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  1. Translation: @cenching No wonder all the messages I sent requesting to be rescued got lost at sea. All the personal bodyguards, are all those close to YX and trusted. Lan City's attitude towards Hong Cuan's crisis was not to come to its assistance at all. How deeply subtle, what a profound scheme. What a frightening, careful plan! Advancing gradually at every step, making vicious moves. Whatever it is I can't imagine that this is the YX that I know. We had already agreed. Miss Yu, do you remember, when we first met what you said to me? I remember. I said I hope there will come a day Yanbei will no longer have orphans like you. Exactly. The moment we are victorious in war, Yanbei will no longer have orphans like me because Yanbei's people will all be dead!
  2. Many of us here have expressed a number of these sentiments at different times to varying degrees throughout the drama. So we do understand where you're coming from. My opinion, for whatever it's worth, is that YX, CQ and CE have a kind of fatal naivete that breeds obsession and recklessness. I think they're a bunch of kids trying to play with the adults without realising the full ramifications of what they're embarking on. CQ-XE, is probably beginning to which is why she feels obliged to hang around YX, keep his nose clean and essentially save him from himself. With every passing episode I become more convinced that YX and CE are both unleashing one very long extended temper tantrum. I don't see how they can prosecute their need to go to war as anything more than a way to deal with hurt feelings. I also found the monologue by YX was quite bizarre. He was sitting staring grimly at his armour, internalizing some apparently carefully considered self-justification about going to war. It sounded like he was a lonely kid disappointed that no one at kindy wanted to play with him and for some odd reason, didn't exactly know why despite rampaging through the building blocks and breaking other people's toys. Was Yanbei as idyllic as he thought? It could be a case of selective memory. He was very young when he left, not necessarily acquainted with all the political behind the scenes maneuvering that Dad had to do keep the Wei king happy in his throne. For a guy who was quite adept at getting rid of Vampire Guy, ZXF and Wei Guang via the political process, he's really bad at using politics to deal with his own people. Why he should even expect better of the people of Yanbei who barely know him, and see him as a political hot potato... is the oddest thing of all.
  3. What the heck does CE think she's doing? 150 000 men? And leave your front door open so that you can have your revenge? Is there some kind of revenge epidemic going on? I hate to use the word "amateur" here because the origins of the word are so good... "for the love of something". She's in over her head and out of her league. This has gone beyond stupidity... it's sheer madness. The lunatics have well and truly taken over the asylum. I was reading on the weekend that the art of warfare and philosophy flourished during the Warring States period, Sun Zi obviously being the most noteworthy example and it's disheartening to see these second-rate wannabes running around thinking the world is theirs. The kiss was lovely although LGX is far from being my favourite in that department but it's a good reflection of YWY's desperation that he would go to that extent to be vulnerable in front of her and show her his heart. Poor guy... he was so disappointed... (but I'm glad she stuck around long enough to tell him why she was leaving). Very interesting that they used YX's track during the lip action. Was it because he was backhandedly rejected? Not sure what that was about. I like that song a lot though. "Aside from expressing your position, is there nothing else you'd like to say to me?" "Between the two of us, what else can we say?" "I suppose. Everything's been wishful thinking on my part." "YWY, you should understand, it hasn't been easy for YX and I to get to this point. I'm extremely wilful and reckless. Many thanks for saving me on many occasions. I'm sorry, I have to leave. YX is by himself in Yanbei (technically no he's not) The kinds of situations and circumstances that he's facing, who he's meeting, regarding all such matters, I have no idea. I'm worried about him. Of course I'd also like to comfort him. I think, he needs me too." Look I get it. She feels that she started this journey with YX and wants to see it through. I understand that and the loyalty combined with determination that drives that is admirable. I suppose they do have a relationship that was born out of pain and necessity so she does feel a kind of responsibility. I'm not for forcing things either especially if she's genuinely worried about YX. But her language is interesting... it is a relationship based on his need of her. Implicit in her comment... and YWY did catch on as well... is that YWY doesn't need her as much her perception that YX needs her. My understanding is that it's all about survival... life and death... It is something she has to play out to her own satisfaction. The kiss is an interesting response. Clearly YWY is saying that there are "needs" and there are "needs". He's not the complete iceberg that everyone thinks she is. He is a man too and it wasn't all flirtation and mind games at the spa. I take it that the fact she didn't push him away or punch him in response meant that she didn't find the kiss unwelcomed especially he did more than lip lock her. Wow... that sequence lasted over half a minute and almost 50 seconds. (Yes, I looked at the timer) Not bad. He really does have "needs". Well, I'm glad that he kind of has his own harem now. I include the Liang princess in that. A guy like him should be loved and admired even if his heart lies elsewhere. If he were a lot closer by, I'd give him a hug myself because after having his heart torn to shreds, he really, really needs one. LOL. No... not at all. I'm only a student of history that's all. Besides I'm more of a writer than a speaker. Appreciate the sentiment though. @ces8 -- Thanks dear.
