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  1. @taeunfighting Hahahaha yeah sorry about scaring people... As far as I know there are 51 episodes scheduled so there's more than enough time for them to give us a good ending. On principle, I'm fine with angst. Some of my favourite parts of the drama are angst-ridden. But I'm hoping that if we have to have separation, it is for a good cause and not Noble Idiocy. @themarchioness Well, I wouldn't mind if there's more to DFS than just "the other guy who is comic relief" and it would be fitting if it is somehow tied up with his grandfather's obsession with Bi Luo Tian which seems to be Ancient China's answer to Excalibur or some such thing. Even in his dialogue with LMY, I could sense some gravitas.
  2. @themarchioness I caught some previews which covered Episodes 30-42 and there was some stuff re: CY and BQ that made me rather unhappy. Not sure if you've seen those. I hope that there are at least 50 episodes to wrap things up and give us a happily ever after.
  3. Welcome to Soompi... I realise that this show is largely comedic and a lot of DFS is played for laughs but there's been so much campaigning in my neck of the woods about domestic violence and spousal abuse that my brain can't help but go there from time to time. I would push the analogy in a different direction... To me it's like saying that it's okay if my partner abuses me mentally and physically... and bullies me... as long as he loves me and no one else.. Talk about low hanging fruit. I'm a strong advocate for monogamy but exclusivity can't be the most important criteria or the only criteria. I didn't like seeing CY and LQW together either. But there was a good narrative reason for it and an integral part of CY character development in relation to his romance with BQ. Of course it is easy to prove that you are attracted to someone if all you do is spend time with them and you have the arrogance to believe that you are God's gift to women. However, if temptation or potential temptation comes along in the form of another woman what would a good man do? Would he succumb to the flattery and the helpless act? Or would he stay true to his first love despite not being close to her? CY is a good man, a far more loyal subject to the king ( who is rather suspect mind you) than his father ever was and he's also holding on to his title in large part so that he can help BQ pay off the family debt. There's very little of what he's doing that is selfishly driven except perhaps with a view to a future with the woman he loves. (I don't think anyone would begrudge him that) Despite being a prince, he doesn't have the leisure time to stalk some disinterested maiden and giving her a hard time. He is busy doing things for others so that he can finish his responsibilities and build a life with BQ. Those who think he love BQ less because he's not hanging around her all day and all night... I would submit... don't understand CY and don't see/aren't taking into consideration the long game he is playing. I'm sure the line to land a fist on DFS' face is a very long one. But I think BQ should be the one to get there first. I don't entirely blame CY. He's a really good guy and it's not his fault if he is both kind and duty-bound to show some human decency to another human being especially if she can be of some use. But BQ is insecure and a man must deal with that appropriately... and he does... to his credit. I think from all the previews I've seen... it's a sore and sticking point with BQ. It shows an unusual lack of confidence on her part perhaps. One of my favourite parts of In Time With You was the bit after the wedding... when the couple have their "cold war"... Yeah, Ariel rebuffing ZBB in this drama reminds me of that. @biancardi and @12blbl All views are welcomed as long as you don't mind other disagreeing with you. Whether you're in the minority... it doesn't matter much.
  4. 40somethingahjumma

