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  1. Well...at least you admit to be happy for our missfortune...you trashy girl ...best luck next week! (or not ) As for sad Wookie...what can i say, you r right, he's handsome anyway ...i'll choose sad one later at night...but probably from Hotel king...i prefer it over Goblin
  2. Me too...since when we have to have penalty avatar? Not till the end of drama right? ...my Wookie gif wil cry Giving her his pocket was cute ...but kiss would be better
  3. I know that guy is a jerk and that he wronged her..but that does not give her the right to blame JR or others...she should know him better and that he would not ask for a case against her but that he had to accept it...as much bad as she feels she shouldn't be this hostile twds her's friends... Well i know...as good as JR is he won't mind her
  4. @Far^away i agree he already knew that the fact she was working with insurance will be her missfortune...but when prosecution stated it out loud with exact amount was difficult to hear and bigger damage was done As for poor woman and weak cooperation from her side i think its cause she already make up her peace she'll be convicted...to tell the truth i feel sorry for poor woman...she needs to hear (just like our girl heard from JR) that she's just a victim and that she's not alone...i hope she'll open up if not first then parallel with appearing that someone who hurt JR...possible real killer We r a bit mean? ...about accidentally missing characters i mean As for prosecutor lady...i found it uncomfortable when she said to her ex that not everyone was born with silver spoon in their mouth...what does it mean?...she has more rights to fight, to achieve first...they should let her and give up?
  5. Oh come on chingu...we still have 5, less or so, hours of hope...anything can happen in that elevator ...or after he get hit, it might not be the last scene (naive me right? ) she might hold him in her arms, he wakes up, she's happy and... So...don't give up yet my dear friend! Long live hope
  6. Aigoooo...poor our girl...last ep was definitly not a good one for her First he didn't like her pink choices for his office (though i give him right on that )...then he left her out for pasta lunch (though he hurried back to have a lunch with her)...then he wanted to clear things in front of everyone and finally he asked her such a delicate question openly in the street ...men! ...not to mention wrong pocket thing I'll be really glad today when he'll see what's look like to feel jealousy! ...though i adore him...he's so smart but how come he's so slow to get feelings...it's time he wakes up...looking fwd to OTP's future scenes BTW...i don't like his lady prosecutor friend's behaviour...when she found out he'll be accross her in that case she should of show a bit of worry cause he does have a reputation to be a good lawyer but wish them both to do their best ...not to be mad at him ...she seemed selfish
  7. @triplem ep 5-6...i said already they'll do it sooner then usual BTW...i didn't say so far but i really like how he pays attention to her and her feelings...that short moment she froze after that girl said about ex-BF stalking and drugging her...he in an instant realized it was the same that happend to her...he'll be partner who'll notice himself not like many guys who don't understand even if you tell them by words ...this was biggest so far but it was a few moments like this before...when he was watching her reaction on girls gossiping her or when a guy took her poster from a restaurant...what a caring guy...i'm in love
  8. There is always rain periods...but what's a bit of suffering if you have good memories? ...but if you don't its harder don' t you think?
  9. There r more??? ...well she is cute and beautiful, not like Wookie but pretty close ...its ok chingu, i understand BTW...i'm worried they'll focus on second couple (not that i don't like them) and prolong our kiss :sulk:
  10. ?!?... you r strange chingu...have you something to tell us? Anyway...she just give him back for that scarf thing remember? Now they r even
  11. Sorry chingu for the late reply...i wish i could stay here more but that damn RL... As for LDW's visual...what can i say when its true ...he was, is and will be realy good looking guy I'm glad response is better then after 1st ep... ...me too me too...and i bet she'll make the move first Wai...wait..ep 8??? No way....they won't stand that long ep 6
  12. I couldn't finish ep earlier cause i was at work...so i missed last scene (among others)...our prince poor crying ...good he found solid sholder to put his head on Can't wait for subs...
