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  1. I know right. We have the same opinion here. I thought they may be perfect as a couple who is bickering but flirting at the same time. Did you see their brief interaction in the bus in Busted, right, when YYS was being transferred to jail and in that bus they were kind of flirting? It was just a simple question from PMY but don't know why it becomes so flirty between them. And then the older casts, in particular ahn Jae Wook, just teased her but then YYS defended her saying what else she should call him aside Oppa. PMY is so sexy in Busted. Smart and sexy at the same time - I think she is just have a good sense of fashion or maybe she just has a great stylist. She made other male casts want to protect her. Ahn Jae Wook ran behind PMY at the zombie land to protect her and Kim Jong Min was definitely fell for her since the beginning of the episode in Busted. LOL. I am so glad, that now I know that I am not the only one who is wondering the chemistry of YYS with PMY in a romantic drama. I'll look forward to seeing them in a drama or other kind of show. With PSJ, it seems that even though PMY is older two years, they look like at the same age. PSJ clearly do not treat her as noona. He said in the press conference that PMY is around his age. I kind of what what what. Both are serious and hard working person -- great actors. No doubt that they will have a great chemistry in this drama.
  2. Thank you for the information. I am currently in Japan now. I am still trying to figure out how to get one. Although, I don't mind the English version if Japanese book store has one.
  3. What's the drama between PMY and YYS? I watched Busted. I love their interaction (between PMY and YYS). By the way the drama is surely a trend in my country. There is already a printed novel sold by our famous bookstore here with the title What's Wrong with Secretary Kim. I am so excited that I could read the novel. https://www.kholic.id/post/2018/06/9214/novel-whats-wrong-with-secretary-kim-bisa-dibeli-di-gramedia-terdekat/
  4. Same with me here. I love PMY since long time ago and watched almost every of her drama. Never so into PSJ until this drama and movie Be With You. I haven't watched yet She was Pretty, Fight for My Way and Hwarang. I may start to watch his drama after this Secretary Kim. I do have watched him in Youn's Kitchen - and I like that he is a serious and hardworking person.
  5. Can you explain a bit more about both being 33 years old? As in their characters or in real life? In the character, they are different about 4-5 years I think (LYJ older than KMS). And in real life, their age difference is only two years with PMY older than PSJ. However, PSJ as he said in the press conference, he said that PMY is about his age. He doesn't consider her as Noona, I guess. LOL. I am thinking of being a shipper for this Park-Park though. LOL.
  6. OMG..... I can't stop laughing but also thinking wild of them doing acrobatics in bed. Judging from their level of knowledge in romance, they will probably do an actual acrobatic instead of the romantic acrobatics. LOL.
  7. I think the difference age won't matter if it fits with the story line and they can play they character well. In the casting, sometimes for me as Kdrama watcher, I just use my feeling. This is the first time I felt sorry for SJS. I meant, two candidates of female leads rejected the roles. I know the reasons could be something that entirely for their own profile, it has nothing to do with SJS, but still it made me that way. At first candidate, I strongly rejected the casting, and then afterward, I kind of ok with Yoo In Na, but then she rejected the role. Now, I felt like what the heck, just do it. I am tired of the bad news for SJS. Sorry for talking too much. Just wanna share my journey of looking forward to seeing SJS in a drama or movie again. My wish was actually to see SJS in a drama again with SYJ. But I know it's impossible - it would be a very expensive drama, I guess.
  8. I actually don't know for sure what is the meaning of offering ramen to a guy in Korea. Can you enlighten me a bit on this? But I agree with you, both of them are clueless. Thanks in advance.
  9. She is the one who recently just broke up with her boyfriend, right? With the other supporting actor in the Laughter in Waikiki.
  10. Did you read the web novel? So, the story is complete, right? I meant I heard that the webtoon is not complete yet. I saw the webtoon until chapter 80. Thanks in advance.
  11. @nonski Thank you so much for keeping us updated. Please, continue to do so for the rest of the episodes.
  12. This is the Hangul one, the free one: https://toonkor.co/김-비서가-왜-그럴까 The English one you can just look at the website of tappytoon. Only three chapters are free, the rest you have to pay.
  13. Really looking forward to see all the kisses and bed scenes like in the webtoon. We may see more of them in the drama. *winking* I think the bed scenes in the webtoon was kind of censored. Don't you think?
  14. I also have the same thoughts. But for me, maybe because I watch so many dramas and/or I have seen this kind of character in my real professional life. LOL Done reading. Very well commentary. Please, continue for the rest of the episodes. Thank you.
  15. Hmmmm.... maybe.... I love the fashion in this drama. Maybe because I'm office lady. LOL