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  1. OH My goodness............... Clean with Passion - start Nov 26 Boyfriend/Encounter - start Nov 28 We will get lots of news and update of BOYOO though with different partners.............. November/ December/ Jan will be BOYOO months.....YIPPEE!!!!
  2. sorry guys.... for me personally...both this events are just work for them. Yes their partners are beautiful in their own way but it just didnt do it for me. BG partner in the video was pretty but just bland....and YG at Apan was like seeing her with an elder brother . Felt like she was with a family member rather than a possibly shipping couple. Something just didnt click somewhere.... to me it just felt that they were just doing their work and nothing much.
  3. i dont know about you guys..... Park bogum's song was good but i felt there was a lack of chemistry between the couple. Didnt feel the loving vibe of a couple and get the feel of meeting...breakup and reunion as it was said to portray by the video
  4. is it only me?.... but i feel that Yoojung looks so delicate and like a doll. Her hair is so long and beautiful.... and it feels that she has not aged at all....she still looks so young and delicate. As for BG....he has really matured and looks so manly now.....if you put them together...they still look so beautiful. However makes me feel that BG might still have to wait for YG to become more adult and maybe have to fight off many other males.... LOL..
  5. Hahahaha.... this was a dead give away that both Park Bogum and Kim yoojung knew that people shipped them. Looked at BG when the MC mistakenly said Kim Yoojung after him when it should have been Im Yoona.... and BG is so cute... he looked at YG and became shy and laughed....so i guess they know and they are fine with it This Video always makes me smile and makes me believe that BOYOO is REAL.
  6. This is them at the moment.....there but not there....in their own world.
  7. hahaha....i wonder if he has that bed at home... Both are working hard....hope that we can also see them relax together the year end ...
  8. yes...TVN has already started for their December Drama..... I really want to see the script reading stills....but dont know that is possible as i believe there was already pictures of the original cast way back in February.... and Mr Yung came in now....so we might not get it But really looking forward to seeing the leads together. Hope that CFNWP will be successful
  9. when will they start promoting the drama??? Or when will the teaser come out????So many other dramas also coming in November/Dec....is this the prime month???
  10. wow....even Cuba update....fans are awesome i thought maybe we wont know anything for 1 month over there. As for Skinship....it will be as required as the story i guess but most SHK drama doesnt really have that sensual skinship and still the drama does well. They are professional and they have to do what the script requires i guess. Cant wait for the the first glimpse of the teaser
  11. HAPPY 20TH BIRTHDAY TO KIM YOOJUNG. This is my favourite picture of young BOYOO. It just makes me SMILE Hope and wish that the coming year will bring lost of success...good health and happiness in both her private life and her career. I hope that she will get the opportunity as an actress with offers with diverse roles and also the chance to work with many good actors. I hope that she becomes a great actress and become very popular. My other favourite actress is SHK and she went through alot to become where she is now and she is now happily settled down with a good man and is recognised for her work. I hope and wish the same for KIM YOO JUNG. May she find a very good partner in life who loves only her and respect her too. It may be PBG or someone else...its not in the fans hand....it is all destined. The people she will meet in her life is all set out...hope she has an enjoyable and lucky life. HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
  12. Oh....Kim Yoo Jung really looked like a beautiful Barbie doll in AAA 2016. She is a chameleon ..tomboy then suddenly like a princess. And the japanese song on her IG story is really nice with a strong message. As for her private life....she seems to be enjoying her girlfriends time....wondering what about "Boyfriend"....Maybe too busy