    [Mainland Chinese Drama 2019] Well Intended Love 奈何BOSS要娶我

    The OTP was brilliant in this show. Both better than decent actors and they really looked like they were in love with each other. I will miss them (and the Wen Li - FF pairing) for all the honey we received. I especially appreciated the fact that YZ was not afraid to shower his wife with affection and make all the concessions to make her feel loved. Great stuff! I also really liked the actor that played Wen Li... I loved the way he eye rolled and averted his eyes whenever his boss and wife were doing the lovey dovey. Heh.
  5. Well said. But in my case I didn't have any good will to begin with. A nuisance he was and a nuisance he continues to be. Frankly I did in fact want to see something redeemable about him. No one watches a show with the intention of hating any character even the villains. The hope is always that there's something about a character that you can appreciate, something about their villainy that resonates with your humanity. The problem with DFS' brand of cleverness is that it is petty and has no thought for the consequences for others and even for how he comes across. Sure he might be cleverly opportunistic but he has no sense of how he can use that to play the long game. To me he's essentially a child who is used to getting his toys on demand and can't understand why this toy despite his pushing all her buttons repeatedly isn't marching to his tune no matter what he does. After Ep. 37, I'm even questioning if he really does care about BQ at all. As a human being that is. As you say, she presents him with a challenge, a puzzle as it were and he probably, as a talented physician enjoys making a correct diagnosis and then the personal satisfaction of prescribing the right treatment. I'm also wondering after recent events if everything he does that's supposedly meant to endear her to him, is entirely about him, just from the language he's using. His wanting her is apparently the only reason necessary (for him anyway) for them to be together. There's little understanding that she is a person with a mind and will of her own. To be fair, I think the drama also (quite rightly) demonstrates that CY being too kind and high-minded has certain consequences for his relationship with BQ. He also has to learn that BQ not only needs to know that he loves her but she also has to feel secure in the exclusivity in their relationship. He has to prioritize her (not just with words) even going against his own better instincts. Fortunately he catches on quick. Often these dramas make it look as if courtship is the hardest part of the relationship but the truth of the matter is that once a couple gets together, the real challenges have only just begun.
  6. 40somethingahjumma

