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  1. It's strange that they didn't show preview. Evil Witch and HotHunk will not die surely... Although I don't know Emily, now a bit useless character, KaYoung said that they can send Sena to prison without her, plus now Sena knows that HotHunk-Emily have secret and she can find out without her. I didn't know what JH and GY are talking about exactly, but I guessed their theme is jealousy and KY-HyunKi living together, because they were soft and sad It's good that this living together was very short...
  2. LOL, It would be enough strange, if suddenly HyunKi and GY would like each other... A bit it's unfair to blame just HotHunk for leaving 6 years ago. Both of them was wrong for 6 years ago's case, and they said out, recognized this. If KaYoung would have wanted to take revenge 6 years ago (than now), HotHunk didn't want to divorce from her and now they would plan revenge together, joining hands. It's sad but for this DY's death needed... And HotHunk could have tried to talk with KY and convince her that she join, follow him in his revenge and not coldly leave her pregnant. Alone I didn't agree with his marriage, and this part I hate. So it's good that KaYoung wants revenge and I support her, but if she gets married, I would hate this move... But I see, they try to avoid this marriage And HyunKi said well, now GY does his work. he could have been more active and sooner... It's funny that KaYoung does the same than HotHunk 6 years ago, but a lot of people supported just her (not him)... I'm fair to both of them.
  3. Now HotHunk suffers so much and KY can't console him. He really tolerate hardly this KY-HyunKi's living together and first night. First he threw that tablet harshly to the ground after Sena's phone, then he went to his mother and he gobbled all food that he doesn't need to think or imagine, finally he went to the bridge But I hope he relaxed a bit, when HyunKi said to him that they did this acquisition proposal all night He has to trust her, KaYoung often proves that she loves just him I hope Emily really will realize what she has to do and after psychiatric treatment she will decide well, think clearly and give up... Although yet I suspect that she will die. I wonder that Evil Witch didn't take advantage of her unconsciousness and tried to kill her in the hospital. I guess because HotHunk is always there and it was risky. I loved the end, I enjoy how that policeman always takes her and he doesn't treat her kindly (I guess he knows that she is guilty and he does everything to catch her). Now we can count how many times does Evil Witch have to go to police station? I counted to six: 1. for industrial spying, stealing - first (when K and KY recorded her during making photos) 2. for kidnapping child 3. Chief Baek (when they confronted her with him) 4. Emily's accident (what Emily missed because of her suicide) 5. for industrial spying, stealing - second (when she gave in the fake data) 6. for industrial spying, stealing - third (now police took her from board meeting).
  4. Now, it's little good, that HyunKi and KaYoung just live together, they didn't get married fortunately. I loved Evil Witch's face in the end, it was perfect " fake smiling killer" attempt from KaYoung Emily's suicide is perfect example why I disapproved this contract marriage (and I'm happy that KaYoung and HyunKi don't walk on this road). Marriage is serious, tied "contract", responsibility for each other, he saved and nursed her and now she can't live without him. This was his choice, now he has to take responsibility for his stupid decisions. If Emily recovers, he can't leave her, because she will kill herself, and she is sick... I don't know how it can be solved. Although from preview I feel sorry for HotHunk on the bridge, I can see he will have some sleepless night...
  5. I agree fully Now again we get one step forward, two step backward dancing... I'm so tired of Emily, I don't feel pity. It's clear that Emily won't give up their marriage... I think really she has to die, because now HotHunk can't leave her I wouldn't like HK-GY marriage to be happened... Now KY does the same, than HotHunk did before. I disapproved HotHunk's marriage, and now I condemn KY-HK marriage too. Both of them get married, how can they be together again??? Divorce takes at least 1-2 month... It says a lot that up to now I couldn't wait for subtitle and I watched. But now first I didn't watch fully with subtitle. I begin giving up, although now just 16 episode remained...
