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  1. I guess we are. When the pressure is brought to bear on her, I think she will waver. She may even cave for a time. But she's learning and taking baby steps towards standing her ground. I suppose it doesn't help that everyone around them is utterly incredulous that they could be an item. A case of familiarity breeds contempt I imagine. Is GM really some kind of hotshot lawyer from a prestigious family? It beggars belief. It must be the biggest gag in the show. His behaviour is beyond pathetic particularly when he was the one who dumped her in the first place. Now he wants her back? He won't give up on her? As I surmised he was just wanting some excitement in his private life. Now that she's (in his eyes) playing hard to get and there's some competition, it's got his testosterone levels spiking and his blood pumping through his veins. I very much doubt if he cares about these women, he's only looking for a kick. I doubt he even cares how she feels or what she wants. I'm constantly amused and a little annoyed that the family can't even entertain the possibility of JA and JH. Hehe. JA's mum really cracks me up with her limited categories of "who's fault it is". I had to chuckle, partly out of frustration, after she started blaming her own husband for JA's unmarried status. While JH might be four years younger than JA, in some ways he's more mature... wiser... than she is. Or at the very least he's far more perceptive than she gives him credit for. I like that. I like that he knows what he wants, he's a lot clearer about where the lines are that shouldn't be crossed. He's sensible and yet he knows how to have fun. What a delightful character. I'd like to chime in on the question why JH might be in love with JA. I think there are concrete reasons and we've been shown what they are or at least the main reason why. For some men, a woman who is completely herself... comfortable with her own skin... without any pretence... doesn't put on an act for his benefit... can be quite attractive. With all her faults, JA is the real deal. Because of that familiarity, she's free to let down her hair and relax around him. Familiarity can breed contempt but not always. More often than not that familiarity for some is comforting. It's safe and secure. It's why I imagine, some keep going to the same restaurant week in week out, month after month, year after year. And they never get tired of it.
  2. Two episodes in and I'm still enjoying the show. I don't always know what I think about the PD's choices of what he includes and what he chooses to leave out but I'm largely fascinated and willing to be led. I'm certainly hoping for more than Stand by Your Man and Save the Last Dance in the weeks to come. I like JA but she clearly lacks strong boundaries. There are many instances of this in the last two episodes. A case in point. When mother was nagging her about taking things to the next level with GM, I wasn't so much annoyed with mother for being bossy and naggy but with JA for not saying unequivocally that things were over between them. Why didn't she say that he was two-timing her? She let her mother think that they were still an item when she had already told him where to go. And then meeting up with him in spite of the fact that he was the one who dumped him and two-timed her. Why? Is it so important to be nice that she would allow others to talk her into doing things that would only undermine her position and integrity? She allows herself to be taken advantage of by others. I can see that she's competent. At the workplace, she's built a reputation for herself. Some would even say she's indispensable. So why does she take the fall for something she hasn't done? It feels like a case of indentured servitude. Even the CEO knows that something's fishy. And there are indications of sexual harassment in the workplace too. Not just of her but her fellow colleagues. I gather workplace bullying is commonplace because the job market is tipped in favour of employers but for someone like JA, with her experience and abilities it's hard to believe that she has to kowtow to her superiors like a Joseon palace maid. With the right backing she could start her own cafe franchise. JH/HI is my ray of sunshine. An older KSH. He always seems to pop up at the most opportune moments. When JA is in strife, it's JH to the rescue. The show doesn't need to do any more to convince me that he's good for her. It's like there's two JAs... the one at Coffee Bay and with her family... and another when she's with him... bantering, telling him off and unconscious flirting. He's someone she can be herself with. There's none of that hapless subservience. What I think the problem will be is if she can stick to her guns when all the objections come hurtling in her direction. She will need to firm up her personal boundaries if she really wants to be with JH. It's obvious that they're both falling for each other. I don't particularly understand SH's objection. A 4 year gaps is scarcely something to have a panic attack over. They're practically of the same generation.
