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  1. There is simple answer for this question - JG was in Black list. These two words are not just two words, These two words hid 10 years of the strained and beautiful work from wide public.
  2. No, Kay is from "Time between Dog And Wolf" (2007), my favorite Joon Gi's drama. Well, ONE of my favorite Joon Gi's dramas.
  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY for our JOON GI!!! And he is celebrating this day at the film location?
  4. Interestingly, Lee Joon Gi and Lee Moon Seek (Soe Dol) were played son and father in yet one film Fly, Daddy, Fly (2006). It was unforgettable duet also.
  5. Hey everyone! I want to introduce you to some posters for movie "18 May" (unforgettable movie for me, and I'm glad that JG acted in this film)
  6. I think it may be shooting for japan magazine 韓国TVドラマガイド Vol.70 2017 april or may?
  7. I opened Lee Joon Gi in the beginning of 2014, don't remember exactly from what drama, I looked everything and anything in Korean drama then. He won my heart quietly and for ever. I like all his works, but I tried to composed my own favor list: 1-2. Time Between Dog and Wolf + Arang and the Magistrate 3-4. Iljimae + Two Weeks 5. Joseon Gunman 6. My Girl 7. Criminal Minds 8. Scholar who walks the night 9. Hero. Scarlet Heart Ryeo is something special for me, I cannot decide to rank this drama. Van So is masterpiece of art, but this series was so hard for me (I don't know - why). And I want to say thank you all for your contribution to this Topic! My day's photo:
  8. Another shot about King and Clown for smiling parade
  9. Sad to say, I don't know credit of this fan-made From what parade it may be?
  10. May I add to your Eyes Selfie Parade my favorite pic?