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  1. [Drama 2017] Age of Youth 2 청춘시대 2

    I'm a silent lurker in this forum so now I'll break by telling the song SM is singing. 자자 - 버스안에서 Zaza - In The Bus
  2. I don't think HI did time travel again for once in the upcoming episodes. But how YK got the pouch and it's also broken too? It's impossible if it just slipped off on HI. Maybe it's magical then lol Or it breaks itself? The bag that HI is wearing, I suspect he got it from MakGae. Remember YK gave her other bag to MG.
  3. @flin Maybe it's a bgm that you'll find only on the album.
  4. Here's the link for pre-order: Yesasia http://www.yesasia.com/global/search/live-up-to-your-name/0-0-0-bpt.48_q.live+up+to+your+name-en/list.html On synnara http://www.synnara.co.kr/sp/sp120Main.do?categoryId=CT22104001&productId=P000402482#.Wct2pWiCzIU
  5. As of now, I didn't see any korean shops that accepts pre-orders. As I know you can find it on synnara. But there's still no trace of it. Most of the dramas I saw there were ended now. But I'll update link of someone here may do it.
  6. Someone said that they're going to have a dvd? I also noticed in naver comments promoting it. Maybe they will, I hope someone will buy from here lol
  7. Well well, should we discuss this at other forum? lol I really thought they were in the same agency since they were that close. I think I've read that here? I'm also reluctant at shipping these two. But I end up shipping them on the drama only XD hahaha And it's the same for me, Song-Song couple was the only ship that sailed. Others were forgotten in a blink of eye
  8. So it was 46th Baeksang awards! I'm currently watching it and it seems KAJ constantly being it's mc since 46th-51st awards. Jump to 6:20 And when KNG received the award jump to 1:11 KAJ wass reading his profile I think on his character in the drama QSK
  9. This maybe out of the clause but "Not Gonna Wait" is at top 11 on soribada ost chart. Seem that fans are loving this
  10. I object the count of kisses hahaha First gap - 1 Second gap (beach scene) - 6 kisses Lips+right cheek+lips+lips again+left cheek+lips The sounds are very clear lol Total seven kisses!
  11. Omg I was just scrolling down on youtube then I suddenly search tvn drama, click the homepage and the thumbnail of them KISSING? SWEAR I'M SHOCKED RN I ALMOST BUMPED MY HEAD ON THE WALL! @Yongzura thankiessss
  13. I'm actually not surprised hahaha Her shyness is just an opposite of what she really likes. Does she consider Criminal Minds really hard? Since her love for that kind of genre is great. Hoping our Kim-Kim couple will have a movie genre like this soon