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  1. I'm smiling like a fool today but I don't care but also sad that it's over!!!!
  2. Now sleeping on a couch at his apartment! Why is Wooyoung waking him up? He looks handsome sleeping too!! ------------------------ I'm worried for Sooah today which I have never been! This actor who looks like a boy is really good I think. He is scaring me!
  3. He is still sleeping on a bus too maybe this time it was real life sleeping
  4. Mirae appa tells DKS that they have CCTV in the house!! LOL ROLF
  5. I need that happy version Something In Your Eyes full version!!!!!
  6. Wow! I nearly forgot that I had to watch live today. Thank god I cancelled my coffee date! LOL!
  7. I thought Mirae was going to kiss him accidentally in this scene, lol.
  8. Will the kiss be trending tonight as CEW first kiss! I hope it's a positive reaction
  9. No bus to go back.....so are we going to get kiss scene after Mirae take DKS to her home!!!! But it's almost time up for tonight!!!!