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  1. I just woke up and the subs are out now! Oh, its still in korean though. First, the review of the three couples in the latest ep. With the island couple being the main title. And the second was about the kaonashi ring. I even watched it too w/out subs! I'll be back later gotta watch againnnnnn It's even weird cause in the teaser, you can't even see they're going to end hahaha
  2. 2 MOST VIEWED NEWS ON NAVER (all on top 10 spot) edited: ofc cause we're living in a world of constant change hahaha probably only one news is what youre going too see later
  3. Aren't they going to have the last filming altogether on May 3? If you noticed, they always film on Wednesday.
  4. It seems like no one noticed the underrated (lol) nickname for the Island couple. It's the 6th choice after "eo-i". That's the word "geo-in" or "giant". Hahaha
  5. It was because "haenim" wasn't doyeon's callsign, should be "kkotnim" (dear flower). Thus when minyong is calling her using haenim, she didn't respond eagerly but answered in a question tone "haenim". And the rest was a cute shy minyong hahaha. Also when they're peeling the sweet potato, they both peel it and then give to each other with ofc doyeon having the bigger ones. And my take on the teaser: I really noticed that red string on doyeon's feet and also how long she needs to use when minyong is following it. I don't really want to put a big meaning behind it. But I guess doyeon got the inspiration for it on the movie "Your Name". She even mentioned it on ep 6. I'm pretty sure that doyeon will notice his sunglasses though lol just like the first meeting
  6. I was also confused for a bit. Well I think it was for them to give their comments on their last filming on the studio itself? It was weird cause it's the first it happen (as long as I know) in ending a season. I'm excited for it however it also makes me sad ughhh
  7. Actually me too, wouldn't have known the movie itself if it wasn't mentioned by doyeon. Now I mimic the kaonashi's only signature 'oh' hahaha Yes! As soon as she uploaded it, I know it was at that building. I searched Gukhwa on Google maps and found those beautiful scenery! Misun was the only left in original panel. I hope she'll explain her side at the last ep nooooo
  8. Who knows though. Only SeulGook was confirmed by Sleepy that they will end their virtual marriage.
  9. How I wish we could see them blossom. They give and take. This episode was so light yet you can see how they managed to get used onto each others antics. Perhaps next season, cameras will be controlled outside the filming scene. Idk what it's called but one-two way angles will work too. And also the pd-nim! Haha
  10. Ooooohhh you have a point. I'm lowkey hoping that they're going back later for season 5. MBC being so rude with these couples. Hihihi I suggest guys to check out With You S2. It has the same format but focused on individuals having late marriage. Korean fans wants the island couple to appear there lol. I find it more natural especially the cameraman were lesser. Anyways, I also hate the idea that the last shooting was done hours before MY's birthday huhu
  11. Okay so I've watched today's ep on livestream! The maknae couple- Although I didnt watch it fully cause the net is kinda slow, All I can say is that they're so contented with what they have. I really hope their relationship will be stronger after wgm. Lit couple goals! SeulGook Couple- So they went to Japan for their vacation! It's cute how they wear similar coats! Both of them are blooming! Sleepy being afraid of heights even he is tall Hahahaha Island Couple- I noticed they're really getting closer! Hence, a little cute arguing happens? Hahahahaa But the preview for them is so I was right on the strawberry thingy. But the piano really shocked me!
  12. There is other pic where they take selfie together using DY's phone. It has kaonashi on its phone case haha so she owe us one pic with his hubby. I guess she will not delete it? Hahaha But still sad huhu T.T
  13. Maybe? Still no mbc statement nor it was translated on koreaboo,allkpop and soompi. But it was said yesterday that it was the last filming. Who knows how is that being last filming huhuhu. You can search it on naver but still korean. I posted it earlier. Even I have limited korean understanding, the comments we're almost the same. It's a loss/waste to let them end. Because of them they returned watching wgm. They're really look good together, the chemistry is there hence they got their nickname ChoiJang Couple. And that they should go to JTBC's With You: Greatest Love hahaha Actually a rep from that show said that it was really a loss cause it's fun to watch them. But they said it's hard to get them since they appeared in other show. All in all, I hope things will get better to this couple. They're getting popular though that's what they said hihi. A drama or other show would be great!
  14. Trans: I do not feel it yet. Everything was good. Good job, Gukhwa-do #IWillNotCry