  3. That's what is stated on Netflix so I'm going by that. @triplem I suspect that relationship was pretty much doomed from the start. I won't deny that there was UST and a real attraction but they became a couple very quickly with neither knowing much about the other outside of police work. Neither of them are superficial about relationships and sooner or later problems would have arisen once the early days of attraction faded away. There must be some part of JO that's flattered by the attentions of a good-looking, highly competent senior. Very attractive couple but MH comes with his own emotional baggage. Good to see the show doing well ratings wise. It deserves it. @girloftheeast That would've been my preference too. No romance. But I get it. They want to show another side to these characters. But I don't think everyone prefers the handsome second lead. TBH, I don't regard MH as the second lead. Nor do I consider SS the male lead. It's an ensemble cast and different characters get to do their thing and shine a bit. YC's a pretty important character too. If there's anybody that fits the bill as male lead here, I'd say YC would be the closest. I wouldn't say that I'm upset. But JO and MH's coupling felt like someone hit the FF button. @ihyw Good to see you here. YC is my favourite too. He needs to do something with that temper of his and his tendency to mouth off BUT I like that underneath all the prickles he cares... about his profession and the people he works with. I'm rooting for him to get back together with JM.
  4. I've only seen one episode so far. Since it's on Netflix, it behooves me to take a look. Of course Jung Hae In is a very big drawcard for me. I like the approach taken by the show. I'm a great believer that Kdramaland really excels with these slice-of- life dramas and this one is shaping up to be potentially quite fun. The thing I like best about it so far is the lack of overt editorializing. We seem to have come in right in the middle of the hustle and bustle of these people's lives. They have a history that goes quite far back it seems... an easy familiarity that's about to shift into unfamiliar territory. I'm not a fan of noona romances in general but I feel I can get onboard this one because there is a history behind it (and natural chemistry) that will aid in transitioning things to the next level fairly seamlessly. What I want to see more of (and this may come up later) is JH doing his job. So far I've seen him in his very nerdy office with his very nerdy colleagues but I don't see him actually working as a programmer etc. In the first episode the focus seems to be largely on JA which is fine and JH is just a kind of appendage patiently waiting in the wings. I wish they hadn't turned the ex into a two-timer but it did occur to me that he wasn't really after a girlfriend or long-term relationship. What he wanted was a thrill ride, something or someone who could make him feel excitement that he wasn't getting elsewhere in his life. I'll definitely tune in for more. I'm not after much from this. As long as it delivers the fluff that it promises, that's all I care about.
  5. Oh... I noticed that the show's been given 18 episodes now. That's fantastic! It would've been a shame finishing at the initial 12 that it was designated at the start. This show has definitely hit its stride. The cases are good (lots of moralizing to boot about the complexities of the human condition) but the camaraderie and teamwork amongst the division officers is fast becoming the highlight for me. It was especially deeply moving witnessing everyone from HR to the Chief rallying around Sam-bo after his attack. Poor man... the humiliation of being a victim of a targetted attack was so heartbreaking. I'm glad to see a strong repudiation of that sentiment of ageism that's running right through the storyline. I'm sure like everyone else I was really worried that those delinquents would do more than beat up SB... I want him to live and enjoy his retirement. There must be a place for elderly experienced cops like SB and they do deserve the respect for doing it tough and staying clean throughout their career. There's a part of me that's sort of wondering if JM asked YC for a divorce in part because she wanted him to go home and take care of his elderly broken father. The thought crossed my mind when his father took mother off the life support. After all she still cares a lot about him and she's generally realistic... extremely hard headed about life. She's quite an unsentimental sort of person on the job at least. The love triangle is what it is. It doesn't set my pulse racing but I'm not cringing either. So far they haven't laboured on it... There might be some stuff brewing just below the surface but as a whole everyone's going about their business and not dwelling on it for the most part. The one supposedly going on among the seniors barely registers a blip on the radar. SS is still a bit hung up on JO despite the fact that MH got the jump on him but he expresses that unrequited love in a quirky honest sort of way that amuses me. I like him the more for it. I root for him precisely because he is what he says he is... he doesn't have the looks or the money but he does have a lot of heart to make up for all his deficiencies. Corruption in the force must hit the good guys who try to do the right thing pretty hard. Yes, it's terrible from the perspective of the taxpaying public that public servants use their authority to get themselves perks and turn into criminals but those who try to do the right despite all the pressure to do the opposite... it must rankle even more. The corrupt coppers not only tar the reputation of the organization but they must also dampen morale as well.
