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  1. hahaha looks the same right? thank you kids for shattering my dream hahaha
  2. Daum and Nate are korean websites?
  3. I wonder if KRW really doesnt know who sent him those Ts
  4. finally!!
  5. now that you mentioned about it, i just realized that he always talks about love only when it has ended... anyway, @maria1983 do you still remember what happened when netizens found out his first love? was he being questioned again afterwards?
  6. i dont think he really trying hard to hide his previous relationships. maybe media and fans just didnt pay much attentiion to his private life yes and it seems like he was quite open about dating that lady maybe because she is a non-celebrity... but, if he dates a hallyu star, he probably wants to be more careful
  7. hahahaha of course!! i'm willing to do anything for the sake of his happiness
  8. of course!!! it's sweet isn't it?
  9. yeah no worries really. i just hope he gets married... this man shouldnt stay single for the rest of his life!!
  10. i'm somewhat agree with your statement here... hopefully, we're not deluluing too much i didnt say anything that leads to pervy path.. it's maria's mind that has been corrupted with pervy thoughts!! she can if she wants if she doesnt want, i can include him in my life plan too hahahah