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  1. How long will Wednesday come again?? Why is it still Sunday? Why is it not Wednesday yet?? I can't wait for this Gif cr to supergal99 And did you guys that JKJ resembles to LSK? In some angles I feel like they're look alike.
  2. I just arrived home. Seriously... I detest sad ending or open ending or any ending which has no clear happy ending. I still can't forgive the writer for ending my previous drama with a cliff hanger style. I am well aware this is a melodrama which I have to be ready to get any kind of unhappy ending one. But still, I just want to get something happy at the end of the drama. Wait... what is he doing here??? Oh gosh.... lolololol. @Lmangla noooo... I ship him with NW!! Hottie uniform is matched to soda girl, haha.. that taekwondo girl can go with other cops. Taekwondo... haha.. I think I will sign up for it if he'll be my training partner.
  3. @supergal99 oh.. that's her. The picture didn't look too clear. Haha. Or it's a sign, a sign for me to rest my eyes, sleeping. Good news then, I like they keep the young actors longer here. They make the flashback story taking turn with the present timeline.
  4. @supergal99 no JKJ in that IG post? The trio youngsters looking so good together, geurim-gataseo, like a picture art. Is this taken for their last shooting? Hm... can't say goodbye to them yet. The lady officer is very skinny. Sleep well, I'm going to sleep soon too.
  5. @Lmangla I like that convo too. But the part he told her "we discussed this might happened since you decided to do this job (artist)" I wonder what makes her so eager to be an artist while she knows well that sooner or later people will know everything about her. I mean, whether the scene just meant as that or is there any reason or something which makes her being so hard-working like that. I wonder did his psychotic husband send it from jail? Seriously, no wonder she was taken aback. He's like a nightmare which keep haunting her and her kids as long as he's alive even he's inside the jail. I wonder will we get a flashback of it later. The preview seems showing NM goes on a tv live program or something like that, he told that his father's book is all a lie. I guess, he tried to stop circulating the book and expect to withdrawn all of them from the market as his response to the spurring protest of the family victims. But, ironically, seems like those victims keep blaming him for what his father did. I hope we get a slight 3-5 mins flashback of how they meet and work as manager and artist together like now. For now, I assumed they meet because he knows her late mother. Maybe like that or maybe not. @supergal99 thanks for the pics, aw.. what a charming smile he has!
  6. Oh gosh you girls are so fun I love that cute manager. I see that he is not just a manager for her. But he cares her as family. @Lmangla we haven't talked about the other sunbae of NW/JY. She is kinda irritating at first. Like how fake she is in front of the public. Being all angelic like but revealed to be a cactus inside. But, a slightest sorry that comes after she learns about NW past makes me think that maybe we'll get some of more back story of her past with NW's mom. I mean, I believe how well NW can see a beauty that hidden in the deepest outer mask of people around her. Because I am ready to hate her if she is just a plain cactus. The characters description shared before gives spoilers ahead that these two bonds to each other in good terms sisterhood? @supergal99 please don't take too much, or you'll be over dose, bwahahahaah. Well.. please do share more. I love seeing those goodies. @Lmangla ah.. I rewatched ep 5-6, the part where NW was found sleeping by the staff and she ran to the interview shooting, did you see that male interviewer??? Isn't he part of the permanent cast here?? He could be another motivation for us you know. P.S. @supergal99 lmangla got a typo up here, she means Nam Moo. Well, their names are pretty similar and sometimes they confuse me too. Lol
  7. @Lmangla hahahaha. This drama gives us the right thing as our motivation. Talking about the lady reporter who rides in a car, she is the one from years ago, when Nam Moo was covered by mask and then a group of reporters went after Nak Won when she came with Mo Won. I feel very sad for NM. He revealed his face to the hungry reporters to save his NW from their questions. He knows how uncomfortable and hurt she is. And NW herself also understand him very well. She felt sad seeing him and knows how he really feels. That is why, the scene of their reunion with tears and hug will be the most heartbreaking moment for the two. @supergal99 this this this... ahh.. my weak heart... This adds more motivation huh, lol
  8. @aegyoppa without any offense or direspectful feeling to them, I do feel happy that the roles finally went to JKJ and JKY. And yes to the young actors. The director did a great job in casting all of them. Their acting are all in synced so we are all feel so invested to their story. And talking about JKY, I realized he was the patient that JHS in charge in IOTL. Back then he was still so young and very handsome. Lol. Back then I wonder when can I see him as a male lead. And voilaaa.. he appears here now. Yes, MW isn't her biological brother. He was adopted by their parents. I'm curious about that flashback too. Well.. I'm not really liking melodrama actually. But this is one of the exception. And if you're here, we aren't that gloomy here. We always have something fun to get some laughs.