  6. [Drama 2018] Misty 미스티

    Yes, I picked up on that too when I first saw it and thought "What the heck!" It was cringeworthy. Honestly, I cannot help but think that they changed the direction of the drama midstream. Or at the very least, the director thought he was making a drama with a storyline which was quite different from the one the writer had in mind. I've been thinking that for a while since the last two episodes feels tacked on and all over the place. I've seen Anh Nae Sang in many dramas and he's a seasoned character actor. One of my favourites in fact. He's done bumbling buffoonery before so I know he's more than capable of it. He's played cops before in Yu Na's Street and God's Quiz 3... very different types from the one he played here. So if they wanted him to be the idiotic bungler rather than the sagely detective, he could have pulled it off with the greatest of ease. If you recall, I made the same criticism re: JJH acting in a certain way in certain scenes. It's not JJH's acting I fault but the writing. Sure, when one recalls certain scenes in hindsight the possibility that TW could have been the killer was always present but the way they pieced together the resolution was slipshod. So many things left unexplained. My own view was that it was probably meant to be just an accident after some major altercation but then a decision was made to give us an "unpredictable" ending. This is I think, the problem with trying to live shoot a mystery thriller over 16 episodes without having the big picture in mind from start to finish.
  7. Many thanks to everyone who has contributed titbits from the filming. Hopefully pre-production is the way of the future for more K dramas. I can't get enough of LJG doing action scenes. Such a cool customer and very friendly with his co-stars. Hope they don't spend all their money in their early episodes that we get little to nothing down the track. Looking good...
  8. [Drama 2018] Misty 미스티

    Well, that's the million dollar question. Would've paid front row ticket prices to be a fly on the wall when that meeting took place. Would be interesting to know what the criteria for taking the top prize is. Secret Forest/Stranger should win it just for consistency in quality alone. Not sure about Mother. Have heard good things about it. SF is an extremely well-crafted drama that does all the hard work from start to finish. Doesn't resort to "cheating" and gimmickry. For me Misty takes too many shortcuts for it to be in the same league. On hindsight, knowing what comes at the end, Misty shines primarily because of the lead character. But even her thunder is stolen by the nonsensical last 15 minutes. Not sure why Prison Playbook wasn't even a contender. Love the use of the ensemble cast and the delightful way in which it juggles dexterously with humour (black and slapstick) while maintaining a strong emotional core. Great character arcs and great execution demonstrated in how everything comes together. Of course I want Hyukkie to win for Money Flower. He was so good in it.
  9. Very hyped up by what I saw in that teaser. I'm especially rapt about seeing LJG gliding over cars with elegant ease and being generally quite badass. One can always rely on him to deliver in that department. Also delighted to see some courtroom drama although perhaps not quite what I was expecting. LOL.
  10. Some shows are definitely better served when there's no romance. I appreciate the argument that romance can bring out certain qualities and personality traits in characters BUT that doesn't always happen and often the introduction of romance can clash with the overall goal and retard the progression of the narrative.. I would have been fine if there was a little bit of UST between SS and JO or JO and MH but as a whole I don't see how that love triangle serves the bigger story. I don't see how it adds to SS, JO or MH's character development in any way that a well-written bromance or platonic friendship can't. I agree that MH's peck on the cheek while bubble blowing could be construed as sexual harassment. But more than that, it feels to me to be completely out of character for him to be doing something like that when he's generally very careful about regulations and being considerate about the feelings of others etc. After all the retreat is still a work function so in that context it seems inappropriate on so many levels. It does feel forced no doubt because the writer probably thought that "Well, you know... it's episode 8 now... and it's time we had a kiss in this drama between the good-looking sunbae and the spunky hoobae."
