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  1. Hi chingu So right about waiting for afterlife ...i've been waiting for this kind of drama for him since Hotel king...he's done hard dramas before that and then after as well...so lets see here finally some pure romance and a lot of kisses As for her...i like her as well...and did before Goblin
  2. Finally!!! My Wookie in a rom-com ...really looking fwd to it...these 2 had really great chemistry in Goblin...description of roles suits both of them and i can imagine them quite well...i'm getting My girl awesome wibe again at last...soooooo now we'll just have to wait ...let january comes fast!
  3. zagigirl

    [Drama 2018] Come Here and Hug Me, 이리와 안아줘

    ...and when i think guys had second thoughts of excepting him into academy??? ...not to do so, not to have a chance to see him in uniform would be really a sin Tomm chingu...tommm...i find myself hard to wait...it was awhile i felt this way... @Lmangla I agree on that...she cared for them...which is why its harder for me to except she took just little girl when she realized who is she dealling with and ran off...but glad if she returned into their life later anyway ...me too...it's even more then i expected Well seems as he was trasspassing her set...she is dressed for her role....i wonder was she tiped off or journalist found out herself...hope it wasn't that guy that recomended her for the role ...and our guy's uniform is fency one, offical, just like he was on his promotion or some police event...fate probably ...cause he seemed surprised to see her right?...seems he wasn't there on purpose...i might be wrong I agree...though i feel sad if his brother ends up in jail...i was thinking he'll take some lessons from his father's fate....well, we'll see ....things often in life r not as they seem at first She was good there as well...and had better and wiser head for men right? ...tnx chingu...more suitable for an ajumma like me than young lead guy ...but as @stargazer187 said this also explains why stepmum fell for him You have a point here chingu as well ..but this was for both of our guys....or for all of them that r wounded and need consolation...though i understand you have greater need to console our hot guy
  4. zagigirl

    [Drama 2018] Come Here and Hug Me, 이리와 안아줘

    Who knows...she just might be blinded with his uniform just like @supergal99 ...anyway i hope she does...he deserves it...to remember him but not just cause bad thing happened but to know he wasn't the only one that feels what they had in younger days was real and mutual...is it wednesday already??? No? Grrrrrrrr.... There is more life on this thread and i love it ...though its a melo I might be a few days late but i'll say it anyway...i really got into this drama from this first eps, usually i get attached on ep 4 or 5...and lately i was kind of sick of this older vs. child/teenager drama plots...but i loved it here...they did great transitions between past and present scenes so far...though i'm more and more curious about present story and how will it develop How many years have passed? I presume his dad was put in prison with life-long sentence? He won't get out right?...or will he??? ...i missed if they said he was killed as a penalty...sorry then I love that actor/father very much (he was great in Ruler as a bad guy as well)....he presents this sick bastar* so well...even i felt scared of him in some scenes...when he gave all over look on our girl with dirty smile our boy pulled her behind him to protect her and i was like: what r you waiting for??? Run!!!!....and while he was in son's room i thought at first he'll get mad and will make a mess with his stuff..but he left a tool for son to make his weakness (girl) vanish His other son...he's not bad as he tries to present him...i think he's just scared of father...he thinks if he act cruel as his father he'll be more pleased of him and won't touch him...i really want to know in present time what will his relation with lead guy will look like I'm glad step mother found out she married monster..and that she got away...wonder will she get back?...will little girl see main lead guy again? Girl is so cute and good in acting as well Now...i know she is just a weak woman...boys were just teenagers...but i'm getting mad thinking that all of them knew something was wrong with that man and all kept silent?!?...and how could she left those boys behind even though they were not hers in blood...on father's mercy....nccccc Our OTP...now, that was love at first sight ...to young to live it yet but still destined to...when you can't take eyes of, when you r comfortable with, when you want to protect...i know it'll be hard....he knows his father killed her mother, she knows he has no fault in that but it can't change that fact, that there is her mother's blood between them ...we see her now a bit weaker then in the past cause of what happend and i hope he'll stay strong as before as he shows to be now and help them both....i admired his strenght and calmness when he was at police academy interview...you need really be in peace with yourself to indure all that talks to your face or behind your back...go my wounded couple!...if noone i'll be on your side Yeah..the way our main lead was looking at her normal family broke my heart...its really good he stayed normal in all that Sorry this is getting to long right? @triplem nice to see you here chingu ...and nice avatar
  5. zagigirl

    [Drama 2018] Come Here and Hug Me, 이리와 안아줘

    I'm done with all 4 eps...to tired to go into details will do it tomm...but have to say i'm totally hooked...not just cause of our handsome lead (in uniform or suit doesn't matter @supergal99 right? )...and it'll be really hard for both male and female lead its for sure but believe its story worth to tell...can't wait for ep 3 & 4 or 5-8 if you wish (this half counting is driving me crazy ) BTW...both young and adult version of OTP rocks....father/actor is great in this creepy role...well seems all the cast is picked up nicely...me like @USAFarmgirl glad to see you here dear chingu
  6. zagigirl

    [Drama 2018] Come Here and Hug Me, 이리와 안아줘

    ...yeah uniform especially *cough cough* ...i hope i'll manage to catch up tonight...lets share 'feelings' later deal?
  7. zagigirl

    [Drama 2018] Come Here and Hug Me, 이리와 안아줘

    @supergal99 suit...its not uniform...but 'the feel' is gooooood ...don't you think?
  8. zagigirl

    [Drama 2018] Come Here and Hug Me, 이리와 안아줘

    Well..where r 2 broken scared hearts...here i am ...i may not stay if becomes to pathetic...but i hope not here and that we'll go slowly twds brighter future for both lead girl and a boy At least you admit ...i'll pretend its uniform and not guy who wears it I want to see subbed first 2 eps to get proper feeling too...hope it'll be soon
  9. zagigirl

    [Drama 2018] Come Here and Hug Me, 이리와 안아줘

    Hi guys ...may i join? 2 wounded heart that needs healing...and nothing can fix it better than love right? Lets see how it goes... It starts today right?
  10. Hi to all I agree...i so wished to see their surprised faces...though at that bar Ye was looking at her with so big big hearts in his eyes they should of notice ...anyway...at that time i thought he won't be able to hold back and that he'll hold her hand or hug her any moment ...i wish he did I wasn't following this drama from the start...at some point and tnx to some clips on YT doc Ye inprisoned my heart and i started to pray for him to get the girl...i loved her too..and i'm so happy they shared so many cute loving moments though mostly in secret ...it was light and cute drama and i love it!
  11. Hi guys I started to watch this drama tnx to my chingu @sakura2016 but still rethinking in fear of an unhappy end...as i was watching first eps i've grown to like characters here...even the ones that have hidden objectives...all still have time to improve or change ...i wish they make it that way Both children and parents have wounds..nothing is just like it seems to be at first glance...just like TH was wondering what is real SH's face we may wonder for all of them what we'll see further on...might be interesting Preview is not out yet or i missed it?
  12. Didn't know about that hard accident of his and LMH Really sorry for his illness..and hope for the best...he is good actor and seems very bright person...i like him