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  1. I don't know what kind of fate SJ and DJ have both men who initially like SJ end up being with DJ though MG never love DJ, JW for sure he will fall in love with her
  2. I knew it the loan shark comes after the House, from now on the road will be bumpy for DJ , there is no way she can reveal the truth without being hurt and JW also in the same boat with DJ , SJ doesn't trust JW anymore thanks to her evil mother and there is no clear communication , I don't know when they will clear the misunderstanding Preview
  3. from your mouth to God's ear ( in this case to writers ears) I want that to happen badly the moment I saw the article
  4. Oh my God is GB kleptomania I couldn't believe my eyes, I wish she would get in trouble after she gets married oh my I am in shock not only she is nasty but. she is crazy. too .....
  5. recap for episode 10 out on Drama beans COMMENTS I’m done. I’m a puddle. That kiss was so worth the wait! I love that we got to see that Ae-ra and Dong-man have been through this before, multiple times, but their timing was always off. And it makes me feel better knowing that Dong-man has low-grade rejected Hye-ran because of his feelings for Ae-ra before, he just didn’t know that Ae-ra felt the same as he felt. Love really is all about timing, and thank goodness they’re finally in the same place at the same time. I’m realizing that something I really love about our lovable moose is how he says exactly what he’s thinking, exactly when he’s thinking it. In most dramas, the hero would never tell the heroine that he was awake when she touched his face, but Dong-man just talks about it like it’s no big deal. And it’s just so adorably endearing how he says without any artifice that he wants to kiss Ae-ra again. If it were any other character, this constant telegraphing of his feelings would take the tension out of the moment, but somehow when Dong-man does it, it just makes the moment even more tingly and special. But on the flip side—Joo-man has done so well up until now, but he’s about to screw it all up. In his defense, weak though it is, one of the problems between him and Seol-hee is that she’s genuinely happy with a mediocre life. There’s nothing wrong with that, but Joo-man wants more. By trying to be supportive and saying that she doesn’t care if he’s ever promoted, Seol-hee is unintentionally emasculating Joo-man by implying that she doesn’t think he’s capable of better. It’s not true, of course, and Joo-man probably knows that, but I can see why a young, beautiful woman who triggers his weakness for damsels in distress looks appealing. Ye-jin makes Joo-man feel needed and capable, but it’s still wrong for Joo-man to be spending time with Ye-jin alone outside of work. I’m just saying that I can see why, in his current emotional state of feeling inadequate, he’s drawn to a girl who makes him feel important. I’m still going to be very very disappointed if he starts to encourage her, because so far he’s done a great job of drawing that boundary, but I’m afraid that by meeting her at night and lying to Seol-hee about it, that ship has already sailed. As for Ye-jin, I don’t think much of her now that she’s admitted to pursuing Joo-man deliberately. With all the whining and pouting, she comes across like a child who refuses to accept that she can’t have a certain toy because it already belongs to someone else. But it’s Hye-ran who really crossed a line in this episode by stealing Ae-ra’s MC job for no other reason than because she could. That’s three times now that she’s sabotaged Ae-ra’s career, but this time was arguably the worst because Ae-ra actually had the job, and Hye-ran took it out of sheer spite. I wanted to cheer when the director asked in front of Hye-ran if Ae-ra was still available. I do appreciate that we learned that Hye-ran is human and always felt unsettled because of Ae-ra, which explains her competitiveness, but Dong-man is right—that’s all in the past, and it’s time for them to move forward. But despite all the bad things that happened in this episode (is anyone else terrified of Kyung-ku now?), the most important thing is that Dong-man and Ae-ra are now officially a couple! I’m so ridiculously happy. Watching them figure out how to transition from friends to lovers is going to be hilarious and swoony and wonderful, particularly when they’re so open and honest about what they’re feeling at any given moment. They’ve been so great about checking in with each other once they’d established that they were both having confusing feelings. With that kind of connection, not to mention their stratospheric physical attraction, their romance is going to be one of the greats. for more
  6. finally, they kissed can someone get me a boyfriend like HJ that was so sweet filling the luggage with necessities Preview
  7. I had a feeling SJ personal assistant might have feelings for her, they grow up together and he calls her noona but still... it is just my hunch
  8. MG died and I think SJ will turn to the dark side now I couldn't stop crying Dj has to come to her sense for the sake of her daughter Preview
  9. @UnniSarah I finally watched today's episode I can't help but compare the siblings relationship between HJ and his brother and EB and GB HJ is a sweet, compassionate, understanding and loving brother even if he was angry he doesn't want to hurt his brother while GB with capital B is jealous of her sister for succeeding by her own chord , I am afraid EB will give up her dream to maintain peace in the house which is not fair , MH what can I say every time I saw him on a screen I want to slap him what a jerk the apple doesn't fall far from the tree he is truly his father-son, I was laughing when the father asked EB to fabricate story to make it fun didn't he know that she is writing for him autobiography, not a fiction soon she will catch the lies his telling what a shame, I am so happy seeing MH mom belittling Mama Byel she deserve it