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  1. Saw in weibo, the coffee truck was sent by her DC fans, daebak!
  2. Not sure whether this was shared before, it makes my toes curl watching it Suspicious Partner - Fifty Shades of Grey (mash up)
  3. Chingu, how come these BTS is longer than the one I saw previously, eventho I do lurk in weibo, but nvr seen these version before thanks for sharing!
  4. I ship them hard also, but part of me know it's quite difficult for the ship to sail, since JCW will enlist soon after the drama end
  5. Just notice JCW & NJH using the same makeup artist ( IG : jmy1066)
  6. Hi all, had been a silent reader of this thread...hehehe but today is Bong Bong & Min Min day, must login and support