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  1. some pict of shilla yeong bin gwan that i've search♡ source. naver lets imagine kyo get dressing here: this is bonus from dc dots haha
  2. please dispatch.. u must legally endorse songs wedding exclusive pictorial for us fans♡ D-85 https://www.koreadispatch.com/2017/08/07/song-song-couple-has-chosen-the-wedding-venue/ facebook | instagram Song-Song Couple Have Chosen The Wedding Venue Updated August 7th 2017 GMT [Dispatch] Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo have confirmed their wedding venue at the Shilla Hotel in Seoul. On August 7, the Song-Song couple’s agencies have confirmed to TV Report that “The two will get married in a private ceremony at the Yeong Bin Gwan, Shilla Hotel Seoul.” The two who have met on the set of KBS2 drama ‘Descendants of the Sun’ will tie the knot on October 31. Yeong Bin Gwan is once used for accommodate foreign VIPs, it now serves as a banquet hall for the Shilla Hotel. This 2-story traditional Korean house-style building features three banquet halls (Emerald Hall, Ruby Hall and Topaz Hall). Other celebrity couples who have tied the knots at Yeong Bin Gwan are Jang Dong Gun & Ko So Young, Kwon Sang Woo & Son Tae Young, Jun Ji Hyun and Hwang Jung Eum. Copyright©2010 dispatch korea. All rights reserved. Contact us
  3. he is so romantic https://www.koreadispatch.com/2017/07/28/song-joong-ki-made-an-appearance-on-jtbc-newsroom/ facebook | instagram Song Joong Ki Made an Appearance on JTBC ‘Newsroom’ Updated July 27th 2017 GMT [Dispatch] On July 27, Actor Song Joong Ki made an appearance on JTBC ‘Newsroom’ for the ‘Cultural Invitation’ segment. On the show, he honestly talked about the movie ‘The Battleship Island’ and his girlfriend Song Hye Kyo. The Newsroom MC started the segment by commenting that Song Joong Ki is in a process of becoming an adult. Song Joong Ki replied, “I don’t think I am not quiet there yet. I’m still in the process. I have two big events this year. So, I am having the best summer of my life now.” The MC jokingly asked, “I am aware of one event, what is the other one?” Song Joong Ki replied, “Well, I have a movie premiere and I am also getting married this year.” During the interview, he talked mainly about the movie and its influence. He was thoughtful in mentioning the delicate issue of the movie but firm with his opinions. The MC praised Song Joong Ki by saying, “I felt that you are a wise actor who improve the influence of actor.” In the end of the interview, the MC asked him the reason for choosing the ending song from an old movie, ‘The Umbrellas of Cherbourg.’ He replied, “I watched the movie a while ago and I loved the movie. And to be honest, it’s my girlfriend, whom I will marry soon, her favorite song.” Copyright©2010 dispatch korea. All rights reserved. Contact us
  4. sorry kyo but yashhh pleaseee have many kids lollll after married.. sure! what a gentleman♡ https://www.koreadispatch.com/2017/07/24/song-joong-ki-openly-talks-about-his-relationship/ facebook | instagram Song Joong Ki Openly Talks About His Relationship Updated July 24th 2017 GMT [Dispatch] Actor Song Joong Ki openly talked about his marriage announcement and how he feels about the big day. On July 24, he sat down for an interview held at a cafe in Samcheongdong. First, he was asked about preparation for his big day on October 31. He replied, “Everybody says it won’t feel real until the big day and I think we feel the same. However, when people congratulate me, it feels real. Like just now when I was walking over here, people on the street said to me ‘Congratulations!’ It feels surreal and grateful that people are sincerely congratulating me. It might sound old, but I feel like I will have to live a good life, giving back as much as I can.” He also talked about releasing the news so suddenly, even before his movie premiere. He said, “Honestly, I wanted to announce it after the movie premiered. However, life isn’t what you want it to be. So, I suggested to Hye Kyo that we should just announce it. I felt bad for having the media focus on me due to my wedding announcement instead of the movie. However, marriage is very important thing in my life and there are too many rumors that are not true about us, so I thought it’d be better to just openly talk about everything.” “On the day of the news release, me and Hye Kyo were both very excited the whole day. And I apologize for releasing the news so early in the morning even before reporters started their work for the day.” One reporter asked if Song Joong Ki is not afraid of losing some of his fans. He replied, “I’m not sure if it’s true or not, but I’d be lying if I say no. But I think marriage comes before all of that and that person is, Hye Kyo whom I felt certain that she’s the one that I want to spend the rest of my life with. I always wanted to settle down since I was young. So, everything just kinda worked out.” He then added, “I get influenced by the people around me and in my acting career, Cha Tae Hyun was my role model. I think he is the most charming actor in Korea so, I learned from him directly and indirectly. I liked his lifestyle and I respect him. He is very serious about his work and such a great family man.” One reporter jokingly asked him, “Does it mean you want to have many kids like Cha Tae Hyun? (Cha Tae Hyun is a father of three.) Song Joong Ki laughed and replied, “I will think about that after getting married.” He also mentioned about his good friend, actor Lee Kwang Soo. “Kwang Soo sent me a text message saying ‘I can’t believe that you are getting married.’ I think he was drunk.” He further talked about his wife-to-be Song Hye Kyo. He said that he gets such good influence from her. “I get influenced by her a lot. In a way, she is a senior and colleague at the same time but she is such a thoughtful person. I learn from her a lot in acting and as a person. We talk about that a lot.” “We are about to get married, and those who are already married knows that it is important to share the same values and I think we have that. I think I can continue to learn a lot from her.” The Song-Song couple starred together on KBS2 drama series, ‘Descendants of the Sun.’ After the drama, there were rumors about their relationship which they have denied twice. However, on July 5, they surprisingly announced that they are getting married on October 31. Song Joon Ki made a debut in movie ‘A Frozen Flower’ in 2008, then Song’s breakout role came in the fusion historical drama ‘Sungkyunhwan Scandal’ where he played the role of an 18th-century Joseon-era rich, indolent playboy. He has starred in dramas like ‘Deep Rooted Tree,’ ‘The Innocent Man,’ and a movie ‘A Werewolf Boy.’ Copyright©2010 dispatch korea. All rights reserved. Contact us
  5. lololll kwangsoo yaaa.. i dont mind helping you to take care uri songsongcouple kkk https://www.koreadispatch.com/2017/07/24/running-man-members-funny-comments-to-lee-kwang-soo-about-the-song-song-couple/ facebook | instagram Running Man Members’ Funny Comments to Lee Kwang Soo About the Song-Song Couple Updated July 24th 2017 GMT [Dispatch] Running Man members made fun of Lee Kwang Soo about Song-Song couple’s wedding news. On July 23 episode of ‘Running Man,’ Kim Jong Kook congratulated Lee Kwang Soo. He said, “I heard there is one more person that you will be serving.” Mentioning about his close friend Song Joong Ki’s wedding to Song Hye Kyo. Yoo Jae Suk joined in making fun of Lee Kwang Soo. He asked, “If they get married, is that mean you are hired as their private butler?” Other members joined in and said “Does it mean that now you have two bosses?” Lee Kwang Soo replied “There is no such thing!” Ji Suk Jin finished off by saying, “If there are two boss, you should ask for salary.” making everyone laugh. Copyright©2010 dispatch korea. All rights reserved. Contact us
  6. attend or not she tomorrow vip premier we know that she will always support him fully and he love her that much https://www.koreadispatch.com/2017/07/19/song-joong-ki-talks-about-his-wife-to-be-song-hye-kyo/ facebook | instagram Song Joong Ki Talks About His Wife-to-be Song Hye Kyo Updated July 19th 2017 GMT [Dispatch] Actor Song Joong Ki openly talked about his fiancee in public for the first time. He was at the press conference for the movie ‘The Battleship Island’ and though being careful, he politely answered questions about his fiancee. On July 19, during the press conference, Song Joong Ki was asked the question about Song Hye Kyo turning down the Japanese brand (known to be the war crime corporation) model proposal. He replied, “I first heard about it through the media. The first thought came to my mind was a big applause to her. I would have done the same if it happened to me.” Then he added, “I think it was a common sense. Now, she became the person that I love, and because of that I am more proud of what she has done.” He naturally referred to Song Hye Kyo as ‘the person I love.’ During press conference, director Ryoo Seung Wan was asked the reason behind Song Hye Kyo’s name on the ‘Thanks To’ list at the ending credit of the movie. Director Ryoo said simply, “Song Hye Kyo has sent a coffee truck during filming. We list everyone who has provided us with any kinds of food and beverage on our ‘Thanks To’ list.” Meanwhile, the movie ‘The Battleship Island’ premieres on July 26. Copyright©2010 dispatch korea. All rights reserved. Contact us
  7. me too will crying and shaking again like july 5 early morning when i open naver and their wedding news release haha.. and i will for sure buy that magz $_$" me ady broke for drama dvd, ost part 1 part 2, photobook, shk shoes, but still planning buy the book, the exclusive 100 photo, and the magz if there is any :/ cant help tho
