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  1. have a great day @maria1983 what a lovely picture to start your day with!
  2. i believe SK fans will still watch it despite the female lead... i hope he will appear so dashing in his suit so fans would find him irresistible
  3. or he died in the end.. after all the sacrifices
  4. if his face is covered, i will suffer so much.. whose face should i watch then...
  5. be strong... the journey is about to begin...
  6. i will respect his decision i will watch it even if both of them accept the role. i just hope the ratings will be good and i wont have to suffer watching her. i'm not hating her at all. i'm just against her acting skill since i've watched her before
  7. well said he deserves a better partner if not a better drama.. i silently hope he will decline the offer
  8. hahhaha no!!! i've read bad reviews from other people too... that's why i'm worried... the plot sounds cliche.. i hope he chooses a better offer.. okay, even if he really wants to do it, i hope he gets a better partner!
  9. The writer is good? I have never seen her dramas but some say she isnt that good...