  9. Holaaa @aegyoppa how's life??? Oh.. nice! you watched this too? Go, finish all eps soon. This is my most fave drama now. Haha @stroppyse opps.. I mean translation. I wrote it subs ya? Error vocabulary there It's okay stroppyse. It's more than enough for me.
  10. Oh.. this is not good. Feeling very sad from last night episode. Nak Won and Nam Moo deserve happy ending writer. It's a must! I can't hold my tears any longer during the scene of NW and NM on the side of the street. The part when NW assured him to keep on living no matter how hard it would be for him, insists him to promise to stay alive. That's very sad. For NW, I think she is really like her mom, pretty inside out. I love this girl after NM. Very strong if I can say. Despite of the horrible past she experienced, she tries to bear with the trauma and live with it. She give strength to others even she herself is in pain. Such a pretty kinda-hearted person. And for NM, he is very heartbroken and hurt. Seeing him crying while thinking of his NW. My tear's rolling down even more. @stroppyse I just read your added comments about the title. Yes, agreed on that and it feels even sadder after seeing him here. Now remember to what will happen in next week episode. That reunion of them will be so heartbreaking. Now, I'm wondering about GMW. Where was he when the accident happened. I mean, only NW who was being captured. Was he at school back then? NDR is not a doubt that his acting and expression are superb! I love the part when he barged in to rescue NW. Grab NW's hand right and willing to take some hit instead of NW. I love how his vocal changed for that scene. @loveandpeace09 I think he has that secret door to teleport him like superman right there. Hahahaha. Thanks for reminding us this. This lighten up my mood now. P.S. Oh gosh.. after seeing newest bts makes my heart flutters. They revive my shipper heart to ship them! They're so playful and cheerful in there. I'm grinning like a fool watching the video. Patiently waiting for subs @stroppyse
  11. @stroppyse but we r here cheering each other so we can still get some laughs. I don't know why I love this drama that I'm pretty sure it'll break my heart later. Happy ending is a must. Enough for tragic ending. Ah.. I see. Stay well and go back safely later. Pstt... I feel like I'm burdening you if I ask translations from time to time. But very glad and thankful you did it.
  12. @stroppyse I love you!! Have you returned from your trip/work? Watch this with us, yes, yes? Kekekeke Ahhh... feeling sad for both NM and NW after knowing what they said in there. Seriously, HM comments on how DJ went crazy over a girl and ruined their family, sounds like as if their family is a normal one. Lol
  13. I think we had this kinda similar program on our national tv channel. It called "Bang Napi" in Bahasa, in English "Mr. Prisoner." The theme of the program is quite similar to what you mentioned. In every show this Mr. Prisoner (the host) will tell us his famous lines of awareness. "Crimes happen because of there is a chance for it to be done, so please stay alert!" I agree on you guys that this drama gives you de javu to other past melo-dramas and even affiliated it to some crimes movies/book too. Maybe be the writer gets some of inspirstions from there too So back to our first topic, how can the psychopath killer release his book? And why there's a publisher who agreed on releasing his book? I haven't got any subs for the preview but it seems like HW is very furious because NM keep turning his back on them and thinks he treated them as enemies. I guess the publisher purpose is not just for the money, then they can be both like this, they agrees to publish it and they also can make it as one of the literal documentary for people out there to be more aware and careful. Like having a prevention. P.S. @supergal99 is that for photo graduation?? Those are his step-mom and teen SJ. Okay.. I guess I forget to ask this and seems like I am not sure either even I have rewatched it. Is SJ isn't his half-brother? I mean.. during the run away scene, mom said that it's okay for NM since he is his father blood. But it's that way with SJ.
  14. @triplem have youu watched yesterday episode.. why I didn't see your comments of it yet. Hahaha. Or you'll binge watching it at once? Hahaha.. oh my gosh... you really want me to stay up late huh?
  15. See see see.... I told you she'll like him, well, how can't she not fall for him? NW called him from a far "yoon na moo, na moo-ya" gahhhhh.... please drama god.. just let these two be happy in the end. Jebal