  8. i trust only songs♥ and dispatch https://www.koreadispatch.com/2017/07/11/song-joong-kis-first-interview-after-the-wedding-annoucement/ facebook | instagram Song Joong Ki’s First Interview After the Wedding Annoucement Updated July 11th 2017 GMT [Dispatch] Actor Song Joong Ki talked about his wedding announcement in an interview. On July 11, SBS Night of TV Entertainment has aired the interview with the groom-to-be Song Joong Ki. The interview took place before Song Joong Ki attended the ‘Movie Talk’ to promote the movie ‘The Battleship Island.’ He arrived at the ‘Movie Talk’ set then saw the media waiting for him outside the building and approached the media voluntarily. When asked about his wedding he said, “This is first time for me so, obviously I am nervous. Since it is a good news, I hope people will give their blessing.” One reporter asked what kind of advice Song Hye Kyo gave, he replied, “She said not to be nervous since this is my movie promotion event in a while.” He also shared how they call each other. “I think we are just like any other couple. Sometimes, I call her ‘Jagiya’ (honey). But since we will get married soon, we should seriously think about how to call each other.” When asked, “What do you like about Song Hye Kyo?” Song Joong Ki replied shyly, “As many of you know, she is very calm and thoughtful person. She is such a good influence to me. To me, she’s more experienced so she gives me a lot of advice.” Lastly, “I will personally be a good person try to give back to the society. I am deeply grateful. We talked about always look around us and be thankful. We will always keep that in mind.” Congratulations Song-Song Couple! Copyright©2010 dispatch korea. All rights reserved. Contact us
  9. everyday we will have songsong news until the big D day hahahah in cloud 9 watching sjk confirm jagiya and when he look shy when he said that shk courage him not to nervous and do well *BI movie talk* omg now he can talk anything's he want bout them both bravely *i need cpr* shes so glowing https://www.koreadispatch.com/2017/07/10/song-hye-kyos-first-instagram-update-since-the-wedding-accouncement/ facebook | instagram Song Hye Kyo’s First Instagram Update Since the Wedding Accouncement Updated July 10th 2017 GMT [Dispatch] Actress Song Hye Kyo has posted a photo on her Instagram for the first time since the wedding announcement. On July 10, she has posted a selfie of herself with a friend on Instagram. The bride-to-be seems to be relaxed in casual outfit, spending time with her friend. Song Hye Kyo will marry Song Joong Ki on the last day of October, 2017. Copyright©2010 dispatch korea. All rights reserved. Contact us
  10. cant wait for the premiere bi and oct 31♡ https://www.koreadispatch.com/2017/07/08/song-joong-ki-shy-to-talk-about-his-wedding/ facebook | instagram Song Joong Ki Shy to Talk About His Wedding Updated July 8th 2017 GMT [Dispatch] On July 7, actor Song Joong Ki participated in the Movie Talk on Naver V Live with fellow co-stars and director to promote the movie, “The Battleship Island.’ First, Song Joong Ki said hello to fans and the MC told him, “You look really good today.” Song Joong Ki replied smiling, “I am nervous right now. But did something happen?” The staff on set gave him a round of applause, congratulating him on his marriage with Song Hye Kyo. Then the MC turned to actor Hwang Jung Min and said, “Song Joong Ki looks good today but you look blushed, what happened?” Hwang Jung Min replied, “Well, something happened to me twelve years ago.” Indicating that he got married twelve years ago. He then added, “Now, Song Joong Ki is on the same boat with me.” The MC corrected him by saying, “Well, can’t really say you are same as Song Joong Ki, you got married twelve years ago!” making everyone laugh on the set. Meanwhile, movie ‘The Battleship Island’ is a story about Korean laborers trying to escape from Battleship Island during Japanese colonial era and premieres on July 26. Copyright©2010 dispatch korea. All rights reserved. Contact us
  11. #staystrongkwangsoo lol https://www.koreadispatch.com/2017/07/06/lee-kwang-soo-responds-to-song-joong-kis-wedding-news/ facebook | instagram Lee Kwang Soo Responds to Song Joong Ki’s Wedding News Updated July 6th 2017 GMT [Dispatch] Actor Lee Kwang Soo and Song Joong Ki have been good friends for a long time. They often express their friendship and admiration for each other during interviews. On July 6, after the news of Song-Song couple’s wedding released, Lee Kwang Soo responded to the news by posting a photo on his Instagram. The photo was of Song Joong Ki while he was filming ‘Descendants of the Sun.’ He is in military uniform and writing something on the rock. It says on the rock, “Joong Ki ♡ Kwang Soo (Asia Prince) 2015.10.14.” Lee Kwang Soo captioned the photo, “What was this all about, then?” Meanwhile, Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo will get married on October 31. Copyright©2010 dispatch korea. All rights reserved. Contact us