  6. It's good that kidnapping ended quickly and it was "tiny", I don't want more... At least HotHunk could spend little time with his son, I always enjoy these dad-son scenes Fortunately HotHunk didn't let himself shake off with his son's help, when KaYoung wanted to go with cab angrily. They went out as family before Emily I knew when Emily mentioned secret, Sena would dig into... I hope HotHunk is prepared for this, because Sena will call people as last attempt from USA. Slowly there was no one left, who would help to Evil Witch... Everybody is her enemy, she can't weasel out of this, and now Jung Chairman came back I have feeling that maybe HotHunk already knows that CDB lives... I'm curious about secret, I think we will not find out this week (maybe next week). I hope we can get happy family moments and maybe there will be wedding with honeymoon and child-birth again (This is my wish, if it would be, I forgive to writer for these craziness). In the beginning KY's dad said that he wanted big wedding for his daughter (not fast, little ceremony) and KY wants to wear the glass ring on special day
  7. 84 episode: I loved that KY immediately knew that HotHunk went after Chief Baek from ad and HyunKi's phone and she went to help him. Her punch (than gangster woman) was very good I hope she will give one to Sena too... I loved when KY reassured him HyunKi's ring doesn't mean to her anything. Their son too chose his dad's ring From preview it seems we are coming closer to child kidnapping. Altough now HotHunk trusted her with showing his child's photos...
  8. I agree fully. I said the same HotHunk did more and fought for their happiness...
  9. If these new actors begin to act from 94 episode, then I guess, maybe their characters are coming from USA... I'm waiting for that moment, when they don't hold back their feelings. I can guess it will be very good and epic. I love that they understand and trust each other. They never waver, they are persistent. This is the best in them. Yet she doesn't wear HK's ring because she knows what means HotHunk's ring to them...
  10. NO WAY!!! I wouldn't happy if HyunKi and KaYoung would be together or have contract marriage. I think HotHunk wouldn't accept, because already he regretted this fake-engagement too... I watch this series for HotHunk and KaYoung, and sincerely what did Hyunki do for KaYoung??? Nothing... HotHunk always does the hard work or get hurt, everybody wait for help from him (yet KaYoung too...). He wasn't able to go to China in factories, HotHunk did instead of him. What did he do that he would deserve KaYoung?? Nothing... Yet he couldn't fight for JungBin although she would have escaped with him. I will be very-very angry, if in the end HyunKi and KaYoung would be together... I saw a lot of kdramas but I had never second-lead syndrome, I would feel to be cheated on, I watched this 100-episode craziness for them that in the end they wouldn't be together. No way...
  11. 81-82: Again 1 step forward, 2 step backward dancing... I was happy when HotHunk beat up that scumbag, who pulled out YoonSoo's hair and finally HotHunk got parental rights, they are becoming one family, then now he said goodbye to his son (I have strong suspicion that we won't get happy ending and will end with HotHunk's death) and he "gave" KY to HyunKi... Really??? Engagement??? They will get contract marriage and living together???... Just 17 episode remained and we didn't get Chief Baek, we don't know what happened in the USA and Emily-Sena is not out... Thanks and congratulations Emily (she is so stupid) that she said to Sena that there is an secret between HotHunk and her, now she will come after this and she will find out and call those people from USA....Now really we don't have time for this stupid engagement thing... I would like to see happy family scenes, but now I gave up on these moments (it seems it will be just sad to the end). Sorry, but I'm not happy with this I don't feel like watching how HyunKi and KaYoung will play "happy family" and now we will not get HotHunk-YoonSoo scene because he can't be around them... Now I feel sorry for Jung Bin the most. She proved her love for HyunKi many times, who doesn't care about her, he always forget about her, when he is with KaYoung... At least they admitted regretting divorce. Yes, it was the worst decision. One is choosing her family and secrecy against her husband and she didn't support him in his revenge (just now with her brother's death)... Other is thinking that leaving his wife, she will be in safety and she will not suffer, but he was so wrong, because KaYoung always will be his weakness, vainly he broke their relationship, Evil Witch knows about this, so she attacked KY...
