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  1. ♥ Official Khuntoria Couple Thread ♥

    Hi there @chantaljaey! I know its been almost a month since you posted but nonetheless welcome to the fandom!! Don't think you're alone because I myself is also a very late Khuntoria fan Regardless if you only became a fan now, we're happy that even after all these years people come to love Khuntoria. It just proved how Khuntoria surpasses the test of time. Don't cha think? That even after many couples have been in WGM people will always mention or remember about Khuntoria. Oh and BTW, where are you exactly in Asia? Just wondering, because most of us here are from Asia. And one thing I love to ask on newbies here is how did you end up being a Khuntorian? We have different stories and I just love to know how fate have brought each one of us to love this very special couple. And BTW if you have any questions feel free to ask, if you have news about them (may it be outdated or not), if you have anything to just share about them, don't hesitate to post here on our thread.
  2. ♥ Official Khuntoria Couple Thread ♥

    I know I have posted this for the nth time but pls forgive me since its our anniversary anyways Some of the most unforgettable 2pm concerts for us Khuntorians cr to owners
  3. ♥ Official Khuntoria Couple Thread ♥

    I know it's been a couple of days but again Happy happy 8th anniversary to Khuntoria and to us Khuntorians! Time really flies so fast right? I can't believe it's been 8th years since they 1st met for WGM. I still and will always believe in these two no matter what. Regardless of what happens in the future I would never regret in supporting, believing, shipping these two. Keep the faith guys! Khuntoria fighting! Happy 8th anniversary!
  4. ♥ Official Khuntoria Couple Thread ♥

    I guess thats it for now guys Got to focus on my training now. I hope anyone can still post and update the thread once in a while aside from us big 4 lol @pucca_chan @snixxNKV @Elle1997 To all the silent readers, we would really appreciate it if you would make yourself known Keep the faith guys! Remember we are not alone! We got a whole army of Khuntorians in China that are actively and discreetly following and supporting Khun and Vic! So don't lose hope! Till next time! Khuntoria fighting!
  5. ♥ Official Khuntoria Couple Thread ♥

    Throwback for the day! cr to xxeln Old but not too old picture So who's copying who? Or is this called FATE? ..Coincidence? No?.. Vic uploaded on april 11 while Jstyle released Nichkhun's photo on 13 the same month I remember vividly, there was SOMEONE who MADE a pad thai to a certain SOMEONE years ago
  6. ♥ Official Khuntoria Couple Thread ♥

    Awww... I guess we would still be seeing these beastly idols after all of them finished their enlistment. Nichkhun: "I can promise you the six of us will always love each other. No matter how old we are, we will make a comeback together. I don't know if we will have enough strength to perform in concerts because we'll be old when we comeback." (Video cr: NineEntertain) lol Khunnie But I love that he's still in shape and is constantly exercising and influencing his fans of the importance of being physically fit Nichkhun to fans: Don't forget to exercise especially fans standing near the stage. I can see you very clearly!! cr to just a fan
  7. ♥ Official Khuntoria Couple Thread ♥

    Ooohhh that's why. Well he does look way younger whenever he cuts his hair short! Khun shot some scenes for Brother&Sister on 26th Feb. I guess that's why he cut his hair so short. It was really short too when he started filming in Nov last year. >__< cr to just a fan
  8. ♥ Official Khuntoria Couple Thread ♥

    Active Nichkhun! [02/28/18] Nichkhun Instagram Updates (1) Got a girl nestling (2) The only excuse not to do something is YOU! I'm exercising even if hyung doesn't tell me to! cr to 2PMAlways
  9. ♥ Official Khuntoria Couple Thread ♥

    Victoria for Reebok cr to ArabVictoria
  10. ♥ Official Khuntoria Couple Thread ♥

    I guess this is a big deal eh? [02/26/18] Today Tao Kae Noi Seaweed Snacks invested 40 million baht and announced Nichkhun from 2PM as their latest presenter, emphasizing their position as a market leader with a market share of 72%. 02/28/18 Nichkhun from tobtkn (Tao Kae Noi's CEO)'s ig tobtkn: Hey bro. Warm welcome to our family. It’s a pleasure to work with you. @ khunsta0624 cr to just a fan
  11. ♥ Official Khuntoria Couple Thread ♥

    Last part! Good night everyone! 180226 Nichkhun’s Fan Talk (3) Thanks Kor/JPN-Eng Trans by @jerwiepenpan / Thai-Eng Trans by @Manoonchai
  12. ♥ Official Khuntoria Couple Thread ♥

    Throwback Tuesday guys! So what can you say? cr to xxeln [05/07/17] Spotted something in Nichkhun's album at JSTYLE's official weibo album? and why on earth they inserted her photo in Nichkhun's album? I mean, yeah there might a mistake, i'm not that delu. But something telling me something *smirk* if you know what i mean Ok so Chereen where did you get that? lol
  13. ♥ Official Khuntoria Couple Thread ♥

    Part 2! I wonder what he's wearing during that time! lol And what kind of selca is that Khunnie? hahaha 180226 Nichkhun’s Fan Talk (2) Thanks Kor/JPN-Eng Trans by @jerwiepenpan / Thai-Eng Trans by @Manoonchai
  14. ♥ Official Khuntoria Couple Thread ♥

    Excited for her outfit! Victora Song's schedule notice: Paris fashion week flight information: 03/03 AF185 HongKong (HKG) (T1) to Paris (CDG) (T2), Take off at 23:25 LT, Landed at 5:40 LT.03/07 AF188 Paris (CDG) (T2) to HongKong (HKG) (T1), Take off at 23:30 LT, Landed at 18:35 LT.Let’s looking forward cr to WithQian
  15. ♥ Official Khuntoria Couple Thread ♥

    So I just missed Khun's fantalk for the nth time 180226 Nichkhun’s Fan Talk Thanks Kor/JPN-Eng Trans by @jerwiepenpan / Thai-Eng Trans by @Manoonchai