  12. dispatch also just made another effort for us https://www.koreadispatch.com/2017/07/06/prologue-of-descendants-of-the-sun/ ep17 of #dots lololll drama chemistry vs real chemistry♥ facebook | instagram Prologue of ‘Descendants of the Sun’ Updated July 5th 2017 GMT [Dispatch] Song-Song couple were beautiful together in real life. The royal Yoo Shi Jin in Real Life All I can see is YOU Even in real life will be Right Behind YOU! It is happy ending for Song-Song couple, even after the drama. On coming October 31, the two will become one. On July 5, the two have officially announced their marriage. They shared their trust for each other that they started off as co-workers, developed into friends, built trust in each other and finally promised the future together. Song-Song couple was the best couple both on drama and in real life. Actually, it was sweeter in real life, as if watching the prologue of drama ‘Descendants of the Sun.’ Such as……………. Charismatic Yoo Shi Jin In real life still the charismatic Song Joong Ki Were they sweet just like the drama? Actually, polite in real life. “You are my ideal type.” We know about their chemistry on drama. We are curious about the real chemistry between Song-Song couple in real life. This type of closeness? Sorry, we weren’t able to catch that kind of closeness between the two. This kind of close eye contact? Yes, they also had the same close eye contact in real life. Are you curious about what happened on this date? There is a hint on Song Joong Ki’s letter to fans. “On the beginning of 2017, we have promised each other to spend the rest of our lives together.” Song-Song couple visited Tokyo in January. It is told that Song Joong Ki has told his true feelings to Song Hye Kyo. Maybe a propose? It makes our hearts melt watching them together in real life. Surprise by Song Hye Kyo waiting Song Joong Ki The writer of ‘Descendants of the Sun’ said that “Song-Song couple is the best fantasy in my life ever.” Yes, the Song-Song couple is for real. Is this a happy ending for us? He said to her. “How did I get so lucky to have you in my lfe?” She replied, “Maybe you have saved the world in your previous life.” They are good friends and lovers and the best partner! Wish you the best future together Song-Song!! Copyright©2010 dispatch korea. All rights reserved. Contact us
  13. dispatch also cant sleep yet lolll lets #throwback ♥ https://www.koreadispatch.com/2017/07/05/song-song-couple-praising-each-other-at-the-2016-kbs-drama-awards/ facebook | instagram Song-Song Couple Praising Each Other at the 2016 KBS Drama Awards Updated July 5th 2017 GMT [Dispatch] On July 5, the news of Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo getting married in October 31 has stirred everyone. Hence, their history together has surfaced again. On December 31, 2016, the Song-Song couple have attended the ‘KBS Drama Awards’ and received the Grand Prize together. During their acceptance speech, Song-Song couple praised and thanked each other for the awards. Now that we know the two are getting married, it brings smiles to our face watching it again. Their name have been called as the winner of 2016 Grand Prize for their roles in drama ‘Descendants of the Sun.’ They held each others hands and gave a light hug when their names were called. Song Hye Kyo was the first to give her acceptance speech. “Although the drama has gotten tremendous love and reactions from fans, but I saw the incompleteness in my acting.” Song Hye Kyo reminisced about the beginning of filming the drama. “When I first proposed of the role, Dr. Kang Mo Yeon, I had a dilemma personally. I was not sure if I was right for the role.” Then thanked the drama staff. “I want to thank my Kang Mo Yeon team and the director and writer who made all these possible.” Lastly, she said a special thanks to Song Joong Ki. “The reason why I am standing here today is because of the best partner one can ask for, Song Joong Ki. If it wasn’t for him I would not be standing here today.” Then it was Song Joong Ki’s turn to give acceptance speech. He said tearfully, “I was given the script while I was serving in the military. I want to thank the director who had trust in me.” He continued to thanked the drama staff. He said tearfully, “I was not perfect in many ways and it was them (the staff) who filled up the rest for me.” He also thanked his co-star, Jin Goo. “I was less experienced and made so many mistakes on set, but you were there behind me throughout. Thank you so much.” Then he looked at Song Hye Kyo. “My nickname on set was a ‘crying baby.’ I cried a lot whenever I was stressed on set and every time there was a person who was right next to me.” “To me, she is a great senior to look up to, and the most beautiful and lovely partner. I give all my credit and honor of this award to my beautiful partner Hye Kyo nuna.” How sweet and respectful are they to each other. Copyright©2010 dispatch korea. All rights reserved. Contact us
