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  1. Where are these new ones you speaketh of... I can't for the life of me find them. True... but I think PYY was also trying to prove that the bond between the Changlin brothers was something of a facade. Either way, he'd get no end of satisfaction.
  2. This is probably my favourite fight sequence... the last time that PJ faces off DTZ. PJ might be impetuous but he hasn't completely lost his mind. He manages to lure Tuoba Yu to the fight by telling him that DTZ is his closest Langya list rival and uses his sword to absorb DTZ's palm manoeuvre with his sword. Such a bitterly twisted fellow. An utter nutjob. But then he did commit fratricide. And deceived even his own followers about his identity. I'd definitely agree with the gaming aspect to his plots. Hence the Joker comparisons. He's a master manipulator in that he taps into people's fears and desires rather calmly but he doesn't force them into anything but gives them just enough of a nudge along. Once he killed his own twin, there was nothing he couldn't do to anyone else. (You can't be more blood related than being an identical twin. Such a compelling contrast to PZ and PJ... who are not blood related and even while knowing his father favours his older brother, there's no resentment at all) Half the time when PYY's playing mind games one can never be sure how he really feels. I guess we just have to take much of what he says with a pinch of salt. This thread's moved quite a bit the last couple of days... it's great... hope this keeps up.
  3. Okay I can see why you think that but I personally thought he was just taunting PZ at the time. It's interesting we have these different perspectives but I probably didn't watch the scene as well as I should have. It sounds like he was trying to prove that when there was only one route and that was to retreat and leave thereby rendering the bond between the brothers a mere illusion. I would put it slightly differently... PYY's life story... or at least the bits we're privy to... is one where he plays second fiddle to his younger twin brother. A brother who made it to the next level of the Yelin training and the brother who got the pill because it was more expedient to do so. In contrast we have another two brothers who are not related by blood at all but one brother is called upon to literally give his blood (and life) and does so willingly. In my defence my reason for believing that PYY believed that PZ would give his life for his brother was because of a scene that comes earlier which has PYY's lackey asking Dear Nutty Leader if this scheme would work and if PZ would come because they're not brothers related by blood. If memory serves his (PYY's) response was that blood ties don't necessarily matter. Then he says something about blood relations sometimes being more ruthless or vicious than strangers. On top of that, PYY says that his target was never PJ... so yeah... that's what gave me the impression that he knew what PZ would do.
  4. @zenya22 Not a problem. I think there was a medical dilemma to begin with but at the end of the day, it was peripheral, the core issue being about PZ's choice. And as I've said a few pages ago, PZ also wanted PJ to experience life in a way that he hadn't previously. For PZ, he's enjoyed the love of a family despite being adopted, accomplished much in public, had been highly respected and had been happily married to a woman he loved. In many ways, PJ had barely begun to find his footing. He was still learning and very much reliant on his father and brother although he wasn't without talents of his own. It was in a conversation later with LX that PJ found out about PZ's apology while donating his blood. She also knew that it was possible that PJ would never forgive her when he found out but she made her choice and was willing to accept the consequences that would follow. Without spoiling too much for you, I think that when PJ realises that there are things that he's capable of doing that others can't, that he can make his contribution to the greater good, he will start to embrace life and love more fully. The beauty of NiF 2 is the affirmation of the importance of family and how important functional, strong families with good moral values are in producing the next generation of upright leaders... movers and shakers. As people have already noted, most families in C dramas tend to be dysfunctional and the drama comes from intra-family conflict. But this show proves that done well, a loving family with strong bonds can be very watchable indeed. I believe it was @JoycceeDreamer who brought up the issue of how unappreciated the Changlin family seem to be in the story. From our perspective I imagine that's true. However I don't think the royal court think in those terms. It's politics so it's about the balance of power. Everyone has their part to play but no one should encroach into another's sphere or get too big for their boots. In theory that's all good but in practice that's another thing. Also there's the human element. Jealousy, fear etc. Some of the reaction to Changlin's increasing influence isn't necessarily personal but just about keeping them in check that they don't overreach. The problem for me at least is how this notion of overreach is defined here. It's too nebulous, too driven by fear. This is where the tension lies. When the throne was inhabited by a stronger more experienced ruler, he could be the final arbiter and shift the goal posts accordingly.
  5. @zenya22 Rather than a medical dilemma or moral issue, my understanding of the way the matter was framed was that the entire situation more as an issue of a clash of personal choices. By one person exerting his choice, he overrides everyone else's. That's why while PJ was unconscious, PZ apologized. He knew full well that his personal choice would be in conflict with PJ's that's why he told LX never to tell PJ what they did to get him well. But she thought it would be better for PJ to know and told him the truth. PJ never got to choose... to say "no" and make that sacrifice. It's probably easier for us standing on the outside looking in to say to PJ to move on and understand his brother's choice. The thing is, he did understand his brother's choice but he's a sensitive lad and would rather die than let his brother sacrifice himself for him. This situation was not without precedent mind you. When PJ found out that the family retainer knew about the vermillion glue in the cosmetics box and kept mum, he ran away from home for two days because he was too embarrassed to face his brother and sister-in-law. He's a good kid, well-raised which is why he doesn't like benefitting at someone else's expense. That's his personality and like his father says, whenever he can't cope with something, he runs and hides. What he needs is time to get over himself and learn to embrace his brother's gift. I think when he sees how his life will bring benefit to the big picture, he will understand the part he has to play in Fate's hand. I don't think Master Li "gave up". He said he would keep trying until the very last moment to find alternative solutions. But he would never harm one patient to save another... which is fine... because if he compromised his stance then it would on his conscience for the rest of his life. That was his personal choice. Interestingly enough he wasn't against LX making a different choice. Same thing with PZ giving blood to PJ... if he hadn't, it would haunt him for the rest of his life. Lin Xi got involved because that was her choice and of course PZ knew how she felt about PJ. Incidentally they did come up with a workable solution in which they could have shared the snake gallbladder except that they lacked time because Yu (as usual) were about to attack them. PYY never really intended for them to have much room to manoeuvre... that's how evil the plan was. He didn't want them to have too many alternatives and most of all he wanted them to suffer. He knew exactly how PZ would choose so the outcome was never in question. The really insidious part of the plan was that he used one brother's love for the other to exact his revenge. Hi @liddi It's been a while. Always good to hear from you. Would love to hear from you any time that you can spare. @littlemay In historical dramas much more so than contemporary ones, the characters tend to speak in poetic metres and use highly literary language. It's hard for me too but thankfully we are given subtitles to work with and I'm reasonably adept at guessing.
