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  1. [Mainland Chinese WebDrama 2017] Rakshasa Street 镇魂街

    It's quite interesting. Not my usual thing but I hadn't seen Jiro in anything for a while and it has that graphic novel feel to it. While I'm having fun with it, the humour is a bit of a hit and miss with me. Fascinating mythos that combines supernatural elements with sci-fish theories regarding alternate universes, Chinese military history and the Greek pantheon. Hard to believe that Jiro still looks as young as when he did in It Started with A Kiss and They Kiss Again. He's very good in this and the material makes good use of his comedic skills.
  2. Hi @bebebisous33 Thanks for the acknowledgement. I still wonder a little about HJ. I know she's shifting alliances more often than I change my socks and perhaps it is as you say. But I wonder if she has another agenda. I agree that she's probably trying to save Taeyang but I'm wondering if she's trying to save Taeyang in the event that the bad stuff gets out about her father. TBH, I'm not invested enough in that character to feel pity or be concerned about her going over to the dark side but I'm just wondering if she's got her own agenda going that includes taking down Dad. The obvious implication in VP Joo's flashback is that Chairman Cha had a hand in killing the late chairman Joo. 12 episodes later, I guess that this is where this show becomes a K drama political thriller where everyone plays musical chairs or "blow wind blow". Who knows who is really allying with whom at this point? I suppose that is becoming the real mystery. I am very interested in the Chief Prosecutor, Pentium's dad. The man plays his cards very close to his chest. He seems to be playing everyone or at least sounding each party out to see which horse he should back. One minute he seems ambitious, the next minute he seems like he's just trying to do his job without people breathing down his neck. Does he really want to run for office or is it a pretext to make people think that he's someone that can be bought so that he can take them all down? I believe him when he tells KW that he hates being JH or Taeyang's errand boy. That rings true and is consistent with his behaviour all throughout the show. So is he a man with integrity... someone who actually believes in justice or is he just another crook who wants his seat at the table?
  3. [Mainland Chinese Drama 2017] Princess Agents 特工皇妃楚乔传

    I didn't even bother trying to get the husband to watch PA with me. I had an inkling that he wouldn't like it because the political side of things was very unserious. The example you cited is proof of that. Sadly the espionage -- jiang hu angle which I liked and thought had a lot of potential also didn't go anywhere. Although I liked the framing of the icy lake scene (it's very pretty too) and share your views regarding what that poignant scene embodied in terms of the romance, it's the lack of visual payoff that we're all lamenting. Those of us who rooted for XingYue from start to finish waited a long time for her to finally acknowledge her feelings openly. It's not that she didn't know that she had feelings for him until that moment. I think she always knew how she felt about YWY. I've been chatting with @rampantwolfhound about this very thing. We both agree that the pain for us viewers is in the fact that we will never get to see them sharing everyday intimacies as a couple. We won't hear her say that she loves him and see her respond freely when they kiss. That's the biggest disappointment. But when I rant about the ending, I include the episodes that led up to the finale. Compared to them, the finale was probably reasonably good even if the editing was a dog's breakfast. I just thought that towards the end they were dragging things out for the sake of it particularly with CQ and YX. I found Sword Master on Netflix and it's pretty good. A visual feast from start to finish. All the shows I recommended are historical. Vigilantes in Masks is set during the Ming dynasty... it's really good. A Chinese version of Leverage. My second favourite China-made drama of all time. You'll fall in love with Wallace Huo. As for the Count of Monte Cristo, I recommend that people read the book. It's so good. There's a strong spiritual side that doesn't get looked at in the adaptations. It's over a hundred years old and so it's free.
  4. [Mainland Chinese Drama 2017] Princess Agents 特工皇妃楚乔传

    My husband who almost never watches C drama loves NiF. He must have watched at least 7 times right through now. I got him on to it because I really wanted to talk to someone about it when it was over. Once the show got going for him, he was hooked. He's recommended it to all kinds of people and he's the one who brings it up in conversations from time to time. It is a very talky drama but if you can persevere through it, the payoff is very satisfying. My favourite part is from Ep. 30- to the end. Well, there's no word yet that we're getting S2. Lots of rumours but I have my doubts. There was definitely serious mismanagement of this drama especially towards the end. All the elements of a good drama were there but something went awry in the post-production of it.
  5. [Mainland Chinese Drama 2017] Princess Agents 特工皇妃楚乔传

    @cenching I'm praying hard that they do. I don't usually go for xianxia dramas but for them I will. I screamed when I saw the Ping Zong Xia Ying Lu poster. I would love for them to do that instead. They would be sooo good for it. Judging from their fight scenes in PA, if anyone can replicate Damien and Michelle's chemistry, it would be them.
  6. [Mainland Chinese Drama 2017] Princess Agents 特工皇妃楚乔传

