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  1. I was using chinese app...there were 49k ppl watching streaming just now
  2. Because being a responsible fan is a way of loving them too.
  3. Hi all, do you think we should tune down a bit? Am afraid later other CP shippers came in and have heart attack but I do like the gutter part though
  4. I can't, that's why I went attend RL to keep myself busy n away
  5. Chingu, I watch using Hanju TV. They keeping complaining BH is ugly and whenever it is showing BH they will spam to cover the whole screen with nasty comments. Even in JCW official weibo, they bash her. But if coz there are some rational fans who defended NJH
  6. Omg...this thread is moving too fast, I went attend real life for a day and now I don't know where to pick up from, jjang jjang Stylus is official sponsor for the drama, their logo appears at the credit at the end of the show. and chingu, don't worry, JCW will not post anything tonight, because he is busy now on the way rushing to the vacation spot to send some meat for supper?
  7. Omo I like the sling bag she was carrying to the wrap up party, love at first sight same like hyunnie, my girl crush Because am watching the drama in a Chinese app, and saw all those myoppa fan keep attacking hyunnie, it's ugly. I do not want myself to turn ugly like they do
  8. Am I the only one who is not worried by the zero eye contact in the wrap up party? maybe I ship them with less expectation, if someday in the future they announced that they are an item, I will be super happy. But even if they go separate way, I'm okay. I try not be be a possessive fan.
  9. The word "left" is just an adjective in Cantonese. She meant "wanna chop off those hands, why keep playing with hands? Why he did not play with my hands instead? " She is obviously a myoppa fan
  10. I told my friend I'm feeling down today becoz the kdrama ended. My friend ask me izzit becoz of sad ending, but no...it was perfectly happy ending I started to miss both of the leads already
  11. JCW will be going to 2 KBS shows as well, got info from his weibo fan club: 16 Jul- Geurilla date at Hongdae area 18 Jul- You Hee Yeol sketchbook I like this Ji Hae x Bong Hee compilation
  12. Hi chingu, i remember wrongly, it wasn't the press con, it was the cult two show ( same day as press con). And the part that NJH impressed me was the rating promise part, not the introduction rating promise starts at 10:05 Omo omo...can anyone share the WHTMF clip?
  13. I stop going to the main suspicious partner topic because ppl are arguing about the character...so sad to see that, they even get angry and hated the character
  14. yes, I remember in the first press con, where they need to give an introduction of their new drama, JCW didn't really do well, but when NJH took over, she made a very smooth introduction. That's where I found she has very good public speaking skill Thanks chingu for helping out with the translation...hehehe and I shall continue to lurk in weibo and see whether I can find any other things and bring it here