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  1. It's Sec Woo. It was so easy for him to enter YES apartment. He did it once in Shi Mok apartment. So I didn't doubt if he was the one who entered YES apartment.
  2. @ddeokbokkii Hi, I have guessed the murder before but I don't see my name there. So I will like to join the new one: Mastermind suspect from 3 years ago: Lee Yoon Beom The killer of Park Moo Sung: Lee Chang Joon. I think Lee Chang Joon is not a good man. He's too clever. He uses his father in law money and power to get his trust so he can have the position that he wants. And if he has it already, he will not obey his father in law anymore.
  3. Yes. Lee Chang Joon is the main suspect
  4. I don't believe anyone. Everyone seems like they have their own reasons to kill. They are all suspicious to me. But if I have to choose the main suspect: Lee Chang Joon is the who kill Park Moo Sung and his wife (without his knowing) is the one who try to kill Kim Ga Young.
  5. I like today episode. Hwang Shi Mok smiled again and Yoo Jin saw it. If it's not with Yoo Jin he won't show any emotion. Only with her, he can relax. He can trust her. She even made him smile. They really have a good chemistry. I wish they have a love line. The other clips from today episode:
  6. You have just opened a thread called "Four men" with PHJ but there is already one (right now, it is on page 2) that's why your thread will disappear.

  7. @puppyjjang @willowmyst I never even consider to watch this drama but after saw the way he looked her at that Elle Pictorial, I thought I should give this drama a chance. He's just so into her. And his eyes, his honey eyes when he looked at her just wow! I still can't believe why PBY doesn't realize that the only one that he looking at like that is her in both on and off screen. Maybe just like Bong Ki said "Everyone around you know but you're the only that doesn't know".
  8. He even tied her shoelaces. It was rarely happen. In the other dramas, the male lead tied female lead's shoes on the screen like in DOTS, My Secret Romance, Producers, Big, You're All Surrounded. But in SWDBS, PHS not AMH tied PBY not DBS shoelaces. Even though she has the coordi Unnie and manager with her but he didn't care. He tied it for her. It's also the same as in SG KTO event. He helped her, gave her his chair even though one of the staff there. Which I found cool, romantic, and sweet. It's real, not scripted.
  9. @itsmehaven @bongminhyuk when did this happen? Was it during the filming? And the men on the pic are crews or managers? They look so close together. They stick with each other even outside filming. @jowuee I spot her. You can see her through the mirror. She sat with a man who's taking the picture of those two girls. She's wearing a mask. I think it's her
  10. No hahaha... I also want them to appear in at least one variety show. Maybe Knowing Brothers will be a good one since the show is in JTBC too. Knowing Brothers members talk everything boldly so they will tease them and be matchmaker for them. They will be very shy. I already can imagine it.
  11. @Mings30 @mirela if you watch the video from viu singapore in facebook, the words come out at 14:23. You can see when PBY said it in Korean, PHS turned his face because he was too embarrassed. I don't know if I can put the facebook link here but I will DM you if you want it. You can everything that I said by yourself.
  12. After watching it by myself I don't think we should give up. I find out that there're a lot of many cute moments together not with skinship but with words. The highlight: 1. Hyung Sik helped Bo Young with her chair but he ended up adjusted his seat and gave his chair. 2. The emcee asked them about how do they feel working with each other for the first time then he said that he was nervous then the emcee asked him what make him nervous? then he answered that it's because she's too lovely. she shook her head and her hands, shy but she smiled. 3. The emcee asked Bo Young whether Hyung Sik is handsome then she answered it in English even without hearing the translation first. She said yes and Hyung Sik has the same reaction with Ahn Min Hyuk. He lowered his head. He was so shy. Hope he can sleep though after hearing that 4. The emcee asked if there's any specific scene that they remember the most and the audience answered it for them. They said it's the kissing scene. They both shy and PBY had to cover her ears. She shook her head once again. She was so shy. 5. PHS acted the 'one step closer' scene twice and PBY smiled all the way. She looked so happy. 6. The emcee said that he's jealous of PHS. PHS then asked him 'Do we look lovely together?' of course YES (personal opinion. don't mind it) The emcee then asked PHS to change sit with him but he didn't even move from his chair and he quickly said no by shaking his hands and turned body from the front to Bong Soon. So the emcee asked him 'Are you protecting her now? Do you try to protect her? That was nice. That was very sweet.' 7. Still about the 'one step closer scene'. PHS said that when they did that scene the weather was so cold so their noses and ears were red. But the emcee teased them again saying that he thought it's because they were shy. 8. The First kiss scene is really the HIGHLIGHT. They both ran away. They couldn't hold it anymore. They were so shy. They have to hide and they both was so glad that the kissing scene wasn't showed. PHS told PBY to come out from hiding. Then emcee teased them that they will do it live so the audience screamed and asked it to kiss. They were surprised. Their reactions were just speechless. 9. After the first kiss scene video, the emcee asked if he brushes his teeth before the kissing scene then he said yes but then PBY said something then made PHS shy again. She said that he's so good in kissing. She asked him to do it properly and enjoy it. 10. They talked about ski. PBY said that she's not good at skiing about she knows that PHS is good in it. The emcee asked him to teach her then he said okay. 11. PBY said that they (I am not so sure that 'they' is her and PHS) already ate chicken rice. 12. PBY said that she can become PHS tour guide for food in Singapore if he wants. Then when it's ended PHS said the he has to go to Bong Soon tour. 13. PHS doesn't call PBY 'Noona' in real life. He called her Boyoungie. and she called him Hyungsikie. It means that they are so close together. Their fan meeting makes my face blushed and it makes my heart fluttered. I feel so shy and nervous too watching the fan meeting. They both didn't show it with skinship but with words. PBY also did it pretty well. I thought they will make a distance but they didn't.
  13. There's no pic of them on the airport tonight? Their flight should be tonight, right?
  14. [Drama 2017] Strong Woman Do Bong Soon 힘쎈여자 도봉순

    can anyone tell me who's on this pic? I only recognize Hyungsik, Seol In A (Hee Ji), one of the police in GD team, Jang Mi Kwan (the kidnapper), and BS Omma friends.Is the one behind Hyungsik is Bomi?