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  1. you know better!! hahahha what do you want me to say? the worst is good....
  2. my smile worth a thousand words...
  3. is it because of the nudity scenes or the plot? i heard about it but havent had a time to read everything...
  4. her hairstyle and her not-so-feminine outfit reminds me of that young Hye Jung yea hahaha i hope PSH will be fine after watching this...
  5. awhh i think i know what kinda movie is this...
  6. new hairstyle? hahaha so cute this girl. i want to pinch her cheek!! who stars in that movie?
  7. hahahha i think it's overdone... it's too real to be true..
  8. no. it's just a feast to my eyes somehow i'm looking forward to their episode 12 and 18
  9. hahaha sorry but i why that guy looks hot in that scene...
  10. sorry off topic. i cant understand why MBC has to do . this... dating isnt a crime!