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  1. stargazer187

    Add and Subtract Game

  2. stargazer187

    Add and Subtract Game

    @triplem yes yes yes!! He cheer me to clean up my room and tidy them up. Hahaa.. I'm such a slacker. Lol. 922
  3. I haven't opened the spoiler yet. So, is this the spin-off version? It is available for Chapter 1 here. How many chapters are there actually? Please do share, I will read it much later tho. Ohhhh.. Friday palli waaa... can't wait how the drama make their campus festival.
  4. @1ouise Agreed!! And about the yellow lady, lololol. You crack me up!! I like most characters here too. And Jenifer, I guess she sweat because RA knows the quote she just told to her. She amazed that the girl knows it too, maybe. I want to know about her too. And she valued people well and knows how to comfort them. I like this Jenifer. Even at first she appears to be that kinda weird and rude but after she learns the situation she quickly apologized, then it's good on me. @Mau_Cherry I am with you, I know Chan will soon get heartbroken but I hope writer can make him find some happiness too. And for the OTP, I really love the blanket morning wake up scene. I love how SR firstly opens her eyes and thought it's her dream. Lol. That's pretty sweet. There's such an electrifying chemistry sparks between them. And oh gosh.. YSJ is so pretty handsome. *hearteyes* @Yongzura @aisling hello fellas!! So good to see you here.
  5. stargazer187

    Add and Subtract Game

    What I'm thankful for. 1. Being alive and healthy. 2. My SIL is getting better. 3. Today is a payday. Lol @staygold oh Kim-saem!!! I'm waiting wed-thu because of him! Being MIA of this thread makes me wonder what is everyone watching these days. I have a list to recommend to you all, Your House Helper, ID Gangnam Beauty, Let Me Introduce Her. I have so many list but a little time to watch. Sighh... 816
  6. stargazer187

