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  1. it didn't surprise me that SNake phone password is SH it shows how obsessive she is it is not normal and it is not love at all her punishment is to see once again SH fall in love with other person none the less to the person she hates it serve her right I don't mind every ridiculous plot line as long as the trio get their punishment no forgiveness please writer-nim.
  2. I don't want DN to go back to the restaurant even if SH manage to clear her name I want her to go to their competition and succeed though it is far fetched. she need the back up of powerful person at this rate JW doesn't have power so does SH since he has a lot of opposition from his family, SNake most of all JH mom, it is weird but I have this feeling how about JH mom, from the preview JW was telling her DN is not the one who kills she might not believe him but she might also ask her minion to investigate and find out something doesn't add up and give her a hand on finding the real killer
  3. today's episode gives me a mixed feeling, I am so upset that DN fail the test thanks to that jealous and greedy colleague another win for the evil trio's they succeed to fire DN , I want justice I am not talking about SNake but the female colleague , I want her to be punished in worst possible way Thank God SH is smart he caught SNake on her lies it was a smart move from his side sending message from SNake phone to find the truth, when he confronted SNake she lied through her teeth , she can say bye bye to her dream of marrying him, from the preview SH is giving SNake a cold shoulder and DN seems to get a backbone she is trapping SNake and threating her, good for her , I can't wait for tomorrow's episode
  4. SH has it bad the way he looked at her say it all SH light up every time he is around DN it was so cute when he realizes what he is feeling and pretended to focus on his work at the end of the day he ends up going to see her my favorite part is the end of the episode and I am curious if he ends up drinking it
  5. @sava2sava you are absolutely right, SH was observing SNake reaction on the meeting not to mention SKunk keep on asking about DN soon or later their interference in DN life raise suspicions, how I wish the female colleague will be caught and fired
  6. SKunk saved by the bell let him consider himself lucky, I am not surprised though DN past with SKunk is her wild card she can't use it as early as episode 47, let him sweat and live in fear now his friend is blackmailing him Karma the lawyer friend has nothing to lose since he got divorced... so at the end of the day Grandma saves the day, I am so glad the Chairwoman telling SH how she mate DN and become friends my favorite part is " I can't believe she killed JH and this incident too " it feels good to know one more person believes in her.what can I say SH is in love and he is so cute he brights up every time he is around DN, it seems like he can't stay away from her or stop thinking about her. when went to the restaurant to see her but ask about JW I was laughing and help her to throw the garbage, I love their bonding time with ramyeon. The stabbing from SNake won't stop from the preview the female colleague will put something to ruin DN food and SNake and Monster mom celebrating, I hope her dish will succeed. SH is on alert he even stopped DN from drinking the coffee SNake give her, slowly he is losing his trust on SNake
  7. I was wondering whether any CCTV or other evidence out there to show the witch kills MG I am glad there is a video record I hate Shin Hwa-Young but I am loving her now since she has the dirt on that human trash the drama getting interesting soon the identity of SH father comes to the light because of the allergies may be at the end of this week they will find out the truth
  8. @0ly40 hope you are doing well I won't be able to post the preview and video cuts today could you please step in, thanks a lot
  9. thanks for brief recap I won't be able to watch this week episode since I have training I hope DN will be able to clear her name by all means
  10. I wish when they find out SNake framed DN they won't go easy on her while trying to get rid of DN she is damaging the company, I wish there is a CCTV in the kitchen showing the man begging her to forgive him, so from the preview Finally Grandma finds out her new friend is DN, I doubt SH will believe DN will do that since she was always nagging him about the quality of items he is bringing. SH is smart he asked DN if she knows SKunk before and she lied she should tell him he was her baby daddy.
  11. SNake counter attack, and manage to frame DN, DN is a too kind and trusting once again it is going to bite her in B***t what was she thinking the moment she gave him the money and he asked her for her account I knew he is not up to no good, here is what I think the man already feeling bad he is going to break down under pressure this time SH will investigate thoroughly and it will be the end of SN and him, SNake is capable of doing every trick in the devil book. it might drag but the truth comes out, once again DN cleared innocent and I wonder what kind of excuse Snake will give from the preview the team leader of the supplier is telling SH about SNake Snake work her angle very well using her Monster mom and JH mom to emotionally manipulate SH, I really feel sorry for him, all I am looking forward, more than the romance between SH and DN is to see the face and reaction JH mother when she finds out who killed her daughter and how they used her I am sure hell breaks loose.
  12. @stroppyse thank you so much, my dear, I don't know why the picture is not appearing but the text is enough my dear you are life savor thanks once again and stay blessed
  13. I was visiting the official website and found the description of DN cell mate I think she is going to play a big role in helping DN on her revenge I wish we can have the translation @stroppyse I know you are not following this drama and you are busy but if you have time could you please help us out , thanks dear 황금숙 | 이청미 본명이청미 황금숙 (23세-27세) 달님 감방동기 절도 사기전과 3범. 화끈하고 화통하다. 헤어 패션 화장 기술이 뛰어나 어떤 때는 하늘하늘 코스모스같은 청순녀가 됐다가 또 어떤 때는 짙은 스모키화장으로 섹시녀가 되기도 하는 변장술의 달인이다. 달님을 언니처럼 따르고 달님이 유일하게 속마음을 터놓는 사이. 처음에는 자신이 살기위해 달님의 돈을 훔쳐 달아나지만 뒤늦게 후회하고 달님을 도와주는 의리녀가 된다. 유경이 운영하는 프랜차이즈 식당에 홀서빙으로 취직, 유경의 신임을 톡톡히 얻는다. 유경의 집까지 드나들게 되면서 세나모녀에 대한 여러 가지 정보를 달님에게 알려주고 당시 사건의 목격자에게 접근해 유경과의 관계를 캐는 등 멀티역할을 수행한다.
  14. @sava2sava we have to endure SNake craziness and obsession till the end she is not going to back down unless she caught red handed and end up in jail that is why I want JH mom to find out that DN her daughter the sooner the better so that she can do everything with her power to find the real killer.