  4. There is always something highly attractive about a man who has fallen in love and how that drives him to act in ways that seem foolhardy to others. But I still think that YWY’s journey began quite a while ago when he himself acknowledged that he had started to rethink about the kind of life he wanted to lead and the kind of world he wanted to live in. To say that CQ had a powerful influence on him would be stating the obvious but the 3 years he spent believing that she was dead and seeing the repercussions of relentless warfare on the civilians must have readjusted his priorities. The YWY that I see in these episodes is about protecting. However, I also believe the seeds of those were planted in his mind long before X’er entered the picture. I keep going back to what he said about his parents… his mother in particular who was left to fend for herself while his father went off to achieve great things for country while bringing acclaim to himself. The thinking man that he is wonders if a husband is worth his salt if he can’t be there for his family. Honour and glory only goes so far if there’s no one to share it with. The Great General himself is no less intelligent, I don’t think. He realises that eventually the leadership in Wei will need to be replaced because the man who sits on that throne is a fatuous creature. He knows sooner or later that war will come and so politically it is expedient to distance himself from the regime. Executing the Marquise was a very divisive decision. Everyone knew in their heart of hearts that he was loyal to the king. There’s an assumption that everyone is labouring under that I’m not sure that I agree with and that is that CQ can act as a hand of restraint when YX unleashes his “cleansing” agenda on not only Yanbei but the rest of the world. She certainly believes that but I don’t share her optimism particularly because it is impossible to restrain someone who thinks that they have right on their side. I don’t disagree with YX that Wei and by extension Yanbei have become corrupt because of poor leadership since the death of the Marquis. The diagnosis is absolutely right but the remedy is problematic not just because it leads to widespread genocide but it begs the question as to what happens once the clean up ends. Will it ever end, that is my question. Will All of this assumes that people are fundamentally good so if we just get rid of the bad elements and hit the restart button, the world will be a better place. History will naturally right itself. Frankly that is naiveté of the worse kind. It’s the kind of idealism that gave us the Reign of Terror in France and all the horrors of 20th century totalitarian regimes. But YX is ideologically naive as I’ve always maintained. YX is so consumed by his present trajectory that he can’t see that the corrupting influence lives within him too. Whatever he has become, if we were to apply the same logic that he is, he would have to be killed too because of the “evil” that he has inflicted. Someone else might come along and think the very same thoughts and deal with him accordingly as long as there’s some kind of justification. I am really enjoying the jiang hu espionage angle which is the bit that I actually signed up for. It's wonderful to see YWY use his skills in a way that reflects his intelligence and experience but more than that to see him protect his people especially when contrasted with the awful Afterlife Camp leadership that not only poisons its people but gets them to compete in a dreadful dog eat dog kind of training session. Plus I enjoy the way he gives people options in a way that well... if they want to live...
  5. Analysis means I actually have to watch it. Sorry... I've been on the move all day with no access to Wi Fi. Oh my... twenty plus pages discussing the kiss that hasn't happened yet. What is the matter with you people? You should be on fifty pages already!
  6. Sob... YWY... called himself a fool when his beloved X'er runs away and leaves him a letter. A hopeless 无可救药 (incurable) fool. Really, I have never rooted for a fictional character so hard in my viewing life. I really hope he finds his happiness. This man needs to be framed and his blood bottled. Why in the world did we have to endure so many sad scenes in the middle bit when there's so many interesting jiang hu characters yet to be explored? That assassination group sounds intriguing.
  7. Why do you think I watch C dramas? It's the most fun way to keep my Mandarin up to date. It's so rusty that my brain squeaks every time I even attempt to use. it. But I notice too that Chinese in different parts of the world have their own slang/vocab which makes it challenging. You're very sweet. I'm glad I can be of service. But seriously I'm always surprised that people actually like reading my essays comments. @Chii90 I don't mind what you call me. But I am more of a 老师 than a 师父. @tashalynn You can watch God of War on Viki. I personally don't recommend it... it's not very good but if you have nothing better to do and you want to see LGX surrounded by his own harem, it might be your thing. ____________________ Got to head off. Probably won't be connecting in tomorrow sadly until much later. But I just wanted to say that seeing LGX/YWY with a bundled up child on his back reminds me of his Zhao Zilong in God of War in one of the handful of decent things about that drama, in which he rescues Liu Bei's infant son Ah Dou in the Battle of Changban.
  8. Of course he can. He notices everything. He sure loves getting a rise out of her as often as he can get it in. Who else would have the audacity? Anyway she definitely knew it was him... I think it's called "feigning indignance". I'm just the translator, dear. I have no control regarding where your mind goes but I respect your individual liberty to take it in whatever direction you wish. I'm sure you can work out the implications on your own.