    That would be the only reason why I'd want another season of PA -- so that we can get loads of ZLY's CQ and LGX's YWY repeating that chemistry and taking it even further. I don't have much confidence in much else but those two should really be in more dramas/movies together. The only reason why I watched NIF was because someone on the internet said it was like The Count of Monte Cristo so I knew what I was in for. (And the Count of Monte Cristo is my favourite revenge story of all time) But I loved the show from the 3rd or 4th episode onwards. The first episode was a little confusing but once MCS started implementing his schemes, it was a great ride. And of course, I'm a political junkie too. I love watching people manoeuvre politically.
  7. Because at the end of the day it is a K drama. It has its own unique flavour and an ongoing story arc which Leverage didn't have while dealing with similar issues . (But you don't really need me to tell you all that ) While the characters are loosely based on the originals in terms of their roles in the team, their actual personalities diverge quite a bit. Overall they did a reasonably good job contextualizing it. My opinion is that they should have only spent about 6 episodes (max) on the insurance-airline angle and moved on to another big job. More like Squad 38. Separate and maybe somewhat related. But I'm assuming that they were wanting to draw out the conflict between MJ and the Mad Dogs although I think that they still could have maintained tensions while working on another job. I would definitely agree that the character dynamics are the best thing about this show. KW and MJ interactions are gold in part because they are well fleshed out but also the actors bounce off each other really well. I've raved on already about YJT who seems to be really great with younger actors judging from what he does here and Healer. He comes across as an actor's actor. I'm much less familiar with KDH but he's very good.
  8. Because the show uses Leverage as its template, all of things that you've raised aren't really a problem for me. It seems like they've replicated some of that quirky hip feel. The Ocean Elevens cool with lots of silly banter and gallows humour is one of the reasons why I'm enjoying it. 11 episodes later it occurs to me that MJ and HR are modelled after Hardison and Parker to a large degree. The characters and their romance were far more idiosyncratic although they did have a lot more time to develop that side of things. If they follow the usual pattern with these sorts of dramas, they will no doubt start cranking things up next week as the team gets closer to the big finale. My only real problem with the show is how they're dragging out the main arc by making the motive seemingly more convoluted than it really is. To my mind the airline-insurance conspiracy angle has been needlessly protracted although I have enjoyed these mini-scams along the way. While I enjoy the cat and mouse game that's going on between the "good guys" and the "baddies", (It is a lot of fun) it fundamentally feels like a simple matter that would have been disposed of in one or two episodes of Leverage. But seeing that this is a K drama, it's clear that they can never resist not just taking potshots at monolithic business/political entities but feel obligated to sledgehammer home the point.
  9. Although I'm a little disappointed that we're not getting the old cast and Kang Ha Neul, I like what I'm seeing from the teasers. Besides we have the same writer-director combo that gave us one of the best K dramas I've ever seen. I'd be very interested to see if they can repeat the magic with a different cast. I imagine that they're looking to tell different stories which is why they chose not to bring back the old cast. Anyway, it's OCN... I wouldn't miss it for the world.
  10. My feeling about HJ is that she's trying in her own way to protect KW and maintain her loyalty to Dad and the company. Even the trap was designed to "mitigate" a rather impossible situation. I imagine she believes that there is a way for everyone to win in this which is a bit naive but she is in love with KW to think that it's possible. Her position is an unenviable one but I think it reflects where she is presently especially because KW isn't committed to her romantically. If he were, I suspect she'd be quick to change sides. She was already prepared to walk away from the company earlier on but because KW isn't into her, she feels she needs some kind of safety net especially when the horse (or dog as the case may be) she really wants to back is off doing its own thing with other people. Everybody here is looking for a home. At the end of the day if people lose families, their natural impulse is to make their own. That's certainly the case here. I honestly love all of KMJ's recent interactions with KW. Unbeknownst to either of them, they are encroaching into each other's space and trying to "be" family to each other. KMJ's post-recovery scenes in KW's flat were really poignant. Here we have an orphan whom we all know wants to be part of something which is why he got involved with Mad Dog in the first place learning slowly what it means to be a part of a family, warts and all. Emotionally he's a bit of a basket case because he tends to revert to pushing people's buttons rather than talking to them like you'd expect adults to. This is why I don't object to blossoming attraction between KMJ and HR. If the show was doing romance for romance sake, I'd be really annoyed. But mostly I'm just amused at MJ's antics because he's an emotional klutz around HR. He's akin to a teenage boy who likes a girl in his class but he doesn't know how to approach her honestly and express his attraction except to pull her pigtails to get her attention. A reaction to his mind is better than indifference. Their push-pull is an extension of his general emotional stuntedness. He wants to be a part of Mad Dog but he doesn't want to come right out and say it lest he gets rejected. It's exactly the same thing with HR. @velvetsnowflake17 Hello dear... Lovely to see you here. Nice to be recognized and thanks for the shout out.
  11. Sure you don't want to watch episode 9 before discussing this? I think she's between a rock and a hard place right now. She's trying to be loyal to Dad and the company to prove herself but I don't think she knows the full extent of the skullduggery that's going on.
  12. Hi dear, how are you? Yeah, I've been busy with C dramas after Man to Man and nothing else in Kdramaland apart from Criminal Minds interested me so I started watching other things on Netflix and on offer from Mainland China. You need to catch up dear so that we can all have a good chat. I need to as well. I'm a bit surprised the Mad Dog isn't more popular. Maybe I shouldn't be... most of the shows I enjoy aren't hugely popular but you knew that already.
  13. [Mainland Chinese Drama 2017] Princess Agents 特工皇妃楚乔传