  14. thank you for #respectsongsongcouple and #supportsongsongcouple dispatch♥ i cant help crying again reading their heartfelt letter♥ https://www.koreadispatch.com/2017/07/05/song-joong-ki-shares-his-marriage-news-with-fans/ https://www.koreadispatch.com/2017/07/05/song-hye-kyo-shares-her-big-news-with-fans/ facebook | instagram Song Joong Ki Shares His Marriage News with Fans Updated July 5th 2017 GMT [Dispatch] On July 5, the news of Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo getting married in October 31, 2017 was released through their agencies. Soon after the news, Song Joong Ki has released an official letter to his fans about the news. Below is Song Joong Ki’s Official Letter Fully Translated. “Hello, This is Joong Ki. It’s been a long time since I’ve said hello to you. Though I am more nervous than ever right now, the reason why I am writing to you is because I want the blessings from you before anyone else and I want to share my true feelings. Recently, I have been blessed to be a part of a great drama and was given tremendous love from fans that was the happiest days of my life. Through those happy moments, I gained another precious friend whom I shared my true feelings and we have developed into a loving relationship. On the beginning day of 2017, we have promised each other to spend the rest of our lives together and to fill each other’s incompleteness with love and to start our new life together, I will marry actress Song Hye Kyo on the last day of October, 2017. I understand this abrupt news might have caused my dear fans some discomfort. I wanted to share this happy news with you as soon as possible, however, this is a matter that just not involve one person but two and further family’s opinion was very important to me. So, it was a situation that needs to be dealt carefully and thoughtfully. Also, a movie where tremendous amount of efforts and passions were put into was about to premiere and I did not want to be any harm to the production staff and fellow actors due to my personal life. I sincerely ask for your kind understanding, if I have seen to be a less-understanding self, I apologize. The promise I made with myself when I first started acting comes to mind. Being an actor, I wanted to be a person who can be a better self embracing my surroundings rather than moving up the ladder and be a celebrity that is not so high up but rather be closer to fans, be friendlier, be kind and be more responsible. I have heard this phrase that life is not about speed but rather about direction. I will take it step by step, remembering the true values you have taught me, try to be wise and learn about the beautiful surroundings that I have been missing, the real values and about people. I ask you to support my values and cheer for me. I will live with my words and be a better actor and a better family man. Please give your blessing to the two of us. Thank you.” -Song Joong Ki Copyright©2010 dispatch korea. All rights reserved. Contact us facebook | instagram Song Hye Kyo Shares Her Big News with Fans Updated July 5th 2017 GMT [Dispatch] Song Hye Kyo released an official letter to her fans about Song-Song couple’s marriage news. Below is the full letter translated. “Hi, This is Hye Kyo. It’s been a long time since I said hello to Sunflower. I wanted to share a personal message here first, a place where I have been connecting with my fans since my debut. You must have been shocked to hear my marriage news today. I understand that you may think I lacked the respect for my fans and you could have been surprised, but I sincerely hope that you can understand me with an open heart. Joongki and I were first co-workers who had really good chemistry. Throughout filming, I realized we had similar values and thoughts and we could talk about everything and anything with each other. He was a good co-worker and a good friend to me, so we kept on touch after finishing the drama and we spent time to get to know each other better. For a long time after that, he has continuously shown me faith and trust that I began to think that I could spend my future with him. I was grateful for his true feelings and I grew confident in him. I wanted to share my marriage news with my fans first but because it is not just about myself that I had to be extra careful. I am really nervous right now sharing the news so suddenly but I trust that you will support me. You have been with me throughout my career supporting and trusting my decisions so I hope you continue to show me support and love. Once again, I am truly grateful to my fans who have been patiently waiting for me to tell you the news myself. Since now it will not be just me, but the two of us, I will take this opportunity to look around and be a positive influence. Please give us your warm blessings. Thank you.” – Song Hye Kyo Copyright©2010 dispatch korea. All rights reserved. Contact us