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  1. Still no updates for that since the new show that was replaced on wgm has started last week. I hate the fact the mbc had canceled at least 3 variety shows. lol dont mind meh
  2. I was going to post this too earlier haha She really nailed it though!
  3. Also on top viewed news in naver (ranking may vary)
  4. 910+10=920
  5. Suddenly, there is an unhappy view toward Choi Min-yong-Jang Do-yeon's couple who has been living for two months on the end of the suddenly determined winter season. These were the main characters who caused a new wind of 'Woori' by living in the island of Chukhwa Island, but soon after joining, they had to leave because of the end of the season. Kim sunyoung PD of the 'WGM 4' said, "We also have been out of the season because of the sudden end of the season. I am sorry for Choi Min-yong-Jang Do-yeon's couple." "When Choi Min-yong was dismissed, I had a lot of experience in island life, so I wanted to show more." Kim said, "I wanted to do a variety of things on an island where seasonal changes are more pronounced. I wanted to capture the four seasons of the island and wanted to show more of the natural surroundings. Young people come to the island where elderly people live, and the elderly people including the fishermen are really happy as the newlyweds have moved in. " The PD said, "They were living the dream life, I can not show it all, and the production team is very sorry and sad." Choi Min-yong - Jang Do-yeon couple really had a lot of ideas. I am just so sad because the two were really active. " Kim Sun -young PD said, "I am having a lot of trouble to tell the last story of all the couples. Instead of ending with the expression "getting off," the production team is doing its best to make the ending." In particular, Choi Min-yong and Jang Do-yeon have solved the disappointment of viewers about the couple. Kim Sun-young, PD explained, "We prepared special broadcasts for those who are saddened by Choi Min-yong and Jang Do-yeon, who have received a lot of love from other couples but are inadvertently short-lived." -Okay, new article for them.Still on top 10 news. Maybe soompi will translate it later? Hihihi idk though let us enjoy the broadcast later!
  6. I agree with @Lmangla because after all mbc just want ratings (salty hihi). Come to think of it, maybe they're persuading those exec to spare them a little more thus adding the Island Couple. But still those people out there didn't feel any satisfaction with the ratings eventhough the couple is attracting fans. Srsly guys, the other show will be much suited to the Island Couple. Hahaha let's see what will happen
  7. The news about them have stayed for hours now. Still on most viewed news. Guess the korean fans hardwork on commenting somehow paid off. But still knowing the pd itself doesn't know how to re-organize everything for season 5. Phew.
  8. Another news on naver regarding to the Island Couple. Didn't try to translate it all google cause yah know messy translation. Its on top 10 most viewed news on naver. Here are some parts in the article. [스포츠조선 최보란 기자] MBC '우리 결혼했어요'가 오는 13일 시즌4 종영을 확정했다. '우리 결혼했어요'는 '가상 연애, 결혼 프로그램'이라는 새로운 장을 연 프로그램으로 2008년 시즌1의 첫 방송 이래 10년간 수많은 스타와 화제를 배출해 왔다. 프로그램이 장기화되면서 변화가 없는 포맷이 시대의 트렌드을 따라잡지 못하고 있다는 반응도 있지만, 시즌4에서는 공명-정혜성, 슬리피-이국주, 최민용-장도연 등 신선한 라인업으로 조금씩 호응을 얻어가고 있었다. 하지만 MBC 예능본부는 "오랫동안 방송해온 프로그램인만큼, 새로운 변화를 줘서 새로운 시즌을 준비하기 위해 현재 시즌4를 마무리하고 재정비하는 시간을 갖게 됐다. 끝이 아닌 새로운 시작으로 이해해달라"라며 시즌 종영을 공식화 했다. 마지막 방송은 최민용-장도연 커플의 아름답고 행복했던 순간들을 담은 스페셜 방송으로 꾸며진다. MBC 'We Are Married' confirmed the 4th season of the season on 13th. 'We Are Married' is a program that has opened a new chapter called 'Virtual Dating, Marriage Program', which has produced a lot of stars and topics over the past 10 years since its first broadcast of Season 1 in 2008. There is a response that the unchanging format is not catching up with the trend of the times as the program is prolonged. However, in season 4, the new lineup including Gong Myung - Jeong Hyosung, Sleepy - Lee Guk Joo, Choi Min Yong - Jang Do Yeon However, MBC Arts Division said, "Since it is a program that has been broadcasting for a long time, I have time to finish and reorganize current season 4 to prepare for a new season with new change. did. The last broadcast is decorated with a special broadcast about the beautiful and happy moments of Choi Min-yong-Jang Do-yeon couple. 처음에는 5월 6일로 종영이 알려졌는데, 오늘 13일 막을 내리는 것으로 공식화 됐다. 마지막 방송은 앞서 밝혔듯이 최민용-장도연 커플의 스페셜로 채워질 예정이다. 종영이 당초 알려진 것보다 한 주 미뤄져 이별을 준비할 시간이 좀 더 주어졌다. 마지막 방송을 단순한 재방송이 아니라, 좀더 스페셜하게 마무리 될 수 있도록 논의 중이다. It was first announced on May 6, but it was officially announced to be closed on the 13th. The last broadcast will be filled with the specials of Choi Min-yong-Jang Do-yeon couple as mentioned above. The officer was delayed one week earlier than originally known and was given more time to prepare for separation. The last broadcast is not just a rebroadcast, but it is being discussed to make it more special. -그럼 출연진이 시청자에게 별도의 종영 인사를 할 수 있게 된건가? 