  11. I know I said that I didn't mind which way the romance falls but it's a bit much when the show trots out not just one love triangle but two. It's rather taxing quite frankly... and stretches incredulity in unnecessary ways. I'm fine with coppers young and old having struggles with home life like the three cops that have to be hauled up to internal affairs for letting the con man slip through their fingers but yeah... the two main females (great characters incidentally) who happen to have a past connection happen to be objects of jealousy and romantic rivals. Although I like MH as a character and I'm not especially barracking for SS who tends towards overreach at times, I have a thing for underdogs... and right now... just because we're being forced to take sides... I'm just a little bit more sympathetic towards SS. The reality is though, I don't want to take sides because I want the Hongil patrol division to win and the romances feel like a misguided distraction. Honestly, I don't see the point of a love triangle among the senior officers just for conflict. I'm sure there's enough baggage between those two guys to sort through without having to use JM as a trophy. The way the Asst Chief talks about giving way to YC in the past gives me the heebie jeebies. That aside, I'm really enjoying the hum of the squad dynamic. The clash of egos, the challenges in working in pairs, teamwork in the solving of cases, mentors-mentees and dealing with the perpetrators as well as the victims. The last two episodes really reminded me of US cop shows from the 1980s. TJ Hooker, Hill Street Blues, CHiPs etc. The most heartening thing is seeing SS and YC's relationship advance in increments. Also for YC to set aside all that inner frustration and settle into his role in the patrol division as well as being a better mentor to the rookies in general. Glad also to see some teamwork happening with the apprehending of the night club thieves and foreign prostitution ring. It took everyone a little while to get their act together and set aside their egos but at least they finally got there. It is nice to be able to see them all do their part like a well-oiled machine. Although I don't think HR should have announced her presence to the accomplice so soon... or at all! While I'm happy to have this show available on Netflix, some kind of independent vetting of the subs is definitely needed.
  12. To be honest I've never seen a K medical drama that didn't feature a power struggle of some kind. At the top of my head are shows such as Golden Time, Medical Top Team, Brain, Beautiful Mind, The Romantic Doctor, Yong Pal, Syndrome, D-Day. Even sageuks like The Horse Doctor and DJG. Or should I say... especially those. Even The Good Doctor inevitably wanders off in that direction. I'm saying this because I'm wondering how the power struggle in this drama would be that "different" from other medical dramas. Can we assume with Stranger's writer on board that murder is involved?
  13. LOL. That scene of OYC and JM outside the divorce court office was hilarious, cute and right on the money. There were so many unknowns regarding the dynamic of their relationship... whether or not JM had given YC plenty of opportunities to shape up and he just ignored her pleas etc... I didn't want to prejudge too much but seeing that YC was shocked and unwilling to go through the divorce, I had an inkling that she'd never communicated to him any of her issues with their marriage. Well, it would seem that we were right about the non-communication in that marriage. What was funnier for me was that everything I complained about was almost word for word what he said... okay I didn't say anything about three strikes and you're out or that criminals get a warning before a shot gets fired. But I did use the word "bomb" to describe what she did to him. YC was kind of adorable with his proclamations that JM will regret leaving him. Seems like he gets 3 months cooling off period to sharpen his game. He was pretty cute generally in that entire scene. Even JM managed a smile or two. The whole scene was very well written and well-acted. I'm not especially partial to any of the pairings that are being telegraphed. It's fine with me either way. JO's too busy trying to get her head around the whole cop thing to bother with men right now. My attitude is the same of the division chief... there's too much information about private stuff. I particularly loved his line to YC and KM about "keeping your love triangle private". LOL. I've always liked MH, I like SS now but I'm more interested in seeing them trying to save lives and crack cases than which of them ends up with JO. Romance is fine and as long as it works within the confines of the bigger picture I have no objections. UST is fine too. I just don't need it in this drama. TBH, I don't even know if MH is really interested in JO romantically. He's very kind and he has gone out of his way to be helpful but I'm wondering if he's doing things just to light the fire under SS's bottom 6 episodes in I'm definitely enjoying the show a lot more now that everyone's more multidimensional rather than just props for the writer and director. I felt that a lot of the early conflicts were steroid-driven contrivances and right up in your face. But now that the characters are getting used to each other and working more cohesively, the show is so much more entertaining and poignant. The highlights in these last two episodes had to do with the troops rallying around those who are struggling with one issue or another. Occupational hazards/traumas. That's the sort of stuff I signed up for and want to see a lot more of. It's good to see YC and SS working more like a well-oiled partnership and in general to see YC accepting that he's in the patrol division to stay. Underneath the prickles they're both decent men. Like @triplem, the individual cases... whether it's the brawl in the basement restaurant or saving the suicidal schoolboy... are the sorts of things I'm looking for to see how the writer develops the characters as part of the larger narrative. The tall lass with the short hair... Hye Ri... is a bit annoying with her constant whining about wanting to deal with big cases as if she's in some kind of regular white collar/office job clamouring for bigger projects. She's a bit too eager and idealistic. All the rookies are in general but they've been mugged by reality. No doubt this is one of the main themes of the series as it attempts to deconstruct and dismantle the myths about policing especially at the grassroots level. A lot of policing is ordinary. Drunken disorderly events, assaults, saving lives, preventing suicides. Murders and deaths don't just happen on demand. Even if they do occur, there's nothing inherently glamorous in catching one. I just wish HR would dial down the "I hate being with the old guy act" and have some respect for SB's experience at least. There's nothing wrong with starting at the bottom of the food chain and learning from anyone who can teach you something.
