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  1. @Bon-bon007 @triplem Hopefully it will get better for this week since the story is really good. out of topic, but but @triplem are you a ye line member too ?
  2. I don't want to say this but you are right. This casts are better than previous actor/actress that were offered the roles. Glad they declined it.
  3. @mimiseo @supergal99 they are so adorable. The drama haven't started yet but I can already feel the chemistry will be really good.
  4. Watch: Jang Ki Yong Apologizes For Liking Jin Ki Joo In New Teaser For “Come And Hug Me” D. Kim May 8, 2018 A new teaser has been revealed for upcoming MBC drama “Come and Hug Me”! See Also: Jang Ki Yong Pulls Off Various Uniforms As Police Officer Trainee On "Come And Hug Me" “Come and Hug Me” follows the romance between Chae Do Jin (played by Jang Ki Yong) and Han Jae Yi (played by Jin Ki Joo), who were each other’s first loves as children, but were torn apart because Chae Do Jin’s father killed Han Jae Yi’s parents. The two reunite in the future, with Chae Do Jin as a police officer and Han Jae Yi as an aspiring actress. The newly released preview starts off with Chae Do Jin graduating at the top of his class at a police academy. He then, however, has a flashback of his childhood, where he falls in love with his new classmate Han Jae Yi. Chae Do Jin is asked to watch over her, but his psychopath father ends up targeting her parents. Chae Do Jin apologizes to Han Jae Yi for liking her, and she promises to like him back forever no matter what happens. The end of the preview shows Chae Do Jin and Han Jae Yi as adults, with Han Jae Yi looking for him and Chae Do Jin asking her, “Can you still smile at me?” Premiering on May 16 at 10 p.m. KST, “Come and Hug Me” will be available on Viki. Check out the preview below!
  5. SPARTACE COUPLE KimJongkook-SongJiHyo

    Yeah, who is this girl? Is she just a fan? Or 'gf'?
  6. Jang Ki Yong Talks About Taking On His First Leading Role In “Come And Hug Me” J. Lim April 23, 2018 Jang Ki Yong recently opened up about appearing in MBC’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama “Come and Hug Me.” See Also: Jang Ki Yong And Jin Ki Joo Remember Their Sweet First Love For "Come Hug Me" This will be Jang Ki Yong’s first leading role in a drama and he said, “I feel both a sense of responsibility and quite a lot of pressure because this is my first leading role. All I’m thinking about is working hard till the very end.” He will be playing Chae Do Jin, a police officer who is also the son of a psychopathic serial killer. He reunites with his first love Han Jae Yi, who is the daughter of one of his father’s victims, and they learn to heal each other’s wounds and face the world again. Jang Ki Yong said, “When I first read the script, I was curious to know how taking on this interesting character will change me, and I really wanted to take the challenge on.” He also spoke highly of his fellow cast members. When asked about his first impression of Jin Ki Joo, who will play the leading female role, Jang Ki Yong said, “She felt like a very charismatic person in ‘Misty’ but her real personality is brighter and sweeter in person.” He also shared his excitement for the child actors of the show and added, “The first couple of episodes are important to set the tone of the whole drama. The child actors did so well during our script readings, so I think people should be excited.” Finally, Jang Ki Yong expressed confidence about the upcoming drama as he said, “‘Come and Hug Me’ will be the greatest healing drama of 2018. You’ll know why when you watch it.” “Come and Hug Me” will premiere on MBC on May 16. The drama will be available on Viki. http://entertain.naver.com/now/read?oid=408&aid=0000048365
  7. Jang Ki Yong And Jin Ki Joo Remember Their Sweet First Love For “Come Hug Me” K. Lew April 17, 2018 “Come Hug Me” has given viewers a first glimpse of Jang Ki Yong and Jin Ki Joo as their characters as well as their younger selves. See Also: Jang Ki Yong Talks About Taking On His First Leading Role In "Come And Hug Me" Upcoming MBC drama “Come Hug Me” released photos of the two main leads Chae Do Jin (played by Jang Ki Yong) and Han Jae Yi (played by Jin Ki Joo) treasuring their memories of first love. The drama is a romance about a policeman and actress who were torn apart when they were young due to a murder, as they reunite and embrace each other’s pain and wounds. In the photos, Jang Ki Yong is dressed in a pressed white shirt and tie as Chae Do Jin, as he gazes off into the distance. The cherry blossoms are beautifully in bloom behind him, and signal a wistful, romantic tone. Jin Ki Joo is dressed in a traditional hanbok as Han Jae Yi, and she crouches down on what appears to be a theater set. She has a small smile on her face as she remembers the happy memories of her first love. Their younger selves are also revealed in photos. Just as in Jang Ki Yong’s photo, there are cherry blossoms in bloom in this particular moment. However, their past selves have different names, as Chae Do Jin’s name tag says Yoon Na Moo (played by Nam Da Reum) and Han Jae Yi’s name tag says Gil Nak Won (played by Ryu Han Bi). A source from the drama stated, “The situation between Do Jin and Jae Yi’s young selves as they experienced first love will gradually be resolved. Their stories will unfold in a way that fits the warm spring weather, so please look forward to it.” “Come Hug Me” will air after “Hold Me Tight,” in mid-May. an Bi
