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  1. https://twitter.com/jtbclove/status/1085555320066199553 The production crew was doing their best to prevent any unfavorable situation such as content leakage as the topic and interest about drama is getting bigger. Nevertheless, I have confirmed that this week's screenplay has been leaked, and I am sorry to hear from viewers https://twitter.com/jtbclove/status/1085800343009542145 and I google translated it The crew of 'SKY Castle' officially commits an investigation for illegal distribution of scripts. Despite the strong warning against illegal distribution of scripts to protect the rights of viewers, scripts are still circulating online.
  2. Is grandma the culprit? I've been having this thought for days but too afraid to post it here. Coz I thought it was too wild and finally I'm loosing it. Would a grandma hate her grand child , but than I remembered there is also Flowers in the Attic by V.C. Andrews which depicts a cruel grandma!
  3. Dang it! Parents still want Coach Kims to coordinate their kids studies!! But one thing is for sure Kim Seo hyung has become popular it seems and I love it! There are so many references to her character in tv shows too! https://twitter.com/iccairus/status/1085035690411216896 Now I wish this actress to play a bad 'richard simmons' cop in another drama as the lead!!! It's just a simple wish. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Also something to read about the writer https://pannative.blogspot.com/2019/01/the-previous-works-that-were-done-by.html
  4. The Butler did it! Anyways I was hoping the evidence in the trash lorry will fall onto the side of the road coz of a bumper! It looked a bit unsteady they way SJ put it on. It's a serious crime to tamper with evidence and i hope they arrest her for this crime. I'm really worried what will happen to Woojoo now. I don't feel he will come out unscathed before the drama is over.
  5. I understand your point of view but I was leaning more on the hopes of a season 2. I know we still need to finish watching this season but I want this writer to succeed so that a season 2 may happen. Anyways I'm excited to watch tonight episode and how much arm wrestling goes between Hyena and SJ.
  6. Maybe it will be an open ending whereby some of the kids will try to break the vicious cycle after they go into each of their fields and some will end up disliking the field of work they have chosen. But that means a season 2. If that happens now the writer can focus on all the vicious and toxic office culture.
  7. Suddenly why am I noticing all these snow white/Cinderella references. The apple left on the desk. Hyena almost being abondoned in the lonely woods by "step mom". The two step sisters and the way step mom has treated Hyena and the way the two fought each other reminds me of Cinderella. Unfortunately the god mother is very evil and has her own agenda!
  8. @stroppyseThanks for this information! So now I think I will watch the last two episodes together. Episode 15 looked liked a lot of exposition on why and how they came to be the way they are!
  9. Did Geum ask the master to punish him again. I saw him bend the knee to the master of the north star. I need to go watch with subs. He should have been the antagonist in the first episode itself!! I mean Master of the North Star. EDIT: I feel Geum is the actual fairy coz he is too pure and so good hearted! LOL
  10. I tried searching with the term " 계룡선녀전 " in google and eventually that's where it took me.
  11. I tried stream but link did not work! Now will have to wait until it uploads. Did the Fairy fly away?