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  1. waiting "jigeum" of our couple wedding♥ kyo for Laneige song morning^^
  2. uncle and nephew, song family ady back to korea now ^^ his style is so obvious haha and the watch though
  3. just want to share dots memorable day of our couple from dots dvd bluray 2017calendar merchandise.. idk if someone ady share this before.. let me know so i can delete this post.. feb 24 dots 1st broadcast day march 25 sijin get promotion to major april 14 dots middle/half broadcast may 23 sijin♥moyeon uruk reunion may 24 navagio date may 26 sijin♥moyeon 1st kisseu (wine kisseu) may 27 valentine's restaurant date may 28 ippeuni commemorate bday (the day sijin create call sign for moyeon) may 29 sijin 3rd confession (sagwahalkayo kobekhalkayo) sept 3 sijin♥moyeon 1st date (at moyeon home failed watching movie) sept 4 moyeon body check 1st broadcast sept 14 moyeon birthday nov 30 sijin♥moyeon desert reunion next month so many memorable day to celebrate hahah
  4. next to translate in detail please hahaha his statement very interesting.. ♥궁극적으로는 좋은 아빠와 좋은 남편이 되고싶고,그게 최고인것 같아요 = Ultimately, I want to be a good dad and a good husband, and I think it's the best.♥
  5. my fave news title hahaha '태후' 송중기의 여자, 송혜교의 인스타그램에도 봄이 왔다 dots SJK's woman, spring also came to SHK instagram
  6. interesting caption, this time #songjoongki next month if can take together...kk *His pictorial taken in LA with beach and desert as background.
  7. me no comment hahah the hangeul.. its not dongsaeng though but dongsang..
  8. last year today.. is it dots script reading day??? or hongkong?
  9. your welcome.. its not much i can do actually theres so many more i want to share but i've no time but i will try to post some more in the future.. nway after joongki say that word kyo replied.. ours better (moyeon myeongju blind date) than u both red velvet hahaha.. go fight ladies!
  10. @songsonglovechiu not sayin any just stare at her then kim wonsok writer nim said to kyo, sound u like it than dont want it (blind date) nah here joongki say something like.. seunane_세우나네 kang moyeon.., i cant catch up that word yet.. idk im not sure with my listening sorry.. hope any native korean can correct me
  11. #GroupCommentary just want to share my tid bits from what i've watch last night. so lee eungbok pd nim said that day they filming 2 opposite scene. in the morning they filming red velvet scene and noon they filming myeongju moyeon crying scene.. everyone laughing haha.. kyo said how can they both_sijin and seo daeyoung fangirling over red velvet when we crying like that lol joongki look at kyo trying to console by sayin red velvet who? while kyo keep continue with her prank sayin thats why after we crying i talk to myeongju, its ok myeongju yah now lets go soketing (blind date) lololllll and at this state joongki cant help but lovingly stare to kyo like.. how dare this woman sayin something like that.. wait til this recording finished youre dead lolll see my screen capt below kkk
  12. 천사가 아니야 

    송송커플 응원합니다♥

    한국 드라마 팬

  13. sbs cut his speech start after he said majimagero (lastly_blue underline) *here is when he start talk about actor more spotlight than actresses* until oneul (today_pink underline)