was too adorable! So dorky!! I had a good laugh. So happy to see him feeling good! Hope this mood lasts to the end of tomorrow, despite the sad weather there. @the girl who! Thanks! It's actually been a rollercoaster, but maybe will touch on that after the fm. Best wishes to everyone attending and I hope to hear your stories after the experience! ^^
  13. Our Joonie was in such happy spirits this morning! So pretty!! I'm sure you also got to see these, but let's spread the happy feels. ^^ Changsun World's are just the previews, and they look so pretty already. Happy child... Just because this one needs to be posted and cemented here. XD Cr. As tagged, DC Inside Lovely all around. ㅋㅋ I Hope Joon will get to enjoy Mexico with his tight schedule. I hear he was a little sick the last time he was there. So excited to see what he's prepared. @the girl who! What a relief you got through. It's happened to me before, like I was timed out because I got too excited and liked everything. XD Glad we got you back. Now please help me contain my nervousness and excitement. ><
  14. The animal kingdom quote will stay with him forever. It's not something bad, lol. I had the same reactions as the netizens (especially no.4). XD His honesty and drive were always a part of his charm. Joon deserves every bit of praise and recognition for how long and far he's come. I'm very happy to see such positive comments and excitement for him. It will be our mission for the next two years to keep the good feelings flowing.