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  1. It could be the secret this whole drama is about. The hidden true identity of the father.
  2. A straw man is a common form of argument and is an informal fallacy based on giving the impression of refuting an opponent's argument, while refuting an argument that was not advanced by that opponent Other than that, again you "don't understand" my problem with your argumentation. Either you take in account that they are not siblings because that is what writer told us (which makes your point about incest invalid), or you have no ground for your argument anyway, because nothing you talk about is something that characters would be aware of. You take fault with writers for creating incestuous impression for viewers (you) but they don't, they were clear about the fact they are not siblings, you just deliberately decided to ignore it. You have to make decision whether you see only the story the characters see or you see the whole picture. Oh no, I'm wrong, you can pretend not to understand what I'm talking about. Again.
  3. @hushhh I really don't know whether you genuinly don't understand the dichotomy of your comments or you just digged your heels and think that if you will repeat it enough, I will give up pointing it out. I will not. You've said that things that characters don't know don't count and then you say that whatever you perceive writer might have in head for future is important. You simply have to make a choice. You just write the same thing over and over so the main problem didn't change. 3. Straw man, I've never said you accused him of incest (although you do talk about incest a lot). You've said he has incestuous thoughts and I called you out on that. He doesn't. As @camichi eloquently pointed out, he still believes that is how brothers feel. 4., 5. Again you talk about something characters are not aware of and by your definition it doesn't count. 6. You've just confirmed my previous statement. 6(2). Neither I nor some other people perceived it to be for writers. To cheer is word closely conected to fans not so much to writers. That is why I believe they suddenly felt the need to explain that they want a romance after the revelation characters are not siblings. Before that nobody had to explain that, it was obvious. As I already said it was another straw man you created. 7. Nobody is forcing you to support them at all, just stop trying to make people feel dirty about enjoying this couple. Which I do believe you do on purpose and also not the first time. Incest is a very powerful word and you really use it a lot (and often inappropriately). I react on you only to point out faults (and fouls) in your argument, I've never attempted to change your mind.
  4. 1. I was merely pointing out you use it wrongly. 2. Also the set up is they are not siblings and they are being lied to, but you say it can't be taken in account and build you argument on that. 3. Good, I'm glad.
  5. @hushhh I am aware that people started to include it, I am also aware that before your post how horribly incestuous the story is it is there was only one or two feeling not exactly happy with possible fauxcest storyline. Incest is one of greatest taboo and naturally nobody wants to be perceived as supporting it. I assure you that I read this discussion very carefully, I am lurker by nature. Also I'm not questioning other people's feelings, I have a problem with your wording and argumentation. My point is, that you don't get to change meaning of words to suit your narrative. Objectively there is nothing wrong in anything that happened so far and I'm sure you are aware this is KBS weekend drama that was already cautioned for harsh language so there is little to no chance there would anything actually controversial like this to happen at all. Incest is a sex between relatives. By definition. Also it can mean marriage or living as married couple which is basically euphemism for sleeping together. "I think my sister is cute" is not incestuous thought. "I think my sister is so cute I want to have sex with her" well that would be incestuous thought. If that was his sister, that is. In the mentioned scene Hye Young was also surprised how beautiful her sister was and I hope you will not accuse her of having incestuous thoughts too. So if you talk about incest you most definitely do project sex in that relationship. And your major point is, that to audience it looks like he has romantic feeling for Mi Young while thinking she is his sister? "I am recognizing that AJH is responding to his "sister" with a level of "sexual/romantic" awareness." So we are talking about your perception as viewer? While the character has no idea what is going on? And we are talking about something you think might happen in next episodes? Because of the direction you recognize from other dramas? That makes your opinion valid? By that logic and I'm sure you will agree, the fact that I know for sure they are not siblings and I am pretty sure it will show in future episodes makes my case rock solid Edit because I only now found out, that you wrote in the quotation too. Please do that or write in text under it, this is confusing. You don't seem to remember what you wrote on May 19th or maybe you think others don't remember so you can get away with that inconsistency in your argument. "It does not matter if we the audience know they are not related, the point is that they think they are related. I can support the pairing once they know they are not related especially if they use this time to get to know and care for each other on a platonic way. But to my mind cheering on "siblings" to become lovers is just ikky and transgressive." That definitely wasn't meant for writers and also I believe it was a straw man, because I don't remember anybody doing that. So you say there is no way the relationship is ok as long as those characters are not aware they are not siblings. But by that definition you cannot say there is something incestuous about the relationship, when Mi Young has no idea Joong Hee likes her and Joong Hee has no idea what he feels is anything else than having a sister. That is the sentence you didn't understand. And that is the inconsistency.