  13. Don't understand much without subs...our prince made quite a speach infront of king and ministers...our girl and inspectors came to arest evil prince...then others came, stop them for a while...our girl got a slap to let prince go but then that other guys arrest prince anyway...there was touching scene between king and our prince...both had tears in their eyes...seems our prince's wife tortured a servent...wifes crying now infront of prince he might scold her i miss part.. .then joins them that girl who prince brought of boat...its not easy for our prince...to many women arround him ...our girl comes as well...to rescue him seems to me...she calls him somewhere it seems...aaa business meeting...her superiors, her and prince...and funny guy (don't know his name yet) Another story was placed on main squre again...our guys don't like it...wonder what it is
  14. I like that she's not pushy...she's smart...from the first moment she knew how far she can go with prince and that by force she can't do anything...patience is hard at times...but only thing we can rely sometimes O yes MP will never change..he'll become even worse i'm afraid About our prince...he's funny, lovely a joker...but deep down he's so hurt by people putting on his nose his background, and his father behaviour I agree...first 2 eps were good...me like I'm definitely for some romance...always ...but he does have a wife, not the one he loves but anyway...they might be just buddies that will support the other prince to beat MP for crown...or maybe his wife elopes with another man soooo Hmm...they got married for power and throne without love then had women aside and children with them..children that never had rights and chance like ones from first marriage..they even got killed...but selfish royals did it anyway BTW...looking fwd to new 2 eps ...i miss them
  15. They didn't listen to you??? Didn't kiss??? Shame on them ...and more mahjong no kiss on sight? Poor them...and us
  16. i agree Unlike you i'm familiar with Go Ara and her work and i like her very much...no doubt she'll do great Girl here is smart and fearless (and funny...that scene when she's looking down at her breasts wondering if they r to small was great )..well our our guy almost choked then ...looking fwd to their future scenes In a way you r right...mostly in the beginning...but for me even more annoying was evil prince ...acting like spoiled brat...if he really wish to be the king can't he hold himself for a bit and not to be so obvious I think they didn't... As for our 'low-birth' prince...i felt sorry for him...his life was hard...really glad his father finally said to him some right words..though i don't see him as a leader in palace, he's more like free spirit...but he could help other good prince
  17. You r right on both...she's falling fast and it's not strange cause he's really competent, hardworking, fair...he gives good feedback just as bad one...he knew who she was and didn't have expectations...but as he gets to know her more and more...as he sees her effort and will to do things better and right he's starting to look at her in a different light and what's more important he's willing to admit it and give her support...of course she'll fall for him...without even mentioning how handsome he is Bias? Nooo...they do have great chemistry...in Goblin, in here...it's just the way it is Same here! Hope @turtlegirl will do it today as well you 2 my dear friend!
  18. I like them...she finds herself in unfamiliar situation...she will try to fit in...he is cold and strict but don't think he'll be unfair or abusive...she will get along well with others..it will be interesting...i like it @turtlegirl see?...you were doing really great so don't hesitate anymore
  19. Woow...look at her....she looks like a total office girl the next day...clothes just right She organized his table...of course he won't be happy about it...he was talking to her, getting closer and closer...they look at each other ... freeze...end scene
  20. scene from trailer when she tries to pick up documents and can't cause of her short dress is really funny... poor her Team of Lawyers r quite interesting ...went to eat...without our guys??? Our guy left...she makes her coffee, hears something...there is a guy in there...she is afraid...others came back right on time...guy is familiar to them When he returned she was entertaining his co-worker and i think he didn't like it..seems he even brought her something (he had flashback of her while he was outside)..they had serious talk..she was mad and went to toilet to let it out ..it was funny ...got back to say something but he didn't want to listen
  21. You r right..soundtrack can make a lot in a drama and can be great bonus..lets hope we'll have great songs here
  22. She was talking to producer and he made the call to lawyer firm...lawyer guy was funny afterwds ;)...some scenes in law office Our male lead was at court ...so sorry i couldn't hear his voice...he's back at office...i think he's hearing about the call his boss had earlier Our girl and that guy in her wordrobe...funny and cute together...but i want her with cold and distant lawyer ..ok its to early Our guy 'googles' our girl
  23. I don't know if the guy is her manager or not...but he missunderstood that she wants to drink a hand full of pills ...she had vitamins though ..she took skript (for new drama i supose) from him and locked herself into toilet...she's reading it and imagining scenes...with that hot cameo guy...some shooting and she dies in his arms...like in a drama BTW...she is cute ...hmm and i'm at work and i had to mute sound @turtlegirl...come on join me...first few eps r just tuning in...or until others that know better join