  6. @LyraYoo Far be it from me to be passing judgement about other people reading spoilers... but I'm sure you would have forgotten it by the time you get to Ep. 30. I don't think it's that spoilery anyway. I watched that scene again in Ep 19 to compare the translations and yeah, @liddi's is much more precise than Viki's. It is a great scene... got me all choked up emotionally. I adore all these family moments... Xiao Tingsheng grew up to be such a wise military leader and strategist. He brought up two incredible sons and taught them well. Mr Su and Jingyan would be so proud of him. Ah... you have now entered my favourite arc... the epidemic... yeah, it's great. Don't forget to give us more gifs of PJ and LX. Woot! Re: Yuanqi Re: Linxi -- I love her more and more as the show progresses. She really does have a good head on those shoulders. She really fits the Changlin spousal mould. PJ will need her in the dark days ahead. Re: Xun siblings -- I don't want to waste too many pixels on them. Suffice to say: What a waste of oxygen. They are going to single-handedly destroy the monarchy that they say they're trying desperately to protect. Actually no... they're all about self-interest. @rhaps -- Sorry dear... didn't mean to be a purveyor of temptation.
  7. I wasn't going to translate next week's episode preview but I thought I needed some cheering up Episode 38 (Video and translation) Pingjing, Xiao Xue, Xiao Ce and Lin Xi in Langya Mountain @transki -- Not sure... haven't watch either 35 or 36 fully. But there's no indication that he does know who she is at this stage. But the Old Prince does.
  8. Is that the one at the end of Ep. 36? Arrrrrgh... I barely got over 27-30 and now I have to struggle through all this angst again. I don't remember going through this kind of emotional rollercoaster with the first one.
  9. @rhaps @rhaps and @JoycceeDreamer Re: Yuanqi @LyraYoo Slow and steady... dear. The family dynamic always turns me into a blithering mess especially when the scene is emotionally charged.
  10. LOL... Nice gifs there @LyraYoo of PJ fighting in the bamboo grove. LHR is a natural I see that Episodes 25 and 26 have been subbed on Viki. Go. Watch. Come back and let's have a chat. @Wotad Glad to see more locals tuning in.
  11. @rhaps -- I understand your dilemma. It's how I feel about some K dramas that I really like. It's times like these I'm glad I was forced to learn Mandarin in school although wading historical dramas can be a killer at times. I keep hunting for NiF 2 previews but I never seem to be able to find any for this show. There was always plenty of those for Princess Agents. I'm beginning to wonder if I should hold off myself because I'm getting a bit nervous for PJ. It's not very hard for anyone to cast aspersions on the Changlin family with the merest whisper. In Australia there is a phenomenon called the Tall Poppy syndrome. When someone becomes popular and successful, eventually they become the object of fear and jealousy. Those who are hostile towards the successful party will latch on to any little thing to drag their name through the mud or cut them down whether or not the successful party are good people, bad or indifferent. There are already fears rumbling through court of Changlin's favoured position, so to use that as a foothold in gaining traction with the right people is a given. Jealousy and fear lead people to have irrational thoughts which lead to irrational behaviour. It is in human nature to assume the worst. We know of course that the Changlin family has earned every favour and respect... they've even shed blood and been at death's door protecting the country and the imperial family. It frustrates me endlessly that certain people can't see past the favoured status bit to the meritous contributions. The Empress really gets on my nerves in that regard. Right throughout the show there are people who are largely driven by ambition. They believe that if they make their mark, they will receive the recognition they crave and gain some measure of power. Those who think those thoughts find it hard to believe that anybody else could be driven by virtues that transcend self-interest and personal gain. They're are constantly projecting onto the Changlin family notions they themselves hold to. Those characters become villains by way of being obstructionist. They do great things because they seek glory for themselves and their clan, sceptical that there are people who do great things just to serve their country. Or at least they believe that those who serve nobly with no thought for their own glory are naive beyond belief. The Old Prince and his wife indoctrinated their sons from young about the responsibilities of being a member of the family to the extent even Pingjing with all his carefree ways knows what all that entails. Others looking in see the privileges but the men of this family understand what it means to carry the burden of the position. Yuanqi Lin Xi Da Yu
  12. In response (containing spoilers for 31-32): Hi @ces8 Good to see you here too dear! Glad to hear that you're enjoying the series. I think I've found my new C drama addiction. Edited: Corrected mistakes under spoiler tags and added more information about the Yu big wigs.