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  1. HAPPY 26TH Birthday to Park BoGum.... one half our of our BOYOO ship Thank you so much for the Live msg on IG and the tweet... and we are really looking for the surprise event that you have promise us today next week..... We greatly hope that you are going to surprise us with a new project. Anyways you looked awesome and happy. Hope you have/had a wonderful 26th Birthday God bless you and your loved ones And as for YG's IG update....i had a feeling somewhere that she might update either before or on his Birthday ,,,,and there you have it...her update on the 15th She showed us her paintings of the starry starry night filled with the universe complete with stars and her inspiration ( The song: Memories By BlockB Park Hyung). Wow...she is a good artist....i mean i knew she was good at sketching but painting too??? And the song was being searched online quite a lot Maybe shippers like us were trying to find out the lyrics of the songs....and trying to find clues of her feelings...LOL. Anyways read the lyrics and find out yourself MEMORIES I close my eyes to make darkness Putting up the twinkling memories Even if they turn into after images They won’t be erased I love you, I’m sorry We used to say Let’s gradually melt into each other’s lives From the start to the end You make me realize But the difference in emotions became more serious Familarity came like a cold I used to be so happy but I got confused Now it’s hurting me I’m regretting so much I’m regretting You and I, we were special You used to bother me But today, I miss you so much I close my eyes to make darkness Putting up the twinkling memories Even if they turn into after images They won’t be erased I used to say this like a habit Work is my priority I’m going through some rough times So I pushed you away and waiting became natural to you I took you for granted, cheapening your priceless emotions I wanted an overwhelming love But when I had it, I was too overwhelmed I couldn’t handle it I’m regretting it, regretting it It’s not even an after image, it’s getting clearer I’m regretting it, regretting it It’s not even an after image, it’s getting clearer I’m regretting it, regretting it I’m not even forgetting you I’m loving you more I close my eyes to make darkness Putting up the twinkling memories Even if they turn into afterimages They won’t be erased HAPPY BIRTHDAY PBG........maybe all our BOYOO shippers wish come true no matter how long we have to wait Like from your favorite story : Little Prince. A very simple secret : It is only with the heart that one can see rightly ; what is essential is invisible to the eye. It is the time you have wasted for your rose ( YG) that makes your rose (YG) so important. I have read the Little Prince 2nd time now....and now i can understand why PBG like it. It has deep meanings
  2. Only 2 days left for PBG to turn 26 years old i guess.... I have not watch Reply 88, just a few snatches of it...... And i watched MDBC only in May 2018...hahahaha...but the acting was amazing from all the characters...especially the main leads. They were young and though it was much awaited drama for second half of 2016...there wasn't much expectations i guess because nobody knew what to expect from the 2 leads who were young as in age and as main leads. I believe this picture below was taken in the early days in July 2016.... way before more of the drama was filmed and before PBG and YG had more time to be with each other. Thats why...this picture of PBG looking teary eye....with all this longing in this eyes and touch is my favourite I know PBG is a great actor who is very good with expression.....but i personally feel that he was not acting. I love him for being so honest...............with his feeling for YG. My wish for him and her.....is hope that they will be the few blessed who end up together as life partners as they desire for each other just makes us so happy. God Bless them ( saying in PBG tag line )
  3. Kim Yoo Jung 김유정

    Finally.....we have a male lead for YG drama..... I am actually very happy for her to be able to work with an older male actor because if she is able to work with such huge gaps...she will get a lot of recognition of her acting ability and also open many more working options with all those popular male actors who are late 20s-30s. She will be offered more grown up roles. The really good actors are in these range.....so YG...fighting and hope that everyone will support her drama. I am really looking forward to 2019/2010 when all those actors like KSH come out from the army and i hope that YG will get offers to act with them....really excited for this drama now.....
  4. Kim Yoo Jung 김유정