  8. It's impossible to resist Dr Ye smile so I'm one hundred percent in Ye Line.
  9. https://www.soompi.com/2018/04/06/54th-baeksang-arts-awards-announces-nominees-tv-film-categories/
  10. 54th Baeksang Arts Awards Ceremony: May 3, 9.30 KST Broadcast Station: Nominees: Movie Section Best Movie: 1987: When the Day Comes The Fortress Anarchist from Colony Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds A Taxi Driver Best Director: Kim Yong Hwa (Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds) Yang Woo Suk (Steel Rain) Jang Joon Hwan (1987: When the Day Comes) Jang Hoon (A Taxi Driver) Hwang Dong Hyuk (The Fortress) Best Actor: Kim Yoon Seok (1987: When the Day Comes) Ma Dong Seok (The Outlaws) Sol Kyung Gu (The Merciless) Song Kang Ho (A Taxi Driver) Jung Woo Sung (Steel Rain) Best Actress: Kim Ok Bin (The Villainess) Kim Tae Ri (Little Forest) Na Moon Hee (I Can Speak) Son Ye Jin (Be with You) Choi Hee Seo (Anarchist from Colony) Best Supporting Actor: Kim Dong Wook (Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds) Kim Hee Won (The Merciless) Park Hee Soon (1987: When the Day Comes) Jo Woo Jin (Steel Rain) Jin Seon Kyu (The Outlaws) Best Supporting Actress: Yum Hye Ran (I Can Speak) Esom (Warriors of the Dawn) Lee Soo-kyung (Heart Blackened) Lee Ha-nui (Heart Blackened) Jeon Hye-jin (The Merciless) Best New Actor: Koo Kyo-hwan (Jane) Kim Sung-kyu (The Outlaws) Kim Joon-han (Anarchist from Colony) Lee Ga-sub (The Seeds of Violence) Heo Sung-tae (The Outlaws) Best New Actress: Nana (The Swindlers) Lee Soo Kyung (Yongsoon) Lee Joo Young (Jane) Jin Ki Joo (Little Forest) Choi Hee Seo (Anarchist from Colony) Best New Director: Kang Yoon Sung (The Outlaws) Moon So Ri (The Running Actress) Shin Joon (Yongsoon) Cho Hyun Hoon (Jane) Jeon Go Woon (Microhabitat) Best Screenplay: Kang Yoon Sung (The Outlaws) Kim Kyung Chan (1987: When the Day Comes) Eom Yu Na (A Taxi Driver) Yang Woo Suk, Jung Ha Yong (Steel Rain) Hwang Seong Gu (Anarchist from Colony) Drama Section Best Drama: TVN Mother JTBC Misty TVN Secret Forest KBS Fight for My Way KBS My Golden Life Best Director: Kim Yoon Chul (Woman's Dignity) Kim Cheol Kyu (Mother) Mo Wan Il (Misty) Shin Won Ho (Prison Playbook) Ahn Gil Ho (Secret Forest) Best Actor: Kim Sang Joong (The Rebel) Park Seo Joon (Fight for My Way) Jang Hyuk (Money Flower) Jo Seung Woo (Secret Forest) Chun Ho Jin (My Golden Life) Best Actress: Kim Nam Joo (Misty) Kim Sun Ah(Woman's Dignity) Kim Hee Sun (Woman's Dignity) Shin Hye Sun (My Golden Life) Lee Bo Young (Mother) Best Supporting Actor (new category): Park Ho San (Prison Playbook) Bong Tae Gyu (Return) Ahn Jae Hong (Fight for My Way) Yoo Jae Myung (Secret Forest) Jung Sang Hoon (Woman's Dignity) Best Supporting Actress (new category): Na Young Hee (My Golden Life) Ra Mi Ran (Avengers Social Club) Song Ha Yoon (Fight for My Way) Ye Ji Won (Should We Kiss First?) Jeon Hye Jin (Misty) Best New Actor: Kim Jung Hyun (School 2017) Park Hae Soo (Prison Playbook) Yang Se Jong (Temperature of Love) Woo Doo Hwan (Save Me) Lee Kyu Hyung (Secret Forest) Best New Actress: Kim Da Som (Band of Sisters) Kim Se Jeong (School 2017) Seo Eun Soo (My Golden Life) Won Jin Ah (Just Between Lovers) Heo Yool (Mother) Best Screenplay: Baek Mi-kyung (Woman's Dignity) Lee Soo-yeon (Secret Forest) Im Sang-choon (Fight for My Way) Jung Bo-hoon (Prison Playbook) Jang Seo-kyung (Mother) There are still 4 categories for entertainment program dan personalities. And 4 categories for popularity awards (2 in Movie Section and another 2 in Drama Section) There will 2 Daesang (one in movie and another one in drama) I don't put the entertainment program and personalities in here because it's not fit with the topic.