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  1. @0ly40 thanks for opening the thread , hopefully this one will better ,
  2. I literally stop watching cause i don't have the energy or stomach to digest the plot , Thanks for recap and updates
  3. YK makes the biggest mistake by dismissing BS she forgot that he knows everything about their dirty deed, I bet BS is the one who sends the video clip to SN it is getting interesting I wish it won't drag till the end it seems all evidence is surfacing, it is nice to see the relationship between DN and YR is improving
  4. @awsparkle I was thinking the same ... all she need was a bump on head , why i have the feeling the DN's mom phone will be found I don't know how but it will other wise Soon- hee words won't be enough to put SN in jail
  5. episode 102 is a filler episode nothing much happen SNake and Skunk get fired from the company still SN is plotting and summon Mr. Hyun with her crazy plan which he said no and tell them not to call him again DN and her mom moved in again. The high light was DN telling JW" let's not be selfish and stay together like family" to be honest I enjoy the banter between SH and DN, I hope we will have more of their moment this two can't get a break every turn something is happening The preview is disappointing this show is 1 step forward and 2 step backward, I think SN succeed to kidnap DN mom
  6. hearing SN blaming DN for everything is becoming a broken record come on she has been telling her self a lie that actually she start believing it is true her confidence being innocent is beyond my understanding she is a certified nut job, after all, she has done did she really think that SH will come back to her. she is not going to stop I think she will try to kill DN may be trying to run her over with a car but SH will save DN instead that will be the one thing will put her in jail and make it possible to reopen the investigation may be then DN will realize she has a feel for SH, I wish the writer won't drag the remain episodes with fillers
  7. I love episode 101 it looks like we are going somewhere, DN and SH smarten up and tricking SN about the black box file, I love the fact that DN stand up for YR in front of that shady Mr. Hyun and SNake, (calling her mom) that means DN is slowly opening up to YR and she will let go of her love JW may be there is still a chance for SN and SH (one can dream) I was laughing when YK and SNake telling SKunk they have to take revenge on DN come on, that is one delusional family (didn't they done enough damage already) more over I love the ending for the first time in such a long time SN plan blow up on her face thanks to JW, the preview seems promising DN mom might remember about her accident and the memory from the black box file is recovered, I can't wait for tomorrow
  8. I have a feeling that SN will frame DN for embezzlement of fund and I think I might be write based on the written preview 달님은 우여곡절 끝에 세나가 없애려고 했던 블랙박스 메모리카드를 찾게 되지만 세나를 속이기 위해 메모리카드를 못 찾은 척 한다. 손상된 메모리카드가 복구되는 동안, 재욱은 세나가 눈치 못 채도록 블랙박스 동영상에 대해 따져묻고 세나는 루비가 잘못본거라고 우긴다. 이에 세나는 달님을 교도소로 돌려보내기 위해 이사들앞에서 달님과 선호가 회사공금을 횡령했다고 공개하는데...
  9. finally the written preview is out could someone translate it google makes me crazy 재욱은 이란이 검찰에 자수했단 사실을 알고도 말하지 않은 선호를 원망하고 이란을 매정하게 대하는 달님에게 서운해 한다. 세나는 현사장을 구슬려 레시피 유출이 현사장 혼자 한 짓이라고 진술하게 해서 빠져나간다. 세나는 이란과 재욱이 달님을 위해 희생해봤자 돌아오는 건 원망 밖에 없지 않냐며 자신과 손 잡자고 재욱에게 제안하는데...
  10. finally, it is over just for the record I am not going to watch anything that is written by this writer
  11. @0ly40 thanks for opening the thread hope this one is a better drama
  12. I knew Ruby will go back to that SKunk no surprise there I feel sorry for JW, The cat is out of the bag DN knew YK is her mom, she will be in denial for a while till she settles her feeling , we all know she likes JW and she is grateful what I don't get is from where these strong feeling for him come from it seems out of the blue anyways it means there is still a chance for DN and SH
  13. @awsparkle thanks dear you just made my day , i am sure DN has no feelings towards JW but gratitude and guilt that he was hurt instead of her
  14. written preview is out I wish somebody can translate it 해당 회차는 예고 영상이 없습니다.달님은 재욱이 손을 다치자 발골칼로 위협해 세나에게 경고를 보낸다. 분한 세나는 달님의 마음 속엔 재욱이 있다며 선호에게 돌아오라고 하지만 외면당한다. 달님은 지극정성으로 재욱을 보살피고 순희는 남매인 사실을 모른 채 재욱을 좋아하는 달님이 상처받을까 걱정한다. 외국으로 도피했던 조병수는 금숙 앞에 나타나고, 이란은 당장 병수를 잡아오라 하는데...
  15. I would like to thank all of you for your insights and update I was not able to watch due to work and today i watched the row what an episode, I knew at some point Snake gonna hurt JW what a witch I didn't expect it soon what I cliffhanger and there is no preview I can't wait for sub , even if Ruby is an idiot I am so proud of her that she didn't give in for SK pledging SNake is shameless to even inter SH room after all she did , it feels so good when grandma kick her out now the question is will DN gonna use the knife I hope not she doesn't need to step low like SNake I am sure SH will come in time to stop her