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  1. I'm not sure where that idea that Joon isn't close with actresses came from, but he is good friend with his co-stars from Piper Chun Woo Hee and from Luck-Key Lim Ji Yeon.
  2. He never released solo song but he started to sing on his solo fanmeetings (looking forward to his upcoming, I'm curious what he will prepare, hopefully there will be some good fancams) So I can give you some fancams from previous fanmeetings. Part 1 Part 2 As a bonus there is Jungle Fish OST song he sings with Hong JongHyun (their voices are so similar in this it's better to have color coded lyrics :D)
  3. It's a bit off topic but I noticed that on this thread appeared some new Lee Joon's fans and since this drama will be soon over and in October Joon enlists, you might want to find out more about him from his previous work. I remember being new fan myself, there are many bits and pieces around, but it can be difficult to find what you are looking for, especially when you don't even know what is there to look for. I would like to help anyone who wants to know more about Joon, whether you just want his previous acting work, other solo activities or you want take it all the way including MBLAQ. I can give you links to videos (if I have them), music, pretty pictures or suggestions where to start. Also if you are not so new fan and looking for something specific. Just message me what are you looking for and you don't have to be shy, I love to share Sadly we are much more used to losing fans than gaining new, so I would love to help you survive two years of waiting. Here is a sample, but watch at your own risk
  4. It was a drama special, only one episode. It really is very good story, if anyone wants to try it, here is the subbed video on KBS World
  5. I agree, Joon always kisses appropriately to the character, the way he portrayed desperate teenager in love was captivating. Unfortunately some viewers complained that the scenes were too hot, so there were no more kisses like that after episode 3
  6. Born 1973, former E.O.S member김형중김형중
  7. KBS is so slow with cuts... here's unofficial @stroppyse please, could you translate it for us?
  8. If you want to download all 50 photos (14 couple, 14 Joon, 22 So Min) in original quality, I made a pack It's 2000x1331 so perfect wallpaper material