  6. @hushhh There is nothing wrong in what is happenning between Joong Hee and Mi Young at this point. It's cute, funny and totally innocent. You accuse people of normalizing something by projecting actual fact there (that they are not related), while repeatedly commenting about their relationship projecting there sexual relationship that in fact isn't there (at all). The show can't "normalize incestuous thoughts" when there is nothing like that happening. You can't tell somebody not to include something characters don't know into equation to feel good about it and do yourself just the same thing to make it look bad. That is pure hypocrisy. How is taking care of someone and thinking the person is cute unhealthy relationship? I can assure you, that I see nothing problematic with this couple and enjoy their story all the way.
  7. My favorite dancing actor Lee Joon is in Mr. Back (definitely recomend this drama if anyone is interested). It's episode 7, music is Khachaturian's Masquerade Suite.
  8. @chickfactor I don't dispute that many people get divorced, but marriage actually is a commitment. The fact that it often falls apart is a different thing. I live in a society where many people just don't marry at all and even have kids and about half of marriages fall apart. But still when you decide to marry someone, you say you want to spend the rest of your life with that person. Very few people marry to get divorced. And Cha PD is deeply insecure about the relationship and I can see why. So he wants to get married, because he sincerely wants to spend his life with her. He has the right to say that dating without a marriage as expected next step is not enough for him, if it's difficult for him to live like that. He does everything to accommodate her in any other issue, he has just one thing that he wants. I don't think it's unreasonable and she is free to make her decision. PS. I think it's normal that people break up when they realize they want different things from life.
  9. I think I'm team Cha PD on this one. She is fully entitled to choose her way of life, but so is he. If it was the other way around, I think the discussion would be about a guy that doesn't want to commit, stealing her best years now and will leave her for younger woman whenever he feels like it. From Cha PD's point of view it is just living in waiting for her to decide that she doesn't want to date him anymore. And since he really loves her, he feels like making the cut now might be less painful or at least it has already happened and he can try to move on. We shouldn't forget that it already had happened to him once and even he knows it was his mother's fault, it still left him scarred. I think he deserve some consideration for his insecurity in this matter.
  10. @RayaAplus Joong Hee is perfect with sisters, both scenes were a lot of fun. And I don't think we are alone in liking it. :) Look at the amount of views, comments and upvotes on that scene you made gifs from on Naver There are not many videos as popular as this one from this drama. I found only photoshoot with the bride and Hye Young confronting Yoo Joo (that one is probably most popular of them all).
  11. I'm sorry but I see no handmaidens in this drama. When you look at the couples, it's far from anything like that. The most selfless person in this drama is father. He is the caring heart of the family and mother is the practical brain that makes decisions and takes control. He even made her explain the situation to everybody, because he only knew that he needed to help his friend's kid. I don't think there is a need to talk about Joon Young and Yoo Joo, the woman always takes control over everything, even telling the news about baby and herself to his parents. Jung Hwan will do anything for Hye Young, anything in the relationship is happening after she desides, he even happily takes care of cooking and all he wants from her is to be with him and not leave him like she did years ago. I admit now he did something without consulting her, he entered her house to take beating from her parents. It was way too long, so I put part of it in the spoiler I'm afraid it is also way too serious for an analysis of a kdrama lol