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  1. I will not watch the latest episodes... So the writer has done a perfect job to break ours hearts in the most cruel way... Bye bye writer, i will not watch another script made by you!
  2. What if JG knew about JK adoption? Maybe JK was adopted by MY parents a year before MY's mother change her life with the new religion... I really can't see the incest thing happening and i repeat myself for that. I want to believe writer will make a right decision!!
  3. It's kind of dramatic in j version... I really hope they'll not die There's so much love and desire in their relationship. This would be a drastic change for the characters... Why i'm the only one who still thinks that the ost "Star" fit exactly with the whole plot?
  4. I was thinking... JG killed MY's father but i don't see the connection with JK. Maybe JK was MY's little friend who saw all and then she ran away... Maybe their scars are not related to that day...
  5. For a korean plot it's too much romantic between them ... for this reason i really can't believe if it will turn out they are sibiling... Maybe they are cousins and still is an incest thing but i will trust writer...
  6. The worst scenario happend!! He remebered JK s a child... but i don't know if i trust the incest thing 'cause there's more to discover... And i don't understand korean so i don't think his father is connected with her mother... Maybe they are cousins -.-'
  7. So his father killed her mother?? And they are killing us softly with these sweet scenes... I can't!!! Writernimmmmmmmmmmmm
  8. What is this supposed to be? Just i can't... I can't believe for a sad ending!! This couple deserve happiness *__* Writernim pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee