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  1. DR will go crazy when he finds out the reason CR and YS bonding I am sure he will tell her to take the fall for his daughter crime as a payment for deceiving him for 20 years the only person who is going to save YS going to jail is SC & BW by providing the necklace as evidence may be the guy who supposed to get rid of the car has the Blackbox file and he can give it to police, one way or another I don't want YS to cover for CR I want to see CR being arrested in front of OHW from the office and make the headline on the news
  2. DH is not pure evil, yes he is villain but a weak one, he is wishy washy and he has a few conscious it has been shown time after time like when he really thought MA is dead , he breaks down and cried, before he asked for divorce he told MH no matter what he is his young brother and when MA is in the freezer he couldn't bring himself to let her die there. the thing is he bounce back quickly all he needs is some convincing or a push. DH from the start he hates his life, but he thought he loves JM&MA and it seems they were the center of his universe. DH would do anything to go out of that life where MA provides him everything that really hurt his pride but has no choice, he couldn't get a job and people always looking down on him when he found his fake family it was everything he dreamed of, money power... from being nothing he turn into someone with power where people are bowing to him all along he thought love is enough before he taste his new life , his ambition and greed took over and it was really easy for him to discard MA not only because of his greed but MA is a constant reminder of his past and he don't want that life if it is possible he would have erased it I am not making an excuse for him it just I am trying to understand him I agree he is a human trash and he will get exactly what he deserves, MS will drop him like hot potato the moment she finds out he is not her real son just like he did to MA
  3. CA empire is crumbling down fast the same way she built it soon she will be homeless
  4. @Lunkera thanks for updates I am so happy the assistant cleared out CA bank account speaking of Karma at least SJ knows what they did is wrong and went to the graveyard I though I don't feel his sincerity don't you love MS, she is a true friend and she is so happy that SJ is on a wanted list and she is right when she tell JK that don't feel bad for him mother and son are a set it won't be long before he caught by police
  5. MBC Global has the synopsis and character description it seems interesing and i am in Oh Soon-nam is a teacher at a traditional Korean school called Jeokhyeonjae where she nurtures students’ aspirations like a friend. But one day, Soon-nam’s life crumbled down with the sudden loss of Jeokhyeonjae and her daughter Joon-young. Soon-nam embarks on an investigation to punish the people behind her daughter’s death and finds that she must choose between revenge and values she has lived by all her life. This TV show revolves around a female teacher at a traditional Korean school who is also married to the sole descendant of a head family clan that comes with heavy responsibilities. Then tragedy strikes her, however, in memory of her daughter, she transforms into a person that people admire for her strength and perseverance in the face of adversity. Oh Soon-nam – Starring Park Si-eun A teacher at a traditional Korean school called Jeokhyeonjae. Being married to the direct descendant of the head family clan while also teaching at a school is overwhelming but she takes pride in her work and is gratified after seeing troubled kids transform by enrolling at the school. But one day, Soon-nam catches her husband You-min with another woman and soon after she is kicked out of the school when her father-in-law passes away. Not too long after, she loses her daughter in a car crash. With her life in shambles, she becomes depressed and lives an isolated life. Then Soon-nam is approached by a man who wants to help her and confesses his true feelings towards Soon-nam. Soon-nam slowly begins to open up her heart towards him who believes that his life will change through her. Kang Du-mul – Starring Gu Bon-seung A business owner who built a franchise empire. With his cooking skills, he owns 200 outdoor bars that span the country. He has terrific skills in creating a successful business. In his early twenties, he fell passionately in love with a young woman and they had a son but she left him and took all of his money with her. That experience left Du-mul with little trust for other people. To raise his son well, he constantly searches for famous teachers to homeschool his son but they all get fed up and quit due to his son’s behavior problems. He eventually hires Soon-nam to tutor his son and through her, he stumbles upon a startling secret. Hwang Se-hee – Starring Han Su-yeon She works as a team leader at the Hwangryong Group. At the age of seven, her single mother left her and she was sent to an orphanage and then adopted by the chairwoman of the Hwangryong Group. But she is actually the biological daughter of Bong-chul, who is married to the chairwoman. Until she turned 20, she had a happy family life but after her foster mother started to treat her with a cold shoulder, she became very hurt and did her best to gain her approval. To further his own ambitions, Bong-chul arranges a marriage between his biological daughter Se-hee and a hospital director but Se-hee finds the idea of marrying someone without any love or physical attraction abhorrent. Then she is smitten with love by You-min who beat up her fiancée to protect his sister’s honor. Cha You-min – Starring Jang Seung-jo He is Soon-nam’s ex-husband and a pediatrician. With handsome looks, a calculating personality, and competitive streak, he has never experienced failure. Since he was a kid, he was very proud of himself. One day, his sister You-na gets harassed by the hospital director and You-min finally blows up. Soon after, he becomes close to the fiancé of the hospital director’s son and learns that she is the heiress to the Hwangryong Group fortune. He instantly saw how she could potentially be useful to him.
  6. after Always Spring I am afraid to watch any morning daily's is it any good
  7. What I don't understand is how come YS put two and two and figures out BW is her daughter the clues are right in front of her or she only want to see what she want to see CGJ told her her daughter is the one who got hurt instead of her and the next time she saw BW her hand is hurt . out of the blue CGJ is cares a lot about BW and she is close to her, at last, she brings the flyer of the hit and run and still, she doesn't have a clue,
  8. DR is harassing YS and I am loving it what he said during their confrontation is right spot on , it is not because she loves him but she wants to climb the social ladder he told her if she was honest about her past he would have accepted her since he is a widow and has a daughter, he was right as we know it that marriage is over. CR tongue is slipping soon she will be exposed, I think WH visiting YB is to say goodbye
  9. Well, we are right the old man is a shareholder of TM group and I am sure he is going to help her. MA found the power on JM diary and took it to her doctor to check and find out YH can't have children, one thing I like about MA&MH is they are smart it didn't take her long to figure out why YH was obsessed with JM MA first target, YH MA meet MS and raise her curiosity and gave her YH medicine, MS finally knows about YH and ask her to leave her house it didn't surprise me we all know that will happen
  10. @farhah_1986 Male assistant from what I see in the preview he took the money and the bookkeeping too I will post the preview as soon as it is out
  11. @Lunkera I know right tomorrow seems very far I can't wait to see that ...
  12. @gerrytan8063 Thanks for the preview and translation I think the Assistant took not only the seal stamp also the money, it is time for CA and her son to reap what they sow and it will be fun to see them stumbling but can't get up
  13. @UnniSarah you are right MA will be crueler than any of them right now at this moment MA has nothing to lose and as the saying goes " "The most dangerous creation of any society is the person who has nothing to lose "and those people didn't realize that they created a beast the old MA doesn't exist any more I think she will have a makeover may be short her it seems like it is a ritual to do that in Kdrama after NG saves her( I really hope he will be the one ) she will go to the old man for help. @stroppyse please don't give up I know JM death devastating but the game will start and it going to be interesting only 30 episode left seeing the bad guys falling from grace is the one thing I am looking for and I wish you will join too
  14. @sava2sava May this year brings you lots of happiness Happy Birthday