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  1. I knew Ruby will go back to that SKunk no surprise there I feel sorry for JW, The cat is out of the bag DN knew YK is her mom, she will be in denial for a while till she settles her feeling , we all know she likes JW and she is grateful what I don't get is from where these strong feeling for him come from it seems out of the blue anyways it means there is still a chance for DN and SH
  2. @awsparkle thanks dear you just made my day , i am sure DN has no feelings towards JW but gratitude and guilt that he was hurt instead of her
  3. written preview is out I wish somebody can translate it 해당 회차는 예고 영상이 없습니다.달님은 재욱이 손을 다치자 발골칼로 위협해 세나에게 경고를 보낸다. 분한 세나는 달님의 마음 속엔 재욱이 있다며 선호에게 돌아오라고 하지만 외면당한다. 달님은 지극정성으로 재욱을 보살피고 순희는 남매인 사실을 모른 채 재욱을 좋아하는 달님이 상처받을까 걱정한다. 외국으로 도피했던 조병수는 금숙 앞에 나타나고, 이란은 당장 병수를 잡아오라 하는데...
  4. I would like to thank all of you for your insights and update I was not able to watch due to work and today i watched the row what an episode, I knew at some point Snake gonna hurt JW what a witch I didn't expect it soon what I cliffhanger and there is no preview I can't wait for sub , even if Ruby is an idiot I am so proud of her that she didn't give in for SK pledging SNake is shameless to even inter SH room after all she did , it feels so good when grandma kick her out now the question is will DN gonna use the knife I hope not she doesn't need to step low like SNake I am sure SH will come in time to stop her
  5. Snake is a total nut job she is digging her grave
  6. OH SH you make the biggest mistake of telling SNake that you have feelings for DN, I am so certain that SNake going to hurt DN physically may be run her with car or send thug to kidnap her, after all, she is psychopath, I kind of feel sorry for YR when she looked at DN and her mom bonding moment I hope DN knows she is her mother soon so that she can forgive her. from the preview, chairwoman will know about SK
  7. it seems DN soften towards YR I am sure she will forgive her and at the end, she will end up having two moms and a great brother, now I want them to develop the romance between SH and DN if it is possible to speed up they will have a great obstacle 1. DN still need to clear her name,2. she is JH's sister and it is kind of tabu to be with your sister fiance 3. SK and Ruby are the other obstacles though they might end up divorcing since he will go to jail for fraud and tampering evidence 4. DN father company and death is surely related to the chairwoman it might be the biggest problem but also it might work in Dn favor since she will be the largest shareholder if thigs turn to the rightful owner. none the less there is a lot to cover in the coming 40 episodes and I wish the writer doesn't drag it with filler episodes