    Add and Subtract Game

    Saw this thread pops out as popular so I left my number here. And hi to everyone! How's life? 796
  7. Thanks @Mau_Cherry for the link. I read the one with Bahasa already. I like the drama first then after reading the webtoon I come to like them both. Every international fans problem, Eng sub limited. Lol
  8. Do they have webtoon with english version? I remember last time I read CITT is in English. I guess it's on chapter 53 or 56. Someone told me so. But I haven't reached that yet. Ahhh... I hope everyday is Friday and Saturday. Sighh
  9. @bebebisous33 Oh, I forgot that CY isn't ordinary clingy ex, she's very sinister and shameless. She can use that way to keep him with her. But please, I hope writer-nim won't go with this route. While here I'm hoping that the little girl that Jung took away will be brought back soon. It seems KCK also felt shocked seeing the video. The amnesiac JEH has less worries like old JEH. So in order to seek the real truth of her memories. She shouldn't be that timid and clueless. I like how she made her MIL that bibimbap. And why I feel that she hate her so much because of Jung's provocations. Ah... we need at least a preview. Why they didn't give it to us? And I wonder if they put this drama on the prime time slots, I guess more folks will tune in. The more people watch, we can get more updates shared.
  10. Me too!! But it might be JEH didn't tell her that her marriage life and her husband are not making her happy. She must show her that she's fine cause she didn't want to burden her. But please mom, how could you not notice how unhappy she is, on top of that, she knows how terrible her MIL treated her.
  11. Between HKW and Anchor-nim, I think we can see where is JEH's heart sailing to. After learning the truth about her husband and people in the house, she can't hold it anymore. For all this time she might think that her husband is fully on her side and loving her. And the fact that he takes care of her family's financial problem and all that makes her hides everything and pretend that she is a happy housewife. Seeing how heartbroken she is when she has to leave KW's house and suddenly turned to be JEH, the wife of the popular anchor-nim, I think I root her more with HKW. I am okay with the husband just because he seems loving her geuninely and my real reason is actually because of my fangirling nature, because it's JHJ. Lol And it would be so cruel to HKW to lose his love once again. Please free him from that cosmetic lady. She's irritating! @bebebisous33 I agree on your thoughts. But I don't feel the same in this part. I don't think he married her to replace his wife. Did KCK have a wife before JEH? Did I miss something? Based on his convo with Jung in ep 15-16, she warned him not to get swayed with JEH. Then he answered that it's not illegal to be swayed to his own wife. I think this reply indicates that he dated her because he fall for her, but he married her because he wants to upset his mom and there's something he after? We haven't got much details, this is basically my own assumption so it can be right or wrong later.
  12. First post here, the mystery around JEH's husband family makes me impatient. I mean what is the husband doing until he feels that anxious that his wife will screw him. And the recent revelation. Is the little girl with Sec Jung is JEH's daughter?? So that is why she got the plush toy in her dream. If the husband really loves her and wants her why he wants to keep her in the house. He seems never know that Sec Jung likes him and doing all the dirty plans behind his back.
  13. Weekend comes, drama time again. Getting some early questions answered feels great. Thanks to this JW's story chapter, I remember how all the story get started before. I like the slices of life or the struggle of a single mom, carrier woman nowadays. Some might have much free time claiming to work so hard while they have frequent free time gossiping in the restroom while fixing their make up. While the other is struggling with their work but being underrated and blindly judge as what they want. Or how they bring up the sexual assault issues in the drama which leaves us with some awareness on the importance to prevent it from happening more. Seeing how the higher up is insincere asking the real truth and even forcing the victim to keep quite for the sake of company image and business deal are really suck. I am with ahn Sajang, that company don't deserve her talent and work. Also not to forget about the suicide case too, reorganizing the messy things theme really tugs on your heartstrings. So glad that SA is finally revealing her true self and set things right. And here I'm waiting for DY to be more independent and stronger on her own to prove that she's not that dim-witted nor weak to stand up for her own problem. I hope their plan on spreading posters and all gives a satisfying result as what expected. For once, will the writer let the selfish and petty office staff, especially the girls who started the birth pill rumors and that male manager just like that. They're getting on my nerves in every scenes they appear. I like how the drama tells the characters on each episodes even the minor one gets their chance to be a meaningful part of the story. The customers, or that sweet cleaning ahjumma. Seeing from the preview next we're getting more revelation for SM and HJ. Their problem are pretty complicated, sensitive and interesting to look forward. And ohh.. I can't stop laughing on how Ahn lady blame JW while throwing DY to him. That is the best scene! I feel sorry and some sort of funny for JW being that clueless while getting some head hit in the process. Lolololol
  14. stargazer187

    The Tollgate

    So glad to be back here again. Haha.. I must miss the fun while I'm gone. Gotta read fast here and there.
  15. I'm not the type who likes to get much spoiler when it comes to drama webtoon adaptation. But after I watched 2 eps last week, I started to read the webtoon. And all I can say both creations have their own charms, it's the same but not identically copy as the original webtoon. But both are so great! I have read until ep 42 last night while waiting ep 3. Even the drama modified the characters, like MR parents, KS drama vs KS in the webtoon, they still have the original traits but they behave differently, (in a good way). Some other characters are also changed in the drama but it still keep going as what the webtoon tells. And the story timeline seems like goes much random from the webtoon. What happened in 3 eps are actually something that happened in a different timeline in the webtoon. But it feels even much more fun. I enjoy watching the live adaptation and reading the webtoon version. They're giving the same length of greatness in a different package. I hope the drama team will keep doing this till the end. The drama doesn't have to be exactly the same as the webtoon but they can keep the originality of the story. So even you have got all spoiler from reading them you still keep wondering how the drama will go like. You guys should try reading it. I think I become addicted to it. P.S. lol, Do Kyung Seok automatically connects me to D.O. and... oh... he's heading on tvn as crown prince, opps.. OT. Sorry.