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  1. This is the first how i fall for her, i have a feelin it just like i really want to protect her. This scene just look like a movie for me. Her acting really impressive that make me fall for her at the first sight.
  2. Moon Ga Young Moon Ga Young childhood picture prove her as a natural beauty.
  3. I just fall for her acting in The Great Seducer. She is just so charming. I have many second lead male crush but this is my first time to love second lead female. She is so talented. I just really like her even she is a villain. She portray the Choi Soo Ji character perfectly. I think it will be a good start for her just like Gong Hyo Jin, Lee Bo Young, Han Hye Jin, Lee Da Hae, Park Shin Hye and many of them have been play as villain and they are now become a lead female. So I believe Moon Ga Young will be like them since she is talented and she has been play in so many drama and movie so her experience will make her become a good actress. I wish after this she will get a good drama as a main lead in a prime time drama. Cant wait...
  4. Moon Ga-young From Wikipedia Korean name Hangul 문가영 Hanja 文佳煐 Revised Romanization Mun Ga-yeong McCune–Reischauer Mun Kayŏng Born July 10, 1996 (age 21) Karlsruhe, Germany Nationality South Korea Other names Moon Ka-young Education Pungmoon Girls' High School Sungkyunkwan University Occupation Actress Years active 2006-present Agent S.M. Culture & Contents Height 1.67 m (5 ft 6 in)
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