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  1. So i would like to thanks all the recappers! @stroppyse as always you are our savior thanks really a lot for all the translations. It has been an emotional drama but i really liked a lot Ye Jin and Hae In chemistry!! Hope to see them work together in another drama. See you all in others threads!
  2. HAPPY ENDINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG He found her on Jeju-do and they reconcile... BTW i'm not satisfying with that final kiss!!!
  3. OMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO we got new scene on flashback!!!! JH half naked is just tooooooooooooooooo much!!!! And the kiss toooooooooooooooooo
  4. But i guess their happy moment will be very slim... my 2% is that they'll reunite 5 minutes before the end of ep.
  5. Till now the only dramas with satisfying end (that i saw) are: Secret Garden, Legend of Blue Sea and Another Miss oh! SIR would have been the fourth but with my disappointment and anger i'll cancel it from my mind
  6. I think the ending will be on that beach... they'll stare to each other and end. Surely we don't mind if they'll kiss with passion in that scene of yellow umbrella like Notebook BTW i don't think will happen. I woke up with my heart still break
  7. Totally agree! And where is this so acclaimed love from JA side? I really loved JA character but now i'm disappointed. BTW hope the final episode will include a reconfirmation of their love and a plan of a future together no matter what! From my POV writer has lost points since ep 11...
  8. Then her birthday ruined by her mother in that way... I don't understand what the hell writer has done to JA character
  9. I agree 100%!! She had not change at all. She's still insecure and her personality is weak. If she has the new guy for her mom's accomplishment it's another proof to this sentence!!
  10. Ok in my mind there's a simple concept: how do you stay with another guy, kiss him, maybe make love with him (since that is JA way to connect with a man) when you had such a romantic relationship with the man of your dreams? So it wasn't love at all? Aigooooo
  11. I agree. He deserves a better woman. It's unbelivable all the hell of scriptwriting. Sung Ho's wedding is odd and out of place! Hope they don't just smile and the end... This drama started with passion and has gone all mess up!!