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  1. [Mainland Chinese Drama 2017] Princess Agents 特工皇妃楚乔传

    Apologies for the late update on In-Laws and Outlaws but Part 10 is up, if you haven't already received a notice from FF.net informing you of that. Hope it clears up a few things from the last chapter.
  2. [Current Mainland Chinese Drama 2017] Lost Love in Times 醉玲珑

    I'll do what I can dear. And thank you for all your efforts too. Translating is so time consuming. But as you can tell, my skills (and time) are very limited too.
  3. [Mainland Chinese Drama 2017] Princess Agents 特工皇妃楚乔传

    I don't think we should hold our breath for any sequel that's for certain. They really mucked up this one big time. Despite watching a better constructed and better executed drama right now, I still love PA so much. It was XingYue, wasn't it.. that made it so addictive... waiting and longing for them to finally get together. And Yuwen Yue... I adore him so much and yet he was so under utilized in the drama. I really miss our little chats.
  4. [Current Mainland Chinese Drama 2017] Lost Love in Times 醉玲珑

    The audio in this is a bit dodgy (seems to be looping but not getting to the end) but at least we have the subtitles to help us out. @thephamle In short, YL finds out that Bad Dad isn't his birth Dad. Bad Dad's been mean to YL (cast aside father-son affection). Apparently he hears about his birth from Bad Mum. Elder Tao has already told him about him and CQ being dual stars and entrusts him with the doings of the Mages. Yeah, CQ has a vision of No. 11 sustaining injuries so she wonders if YL has decided to go to war with Liang. (I'm hoping that No.11 gets his happily-ever-after eventually) Edited to add: YL also tells her that since Heaven has decreed that they be dual stars, so whatever happens is unavoidable. She says that she's willing to stick by him in life and death. I was a bit confused about the setting of this drama. Initially I thought this was another Warring States drama. Then I read that it was set in Northern-Southern dynasties which I suppose goes some way to explaining the differences in costuming. Boy, I'm glad they got rid of that awful techni-colour outer robe she was wearing earlier on. Apologies I can't go into detail. Have to make lunch today for my daughter's end of term party.
  5. [Current Mainland Chinese Drama 2017] Lost Love in Times 醉玲珑

    You're right of course. Thank you for the correction. Thank you too. @Nudafu
  6. [Current Mainland Chinese Drama 2017] Lost Love in Times 醉玲珑

    His question in exact terms is "Frankly, in your heart, do you not mind at all [or do you not mind just a little]?" The response to his question should be "Of course, I mind" not "I do not mind". "Since you've lent the title of Princess Consort Ling to another, in future I don't want it. I'm waiting for you to leave me the title of Empress." There are a couple of lines that are missing from the translation when she tells him what he shouldn't do after "don't touch her"... she says, "Don't lift the head covering". After she says, "Don't drink the wedding wine", she also says, "Don't consummate". (Had to consult the trusty SIL for this line but my initial thought was correct) She then says, "Once you go through the ceremonial rites, you will be husband and wife. You are her husband, she is your wife. If you have the slightest bit of feeling for her, I will love someone else. If you really take her as your wife, I'll marry another." What he says quite literally in response at the end is, "You're [You are this prince's woman] my woman, I'd like to see who dares try."
  7. [Current Mainland Chinese Drama 2017] Lost Love in Times 醉玲珑

    YL: I don't know if you'll be like before, maintain your distance, give the appearance of keeping up the pretence of having no feelings. (That's what he says quite literally) QC: I won't. The Crown Prince has already been abolished. Right now if you have the mind to becoming king, I will accompany you across this hurdle. The country is His Majesty's chess (reference to Go) game, the unstable situation has been completely calculated. But I don't believe that the collaboration (lit: joining hands) between the Divine Lady of the Mages and the king of the imperial line's golden age can't win this game (reference to Go) YL: Do you know? I have been waiting. I've been waiting for someone. A woman who can walk side by side with me. Now in front of (this) road, this person has appeared. I don't know if perhaps you're willing. QC: What if one day, I were to leave? YL: I am here. Where are you going? QC: I don't know. Perhaps there may be a day, I fall sick in old age and die. We come together and separate, aren't you afraid? YL: Not afraid Hope this helps. What's going on with Soompi... with all the spacing issues?
  8. [Mainland Chinese Drama 2017] Princess Agents 特工皇妃楚乔传

