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  1. @Jillia since you are the most knowledgeable here.... do you think YSK and Kim Yoojung will have a magazine interview together or some photo shoot??? And don't you think their chemistry is really hitting us fans??? I keep watching the photoshoot bts and that YSk putting the jacket on her so many times..... Yoojung is really an OPPA killer it seems. Cant wait for Eps 5......but i wonder how Oh sol will feel if CEO confess his feelings because until now we can see that Oh sol doesn't really think of him in that way.....
  2. YSK and his spray.. It is fantastic....it is such a joy to see them together in one frame though in life there is a huge gap but in other things...it seems that they are in sync I dont why but because of Kim Yoo jung.... Yoon Kyun Sang is shining in this drama. He really looks awesome... Is it just me ????
  3. oh my god!!!! is it just me or what... But that kiss up there looks like really as if they are a couple enjoying it...it has the feels
  4. I guess many Kdramas which have more handsome popular actor/actress with more fanbase get higher ratings...hence many kdramas now days cast at least 1 Kpop idol in the cast. This is the way every entertainment sector works i guess. We go for looks first. CleanWithPassionForNow has both leads who are like the underdog at the moment. Kim Yoojung is very young and this is her first main lead after becoming an adult. As for YSK....many people/fans were not happy when he was casted, pointing out his looks and weight etc.... Nobody actually thought much of this pairing except for few fans who had watched YSK before. ( I had not) but somehow i knew it would work out. And look it is working out well. Their Chemistry is awesome...you do get the feels when you see them together Really really hoping the next coming eps will bring the storyline more in dept...more feelings and better BGM that will touch our hearts... Would really love a really nice music with YSK and Yoojung looking loving at each other Cant wait for Eps 5...... meanwhile watching eps 2 and 3 again and again...because it is so funny !!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. @Jillia are they still shooting for the drama now??? I am so happy with both the leads... they are doing a fantastic job. I had never seen YSk drama before though i knew he acted in Doctors and Pinocchio. His acting is very good and is quite charismatic. He is manly at the same time yet soft....a warm handsome man Anyways i think the drama is getting better and i really really hope that both YSK and Yoojung will get recognization for their fantastic acting and hope that Knets will watch the drama more and the ratings start getting higher.
  6. oh my god....that GIF is my Favourite....look at Yoon Kyun Sang....he is awesome Oh....thats is just the jealous man inside him..... Dont worry...he will realize his mistake....he is a warm handsome man
  7. Hi to all.... I guess everyone is enjoying the dramas of Boyoo at the moment. I am and my mondays and tuesdays are filled with laughter and happiness. Personally i don't even know why we are comparing their choice of work. Before MDBC they have also done work which were very different. I just wish them success in their own work and hope both are healthy and give us many more interesting works in the future I am actually very much excited for what 2019 will bring for them. For Bogum...we know until june he has Asia Fan meets but wondering what Yoojung will be doing after January 15 2019
  8. Well sorry Boju.....i am the one who said Encounter is draggy.... that is my personal opinion. I have already mentioned here that Bogum will be the sucess finale of 2018 and i am very happy for him because it seems that for 2019 he will be very busy with hosting and his Asia fan meet. I guess until June/July 2019 he is very busy with his fan meet. I am actually little bit sad as well as i feel that this is a sign that he will be enlisting soon. He might do one more project or none at all before he enlists.... so i am really glad that : Encounter is doing a fantastic job with the ratings and viewership. I love SHK from Full house and she has had up and downs like Yoojung and hence she is the older version of where i wish Yoojung would achieve in future. I am also very glad for Yoojung because it seems that she is with good people who likes and takes care of her. So i hope that she enjoys filming of the drama in this cold time and have a wonderful experience and give us a pleasant ending to her drama And i know this is BoYoo shipping but as always.... it is destined whatever is to happen will happen... it is all written out who will meet in our life and who is the one in the end. Bogum's time is now....he will achieve all success and Yoojung's time is coming.
  9. I believe that in coming days we will see more everyday struggles of normal people that we can relate to. Of course it is a comedy but there is hidden depth of normal situations which i believe will touch us fans. Yoojung said that she chose this drama as the script was fun and also has a healing element in the story. As of now the ratings are average... hope that it increases
  10. YSK looking good in the cut especially his eyebrows one more day for eps 3..... can't wait to find out what will happen with these 2
  11. The chemistry between the leads are already seen the moment they met during the accident YSK is doing a fantastic job though not much physical acting but by slight movement of the facials. And both of them are very comfortable with each other.... if there was no 12 years age gap...i would wish for Yoojung to have someone like him in her life.