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  1. i still and always believe in our songs i will never leave this thread and stay in this ship until one of them or both proof have rship/engage/marriage with other person now is not the right time, the focus is to support battleship island. stop blame sjk stop blame shk, spread love and always protect our songs.
  2. waiting for the big news pudong pudong na~~~ WE NEED WEDDING DATE CONFIRMATION♥ soon comrade soon~ congratulations and celebration lalala
  3. waiting for the big news pudong pudong na~~~ but i still not sure can control myself when the big news is published.. actually right now i know something but i cant share it here or anywhere.. all i can say is his ninja skill improve so much..
  4. different case @karina ah in is her dongsaeng in the same agency while sjk is her dongsang in different agency lol.. she will always support her hubby~ published or not.. and we know that♥
  5. just like kang moyeon, her style that day and her answer haha.. love, family, navagio beach..♥
  6. lololll.. woaaa our banking officer kim hochul so handsome and smart.. yeoksiii banking officer have no sense with customer situation.. cant help remind me to yoo ah in cameo dots kkk nway.. cant wait for ippeuni with new haircut.. shilla beauty wonderland event today.. i wish some shipper fans will attend or ask 3 bucket list of her lol
  7. wedding bell ringing soon♥ K-POP HERALD [Exclusive] Document shows Song Joong-ki bought Itaewon house for W10b Updated : May 17 2017 Song Joong-ki has bought a house in Itaewon-dong, Seoul for 10 billion won ($8.9 million). The Korean actor, who starred in the hit “Descendants of the Sun,” bought a two-story house with a basement in January, according to a document obtained by The Korea Herald. The house has a total floor area of 371.7 square meters and sits on land measuring 602 square meters, according to the document. An official from Blossom Entertainment, Song’s agency, on Wednesday said he was not aware of the purchase. “We have not heard about it from him,” the official told The Korea Herald. “Since it’s the actor’s personal matter, we cannot verify it,” he added. Song currently lives with his parents in Seocho-dong in southern Seoul. With the purchase, Song joins other big-name celebrities, such as singer-comedian Park Myeong-su, popular host Shin Dong-yup and actress Go Hyun-jung, who live in the wealthy neighborhood known for its chaebol residents. Song has become one of the most in-demand Korean stars since his role in the KBS2 TV series “Descendants of the Sun” in 2016. His popularity skyrocketed after he played the male lead in the mega-hit drama, landing him deals for more than 100 commercials in Korea and China. It was his first drama after being discharged from mandatory military service in 2015. Song made 960 million won filming the 16-episode “Descendants of the Sun.” In April 2016, he was reported as having shot nearly 30 commercials in China. Prior to this, the actor had earned between 400 million won to 500 million won per commercial when he was starring in the fantasy movie “A Werewolf Boy” (2012), according to local media reports. He was also an official model for two brands that year. Meanwhile, the 31-year-old will return to the spotlight soon with the film “The Battleship Island,” which is slated for release in July. By Jie Ye-eun (
  8. dispatch as usual very polite and respect much to our couple esp.kyo no negativity at all about her new haircut, its a trend in korea lately to have short haircut for a woman
  9. kyo go to that flower shop to buy flower (mostly carnation for her mom). may 8 is parents day in korea, everyone buy carnation for their parents.
  10. @karina and @fangirl1122 yesh.. that baeksang moment is very beautiful♥ everlasting moment that we will never forget~ i love this pict♥ songs ver. of barbie and ken time to rerun dots for healing haha keep spread love and protect our couple♥
  11. @fangirl1122 @karina and other member of ssc forum sorry becoz i see that when just open my eyes while i need to translate 50page korean to indonesian deadline by this week thats why its very spoil my mood adding the frustration sighh.. its not like my habit to believe and just read any other hundred other kind of trash article.. will be great if df can take down that article.. who r they want ssc agency to speak.. plus from hk esprit she say she just know she win.. but df write they broke up becoz her win zzz ok done, i stop my rant here.. spread love.. we r more closer to the day that we r believe and waiting will happen soon♥
  12. i really angry ritenow becoz this trash is df drunk? i dont like the way they drag our couple name in their not important award
  13. waiting "jigeum" of our couple wedding♥ kyo for Laneige song morning^^