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  1. I've been in contact with the person who subbed Ep. 4 and I've been helping him/her edit those subs because I have no clue about the technical side of these things. I haven't seen what Ep. 5 looks like yet. I'll be quite busy the next couple of days so I don't know if I can get to them until my Thursday evening. Let's hope we can keep doing this right to the end.
  2. Without subtitles, this is a struggle for me. The background noise doesn't help much. Sounds like that there's something else going on in the background. If you can find one with Chinese subtitles (I couldn't), I'd be able to do better. Or the transcript. But essentially they're each being asked about their respective characters and how they approach their respective roles. The lead actress approached XN as some kind of Mary Sue and thought about what that would mean. Someone who's loved by men and hated by women. The actress was asked if there's any similarity between her and the character. Her response was that there will always be some overlap... some similarities and some differences. But a Mary Sue is a perfect ideal and there's no such thing as a perfect ideal. The actor who plays Qianchu was asked if had read the story before coming into the drama. He did. While reading the story he predicted that the character would turn bad at the end. A steady character but calculating. He was asked if he's like his character and he said no straightaway. At one point he says he is happy to be in a more normal drama. (The interviewer that picks up on this and jokes about it.) It's a role that's different from what he usually plays. Pan Zi Jian, who plays GO talks about the character's paranoid personality disorder and he's not like anyone else. He said that his romance with XN is based on his mental illness. The actress picks up on the fact that he only loved her because he's sick. He agreed. The interviewer asked him if personally he's paranoid in any way. He thinks he's a little. He mentions he normally has a mild temperament but there are times when he explodes. When asked he says he's biggest challenge in playing the character is to express his mental illness as he's a normally mild-mannered guy though he does have his explosive moments. But if he works hard and with the director's direction, he should be able to do it. The actor who plays Fengde says that his character was supposed to be an old fellow who's turned into a suave young man. It was unacceptable (even he had trouble accepting it) but he loves a challenge. He was asked if he played the character as an old man or approached him in a new way. Fengde is a steady character who mainly says three words, "Yes, Young Master." and it's not enough to fill up a whole drama. (I think) The character needs his own uniqueness otherwise it destroys the character. It's just a quick summary but it should give you a rough idea. Very rough sadly.
  3. She is... All her plans/lies are unravelling fast. The final blow will probably come during the big embroidery competition. I have to say, I feel really sorry for Le Tong who's now in the middle of this tug-of-war. The stress is now also on GG to give her up from many sides. I do understand why she's kept mum. It's always been about protecting the child and wanting the child to feel loved regardless of her true parentage. I notice that there are many criticisms of GG on YT but I don't think people really understand how good parents feel about their adopted children. Even if it isn't a child that one gives birth to, it's still a child that one has raised. Ah well, at least one thing's not changed from the original... and that is GG doesn't tell Yun Kai anything of any importance. LOL.
  4. I am thrilled beyond words to hear that KJH is going to be in a drama this year. He has been away for far too long and it's waste of his talents that he gets relegated to bit roles and being second male leads to actors younger and far less accomplished. Is he playing a legal eagle again? How many times is it now? The 50 episode part however, is not inspiring me although I like the sounds of a Leverage type premise. Will need to keep my eye on this one.
  5. I didn't really want to do this one because I'm still traumatized by Jang Bo Ri. It almost put me off weekend family dramas forever. Six months of living dangerously and unhealthily because of some crack makjang but I got sucked in by the good-looking leads who kind of resemble OYS and KJH. Anyway, I'm not bothering with the early episodes, I'm cheating and just jumping in at the end to save myself from reliving the grief of wanting to roast the fake sister and mother alive. I'm highly amused that they even managed to find a cast of actors who look a lot like the original cast. Most of them anyway. Even the names are quite similar. LOL. The China version feels less frenetic and less nutty than the K version. Less over-the-top overall. The little girl in JBR was too good... and her chemistry with Kim Ji Hoon was the best. The acting in this version is not bad though. But KJH is one of my biases whose versatility is hard to beat. Interesting that they made the Jae Hwa character the younger brother this time. Can anyone tell me if there was a nice hospital scene in this version too? Where the leads snuggle up to each other? If so, could you point me in the right direction? That was one of my favourite scenes in JBR.
  6. I've tracked down the subs for Ep 4 that @Lawyerh mentioned. It doesn't look too bad in general. I'm wondering if I should continue with the recaps. I don't mind doing them if they're needed.
