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  1. Today's episode was not that interesting especially since there is no interaction between GY and JS
  2. MBC Global release the synopsis and character description in English After Go-ya’s dad had an affair ten years ago, she had to put college on hold and start earning money to support her mom and siblings. While her life was in the dumps, she met Min Ji-seok, who treated her special and it was the first time a boy had ever made her feel that way. They fell deeply in love. But Ji-seok’s aunt turns out to the very woman that Go-ya’s dad had an affair with. So Go-ya has to choose between Ji-seok or her mom and she and Ji-seok eventually decides to lie in order to have it both ways. “Enemies from the Past” is a story of two families that are entangled in secrets and a bad karmic connection but finally find reconciliation later on through the power of forgiveness. Choi Go-ya – Starring Choi Yoon-young Carries strong responsibilities for her mom and siblings After her dad had an affair ten years ago, she had to put college on hold. She worked to support her mom and siblings and took the responsibility as a provider with strong determination. Thanks to her motivation to provide for her family, she honed her skills in sales and became a skilled saleswoman. When she encounters underprivileged people who are down on their luck, she will give them whatever money she has on her but it is a different story when she meets bad people because she will go toe to toe with them. Min Ji-seok – Starring Gu Won Handsome divorce attorney with highest success rate in his profession. He is not a believer in the institution of marriage and chooses to date different women and remain single. But he falls for Choi Go-ya and thinks she’s wife material. At first, he had the wrong impression of her by thinking she was a home-wrecker. But after getting to know her a bit more, he found that she was a special individual. However, he had no idea that her dad was seeing his aunt. Despite the obstacles they faced as a couple wanting to get married, he stays with Choi Go-ya through it all to make her his wife. Choi Go-bong – Starring Koh Na-yeon Choi Go-ya’s younger sister, Personal fitness trainer. Alias: Choi Mi-mi Although she never got good grades in school, she possesses a fit physique that people envy. She has an impulsive streak and is thoughtless at times. In other words, she is constantly getting in trouble. She is not good at math or the language arts but she is a good drinker, dancer and karaoke singer. She relishes taunting her sister. In her rebellious teenage years, her issues with her dad for whom she blamed for the breakup of the family led her to date a string of boys in short-term relationships. Min Eun-seok – Starring Ahn Jae-mo Min Ji-seok’s brother, an Elementary school teacher He has a big, warm heart and does not dwell on petty matter. Because he is a serious guy who approaches everything cautiously it would seem that he hardly made any mistakes in life but his divorce with his high school sweetheart poisoned his views on relationships and keeps him guarded around woman. While he exudes warmth outwardly, he will pursue something single-mindedly once he puts his mind to it. He has a quirky personality that he does not reveal to most people. After hearing about his ex-wife’s remarriage and meeting Choi Go-bong, he lets down his guard around women.
  3. it was my favorite part and I can't wait for tomorrow
  4. GY is officially his life savior interesting... from now onward I hope GY suffering ends
  5. The start of new love he worries about her imagine when they start dating .........
  6. @sava2sava thanks dear for the warm welcome and it is nice to be back, JS is already in love with GY though he doesn't know it yet,, and my bet is GY will be his lifeline and helping him with his nightmare and all as @Ldy Gmerm mentioned I don't think GY related to that family once the truth out her cousin might have feelings for her that makes it the love triangle after all what is Kdrama without love triangle
  7. Hello, everyone, it has been long, for a while I stopped watching Kdrama but I can't stay away for long, I love the drama it seems interesting and I am going to Marathon it the week I would like to thank all of you for the post your post makes it more appealing Preview
  8. @0ly40 thanks for opening the thread , hopefully this one will better ,
  9. I literally stop watching cause i don't have the energy or stomach to digest the plot , Thanks for recap and updates
  10. YK makes the biggest mistake by dismissing BS she forgot that he knows everything about their dirty deed, I bet BS is the one who sends the video clip to SN it is getting interesting I wish it won't drag till the end it seems all evidence is surfacing, it is nice to see the relationship between DN and YR is improving