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  1. okay i know i'm not the only one who pay close attention to the reflection of the glass, harry's eyes and the floor... seems like someone feeling lonely?
  2. you are so sweet!! i hope we can at least get a photo of him in the airport going back to SK.. well if he is still not return
  3. awhh my shipper heart always feel at ease reading your comment....
  4. thats so immature!! but what vespa has to do with that? he is just another friend.. hmmm so complicated
  5. i will stick to the precious ring given by her mother
  6. in her recent ig photo, is the tree worth analyzing?
  7. but it doesnt like she's promoting the ring... so its not from KRW but someone else...
  8. hahahaha did she wear the same ring before doctors too?
  9. so, possibly it was given by someone special... for example, her mother...
  10. it's good to get a recognition from her sunbae! really cant wait to see her in more mature roles!!
  11. hahaha imagine KRW watching his scene... with everyone else in that theatre...
  12. hahahahah i dont think she watched it... she closed her eyes at some point right? well, it was in the past... like soo young said, he eventually can understand because he's also an actor... salute to those who married an actor/actress especially if they are not from that industry at all...
  13. this is out of topic but i watched happy together where soo young told about his wife. they are 8 years apart. when he had to do kiss scene/bed scene when they were still dating, she said she wouldnt watch it. so when she had to do the same, he watched it and felt upset lol. he tried not to get offended because at some point she also needs to understand him but he still felt awful and surprised. so when they get married, he had a kiss scene again and they watched it together at home because he needs to monitor his acting as well. when they watched the scene, she complimented him happily and it made him scared at a moment hahahaha... i somehow imagined this happening to our KRW and PSH...
  14. i wished her too! hahah. i think she usually read all the comments especially those in Kr.. there are very few so it's easier to notice..