    [Mainland Chinese Drama 2019] Well Intended Love 奈何BOSS要娶我

    I think 20 episodes was enough... I'm not sure how much more of NJT, Mother and the baggage they brought with them I could stomach. If it weren't for the fact that all the nuttiness came and went in 3 episodes, I would have been climbing the wall with frustration. NJT was such a terrible villain. Mother, on the other hand, was wasted potential. NJT was the biggest idiot in the show. Undoubtedly. Moreover, a one-note villain at that. Is kidnapping all he knows? What a waste of oxygen. If a man determines to be a villain, he should demonstrate some capacity for creativity. He's worse than a cartoon villain. All that energy spent doing highly illegal things and repetitively. Insane. Thank goodness I was watching this mainly for the OTP otherwise I would be sorely disappointed. But as MM says, he was an idiot because he blamed the entirely wrong person for his mummy issues and destroyed what could have been a promising life for himself by plotting a ridiculous revenge. It was his father and YZ's mother that committed adultery. She's the one who left YZ on his birthday! She didn't even make contact with him until his father's passing. And who does he keep kidnapping... MM... what the heck! Why didn't he target the people who were really responsible for screwing up his childhood? The thing is though, even though they screwed up his childhood, it was he who screwed the rest of his life with this misplaced hatred. The lack of even the simplest logic baffles my mind. As far the as the OTP is concerned, everything ended satisfactorily. For a C drama, it was as good as it gets. However, the ending scene was very very odd. A woman is in labour and all her companions can say is 加油. Shouldn't they be taking her to the hospital or if she's having a home birth, shouldn't someone take her into her bedroom? Why are they just standing there cheering her on. That was really weird. If the show had just ended there, it would have left a bitter taste on my mouth, I think. Thankfully we had the epilogue... CY is moving on which is good for him, YZ as expected is a doting dad supportive of his wife's career.
  7. Post 36-37 viewing thoughts... If DFS wants to win over BQ, he needs to do a lot better than all his petty scheming. Better still he should do nothing at all. I can't speak for BQ of course but from where I'm standing the more he does, the more he shows himself to be a self-centred, overgrown tyrant. It's "I this, I that..." What about showing some modicum of respect to the lady you're trying to woo rather than treating her as a trophy? Manipulating circumstances to his advantage is undoubtedly his default position especially considering his pedigree. I can't help agreeing with BQ to some extent that if it weren't for him, she wouldn't be in as much jeopardy as she is. Of course without him in the drama, it wouldn't be quite as funny on some level. But why did they have to make him so arrogant and puerile in courtship? I liked him much better as the Young Master 少主 throwing his weight around Lin Ming Yue. It was then only that I thought he was someone I could take seriously. BQ is great as usual. Even if she's been kidnapped by the desert cave people, she finds her own way to survive. She's still quick on feet weaseling out of one situation after another. Her explanations always sound so plausible. I love her so much. I love that CY continues to address BQ as 我的夫人 (my wife or the modern equivalent: my missus) and proudly praises her for her intelligence and competence. That tells me that they've most likely done the deed together. I suspect that their cave scenes together were just an excuse for the director to insert skinship where possible. But hey... I'm not complaining! Pour on the honey please! And all that cute dialogue about his ideas for the future and having kids. On top of that, the deal they made when he promised half his manor including him in the package... if she helped him find the map. I imagine BQ was sufficiently placated by that. Talk about whispering sweet nothings... I was undone...
  8. Episode 35 was an utter delight! Especially the desert scenes when CY finally makes his entrance. It was like watching a comedy skit of a love triangle being playfully enacted through innuendo and undercurrents. Props to all three actors for such an entertaining sequence. DFS plays up the petulant little boy act to the T especially once he's left out in the cold by the OTP. I almost... the stress is on "almost"... felt sorry for him. He was completely left out of the conversation not understanding this strange turn of events... the unexpected, open flirtation between the OTP. It took the wind right out of his sails. The clueless look on his face as he was trying to decipher the undercurrents of their conversation was a laugh and a half. There is a history between CY and BQ that he can't possibly know and share. Of course the humour came to a screeching halt when LQW appeared. The triangle turned into a square. Aright, alright... it was still kind of funny. I am always so impressed with ZBB in his scenes with Ariel Lin. I am in love with the way he looks at her. It's as if the whole world doesn't matter except the two of them. Of course the killer smile always... always helps raise their chemistry to the stratosphere. I think that's the real reason why the OTP can't be together too often because I'll be too blinded by the killer smile and ensuing chemistry... Talk about oozing with cuteness on one level and giving off heat radiation on another. The desert sequence also shows the contrast between the two men and why I root for CY all the way. I have no doubt that both care for her. And it isn't a case of who saw her first etc. To me DFS is still a kid. A little boy who is accustomed to getting his own way and still thinking of BQ as some kind of prize. On the other hand, even if CY did grow up as the son of a prince, he has gone through a lot. I suspect that thinking that he lost her once really changed him in how he values her. I fine the respect that he has for BQ very attractive and of course the fact that he knows that she can handle herself without his intervention is the biggest plus factor of all.
  9. Nie Yuan has developed into quite a reliable performer these days... highly experienced. I still consider his iteration of Zhao Yun my favourite. He is well suited to the role of LBW, capturing all the nuances of that character. I haven't seen Yanxi because on principle I cannot stomach Qing dynasty dramas. As for his chemistry with WJY... in Haolan at least... Well, I have a very different take on it. I think some degree of ruthlessness is required in life especially with regards to truth-telling but I think Haolan's objections are largely on how he applies it. I think she's fine when it benefits her but when it doesn't... hell hath known no fury... As for Haolan I am mostly sympathetic to her cause because she's trying to navigate through some dark waters in an environment where life is cheap. I think if she had been left well alone at various points in her life to enjoy what little happiness has been granted her, she wouldn't have had to play the game to such a high level. While I can see that she and LBW love each other in their own dysfunctional way, in some ways they are rather probably too much alike.