    Yes.... really proud that though she is out from public for almost half the year....the K end industry still keeps her in the loop. We are not seeing her much but but almost every month, we have at least a mention of her from costars...surveys and challenges like this. Really proud and it shows that her popularity is really great and the people are really looking forward to her back in public again. And i think that she really did a great job of the doing the Bucket Challenge. We do understand that because of her treatment...it is not really good to be doing this and her generous contribution has tremendously helped the organization and the building. Cant wait to see her soon...counting down the days
  5. Hi @boju and everyone who enjoys visiting this thread...... This is my favorite picture of PBG... I think this was at some award function... For me ......after MDBC... when ever i see him at events or award shows by himself....i feel that half of him is not there...hehehe The picture above looks so beautiful but i feel that he is incomplete there by himself......there is someone missing...that just brings a glow to PBG and makes him so manly and complete..... Thats why i love this picture because it just gives you the feel ...........
  6. Kim Yoo Jung 김유정

    Only about 8 weeks left before August....yeah!!!!!!!!!! but still no news about the male lead,,,,,,,, hope the people are working hard behind to get a good actor or do you think that YSK actor is confirmed??? Bit puzzling..... but i guess every one is dying to catch a glimpse of YG after this half a year drought of not seeing her anywhere. Hope the day comes soon.....
  7. Hi everyone...........sometimes i also question myself: Why i am here and writing this and why am i so into what happens to these actors. Yes i am a fan of both of them...actually more of a fan Of YG then PBG. I just feel that YG is a real actor and is really passionate about acting like those Character actors...and she is someone who really is not a girly girl...and i love her loud laugh...so different from so many girls...hehehehe I am really sad when she had that health incident in dec 2016 and now in 2018. Half the year just went away because of her health issues and it is sad for me because most of us might know that her wish in 2018 was to be healthy and well. These 2 people might have seen each other from far before MDBC as they were in some similar events but don't think that they communicated. They knew each other work i guess, who wouldn't if they are in the same industry But anyways they met on MDBC and friendship began i guess. But the funny thing about after this is.....in some events like MAMA...Baeksang we saw that they are very comfortable with each other and they enjoyed each other company... but never have i read PBG saying that he is good friends with her...KWD is always mentioned...YG also always says no when PBG name is mentioned...she never said he is just a good friend....Its just a NO...full stop...nothing after this And now look.........2 years later...only these two...just doing events/CF....i guess they did get lot of offers but then YJ had the health issue and is out for another 2 months i guess....But then the funny thing is even PBG is resting as his schedule says always these few months..... For me...i might be wrong but i just think that this YG health issue really matters to PBG...i don't know...maybe as a friend or more than that...but he just wants to be around this time as she is.... rather than being committed to a drama or movie that takes a commitment of 3-5 months...and also he needs to fully focus on his role...so with his friend going through treatment...i think he is not ready to give a full focus on a new drama as he would have to be mentally ready. Thats why....my fascination with these 2 is still here....though we don't see them at the moment....i feel something is there in their private life.... even now...when we see PBG after that feb 2018 ....i personally feel....he has that more reserve look and act than before MDBC. He is more aloof/ smiles but not that very very happy smile like when YG was well.......
  8. Kim Yoo Jung 김유정

    I am new great fan of KYJ.... its not because she is beautiful.... for me i really like her beliefs... and the values that she has of what she wants in life as an actor. She doesn't really run after fame and she is happy to do acting for the sake of her love of acting. She once said that she wants to be known more for her steady acting and rather than becoming instantly a star. She is humble and i think she choses her dramas and roles based on the story/ script rather than who her costars are. Yes a handsome, popular/ good looking male costar is a bonus but i think she is not really interested in that and she is more focused on what/ how she can do justice of her role. In her role 2 years back....she had an equal role as PBG but i was bit disappointed that she was not focused much for her contribution because of her age( 17 years)... i believe that if she was of the legal age, she would have been highlighted more and got even more role offers just like PSH and Suzy do....but no worries, her days of becoming more popular is on the way. ( She is already a Laneiage model ) ....every female actors had to go this hard road...even PBG had too.... So please lets us be positive and pray for a good start for YG....she must have seen something in this role...so lets support her judgement regardless of who her costar is....i believe she is professional and will try her best to give a good chemistry.Lets hope that everything turns out good.... lets us all her fans remember her favorite phrase: " If there is something that you really like, you don't have to force it because vision will guide you to it ". Lets us all be positive
  9. Park Bo Gum 박보검 朴寶劍 Bak Bo-geom