  12. 80 episode: Did I miss something? I'm surprised that SongYi knew about her dad's death. I'm curious how she found out or who said to her... If she had realized from conversation of adults, they would have shown that scene. And it's a bit strange that she always mentions the email what dad wrote to mom... Maybe she talks with her dad's ghost??? Finally KY's mom let out her anger... I'm astonished how she has been able to withold her emotions so far. Emily is the same than Evil Witch. She really tries to manipulate HotHunk's mom and incite her against KY with losing factory and money??? Sorry, but it will not work out, because those stocks will be worth a lot, because they didn't lose the fight, these are just Evil Witch's weak attempts, but if she thinks she can help her little killer "chingu" in this fight. I'm curious what HotHunk would say. Immediately he would put her out from country... I loved K again Now he scolded and reminded Emily that she is not real wife and that HotHunk really is busy catching Sena... He can handle two witches well I admired that HotHunk brought gift for his son and he knew what his son would like. I guess he liked this kind of toys as child. It's not surprising. YoonSoo inherited cleverness and good handicraft, drawing from his dad (I hope writer will not forget Murano and glass sculpture...) YoonSoo's naivety, goodness comes from his mom
  13. 79: And again Sena won, but I think yet not completely... These are just desperate attempts... But there were good scenes: - HotHunk KY scene fully It was funny after his comeback he immediately send HyunKi away indirectly with his words from office... He is so jealous. His old playful himself come back a bit finally And talking with his son was so sweet. His son bragged with his dad Although I feel sorry for Evil Witch's daughter. When he bragged about his dad to her and she told that he is lucky, I almost cried. Now she can never see her dad, her mom ruined her own family completely. Because of it I hated DY's death. I knew if he dies, Evil Witch would ruin everything around his family (his company, his house, etc...). He was the interfering factor that she does harm fully to the his family. So I understood why didn't HotHunk think about KY's protection... - K Evil Witch scenes K is so fed up with Sena and his quirks for her are always funny. And his ball throwing was BINGO It's clear that he is rooting for KY. He went after her and he told HotHunk immediately about her visit 2 week passed, I think after HotHunk comeback we will get that divorce and parental rights' finalizing very soon. Again they will become one family I'm curious, when KY will know about Emily-HotHunk divorce... And I hope HotHunk will cause unpleasant surprise from China for Sena (if already HyunKi didn't do anything...)Although she realized that he isn"t in USA...
  14. 78 episode: Although HotHunk got injured I like that he and KY always come another step closer to each other I saw love-stars in KY's eyes, HotHunk fully wind her round his finger with this factory's buying. Finally their talking was so nice And her jealousy was funny. She asked immediately that Emily knows about this? I'm sure that now KaYoung will not give up easily this company, even if Evil Witch finds out about it and will try to ruin this too... I'm curious KY's dad will punch his ex son-in-law again, now that he knows that he saved and gave back the factory (what his ex daughter-in-law took away) and he went after his son's killer for revenge although he was stabbed... I think he will regret so much how he treated him badly. HyunKi and HotHunk's talking was sad HotHunk's confession about afraid of his son's hurting was so heartbreaking, specially that he was ready to die before but now that he knows about his son, he is afraid of death. His son is life-giving power to him (than to KaYoung)... I find it interesting that HyunKi quoted his words about his son and pit, what HotHunk told just his sister, JungBin (other didn't hear)... But there was another same case: After comeback KaYoung's mom told HotHunk what happened to KY (staircase accident) and she called their son as miracle before Evil Witch. She couldn't know about this, because she was examined, KY told this to just Evil Witch... But it can be explained that they told these to them... Emily was calm now, although she has much changing mood. I'm curious what happened to them in USA. Now finally their marriage has importance, they didn't get married fully for revenge, rather because HotHunk's life was in danger...I have suspicion. From their talking it seems that HotHunk worked as thug to a big boss gangster, and he betrayed, stole a lot of money from him. And I think K's dad was one of his victims and he saved him...
  15. 77 episode: I loved full father-son reunion scene: specially when he confirmed with stethoscope, that he is his dad. I admired when they walked out proudly through entrance. It was heartbreaking when after goodbye HotHunk tried to hold back his tears, but KY saw through him and she began to cry. These were the best I cried until end. I loved HyunKi's description about their meeting to first date: melodramatic And really he was right, HotHunk was nervous, he doesn't dare to hold his hand or hug his son. I hope he will be more lazy and less tense around his son later. I like that YoonSoo is so mature and he understood, that he has to wait for 2 month (although I think 1 month surely passed already, a lot of thing happened since HotHunk's comeback). I'm curious about them as parents. I have feeling that KY is stricter parent, HotHunk would be too soft and allow everything to his son. I can't wait for today's episode. From preview it seems that Evil Witch scolded KY that she sent HotHunk after Chief Baek and HotHunk will be beaten. I have feeling, that KY will save him in last moment or she will send help for him... I think she will not sit quietly knowing her temper.