  9. I don't know why C dramas constantly shoot themselves in the foot over pacing. They start off well enough generally and then somewhere in the middle they drag only to feel obliged later to rush through the climax and resolution. If there's so much material that they have to rush the ending, why bother dragging the middle? It's a perpetual head-scratcher for me. The show did pick up last week and last night's episodes were reasonably good except for some noticeably heavy handed editing. As far the OTP was concerned, it was a crowd pleaser. There was plenty of sugar and fan servicing to satisfy anyone who was suffering romance deprivation. I think the Yue guards were adorable in their response to their Young Master's nighttime antics. It was both funny and delightful that they were so concerned about his self-imposed celibacy that they were rooting for him to score big and find himself a nice girl to bring back to Qing Shan Yuan. They were so happy for him and impressed! I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed all the digs at YWY's expense regarding his lack of interest or success with the ladies. Even WSY had a go at him when he made the snide remark that he didn't think YWY was capable of showing genuine feelings for anyone apart from Xing'er. And with his usual impeccable timing YWY turned to look at X'er with a knowing smile. Incidentally YWY smiled/smirked so much in these last two episodes that I wondered if he had received a major brain transplant. Moreover he seemed to be more garrulous than usual. Maybe the kiss worked its magic or he felt a greater urgency than he'd ever done communicating his inner life. Although YWY is normally a man of few words, I always find that when he opens his mouth he always has something meaningful to say or if not, he can be surprisingly (or not) witty as seen in his rather flirtatious self. It was enlightening to hear that being stationed at the border, being involved in skirmishes changed his outlook on life and re-arranged his priorities. It made him value the life of others a lot more. The same thing also happened to Prince Xiang with whom he had served there. Both were in effect exiled there bearing the brunt for the defence of the state and they saw a lot of bloodshed and obviously had a gutful. But they both seem to learn that it was up to people like them to defend those who can't defend themselves. What do I think about the spa scene? Apart from being very chaotically beautiful to look at, there were multiple layers of things going on which worth noting. First of all it symbolized the push-pull in their relationship. CQ especially was attempting to conceal herself, to pull away from the scene while he was attempting to hold her back and make her "reveal" herself. Their sparring which began in the spa (no pun intended) graduated to the bed which saw linen, curtains and clothing scattered higgledy piggledy, finally falling on top of the couple at their most intimate and least antagonistic. Of course that doesn't last long, the entire room is in complete disarray from all the duelling... furniture broken and tables, vases violently shifted around. All of which encapsulates for me at least, their highly adversarial, sexually charged relationship. I agree with @USAFarmgirl when she noted that YWY and CQ's paths intersect often in unexpected ways but YWY is the one that's far more intentional in seeking her out. While he may have temporarily lost balance while heading on top of her, the lip locking doesn't appear to be accidental. I don't think he walked into that room and got into the spa without knowing that it was her prostrating on the floor impersonating the prostitute. His powers of observation as we see over and over again are second to none. Their adversarial relationship spills over into their banter and in their separate trajectories. However, what I'm also seeing is YWY making a concerted effort to find her. CQ was on her way to Yanbei but was waylaid and then sidetracked by the scholar. Because of that she fell into misadventures and her path led her unexpectedly to YWY. They meet on her detour and she is all ready to take off when she takes the poison dart and they take the slow caravan to Liang. CQ and YWY are supposed to be on opposite sides in this conflict and yet they keep bumping into each other with all these detours despite her best efforts. It could be that she isn't as ready to go to Yanbei as she thinks she is as she's too busy trying to help people along the way to get to her destination in a hurry. Or she may be discovering that the road to Yanbei might be the detour not the destination. A few people have said that perhaps that CQ should have remained with YX and that if she did, things would have turned out differently for YX or at least he wouldn't be conducting a killing spree. Perhaps. But maybe it's the other way around, being with YX was a means to an end. Like a hitchhiker who needs to get off at the right stop now that the destination is in sight. It feels to me that the man she thinks she needs to be with seems to be increasingly out of reach (for a whole myriad of reasons). But the one she's trying to avoid or fob off keeps popping up in unexpected ways to offer timely assistance. It isn't a case of who is better or who loves her more but who is on a similar trajectory that she's on. I'm not making any kind of moral judgement here about either men. Like he said, he wants to share in her dream... and whaddya know... he's actually putting his money where his mouth is. I have said this right from the start. It was never about who is the better man but about CQ's priorities. As long as there was common cause, the destination would be the same. When priorities change, it follows that a person's course will change also.
