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  1. THANKS TO ALL THE RECAPPERS!! YOU'RE AMAZING CHINGUS!! The Best Drama of 2018... a relationship built since episode 1 to the end with overflowing romance! I really liked HER wedding dress... I'm in love with this couple, ottokkèèèè
  2. I really want to see their married life!! This drama gaves me diabetes How sweet proposal... but i don't mind if there'll be another hot kiss scene at least XD
  3. BIG THANKS CHINGU!!! So we'll see their married life, maybe!!! I can't wait!!!
  4. A BIG THANKS TO ALL THE RECAPPERS!!! I couldn't watch onair tonight but i really likeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the proposal!!! Seo Joon voice is amazing!!! Anyway i think there will be a pregnacy but i need to see the preview!!!
  5. Here it's still Tuesday so i have to wait more hours than you! Good for you chingu!! Here it's still one day early!!
  6. @kaoriharang Thanks a lot chingu for the preview!! I'm dying here to see YJ and Mi so wedding and maybe a little child or Mi So pregnacy!!!
  7. Any preview yet? I really want to see again their blossom romance before marriage
  8. BTS is too short!! Thanks @Ondine for posting it Anyway i really hope they'll continue with hot kisses 'cause their relationship is on the SEX level now... a pinky romance is not acceptable now!! I'm not a pervert but they'll marry soon...
  9. Yep when they walk together at night but it wasn't a sad conversation... i guess. Because after that episode was really cute... I don't know korean but @kaoriharang chingu can help us i think!
  10. I don't think so chingu 'cause her father partially approved them!! And about the office it's now crystal clear that they are dating! I think we'll get the marriage... and maybe a so called pregnacy!!