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  1. SPARTACE COUPLE KimJongkook-SongJiHyo

    Ah yes, so specifically saying 'when I was studying in LA" seems very specific and gives credence to the statement. And we all know LA.................is totally a possible location for them. Any idea if there were replies to this person's post? The trips that JH made to the US thereafter were quite specifically for work and she didnt have periods of disappearance, unlike this 2015 trip. If I remember correctly, none of JK nor JH were also seen at the airport during their return. However, I've heard of this Santa Barbara hoodie thing, but UCSB is some 4 hours (or more) away from LA by car. It just seems a bit far away for them to go to.
  2. SPARTACE COUPLE KimJongkook-SongJiHyo

    credit as above So JK has denied that he has a US girlfriend, and vehemently denies having a US girlfriend. But why is he not vehemently denying that e has a Korean girlfriend?
  3. SPARTACE COUPLE KimJongkook-SongJiHyo

    Its not just that he turned red so fast. He started his "blink very hard" habit, which only happens when he gets all nervous. Like @athoughtcloud1 i was not expecting JH to be the one to name JK. What was she getting at! He'd better be very careful in March/April man, marry her or there'll be a price to pay behind that smile of hers! Unless we missed something huge, again, there has been no denial. I think the ship is sailing along very smoothly. There wasnt any of his usual "ani, ani" hand waving reaction, she pointed him out directly HERSELF, he just smiles and turns red. I still do not think SA will actually admit on RM itself, or turn themselves into a loveline (because seriously who wants that). But turning the tide and getting people receptive to the idea (instead of having fans behave like their admittance is a huge bombshell dropped on them) would be the best thing to do.
  4. SPARTACE COUPLE KimJongkook-SongJiHyo

    translated from Baidu: So the fortune teller says that JH has chances of a relationship in March-April. Then JH herself (!!) asks about her with JK this year. The fortune teller replies to say 85-95 points. Then JK said he should be careful in March-April then Dont know if this screenshot has any link, just found it adorable credit as below
  5. SPARTACE COUPLE KimJongkook-SongJiHyo

    Zoom in of this from Baidu
  6. SPARTACE COUPLE KimJongkook-SongJiHyo

    I take it more that other than having to be concerned about the livelihood of other people around him, JK has repeatedly said so many times (the one rare time he's actually very consistent about his answers when it comes to relationship questions) that he will not admit or announce anything until when he is getting married. By then, I take it to mean that he'll only ever announce when its a short few months to the wedding. So until that time comes, he's just going to flat out deny anything. So we may not get an answer until we're a few months left. This also seems to be the way most non-idol artistes handle their wedding announcements. While I also wish so hard for them to just admit so people can stop speculating, this is his way. I also chuckled when I read your other post about Jk continually digging his own hole when it comes to his very weak excuses. I'm watching in amusement as the hole gets deeper. For someone who is quite afraid of bad press, denying if if there really is nothing going on would have been the easiest way because JK of all people should know the repercussions of having a dating scandal plague himself for years. But really, three perfect opportunities presenting themselves to deny recently (twice by JK, once by JH) and none were used. A fourth's coming up this week, let's see what happens.
  7. SPARTACE COUPLE KimJongkook-SongJiHyo

    Another translation just came in and it basically solidified what we think: He does not want to be another loveline ala MC and finds that embarrassing if he and JH are to be in one because they've known each other for so long and because JH was part of MC. So, he really has not denied anything. I think we've all heard the urban legend that JK was the first choice to do MC on RM but he denied one having just stepped out of X Man and FO with all his lovelines. We know what happened thereafter. So why would JK want to suddenly pick up a loveline now? And honestly, yes, it would be VERY awkward for him to JH to suddenly be in a variety loveline now because.............they wouldnt know how to react to a lot of situations. It'd be all sorts of awkwardness
  8. SPARTACE COUPLE KimJongkook-SongJiHyo

    So basically what I take from this is: - He didnt deny again. Even with another perfect chance - He used the boring old family excuse when he just told Haha recently that Haha's not really family with JH - I take the embarrassement thing as him not wanting it to be a "thing" on the show because he used MC as an example (which we all know is clearly fake by now). So as per what I'd always expected, I would not ever expect them to come clean and admit on RM, or at least during an episode of RM. I think a poster said above it could come through a prearranged deal with Dispatch, and I actually agree with that. I see that as a very high possibility
  9. SPARTACE COUPLE KimJongkook-SongJiHyo

    Trying to catch up proper after what has been an extremely busy day for me: - I may be absolutely wrong on this, but based on my hazy memory, this is not the first year JK and JH have been sitting at what is essentially the corner seats at the SBS awards. I wouldn't worry too much about the cropped photo, because YJS' seat tag was also cropped out - Some people were also upset that the seats seemed prearranged, which meant it wasnt out of SA's free will (in a sense) that they sat together. But right after that, we got the now deleted video from the gathering where indeed SA was still sitting together, and I'm very sure this time there was no prearranged seats. And from the stills, they were sitting a wee bit toooo close together again - I have seen some comments (not so much here but more on Baidu) that there were a few worried fans after yesterday's Awards show because of the small amount of SA interaction and that they seemed to be avoiding each other. I saw a fancam after the awards where both SA walked past each other once without acknowledging each other and that seemed to get some fans concerned. But I agree with another poster above who mentioned that this must have been a bittersweet event for SA. Last year was absolutely painful. I rewatched the video recently of JK standing by the pillar and not going up last year, JH standing by him, and the utterly confused YJS, Haha and LKS who looked like they didnt know how to react when they realised SA werent going into the lift. The video was painful. To come back this year, attempting to pretend that all is well, is something difficult to do. To join in the celebration of a programme which attempted to kick you out unceremoniously - I dont think no one ever knows how to react. So my point is that I dont blame anyone, especially SA, if their reactions yesterday seemed abit out of the norm - While I was abit surprised at Kwangmin winning Best Couple when MC famously never ever managed so, I dont actually want SA to ever win it. I do not want people to treat them like a fake loveline that is produced for variety's sake, and winning the Best Couple award would sort of solidify that. - The marriage forecast again with odds now risen to 95% from 90%. We will see whether it was just clickbait from SBS - I'm very wary now after the nonsense stunt they pulled last week about an SA denial that never happened. But if this is the prelude to real good news in 2018, I'd gladly take it with open arms. Just dont give me another JK blind date special 2 weeks after a marriage forecast again, please.
  10. SPARTACE COUPLE KimJongkook-SongJiHyo

