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  1. stargazer187

    Add and Subtract Game

  2. Thanks for the warm welcome @bebebisous33 yes why is it so quiet. This drama thread deserves more buzz. That white hair chief prosecutor is suspicious. I'm sure he's part of the corrupted officials who help this Mr. ?. We've seen Mr. X has such a burn scar in his hand. And his voice sounds a bit rough. Hm.. who do you think he would be? Any candidate you could guess?
  3. stargazer187

    Add and Subtract Game

    I'm sending you number my add team @Sejabin what song r you singing now? People here r expecting some rain to pour down. It's been a long draught for a few months. 88
  4. @piekeboeboe did you read my spoiler discussion with @lightbringer06 above? I prefer second option of my speculations. I know they intentionally shown that to us. But it can be interpreted ambiguously. Good ending or bad ending. Lol. Well, they make us root for MY and JK so hard. I hope they don't be too cruel to crush our hopes by suddenly return to the original track. I'm really going to flip up all the tables then. Lol.
  5. stargazer187

    Add and Subtract Game

    @triplem we're watching some same shows here,from 3 to 5. But you know after I watch TSHLYE, it fully occupies my head all the time. Lol. I can't wait patiently for next Wednesday to come. Kim Moo Young, SIG's character, I think I fall under his charm. He's a bad guy but he is mesmerizing in the same time. C'mon watch this with me. For BI, I think I'm going to pass that. It didn't captivate me much after some sneak peak its clips on tvn YT. I plan for R9, but probably after one of my current watchlist is ended. 88
  6. We're so doomed! Hahaha.. I just done rewatching ep 6 for the 4th time. Lol This is from the preview right? See they're inside his house. JK's house isn't like that. Glad that MY has a companion in his birthday. I hope he'll say "don't leave. I haven't blown my candle and I can't eat all the cakes alone" aww... hahaha. I think I need to resume other ongoing dramas I followed. That way maybe time flies fast to Wednesday again.
  7. Finally caught up to the latest episode. I enjoy this show. I keep adding new show onto the pile of shows I have. Never expect that the con task force is really fun! I laughed whenever the hacker got silly during the crucial run away scenes from the thugs. LOL. I like that they keep making each episode feels intriguingly intense, it's fast paced and they successfully catch the bad guys in their missions. They care for each other like a real family. Looking like a con from the outer but they do have a sincereity and loyality. They make this drama worth to watch. Wondering who is Mr. ? that HR looking for. Since BS was killed off on that rope. I think he'll need to do the hunt longer.
  8. stargazer187

    Add and Subtract Game

  9. Viu has this show on their site I guess. It usually takes 6 hours after releasing in Korea air time. ~~~~ I started watching this last week, binged on it till the latest one. Despite of its so long episodes, I like following the struggle of DR to strive for a good life. Since this is a family drama on weekend. I guess they make it watchable for all ages. Among the four couples, I love DR and DR better and curious with the new one, MR and GR. DR will move in into Wang's house for the sake of Park Haelmoni. I'm worried for Kang ahjussi, I hope that lady haelmoni who he left DR with won't raise more suspicion by spilling it to DR or anyone. He is a good guy but becomes bad because of his hard life before. He's repent already. And he deserve to be happy to be near and getting closer to his daughter. As DY, she is nice at the beginning but when she starts pestering WYR to marry her and her true nature shown, she is really irritating! I hope to see her less in the upcoming episodes. Lol Dear KBS, Writer nim, PD-nim. Please give more DR and WYR. I love when he is being nervous around her, not knowing that he actually falls for her. Such a cute puppy.
  10. I see that and I fear for the same thing too. Note: the following could contain spoilers, don't read if you don't like it. She already entered his rooftop. I guess it's probably inside his house. He was badly beat up. So she'll help him to take care of his wounds. She'll leabe but he stops her. And..
  11. stargazer187

    Add and Subtract Game

    98 @triplem What dramas r you watching now? I also watch lots of dramas; 100 DMP, MS, DJ, and Player. I marathon all of them on weekend like this. I even added MOO starting last week. LOL. 100 episodes are really not my thing. But the story is quite interesting. See, how busy my life now. I'm multi-tasking, standby between work and my drama pleasure. And TSHLYE is my new obsession now.
  12. stargazer187

    Add and Subtract Game

    @triplem come out! Post some numbers! Ah.. don't you want to watch SIG drama?? It is so heart pounding seeing him acting a mysterious womanizer. It's not because I'm fanning over him but his anti-hero character is so mesmerizing. Right @bedifferent ? 96
  13. stargazer187

    Add and Subtract Game

    Hello @kokodus I feel you. Even now I still feel that way sometimes. But as times gone by, you'll know how to handle in this jungle of world. Himneseyo!!! Fighting! @dotonly same sky here, bright and clear morning. Not his fans? Oh.. I see. But it is so good mystery romance. The sad ending is still far away this time is still the blooming moments. +2
  14. stargazer187

    Add and Subtract Game

    Good morning everyone! How's today? The page jumped 4 pages already. Haha.. I can't keep up anymore. Btw.. do you guys watch TSHLYE? If ypu haven't, I suggest you to watch it soon! SIG and JSM are a magnet which attract your heart to root them. WARNING: it might end up with tragic or sad ending. But TRUST ME it's worth to watch. My add team, did we lose or win? Last time I saw it was 100s number. Sending you virtual strength. +2
  15. I can see that she feels so desperately worried for him until she screams histerically to stop them. I know she hold it in to herself because of SA. If this is another drama with SA as the lead and the center of the story then I would be more sympathize to her. But I guess I am quite happy that MY dumped her. I feel quite sorry for her fiancee. I guess he is sincerely loving her. He is quite pissed off when he heard MY dumped SA. I guess that is why he sent those thugs to beat him.