  10. Sounds like a bit of a mess But definitely not inconsistent with the rest of this show. I feel a little sorry that LBW is saddled with someone he doesn't love and he had very little say in his nuptials. It is also true that the lady in question is a lot younger and probably not exactly a meeting of minds. But there's a part of me... the sadistic side... that takes a bit of pleasure knowing that the master manipulator can be outmaneuvered some of the time. I don't dislike LBW at all actually. He scheming and plotting are a lot of fun to watch. And sometimes you need someone who will do what it takes, and get their hands dirty. However, it doesn't naturally follow that I should/feel obligated to root for him and HL His manipulative tendencies have nothing to do with why I'm not onboard that ship. Anyway, I'm really enjoying this show and watching various characters show their darker... and human sides. Not a Disney Romance that's for sure. Moreover, I'm so happy to have discovered Mao Zijun who plays Yi Ren.
  11. I guess one person's meat is another's poison. What might be dedication for someone can easily be obnoxious, overbearing and obsessive for another. Maybe I'm becoming cantankerous as I get older but the more of these Asian dramas I watch with these driven, pushy 2MLs, the less I like them. Most of them come off bordering on obsessive IMO... walking the fine line between devotion and obsession. I'm more inclined to respect a man who respects a woman's freedom to choose even if she's making a mistake. Certainly this show tends to be couched in tongue-in-cheek humour so a lot of the darker edges are muted and made more palatable. I also think there's an inconsistency in the way these male-female relationships are viewed. Apparently it's somehow more acceptable for DFS to follow BQ around like a bloodhound. It apparently shows his exclusive dedication and devotion to her. But when LQW follows CY around, she's annoying and CY is bordering on unfaithfulness because he isn't rude enough to her to put her off. (Though I'm not sure that would necessarily work) For me I like to be fair in how we perceive these male-female dynamics. I'm an equal opportunity hater I think both DFS and LQW are annoying. But I put up with them because they are firstly, examples of how the OTP are able to affect change around them... plus they are yet another obstacle that the OTP have to overcome before they achieve their happily ever after. On another point, it isn't DFS manipulativeness that bothers me (almost everyone in this show manipulates people to some degree even our beloved protagonists) but the general smug certainty of the rightness of what he's doing. Still I hope everyone's right and he becomes more likable along the way.
  12. It's interesting that you should say that... I was watching/re-watching... was it 29 or 30 last night and wondered if Bailing Er would become a romantic interest for LBW down the line. Haha... I loved how he gave her a good spanking until she admitted that she was wrong. And then like a normal kid who has been properly disciplined, she became intrigued. The shrew's been tamed. The notion that he might end up with her would be weird and wonderful.
  13. I feel like I must be watching a different show because frankly I really don't feel the love for DFS. I keep wanting someone... BQ most of all... to punch him and wipe that smug grin off his face. Sorry... not a fan. I am impressed though with how the show has managed to maintain that underlying levity even while many in the show are plotting, killing, backstabbing and avenging. I must confess the humour is what I come back for. It's nice to watch a period drama that doesn't take itself too seriously for a change. Not that I mind serious semi-historical tear jerkers but a change is as good as a holiday. I am waiting though... for someone to inflict a slow painful death on Mother Mo. Sadly I have a feeling I'm not going to get my wish. The person that I'm really impressed with in recent days in Yun Lang. He's developed so much since we first encountered him. It feels like he's matured so much compared to what he was previously and become more of a man through recent experiences. His love for BQ demanded self-sacrifice and he's certainly stepped up. He really is a man of his word and I hope... ( I don't say this often) that Dan Shi is worth it. Sure she has proven her devotion but I'm still rather sore about the way she manipulated him into matrimony. I feel I must defend YC re: his dealings with LQW. I personally don't see any kind of inconsistency. It seems to me that the kindness that he shows her comes from the same place that gave birth to the folk hero Lian Yi Ke. CY IS a softie at heart. That's how he was able to overcome his resentment for BQ in the early days and rescue her from threats time after time. His ability to show compassion and empathy is what caused BQ to fall for him. I would hate for him to become a lesser human being just because he is in a relationship with BQ. CY is a good man and if people mistake kindness for love... well... it's on them. LQW crushing on him is her problem... based on her own presumption. Anyway, he is at least drawing those boundary lines.
  14. 40somethingahjumma

    [Mainland Chinese Drama 2019] Well Intended Love 奈何BOSS要娶我

    Yes, I've heard of "My Best Friend". And it sort of makes sense. But "Great Aunt" seems so out there. Hard to see the connection. Heh. I grew up in SE Asia in the 70s and 80s. I don't remember hearing it.
  15. 40somethingahjumma

    [Mainland Chinese Drama 2019] Well Intended Love 奈何BOSS要娶我

    Despite all the family nuttiness, this show always manages to bring out all the cute and pour it on. And now that the PA and bestie are an item, we get a double dose of it. Very cute the way he plants a kiss on her to prove that he hasn't got the hots for Ling Boss. I'm glad for that scene for another reason even if it's just to demonstrate that men can be devoted to each other without having sexual overtones. I just love how the OTP prioritizes each other although I think MM is rather too nice which gets her embroiled in all kinds of drama. On the other hand, if she weren't the case LYZ wouldn't have taken notice and fallen for her. Comments about Ep. 17 By the way, I learnt a lovely euphemism today: 大姨妈 to denote menstruation/period. LOL. "Great Aunt". I might have heard it before but I don't recall.