  14. I'm glad that I persevered with those early episodes because there were times when the characters were beyond frustrating some of them bordering on being unlikeable. While I like the concept of the drama --- everyday policing, most of the characters were hard to watch. I'm hoping that the shouting (not just in the workplace) will be toned down. It felt as if everyone was on everyone's case which caused me to wonder if these people even those at a senior level were really cops. All that contrived tension which seemed so unnecessary all because people don't know the first thing about interpersonal communication. Poor communication across the board seemed to be a systemic problem in this community of cops and their families. For instance, while YC was demanding that JM discuss the divorce with him, he was refusing to interact properly as a mentor with his charge. Things turned the corner in Episode 5. JM finally gave her reasons for divorcing YC but frankly they should have had that conversation long before things got to the point where she had to drop a bomb to get her point across. At least she's able to say to him objectively that while he sucks as a husband, he is a good cop. It's telling too that when they were both on that internet cafe gaming mum case, they both said something that perhaps was meant to be descriptive of the case and their marriage: "neglect is also abuse". I don't know how serious the show is about apportioning blame in this situation but I'm inclined to think (judging from her attitude) that JM needs to take some responsibility for that break down as well. Anyway, it's good to see SS getting a bit of a break after having a bumpy start in his partnership with YC. I was struggling to warm up to him but seeing him take things more seriously and getting a glimpse of the difficulties he's had to overcome, it's made him a more sympathetic figure by filling the bigger picture of where he's coming from and why he's so highly driven. JO having a hard time with seeing her first murder victim was realistic and on top of that she's in for a world of flack for the incident in the restaurant. She's a character that I've grown to like... very bright and thoughtful. I can't help feeling though that her dynamic with her mother is somewhat unhealthy. My impression at this stage is that her mother uses her anxiety issues to manipulate her emotionally and JO is playing that caretaker role as well as trying to live her own life.
  15. @VietGirl2 I'm not sure what it is that people are objecting to elsewhere but I too am liking QS less and less as the story progresses. It isn't that she's "selfish" per se but it's more the case that she's reckless, indecisive and emotional, in most cases causing more problems for herself and for Lan Po than he's already in. She tends to be emotionally overwrought when she should be a lot more circumspect knowing the political volatility that surrounds the Yi family. Even if she doesn't care about the family as a whole, she should at least IMO consider the implications for Lan Po. It isn't as if she's been married to Lan Po for a month or two. With all that's happened in the two plus years of their married, she really should know better. For someone in her position, she lacks discretion. It's one thing to be gungho and stand up for oneself but to plunge into things in heedless fashion repeatedly, it does seem like it's becoming a habit. She gets a sharp scolding by 2nd Brother and actually I'm on his side in what he says. Things get a lot worse when Yan Yun finds out who her father's assassin is. Again, QS's given to acting and speaking emotionally on the matter. She needs to be clear on where her loyalties lie. There's a reason why as you'll see but for someone in her position, it's very unwise.