    Part 9 of In-Laws and Outlaws has been uploaded. The longest and most challenging chapter I've written so far. I think it's part of the reason why I haven't been sleeping well. Hope it makes sense to somebody. Thanks for being such a wonderful fandom.
  9. [Mainland Chinese Drama 2017] Princess Agents 特工皇妃楚乔传

    Thank you for your comment. Much appreciated. I wasn't sure if it was premature but I went for it anyway particularly because of what I hope to do down the track.
  10. [Mainland Chinese Drama 2017] Princess Agents 特工皇妃楚乔传

    I'm sure you'll be happy with this quick update but it meant that I couldn't get any cleaning done. Very naughty of me but I was on a bit of a roll. It's nice when not only the destination is clear in my mind but how to get there as well. Part 8 of In-Laws and Outlaws has been uploaded for your pleasure (hopefully). Thank you @seyforsey for trying. It means... wait for it... I get to make up a name for him which is something I always enjoy doing.
  11. [Mainland Chinese Drama 2017] Princess Agents 特工皇妃楚乔传

    Does anybody know if Yuwen Yue's father has a name? Can anyone who has read the book be of help here? Thanks ahead of time.
  12. [Current Mainland Chinese Drama 2017] Lost Love in Times 醉玲珑

    Scene 1 YL: Much better looking. You're now much better looking. You know why? In the past your eye brows were always frowning. Scene 2 Archery competition -- The two women exchange pleasantries at the start. Scene 3 CQ: If I don't put all my effort in, how can I win? If I don't win, how can I be your consort? YL: Whatever it is, in my heart, you're my only consort. Scene 4 9th Prince: Tomorrow at Li Jing Tian is the royal family's military training day. You should know what to do. Woman: I have already acted according to Master's earlier instructions and made preparations 9th Prince: You must ensure that everything doesn't fail. There are some people, I don't want to come back alive.
  13. [Mainland Chinese Drama 2017] Princess Agents 特工皇妃楚乔传

    Hokay... updates are slow but the chapters keep getting longer. Thank you all for the lovely comments about the previous chapter. I honestly thought it was a bit of a shemozzle. Part 7 of In-Laws and Outlaws has been posted. Read on... Macduff!
  14. [Current Mainland Chinese Drama 2017] Lost Love in Times 醉玲珑

    Not explicitly but it seems like she considers him her son so I'd say that she is really his mother. All her interactions with him in the episode points to it. Whether the current King is his father... that's another thing entirely.
  15. Yeah... the waterworks turned on when the kiddies ran out to their mums and dads. It was a great moment for the survivors but very sad for Hee Jin's parents. And then putting together the identikits with Jin Woo's recounting of the deceased kids... Sigh... yeah that undid me too. So Hansel and Gretel were abandoned at the amusement park and then as grown ups created their own house of horrors like the witch in the fairy tale did. Then they turned into monsters and lured in their own Hansels and Gretels, tormenting them day in day out, killing them when they had enough. Also interesting was that Monster Gretel was stopped by Jin Woo at the end before she could cremate Yu Na. In the version of Hansel and Gretel that I grew up with, the witch was pushed into live size oven that she had prepared for Hansel. For a minute or two I did wonder if this witch here would end up going into the oven herself. Folktales, fairytales used to be cautionary tales and spoke to the times in which the stories were told. I guess to some degree that they did speak of family dysfunctionality... step-mothers, a reference to the high maternal mortality rates and children being mistreated... In this instance we have foster parents, adoptive parents and the general lack of concern for someone else's kid leading to abuse and neglect. It's an interesting recontextualization in a more modern context. Can't believe 10 episodes are done... so quick... I've really enjoyed the series... very absorbing stuff.