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  1. An episode together can really bring people together, like what happened to JSM and Haha. The same thing happened to Haha and JH way back in an episode in the 40s, where they went on a road trip. I remember one of them mentioning that how they werent yet close at that point despite having filmed RM for almost a year, and the beginning of the episode was awkward, but both Haha and JH loosened up considerably as the episode got on. So the same may have happened for JSM and Haha. I'm of the group that highly believes 99% of the time, all the groupings or pairings are pre-arranged by the producers; even when the guests 'choose' the cast members, its not really by choice. For a long time on RM, YJS always got the main guest, while JK would get the secondary guest. So I wouldnt be surprised that for this 1% trip, it still boils down to whoever the PDs want. However, putting JK and JSM together for the trip could be boring in the sense that I dont think they fear any of the possible challenges, so it would make for boring TV to have no one playing the scaredy cat role. And both JK and JSM expressed in the last ep that they are okay to go onto the trip. You would need at least one person who would be afraid, and that would fall onto YJS, JSJ, LKS, Haha and maybe YSC. So one fearless person (JK, JH or JSM) along with one 'scared' person would make for better TV. Its similar to the logic of how people found teams with both SA boring in the past, because these two would not always make exaggerated variety actions and played games seriously.
  2. Trying to play devil's advocate here. On Baidu, they are saying that JK was holding his drink in this position (behind the back) before JH even was around And that JH was bending down in another part of the episode So could it be that it was a total coincidence that JH was bending down right at the right moment to rest her back or something, and JK's drink was still in that position? Maybe though, she had planned to use his body as a shield to rest. Re the religion issue, even if both are of different religions, I think they'd have gotten past that stage/resolved that issue with 4 years of history behind them (assuming they indeed started dating in 2013). In any case, there are plenty of couples who marry despite being of different religions. It really boils down to how devout you are and what you look for in a partner. Anyway, I do agree that the episode was good and had some old RM feels. Not the heyday RM, but at least the 2014-2015 RM. And finally some episodes that finish in one airing and did not stretch over two episodes - I never really understood how they think fans like that concept, this is not a drama. Re the JSM blunder in referring to JK as a married man, I thought the cast covered it up swiftly and very well. JK reacted fast himself and YJS chimed in with the X Man comment. So if you're a casual fan, you'd probably not spot this blunder by JSM, especially since she similarly has quite a blur persona.
  3. He most definitely did. And in fact I remember reading before that after he turned 27, he stopped saying that, maybe due to a bad breakup. But. I would be surprised if JH still hasn't heard it by now in private. I wouldn't be surprised if she has I think we've discussed this before that the 'I love you' would just appear too awkward and take on a different slant than the other members' confessions. JH most likely can do it with a straight face but I doubt JK's ability to do that. He's not the most poker face person around
  4. Re the pillow hug, I would just like to share a perspective from a non shipper friend of mine whose a casual RM fan. She only knows me as a JK fan, and when this scene happened, she told me that she found JK very aggressive for hitting JH so hard. Suffice to say, the following scene where he basically suffocated JH with his hug didn't sink in at all, as all my friend saw was just the 'violence'. When sometimes I try to tell my friends who watch RM that JK and JH are close friends (not trying to tell them more than them and attempt to look sane), they don't see it at all. They are surprised when I say they are and would in turn tell me JK and JH don't even look familiar with each other. So I think people really can see different things from the same scene or episode. No right or wrong I guess
  5. From the brief that I can see, Yang Se Chan is gag heavy - so Rm may really be going in the direction it had wanted to go to for some time. And like I've mentioned before, JK and JH, who while they have their funny moments, are not the gag funny. So I wouldnt be surprised if these two are added in, and then the higher ups get their wish come true, which is that JK and JH eventually leave so that RM becomes RM season 2 that they've always wanted; if not by name then definitely by style
  6. Thanks for the video link. JH's uncomfortable shift when JK was asked the question on SY was quite telling. She starts adjusting her clothes when there was nothing wrong with them, and JK practically back faced her when he started answering the question. I thought it was cute also how JK repeated her chinese name. I think the absence of YJS (and MC obviously) may have given the other 3 members more free rein to talk about SA and basically start egging them on. Like you said, Haha is practically out of control. For someone who's gotten married and practically 2 kids in the last 4 years, honestly, SA is really moving way too slowly. And Haha and Byul are younger than JK and JH respectively, so I wouldnt be surprised if Haha genuinely is starting to worry for them. Haha may be a nonsensical character on his shows, but as we've seen, we know that he genuinely cares for his friends. I was very surprised though at the complete lack of interaction between Gary and the members. I was not expecting that tbh. I was expecting him to join in the group songs and all, and maybe even the Q&A. I would actually be interested in hearing his POV since he put up that photo of him and JK/JH when the debacle happened, so clearly he's on their side. I'll always treat him as a member so it was kind of weird that he really just seemed like a special guest. Even special guests at concerts usually do duets with the actual main host of the concert, but it just didnt happen here I've said before that whenever the FMs happen, JK becomes the de facto walking encyclopedia for JH. Is there a need to whisper and talk so much? I thought the part where they talked, only to get interrupted to greet the fan and then they continued talking across the translator was quite telling. It seemed, if I may say, a bit rude to continue being in their own world like that but they continued anyway just because. But really, is there so much to whisper about? If they talk this much on stage, I really wonder how they are IRL
  7. Yes I did realize. It's now been what? One month since the filming of the So Young ep? He's had time in between to go gym, meet mighty mouth and all, meet tiny, but somehow he doesn't have time to bring So Young ssi out on a date? I find that very hard to believe and practically impossible behavior if a man is truly interested in a woman. No woman wants to be left cold for a whole month, especially not after a first date that was totally in front of the cameras. I actually was ok with haha's timing of asking them to kiss, because it was right after a topic which involved basically only JK and JH and it was an experience where both went through so much (together) that only they know. Though yes, I do realize haha has been very vocal recently, esp with his 'grow old together' at the end did the fortune telling ep. The only reason why I was slightly concerned about the mention of So young and Gary is, how far behind is their whole timeline going to be pushed back? It really seems like never ever. But seriously what was with the need to whisper that closely? They may as well really be kissing like what haha wanted them to. Who whispers like that to a brother? Who?
