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  1. Why some of you think that this love story is only SH's imagination? I think there will be a happy end and their love will be an example of courage for couples who experienced same difficulties as well!
  2. In the worst scenario when moment will come the keyword will be "GROUP HUG". But i have faith in writernim!
  3. When SH cried i've cried with her in ep 13. I'll watch ep 14 maybe on sunday 'cause i dislike the mothers in this drama! The only decent mother figure in this show is the tea Lady! Hope she will talk to JH about the mess...
  4. I agree 100%. Think that Cuba's magic will come in last episode... Their chemistry is off the charts!!!
  5. Ok thanks to all the recappers as always! Now i want to think writernim will give us the best happy ending for OTP 'cause if ep 15 will be break up ep 16 will be happy 100% sure! I don't mind to wait but i demand a passionate kiss in bed for the finale!
  6. The tea lady could be the key of resolution! Writernim owe us a lot of sweet moments and if we'll not get an happy end i'll fly to Korea!
  7. If tomorrow episode will be dramatic at least hope for the finale scene to be happy!!
  8. And annoying!! I noticed JH is a persistent guy so even if SH would break up with him he will surely find out what's wrong!!
  9. Hope tomorrow the sorrow will pass... My heart breaks for SH and her situation!!
  10. I don't think they did it in Cuba! Maybe they will sleep together finally in ep 15... only my guess XD
  11. The keyword of this drama is "courage". SH and JH fought together for their happiness since episode 2. As well as yours wishes i would like also to see SH's mother get punished in some way!!
  12. Maybe she will discover them in next episode... but i think JK's mother will not give the blessing i guess...
  13. Ok folks what do you all think about another bed scene this time with another make out session? Pervy mode: ON
  14. Why i feel they will live in Cuba together in the end? It would be a great solution...
  15. So she chose himmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!! YES YES YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS This is a great great drama!! Every episode ends in a positive light so i'm 90% fond for an HE!!! Thanks to all the recappers!!!
  16. I hope so! This drama is a candy all the way with only few bitter moments. And that ex husband is really annoying!
  17. Great people in this thread! Thanks to all of you for the screencaps and recaps! Great couple, sweet episode ever but i think storm is coming for tomorrow. Maybe 2 episode of separation and after that 2 episode with marriage and children as well?
  18. I really don't see the acting here... it's so natural that i start to doubt both actor's emotions... Sorry but i really liked this love story and this couple and i don't feel bad for her real husband...