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  1. I think I'm one of the few impatient ones who want the egg to crack and the dragon to come out and unleash chaos on to the story!
  2. Now I'm wondering if KiSan was transfered to the baby they found at that Nabi hospital! Coz Youjin keep dreaming about it!
  3. Looks like Ki Yoojin is the only conduit that can only do the transference of the soul with the defibrillator!
  4. I'm smiling like a fool today but I don't care but also sad that it's over!!!!
  5. Now sleeping on a couch at his apartment! Why is Wooyoung waking him up? He looks handsome sleeping too!! ------------------------ I'm worried for Sooah today which I have never been! This actor who looks like a boy is really good I think. He is scaring me!
  6. He is still sleeping on a bus too maybe this time it was real life sleeping
  7. Mirae appa tells DKS that they have CCTV in the house!! LOL ROLF
  8. I need that happy version Something In Your Eyes full version!!!!!
  9. Wow! I nearly forgot that I had to watch live today. Thank god I cancelled my coffee date! LOL!
  10. I thought Mirae was going to kiss him accidentally in this scene, lol.
  11. Will the kiss be trending tonight as CEW first kiss! I hope it's a positive reaction