추가 촬영을 할 수 있을지, 아니면 편집적으로 의미를 전달할지 상황을 보는 중이다. 아직 확정은 되지 않았다. 박미선 씨가 3일 스튜디오에서 마지막 녹화를 하는 것으로 알려졌는데, 사실 이 또한 아직 확정되지 않은 부분이다. 어떤 형식으로 마무리 될지 구체적인 구성에 대해서도 아직 논의 중이다. 방송과는 별개로 박미선 씨를 비롯해 출연진들을 만나 제작진이 직접 감사의 마음을 전하고 작별하는 시간도 가지려고 한다. - Is it possible for cast members to give their viewers a separate greeting? I am looking at situations where I can take additional shots or deliver meaning in an editorial sense. It has not been confirmed yet. It is known that Park Mi-sun is doing the last recording in the studio on the 3rd, but the fact is also not confirmed yet. It is still under discussion about the specific composition of the format. Apart from broadcasting, I will meet with the cast members including Mr. Park Mi-sun, and the production team will have time to give thanks directly and say goodbye. -최민용-장도연 커플은 투입된지 얼마 안 됐기에 더욱 아쉬워하는 반응이 많다. '우결'에 출연해 준 모든 커플들이 다들 정말 최선을 다해 열심히 잘 해주셔서 감사하고 있다. 특히나 최민용 장도연 커플은 이제 시작이고 제작진으로서도 보여주고 싶은 것이 많았는데 빨리 이별하게 돼 미안함이 크다. 제작진이 시즌이 종료될 것을 알면서 시한부로 섭외했다는 오해받기도 하는데 그것은 절대 아니다. 두 분이 화제를 많이 끌고 와 주셨고, 덕분에 돌아섰던 시청자가 돌아오는 등 좋은 반응을 느꼈다. 하지만 MBC 예능본부의 상황과 여러 환경상 인연이 안 돼서 제작진으로서도 굉장히 아쉽다. 저희도 정말 죄송스럽고, 두 분이 그런 상황을 이해해 주셔서 감사할 따름이다. - Choi Min-yong - Jang Do-yeon Since the couple has just been introduced, there are many reactions that are more sad. All the couples who appeared in 'WGM' are thankful for doing their best with all their hard work. Especially, Choi Min-yong, Jang Do-yeon's couple started now and I wanted to show him as a production team. The production crew is misunderstood that they have come to the market with the knowing that the season is going to end. The two of you brought a lot of topics, and thanks to the viewer turned around, I felt a good response. However, it is very disappointing for the production team because the circumstances of the MBC arts headquarters and various environment relations are not available. We are so sorry, and thankful for understanding that situation. -'우결', 시즌5로 다시 오는건가? 제작진도 MBC 예능본부로부터 "다음 시즌으로 돌아오는 것으로 하고 이번 시즌은 여기서 마무리 하자"는 취지의 통보를 받고, 마무리를 준비하게 된 입장이다. 연출자로서 다음 시즌에 대해서까지 구체적으로 확답 드리기에 어려운 부분이 있다. 시즌5에 대해서는 예능본부에서 여러 상황을 종합해 판단하리라 생각한다. - 'WGM,' is it coming back to season 5? The production team also received notification from MBC Entertainment Headquarters that "I will return to the next season and finish this season here" and prepare to finish. As a director, there is a difficult part to be able to concretely tell about the next season. For Season 5, I think the arts headquarters will judge the various situations together. What if the Island Couple will be on the panel for their last ep? Since it's a special broadcast for them hihihi
  9. I just woke up and the subs are out now! Oh, its still in korean though. First, the review of the three couples in the latest ep. With the island couple being the main title. And the second was about the kaonashi ring. I even watched it too w/out subs! I'll be back later gotta watch againnnnnn It's even weird cause in the teaser, you can't even see they're going to end hahaha
  10. 2 MOST VIEWED NEWS ON NAVER (all on top 10 spot) edited: ofc cause we're living in a world of constant change hahaha probably only one news is what youre going too see later
  11. Aren't they going to have the last filming altogether on May 3? If you noticed, they always film on Wednesday.
  12. It seems like no one noticed the underrated (lol) nickname for the Island couple. It's the 6th choice after "eo-i". That's the word "geo-in" or "giant". Hahaha
  13. It was because "haenim" wasn't doyeon's callsign, should be "kkotnim" (dear flower). Thus when minyong is calling her using haenim, she didn't respond eagerly but answered in a question tone "haenim". And the rest was a cute shy minyong hahaha. Also when they're peeling the sweet potato, they both peel it and then give to each other with ofc doyeon having the bigger ones. And my take on the teaser: I really noticed that red string on doyeon's feet and also how long she needs to use when minyong is following it. I don't really want to put a big meaning behind it. But I guess doyeon got the inspiration for it on the movie "Your Name". She even mentioned it on ep 6. I'm pretty sure that doyeon will notice his sunglasses though lol just like the first meeting
  14. I was also confused for a bit. Well I think it was for them to give their comments on their last filming on the studio itself? It was weird cause it's the first it happen (as long as I know) in ending a season. I'm excited for it however it also makes me sad ughhh
  15. Actually me too, wouldn't have known the movie itself if it wasn't mentioned by doyeon. Now I mimic the kaonashi's only signature 'oh' hahaha Yes! As soon as she uploaded it, I know it was at that building. I searched Gukhwa on Google maps and found those beautiful scenery! Misun was the only left in original panel. I hope she'll explain her side at the last ep nooooo