    A fan who purportedly was there live at the SBS awards yesterday, said on Baidu: "Actually.......yesterday........JK and JH kept chatting. Maybe it wasnt clear on TV but we saw it with our eyes live" "Yesterday JK still went to help JH with the foam bubbles that landed on her hair, he did it for very long. No matter what their relationship is, there is no need to be coy, they are still very close"
  11. SPARTACE COUPLE KimJongkook-SongJiHyo

    And yet, time and again, their agencies never ever step up to clarify. Usually the modus operandi goes like this: the agency will claim they are checking with the artistes in question, and then either deny or confirm after checking. But has it been that no one has ever approached SA's agencies for answers, or the agencies have just not said anything? Really, the latest episode of RM was the best chance for both of them to deny upfront if they really are not dating, but none of them used the chance to do so. JK kept silent until it was "safe" and he threw JSJ's joke back at him. Isnt this so unlike him? If he didnt want to be embroiled in another scandal, he'd have reacted in a much stronger way
  12. SPARTACE COUPLE KimJongkook-SongJiHyo

    While I remember that Hyuk went for the Jackal premier in 2012, I always feel it is way too early into the conventional SA timeline that most people work on, for it to be that Hyuk went to help cover Jk who wanted to be there for his GF. I think it could more be that Hyuk simply went to help accompany JK to something he didnt want to go alone (but then again, LKS was there also). Since then and up until this year, SA have both done a very good job of avoiding being seen as supporting each other right until this year where we suddenly got an avalanche (Turbo concert and video, restaurant opening etc)
  13. SPARTACE COUPLE KimJongkook-SongJiHyo

    I just watched that episode of Dragon Brothers Club today. Hyuk did say he hadnt met JH before, I dont think he even phrased it as not having met JH during MAMA only. And we all know he definitely has met JH before. Who knows what he really meant. He could have been trying to avoid being seen as having met JH in other situations before. But it would not surprise me if he's never met JH in the context of JK's +1. I remember on the first episode of Dragon Brothers, the men all seemed unfamiliar with each other's wives, with one of them remarking that they'd only seen HKM's wife during the wedding before. So it wouldnt surprise me if their gatherings are really the kind where you do not bring the wives and children along. What struck me was how many times Hyuk claimed that JH's comment about him sleeping in the corridor was random. I dont know if that was a last ditch attempt to salvage his image (and not be seen as this drunkard) or he really found it random that JH would remark this to JK 3 years later (JK commented that JH told him last year, which would be 3 years after the said event) On the topic of the episode, I found HKM's comment about JK moving out very telling. The ladies were advising JK that moving out would spur him to realise that he needs to find someone and get married, since his mother wouldnt be there to do stuff for him. JK agreed and said he's thinking of moving out next year. Then HKM did a very long pause when JK said this, before deciding to continue with his comment that someone would visit often and JK would have to cook ramyeon. It was almost as if HKM was debating within himself whether to continue talking, which would have made it quite obvious that there is someone in JK's life, but he eventually did so anyway. I just feel that if HKM simply wanted to agree with the ladies' comment, he wouldnt have phrased his remark so specifically, that someone is waiting to visit and that someone loves ramyeon.
  14. SPARTACE COUPLE KimJongkook-SongJiHyo

    I agree, he definitely heard her. And yet he did not answer (either admit or deny) but JSJ sure swooped in fast enough to divert the topic slightly by betting his fortune. It saved JK from giving a proper answer (which I dont think he wanted to anyway) and gave us any hilarious moment about his fortune. In any case, I actually think this moment had the unintended effect from what SBS wanted. If what SBS wanted to achieve through the news article release was to allow people to believe SA are not together (with the editor especially chiming in to claim that both SA denied a romance, which isnt true), it sure had the opposite effect. In fact, I'm somewhat emboldened from the fact that SA, especially JK didnt deny or confirm anything. JH had a great chance to outright say no when Haha raised that comment about SNS but she didnt. Instead, she threw that question at JK. JK then had a perfect chance to say No" when JH asked if they are getting married, but again, he chose to keep quiet. Two golden chances for SA to freely admit they werent dating, but SA didnt use any of these opportunities. Not even a shake of the head or aniya, aniya, or even the classic "we are just family".
  15. SPARTACE COUPLE KimJongkook-SongJiHyo

    There was no denial. A translation of the convo from Baidu: Haha: SA is a hot topic on SNS nowadays JH: About me and oppa being married. We got a shock when we saw it JK: Got a shock JSJ: I bet my entire fortune they are not together (SA both laugh at this) Haha: Take all his fortune over, how about it. YJS agreed JK: His fortune isnt much anyway YJS: If taken away, JSJ's wife would have to walk barefooted