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  1. pandalover1

    [Upcoming Movie 2019] No Hurt, 해치지 않아

    Chairs of No Hurt Casts in order from left to right. Ahn Jae Hong, Kim Sung Oh, Park Young Kyu, Jeon Young Bin, Kang Sora.
  2. Sora as Kim Hyung Shin a Freedom Fighter Super excited her role looks so cool! link: http://pandalovestorave.blogspot.com/2019/01/gifset-1st-trailer-bicycle-king-uhm-bok.html
  3. GIFSET FROM THE FIRST TRAILER link: http://pandalovestorave.blogspot.com/2019/01/gifset-1st-trailer-bicycle-king-uhm-bok.html
  4. pandalover1

    [Upcoming Movie 2019] No Hurt, 해치지 않아

    Had to delete photos of filming set in busan. I made a similar post on Twitter and movie production team has requested for it to be removed. Thanks.
  5. pandalover1

    [Upcoming Movie 2019] No Hurt, 해치지 않아

    Jang Seung Jo joins the cast of No Hurt http://www.sporbiz.co.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=282042
  6. Kinda figured it's a good to go from him when his agency official account hash tagged Gyeryong as well as Sora name in their latest update.
  7. It's pretty confusing especially when i don't really know the language well. But i roughly know what's what. First of all, so this is basically the intro of the characters in the webtoon and Basically Kim Geum is a Post Graduate Student(Biology or something in relation). I'll put a spoiler tag just incase And the original webtoon page just recently posted a complete review of the webtoon after it ended. Here's the link if you guys would wanna check it out, unfortunately it's all in korean (Pretty Please Sweet Soul Out There to Help Out with the trans) http://comic.naver.com/webtoon/detail.nhn?titleId=693431&no=55 @RPM there's actually more to kim geum character. Mostly about his past. Actually this webtoon is mostly about the past life.. Hahahaha..
  8. Thanks for the heads up @allmylife00 I'm guessing there's a clear reason why he dropped out from life on mars. Gyeryong fairy practically a new role as well as a new opportunity for him. In the past he's been doing high school uniform roles as well as criminal related roles. As for life of Mars(since it's a criminal drama, I'm assuming his role could be similar as well)
  9. Hahahahaha! I don't know if theyre really gonna use a real tiger or make an animated one.. Guessing it would be CGs. Cute. Sun Ok Nam's daughter. Hahahaha!
  10. I think you might get surprise with this one. Webtoon doesn't really focus so much on the triangle loveline tbh, it's rather like on discovering their past lives.
  11. Yes the leads are confirmed and it's going to be 100% pre-produced. As for airing date and broadcast station is yet to be confirm. They're probably going to start filming first and at the same time shop for a network. It was earlier reported that they were in talks with tvn but seems like they're opening their options with other channels. Since it is co produced by studio dragon , probably expect it to be on a cj ent owned broadcast network.
  12. @sky5joyous was it there before?? I thought drama naver works in a way that they'll only add after a confirmation is made .. So only If he release an official confirmation then they'll probably add him to the list. We'll have to wait for next week, plus we still have halmoni casting that's yet to be released!!! These are the important roles in the drama. Hahahaa @RPM @icemaidicemicema Naturally kim geum character in webtoon is written to make everyone flutter.. Hahaha no doubt if executed well, high chances of second lead syndrome from happening. Plus seo ji hoon in my own personal opinion has his own charms to make one flutter!