  7. @USAFarmgirl It's a genuine pleasure and frankly it helps me keep a finger in one of the many pies that I clutter my life with. I imagine few things are more frustrating than watching a drama series that's partially subbed and then the subs stop coming. What I found interesting about GO in this episode is how insecure and needy he is at his core. I think we all had our suspicions about that but to have it so clearly laid out was the confirmation that we needed. On top of that, he demolished his mother's assumptions about him. She thought that if XN was "sullied" he would soon find her detestable when his suspicious nature was given full flight . But that wasn't it at all. To me it was enlightening that he was more afraid of losing her than she was a woman that had been "violated". I think people (his mother included) forget that GO is not a "normal" guy. That's partially what makes him a genius. He doesn't generally behave like other men. (An understatement I know) Even his father knows it and exploits that for the family interests with no thought of having him treated. Furthermore, he's craving to be loved and that craving has never been satisfied until recently. Now that he's had a taste of it, he's not about to let go that easily Sadly his parents are all about grooming him for the business and ensuring the future of said business. Marriage isn't about love or primarily about love. It's about forming business relationships that strengthens future foundations for the family's commercial interests. This reminds me of a very old Deanna Durbin film called Something in the Wind where a similar type of scenario takes place. There's a line spoken by the Durbin character about why she, an ordinary singer-DJ, isn't suitable for the scion of a wealthy family. "It's just like breeding race horses." I've always thought that was an excellent analogy for these kinds of arranged marriages. I also tend to think that despite the so-called disadvantages of XN's position, GO probably needs her much more than she needs him. (Even his mother grudgingly admits that she provides him emotional stability) Emotionally she's a lot stronger than he is. He, on the other hand, is actually quite fragile emotionally. She was able to handle having those women in the house and openly referred to them at breakfast without any kind resentment.
  8. Okay, finally... the last part of the recap. I have no idea why they end up so long. Must learn to streamline and may be take a different approach in future. I Love My President Ep. 5 (Part 4) -- Somebody's pregnant and somebody doesn't believe he's the father
  9. I Love My President Ep. 5 (Part 3): Kidnapping and aftermath
  10. I Love My President Ep. 5 Recap (Part 2) I'm out for at least a couple of hours but will continue when I return... Meanwhile...
  11. I Love My President Ep 5 Recap (1) Quite a lot takes place in this episode. Apparently there’s very little rest for the OTP. Crazy families who will do anything to keep them apart is at the top of the list. External and internal factors rear their heads in an attempt to keep them apart. Mrs Gong comes to stay for a stint and does her worst. Her manipulations lead to some trying moments for XN.
  12. As far as MK is concerned, I'm trying to tread carefully. I don't want to jump the gun but if she's trying to garner as much sympathy from both QL and CX then to me the logical thing would be to milk her injury for whatever it's worth especially if she's trying desperately to come between them and win QL back. If she's able to do food prep and lift the lid to put it on the pot, I'm not convinced about the weak wrist. Maybe I'm slow here but I don't understand the need for deception. It makes no sense to hide an injury in order to avoid suspicion regarding the real motive for returning when she affects another scenario at the hospital which requires an even more complex explanation to achieve the desired effect. QL saw through it straightaway and yet she managed to manoeuvre herself out of it. So why not tell him about the injury and talk her way out of it? I can't reconcile those two things. Maybe I expect better from the writing than is warranted. From my perspective it looked to me like she dropped the lid deliberately exclaiming that it was hot. My Chinese isn't the greatest but I'm quite certain when CX picked it up she said that it was "not hot". Maybe it's just bad acting... but right now after putting on a big drama in the hospital, I feel that MK will have to work very hard to earn some trust. With me at least. Especially when she whispered something to the effect of "I'm sorry CX, but I can't do without QL" afterwards. Everything we know about MK so far has come from her with as far as I know with no third party confirmation. I would take everything she says with a very large spoonful of salt. She may be a pitiful creature to some degree but if someone has to resort to deception to get what they want then obviously they feel they have something to hide.
  13. But the good thing is that CX will soon discover that MK is not a person to be trusted. She's given her the benefit of the doubt but with the latest "I'm-a-damsel-in-distress" episode, I hope the penny drops and CX at least, catches on to her nice-as-pie act. MK has done her best to make CX feel like the outsider and intruder. I'm starting to be really impressed with QL. He's maturing and upping his game. I imagine his father's collapse was a bit of a shock to the system. CC annoys some times... He's not a bad kid but he's got the wrong end of the stick. I know he means well and he thinks he has every right to try and win the girl's heart. But at the end of the day, he needs to learn that it isn't about him... how sincere he is or how much he likes CX. Women aren't trophies to be won and there are no formulas to being successful in love. No doubt sincerity can go a long way but sincerity on its own is not the answer to getting what you want in life. There are just too many variables.
  14. I'm quite happy to continue with recaps if English subs are not forthcoming. But there are no avenues for subbing it right now otherwise I'm happy to be part of the subbing team. It's only once a week and comes out on the weekend.
  15. @pixelsticks -- If I sound particularly enthusiastic about Su's choices, it's in part a response... or reaction... to criticisms regarding why she left. But I've rethought and changed my mind regarding a number of things since the show ended. I realise that most viewers responded enthusiastically to LJG's performance as Wang So so people tend to take his side but I'm (probably at the height of arrogance on my part) trying to level the scales as it were. It's a pity that 19 felt so rushed. If they had been given one more... even just one more episode to fill in the gaps, I think fans would have been less grumpy about the ending. But I can't be too harsh about either So or Su's choices... they were both people with their backs up against the wall and they did what was consistent with who they are. As for JM bringing Su to Goryeo to tame So, I'd say that's part of it. And to get him on the throne relatively bloodlessly. So is no different from most potentates in history... I don't judge them from my 21st century lenses. Anyhow, a busy day awaits. This is the busiest time of my work schedule so I won't emerge again for a while. I really shouldn't be even watching any dramas but I'm normally too tired to do much else when I get home.