  10. Awwww... love YWY's conversation with CQ while breaking bread together. Such a rare thing to see them both talking to each rather than her pointing something sharp at his throat. She gently mocks the Young Master for eating bread and asks him how he's finding it. He says it's alright and she notes that when a person is hungry, anything will do. She then recounts her childhood eating whatever she can find. Then he says: "In Chang'an, young girls of your age group, their heads are full of cosmetics and their ideal man. In Qing Shan Yuan, even the maids dream of attaining the silver bell. You, on the other hand, are not like them." "You've only just realised that I'm not like them?" "If I were to say, that I would like to share in your dream, would you believe me?" "I don't know why you're saying these things to me. Share in my dream? You don't even know what my dream is." "I haven't been the man I was 3 years ago. In the past, the reputation of the Yuwen clan was my whole life. Out at the border for 3 years, I saw bloodshed and killing, life seemed worthless. I then understood your hatred of all that was unjust. Before leaving Chang'an, I persuaded my grandfather to release all the Yuwen household slaves. Do you know why I gave you the name, Xing'er? Because the first time I saw you, your eyes were brighter than the stars and constellations." (Melts into a puddle just about here) And he smiles... sigh... yes... he did like her from the beginning. "Didn't I tell you before, I'm not called Xing'er? My name is Chu Qiao." He continues smiling. "In my heart you're Xing'er." "My name is Chu Qiao." "Let's each use whatever name we want. I will call you Xing'er." "I'm Chu Qiao." Cute. Some light hearted bickering. When they ask the little girl what her name is she says she's Xing Xing... (Star) The Young Master gets stroppy... "Who says you're allowed to use this name?" Very cute. The Young Master is such a boy and romantic at heart. Very territorial. "This uncle is annoying. Don't worry about him. Look, at his black face, doesn't he look like the black-faced door god?" "A little better looking than the black-faced door god." Ha. Cute. The girls are ganging up on the Young Master. (The door god's pictures were often plastered on the front door of houses as a talisman in ancient China) Wow... if we thought that the spa flirting and the "I can't bear it if I can't protect you" confession was good... this level of honesty takes their relationship to a whole new level.
  11. The one thing that really struck me about Ep. 49 is the contrasting trajectories that YWY and Wei Shuye are on. When they're both eating and drinking at the banquet, the tension is palpable but beneath that superficial cordiality lay a definite clash of agendas that is at its core arguably about love. It's a sham banquet of course, a piece of theatre enacted in which both men throw down the gauntlet. Like wolves on opposite sides circling warily around each other. Each staking their claim, declaring their intentions. Clearly both are at their core driven by love for their women. YWY is there to protect XE and WSY is there on behalf of the princess to kill XE. Sadly love can be corrupted or at least a type of love can be susceptible to manipulation and lead the object astray. Once again it seems the whole world knows that YWY will do anything for that maid. I am almost intrigued by what the show does with how evil becomes evil. Few, if any, start off by saying, "I am determined to be evil. Hear me roar! Muhahahaha." It's never obvious from the start. It begins with the littlest things. It can even begin with "good" things, the best of intentions and then the corruption seeps in eating through the good intentions like rust and what's left is a hollow shell. From the King to YX, one can see this principle at work. With the King jealousy and paranoia crept into this soul and then it consumed him. With YX, the range and the need for revenge is gradually consuming him. I don't doubt that the chamber of commerce members were corrupt in their business dealings and needed to be dealt with. Of course he uses the age old principle of "cutting the grass through pulling them out by the roots" by not only dealing with these men but their families also and in so doing dehumanizes himself just that little bit more. On a more humourous level, I like how his transformation into a Sith Lord is being documented with the help of his hoodie.
  12. Baby steps dear... baby steps... The Ice Man is flirting and spicing up his bickering with sexual innuendo. A momentous occasion that needs to be celebrated on its own merits. It's a far cry from their usual thing of sticking swords and daggers at each other. A small step for romance, a giant step for this man. @ces8 Yes, he's a bit of a dark horse, our Young Master Yue.
  13. Technically he has... hence the conversation.
  14. That conversation in the spa after their little bed frolick is so funny. Oh my, Master Yue is flirting big time. Translation: "So you're a man after all. Why did I hear the Yue guards say that you are free from human desires and passions (Buddhist idea: the six roots of sensation -- eye, ear, nose, tongue, body and mind) soon to be achieving monkhood? "If you're going to use talk to arouse me, I will let you see if I'm free from human desires and passions." "Rogue/Scoundrel/Reprobate (An indecent male)" (I am partial to "reprobate") Phew... the sexual overtones of that conversation. Oh my! Edited: Changed her original sentence into a question to make it reflect more closely to how she said it.
  15. I am so tempted to stay up for tonight's episodes which looks to be chock full of good stuff but I probably shouldn't when I'm supposed to be mega busy right now. The last thing I should be doing is wrecking my sleep for a drama just before a major event. @mimimi26 You're always full of goodies dear.