    Sure. From Yan Xun's point of view, I can see all of that and understand that he felt betrayed. But even if YWY came right out and told him that his father's life was in danger, would that have changed anything? What could YX have done? Go to the emperor and create more problems for himself? YX's reasonably perceptive even if he chose to close one eye to all political machinations around him. He should have gotten the hints that something was not right. Yan Shi Cheng's position was always precarious, that's why Yan Xun volunteered to go to Chang'an to protect his father as hostage. The king's paranoia was well-known. Even the Liang spies knew it and used it to help heighten tensions. It's very easy to sympathize with Yan Xun because he lost his entire family in a single day. He was a victim and just as Chun'er was the victim when she was raped. But almost everyone agrees that her own blindness about Yan Xun was in part the cause of her own downfall. Why don't we think the same with regards to Yan Xun? He grew up in Chang'an, the seat of political power in Wei mixing it up with the nobles. He had no excuse not to have any kind of finger on the pulse of what goes on except he chose not to be involved. Like Chun'er, personal happiness was his number one goal. I'm not saying he was responsible for his family's death by any stretch of the imagination... that's all on the emperor... but to blame his friend for something he should have been able to pick up on his own, is quite unfair. However, I understand that he wasn't thinking rationally there and then. As a whole I don't think YX thinks rationally until the last episode. That said, I think YWY did feel bad about not doing more but he too had his own difficulties.
  14. It's certainly one of the problems with Princess Agents, on top of everything else that went south at the end... the inconsistent subs and the odd choice of vocab here and there. Sure, they were largely functional and for the most part okay but yeah, it would have been better if DramaFever or Viki had taken it on. A lot of things went astray in translation. I should say that I'm not familiar with the story of Tribes so I can't say if 80 episodes is warranted. Even if it is, I can't be sure that they won't squander their opportunities. With three main pairings and their individual arcs I can see that a longer series might be needed to tell everyone's stories but I wouldn't be surprised if the middle sags as they usually do. All I can hope for is that we get some genuine resolution whether it be happy or tragic.
  15. Ah... I knew, I knew it. Something was up with Han Wu. So sad... but not surprising when the man has so much on his plate that he would cave to the pressure. Yeah, it's a mess but vulnerable people with money issues always fall prey to the big wigs in these dramas. In the end the big twist is that the claims manager Moo Shin who was being an obnoxious so and so in the beginning was really not such a bad guy after all. In the end he was just following the rabbit trail that he was supposed to. What lovely irony... an insurance company pulling off their own insurance scam while trying to chase down other insurance scammers. Under duress perhaps? The best part of it that the Mad Dogs are a nice family unit and take really good care of KW. They just know what he needs and what needs to be done while he's occupied elsewhere. I really like the relationship he has with Ha Ri and increasingly with MJ as well. He does "get" MJ and that indulgent smile proves it. Overall I can see a parallel dynamic with the one in Healer. The thawing of relations has begun but MJ is still on the outer fringes in every sense of that phrase. He's sort of the foreigner, the outsider in this and perhaps the writer is suggesting because of that he has a kind of clarity and distance that the others can't have. He doesn't have attachments apart from the brother he's lost but he has nothing really else to lose except his neck and feels free to do all the nutty, reckless stuff. Awww... he does like Ha Ri... The only soft spot in his tough guy shell. Very sweet of him to tell her to put the file back because he can't let anything bad happen to her. Choi Won Young is rather too good at playing psychopaths that he may start getting type cast soon. Two more episodes before I catch up.