  8. If everyone's heart can take this, this IG post actually says this: cassandra_rmsafor clarification: the part missed in previous media video is JH saying "JK oppa now have So Young ssi". After Haha ask JK JH kiss. So Young was mentioned in previous question, asking JK did he contact with So Young. He said he did, and actually want have a dinner with her but they are too busy so cant make it. Then LKS teased him saying thats why you keep using your phone. .
  9. Pardon me that I dont know how to post, but someone on Baidu just posted an even much closer photo of the whispering where seriously JH's lips is practically on JK's ears and all I can think is ...............what in the world are they whispering about????????????? I actually was abit surprised by how slowly JK took to react to JH's hand on his. He reacted very late in then patting her hand back. I was befuddled for awhile
  10. Yes, JK has slowed down considerably. In the earlier episodes, he was really running and scrambling like nobody's business. I have heard about him on Dream Team but has never managed to get complete episodes of that. But I think coupled with his litany of injuries, it is only natural that his body didnt allow him to run as fast as he used to. I remember the Lee Sun Kyun ep you talked about, that was SJK's last ep and I rewatched it recently. Even the way he fought past a LKS-Yong Hwa siege in HK was all sorts of awesome. Ironically enough, I dont think (or at least I cannot remember offhand) we have ever had any epic JK-Gary showdowns on RM, which is one of the sore points for me.
  11. I heart this comment so much. I havent watched too many episodes post-Gary, but I know what I'll greatly miss is Gary always being a wonderful backup to JK in athletic, physical games. It was a no brainer when they need say 3 players for physicality, that it'd be JK, Gary and either of YJS or LKS depending on the game itself. But JK and Gary were always no brainers. One ep stands out in particular for me - the 2PM and 2NE1 ep where JK and Gary both led the 2NE1 team while the other two teams were mostly men. And the two of them played so hard in name tag ripping it was fascinating to see, When both gave it their all, they're a sight to behold. And both JK and Gary had different strengths - JK went more on brute while Gary was really agile. So they really bring contrasting styles that both worked. LKS because of his character would be close to impossible for him to fulfill this athletic role - though given RM's change in direction, I dont know how much they really require strong athletic members
  12. Good to know things are still going well with MBC. I havent kept track of his reunited Turbo activities but I heard that when he was promoting Men Are All Like That, MBC didnt really allow him on their music shows to promote because he at that time had shows going on at SBS and KBS (Escape Crisis). I could be wrong though - its been years and I'm basing on memory here
  13. I agree with you that they are both too kind for their own good. I really wonder how JK manages to survive so long in the industry being so loyal to everyone. He really doesnt believe that people would let him down. The infamous story of his ex GF with the backup dancer, anyone? I do agree that SA would not have gone back unless they felt that they were righted, and we can tell by Tiny's tweet of "We win!". I do think this may show that the new PD does defer abit to JK which I think is a good thing after all the severe lack of parity we have seen in terms of screentime and all. I hope they will continue to seek his opinions and make him (and JH) feel wanted. I cannot imagine how awful it would be if they're still constantly ignored and shafted for the Yoo-Lee tandem. I have also always said that JH and JK cannot afford to completely antagonise SBS, so I agree with you. As much as people say for them to boycott SBS, it is but one of the 3 main free to air stations, and for a celebrity to survive, JK and JH needs SBS. JK cannot depend on KBS alone (not sure if relations with MBC have been mended). And while JH has quite a number of shows, her last three dramas and her current variety show have all been on cable, RM remains her one and only show on free to air channel. Both JK and Jh need SBS - or at least they cannot afford to completely cut ties with SBS; not now, not in the near future, not ever. This is reality and this is life. Which is why the saying of not burning your bridges really hold true.
  14. Cannot really type a very long reply now but this JK is really too loyal for his own good. No wonder JH said that's his best trait. To forgive sbs and then convince the other members to continue on when he (and JH) were ironically the ones who have been hurt the worst? Takes a saint to do that. I'd never be able to. And why do I feel that the one he had to do most convincing to would be JH? But I'm sure also that JH would pretty much follow his decision. If he got JH onboard, that'd mean the two who were hurt most would be willing to continue and then they in turn can then convince the other members who would then be more willing to go along with what they decided since they were going to live and go as a team of six.
  15. This is the reason why I'm not really a fan of such "best of best" episodes - they may claim they want to see who's the best, but we all know that the truth is JK is always hampered - either with powers so lame you cannot imagine or everyone gangs up on him. And I think he himself knows it and doesnt hope for much. Even in eps where they have to vote for people, he always complains he's always the target - and he's always right. And what kind of best of best are you having if you're clearly handicapping one particular member? SBS would probablylikely pat themselves on the back instead for thinking of such a brilliant idea of blind date that resulted in the 8% - ie their credit, not JK's.