    @thesunset..... i saw the spoiler.....what is so disrespectful about that???? i don't understand???Fans are fans.... they sometimes do things which they might want for their favorite bias.... We really don't know much about their private personal life...but sometimes we get carried away with the acting that we view on TV. Lets just support all actors/actress for all the work they do. Castings/pairings are not up to our fan hands....if its meant to be...it will be..... lets just hope that we get an awesome performance whoever they work with. Being a PBG fan....i feel that he is finally being recognized for all his talents....so i am really happy to hear any news in the media about him...because it keeps in the limelight. Really really hope that he will do something this summer as promised by him
  10. Kim Yoo Jung 김유정

    yes...really glad that she is recovering and her drama is on the way......... but personally i think it would be so much better for her as an actor to work with some other hot actors She will become more well known for her ability to work with any types of actors/ actress So i am really excited to know who is the male lead for this drama......
  11. Well...lets hope what happens next in their career and private lives..... For me... i feel like i can sense a bit of what YJ will be if she loves someone....she will be totally devoted to that particular partner like her favorite toy Ponyo.... ( She did say that she admires ponyo's single minded devotion to the boy Sosuke) unless something happens to break the relationship i guess. So if she truly likes PBG in that way now... she will definitely stick with him throughout even if he goes to Military i guess.... But for PBG.....i really don't know. He has worked hard to get where he is now....and his image that he had been portraying so far was ...kind/ nice/friendly with all ladies...doing all the cute things...definitely has attracted a lot of his female stars in his industry. He is the in demand guy at the moment...so really don't know where he stands with his feelings..... They are both young with lots of options / lots of admirers...and i personally feel that they individually will be even more popular in the future especially YG who has still time to mature and get the roles like Suzy/ Park Shin hey are getting. So i feel even if there is nothing between them now....or if they had feelings and not doing anything about it at the moment.... they won't be able to avoid each other in future...one way or the other.....they will meet... its just whether ..as friends/ co stars or lovers.
  12. so what does ....coming of age mean???? Does it mean they are now considered an adult and can do anything???? And YG will not have her mother accompanying her anymore??? Do you think that now...YG can act with more senior actors as lead ( Like LMH...KSH etc)...will be given more challenging roles???
  13. Hi @boju.... i had read before in an article when YJ was hospitalized in February that at least 6 months treatment is required for her.So thats why i guess we would not be able to see any updates until then about her. Hence thats why i guess Clean for Passion is also around October. Its going to be at least another 3 more months of waiting for YG. We might be able to see her around september/ october. As for BG, i guess ....if they are in a relationship.. wants to be with her during this difficult period for her. Everyone says...he is a very caring and kind hearted person to everyone...so i guess if it is someone that he really loves as a lover, he will definitely want to be with her....Thats my opinion....thats why he is not taking any projects and just doing his necessary public appearance. And he also worked so hard in 2016/2017..with so many FM around Asia and MC work so he also was not free. These few recent public appearance show him so matured and professional...that giggly..extra cuteness that he used to project before is not there much...dont know why??? Maybe he wants to be dependable
  14. Kim Yoo Jung 김유정

    I have read in an article around that time when she was hospitalized that it will take minimum 6 months of treatment for her illness.....hence the Clean for passion only in October. So 3 months is gone now....i guess we have to wait for another 3 months Maybe around september....until we can finally see a glimpse of her.... so fighting
  15. Kim Yoo Jung 김유정

    Hi anyone knows when she will be back in public.................its seems so long