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  1. hahahaha.. different pics of different fans but some of the pics were uploaded few days ago..
  2. i'm still thinking of the way to make him like my picture
  3. it seems like he like a random pictures because they arent the recently uploaded.. or maybe he's stalking
  4. waaa he really loves to like his fans IG... i'm so touched at how he appreciates his fans... wondering what is he doing at this hour... still not asleep yet oppa?
  5. it's either she bought couple sweatshirts or she wear it first then give it to him
  6. really? never heard of that before... she must be happy to be part of his project!
  7. with eng sub miss her so muchhh...!
  8. just like that... i dont mean anything pervy hahhaha
  9. KRW should patent his smile too...
  10. hahahah try put on the white dress too..
  11. you can try... his fans are competing to get a like from him hahahah... since you dont want to sing why not play this, oppa..
  12. Emma that's her cousin... hahahha i love what she wrote here: The 25-year-old Ordinary Raewon Is even more humorous than Kyung Min of 'Attic Cat', More talented than Sang Min of 'My Little Bride', More thoughtful than Byung Soo of 'Say You Love Me', More confident than Hyun Woo of 'Love Story in Harvard', Just more tender and loving Just incredibly perfect Like the main lead in romantic novels Making people feel he's not very real, A charismatic guy (Can't be true? But it is.)