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  1. Both of them are getting better with age...YooJung looks taller and slimmer. Hope that we can see her soon in public events and also in more CFs. As for PBG....we are constantly updated with his hosting event and Cfs and now we will see him soon in a drama. So we do see him time to time on our screen.....i wish the same for Yoo Jung too. For me now.....i wish them the best in their own individual growth / career and life. Hope that they will be more successful and give us many more meaningful dramas.However i am torn about them being together.......... because it is not in our hands...if they are destined....they will be or they will just go on their own way with others. Sometimes i wish that they either end up forever from now or meet others and then many years later end up together like SONGSONG couple. But i really hope that they won't date secretly and break up and then we never know Either date and end up forever or don't date now and meet up many years later and end up together.... So thats why now....i am just going with the flow............if it is meant to be...it will be ...or it will be with someone equally good. Good Luck with both of them ....
  2. just wondering....how will we know when they will start resuming the drama??? Still no news on the schedule of Kim Yoo Jung....
  3. hi @kkwattana its good to have you back again. Hope you are all from your illness and will see you here more often. Yes i do think that PBG was there for YG when she was sick and supported her. I believe that he did that because from the beginning i believe that he really did like her and MDBC was a big blessing for him in both making him very popular and also brought YG in his life. So definitely something is there between them...and i believe that Yg's heart has opened up during this time for PBG and i believe that she loves him very much as well now. So lets see..we will definitely will see them in some events.
  4. Hi everyone.... first of all thank you all for always coming to this thread and trying to catch with whatever news we have about BOYoo couple together or individual. Now from this month onwards until Jan 2019 i guess both of them will be busy with the shooting and promotions. So most likely we will see them more in Public but with other people. Its alright...its their job... its their heart that we should think about Anyways like @boju says... yes i do think that they do like each other and are there for each other at the moment but however whatever stage they are in their relationship, we fans will not get to know until a bit later i guess....PBG will definitely would have to wait for the some more time for YG to "age". She is still young and i feel that PBG will most likely do his Military in a year or 2 since in korean age he is 26 already. He most likely will do it either end of 2019 or 2020 in my opinion. So unless there is news of them dating some other people.....we do still have hope that they might end up together
  5. oh how i wish....our BOYOO would also reveal their feelings to us. ParkPark couple is trending the whole day today. Sometimes i wonder why there is nothing about BOYOO when i think everyone saw the closeness of them...in BTS...In Awards....But there is nothing about them being dating or been in a relationship. I think Dispatch is also Bias...i think they also sometimes have all the proof but they keep it to protect the stars involve just like they did with SINGSONG.... and i believe that they are doing for our BOYOO too because both PBG and YG is well respected and loved.
  6. well...if they are truly dating and this has come out...they can just accept it if they really love each other and get married. Anyways they are adults and its their decision... we as fans should just accept their private life. If they have found each other as love partners...i am very happy for them and hope that they settle down forever because nowadays not many find their love partners for life easily. So actually i hope that they both will admit if its true feelings if not...they should just come out and deny publicly and just end this yoyo feelings of us fans
  7. yes.... this news was so funny when later they were the ones to produce all the dating pictures in Japan and then saying that they knew all along but kept it...... But why then wrote this article
  8. Wow... @boju ... you should go.... i live too far 15 hours flight to come to Berlin If nearer...would definitely love to see them live..... And by the way felt a bit sad and happy about the news of PBG and SHK being on Various magazines in November to promote their drama....sad because why KYJ and PBG never have that kind of promotion or even a single couple shot in magazine like most drama couples have. Its strange and i always think it was because of YG's age that time but then that would not be the case because for the movie BILY...Chae Tae Hyun and KYG had photo shoot together for some magazines....
  9. I love this picture of BOYOO couple.... i feel that this is in scripted or part of a drama that is acted. It was in Public just them being them as individuals.... It was on stage with lots of eyes on them ...some right in front of them and like us on our screens miles and miles away...who hardly know them but are just wrapped up in their magic. New dramas...new work...new partners.... new roles... apart... but both supporting each other and making their whatever relationship they have stronger... this picture makes me believe in them... Its like PBG is saying" There is no one else as Special As YOU" Praying that both their dramas will do very well and will trendier 2019 and also hope that they will get awards as well..... and also hoping to see if not many but 1-2 pictures of them together
  10. LynneL

    Park Bo Gum 박보검 朴寶劍 Bak Bo-geom

    I am one happy fan with this drama leads.................i love SHK and PBG..cant wait...i hope that PBG will attend VIPs....shows...etc....please be more public.... Do you all think we will see him more now???
  11. LynneL

    Park Bo Gum 박보검 朴寶劍 Bak Bo-geom

    Hahahaha.... the kid will be of SHK previous marriage and not with PBG I think he is going to be the real love after a bad beginning...........
  12. LynneL

    Park Bo Gum 박보검 朴寶劍 Bak Bo-geom

    sorry...abit off topic....but what does preproduction and post production mean for a drama??? So does this drama mean...they will start shooting soon and only air after they have finished it???
  13. LynneL

    Park Bo Gum 박보검 朴寶劍 Bak Bo-geom

    Wow..... I am so happy that PBG decided to act with SHK. I think it will be an awesome drama full of emotions. As an actor, he should do various type of roles rather than just sweet rich manly man roles..... I think he will touch a lot of people's heart with this role..... Yes very very happy and definitely...2019 is going to be his year and its not because i think he is handsome....or cute but rather because of his power of acting.
  14. Happy Weekend everyone.... i come to this thread once in awhile just to read on Boyoo separate thread to learn about them and also this ship thread to get the latest news about them. Its surprising that its already 2 years now from their Drama and of course we saw them in couple of events together. The last one being the 2018 KDA on 31st 2017.... and then we have not seen YG anymore after she fell sick and only a few times we have seen PBG...one being Baeksang 2018 and he is always on rest and reviewing his next project He still gives us a few glimpses of his present state by coming online on his birthday...Osen V and music bank msg ....so its great that he is still up there in south koreans minds and even us international ones I feel very happy that they have touched fans with who they are and even though we don't see them much....they are still in our hearts and thoughts. I feel thats the true aura of an actor/ actress....they should leave a slight scent of them with their work like what YG wants too.... Nowadays... Yg is very active on Insta and her choice of songs are all love songs....i am a bit surprised with this because she did mention that she like rap/hiphop......but until now... i don't see much of that I feel maybe.....someone did become very dependable ( As he was always there for her)during this period when she was sick that her heart has slowly opened to LOVE .... if that is the case....i wish them the best and hope that they have a very happy loving relationship that will last the time.....and let us know when they are really ready to face the public together.( Though i think it is not the time now especially for YG) Sorry......last but not least..... COME ON GUYS......LOOK AT OUR THREAD...IT HAS MILLIONS OF VIEWS...and on Instagram....shippers are always so active with these two....so there must be something in the air that we all sense.... thousands of us just can't be wrong!!!!! So lets just wait......definitely something will be revealed GOOD LUCK .......
  15. LynneL

    Park Bo Gum 박보검 朴寶劍 Bak Bo-geom

    Hi @willenette which drama are you talking about....i hope its not with SHK....... I really hope PBG takes it...its going to be a great drama ......