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  1. I finally had the strength (and the time) to watch the last four episodes. Well, I expected either the route of the death or imprisonment for JC. Death is more fitting for the storyline he has with his daughter, as if only by sacrificing himself he can save his daughter. In the end the drama was about dads doing what they can to protect their daughters and everyone got punished differently. Almost all the storylines were closed but I wonder why they kept president Jeong at large...? I mean, he is one of the cruelest ones and he could only get worse with time and history would repat itself with a different doctor and staff. They could have done that thanks to the evidence the dead detective collected, they could arrest him. But what can we do now. As for JC's match with MW, I think it also fits that MW is the winner. JC fought until the end, and MW was the winner because he was declared winner, so he knew he won because of his abilities and not because of what he believed a fixed match like 11 years before. Somehow, I'm sad JC didn't win the title but since he was going to die and MW was going to survive, it's more logical in terms of storyline to make the champion who's gonna keep fighting, win. It's more realistic this way. We cannot always win in life and JC knew it but he was still happy that he got to fight with his junior. One of the things that maybe got me angry is that until the end the females of this drama acted but not really. I mean, the writer used the female characters but not in an empovering way, because it seemed like in the end it were always the men's (or the dads) words or actions to have more impact. I also found it that the part of the drama involving women was written as if the women needed to be protected and that's it. They rarely acted as a vivid part of the story, as if only the men controlled the situation. Look at SJ for example. She used to have character, but in the end she accepted to "rest" and be a housewife. I don't find this improving, but degrading. I hated that JC (as well as the other male characters) didn't communicate with his wife and she accepted silently. OK that she loved him and like she said, she wouldn't leave someone just because things are tough. But I think at some point she should have questioned her husband and her husband should had opened up (even a bit) to her. The drama is called "Bad Papa" for a reason, but this doesn't mean the mothers or the daughters need to be casted aside and only endure whatever the men did. To me this drama was enjoyable despite some predictable plots and the lack of female agency. I think with more balance between the characters, and if women had as much resonance as the bad papas, this could have been more appreciated. I've read many comments say that this was bad, and bla bla bla. It wasn't that bad. It was different. I think in terms of story and filming it wasn't like the usual drama viewers expect to watch. It had its k-drama cliques, but it was also original somehow. Maybe this won't be in my TOP dramas, but I don't feel like I've wasted my time watching it. I also liked the OST a lot.
  2. Well, it looks like my idea may happen? Anyway, it's full circle since YS went to the hospital during the first episode of the drama. That was probably an early sign of her illness, but they all believed she had only hurt her arm. I guess when she fell during rehearsals with her friends that were signs of the disease. Hopefully JC could help doctor Cha develop the medicine that could save her and millions of people. I can't see the drama end with YS die but it would be a punishment for JC to have to deal with something hard like a sick daughter for the rest of her (hopefully long) life. Because LG's disease worsens with time. Who knows who's gonna try to shot detective Cha. From the background, it looks like the garage where the thugs who knew the time the company of president Jeong picked up subjects for the test lived.
  3. Hi all. I'm finally back after my exam, just in time for the ending next week. It was hard to watch episodes 25-28, because the tone of this drama got darker. I'm not only sad for those we've lost, but I think those deaths had a purpose to trigger the last part of the plot. With the death of Jong Doo (younger thug), I think the older thug Pil Doo will finally bark at his owner the shady CEO, because we all know and he must know that it was his boss who had the guy killed. The CEO knows that Jong Doo is not a bad guy and was a big mouth, so to the CEO he is useless. I bet he set him up not only to kill the fighter, but also to kick him out bc he's done business behind his back (like taking pics for MW's ex girlfriend). I wish that Pil Doo will avenge his brother by exposing his boss, because I think he's kept track of all the disgusting stuff he made him do for him. So he can redeem himself in a way, because he's also a "bad papa" for his younger bro, since they had nobody but themselves as a family and he always tried to protect him. With the death of detective Lee (I'm really sad my ship with Ji Woo won't sail...) the police may be able to advance in the last portion of the investigation. Something tells me that they may track the location of the lab or find his cam-glasses with the video recording. Maybe doctor Cha could help with this, since the president already wants to kill him. With the deaths of the two fighters who were 2nd and 3rd, I think the aim was to get JC to the top because he'd get the CEO big money, since with the drug he'd be invincible. Something tells me the CEO might've drugged the brain-dead fighter to ensure JC won. The other fighter was removed bc he could hinder JC's newfound career. The next one to eliminate is Min Woo, and I think that if in the match against JC he's gonna win, the CEO won't hesitate to had him killed as a payback for his mistrust 11 years before. Since I don't think MW will die, he and JC may have an agreement for real this time, or MW is gonna lose on purpose. Maybe MW is gonna discover that JC was in the risk of getting seriously ill and that's why he lost. This takes me to another point. MW realized already that JC wasn't losing on purpose 11 years ago, so he's seeing his senior in a different light. He's gonna put everything into this match because he thinks JC is gonna use drugs. I hope JC doesn't drink anything before the match to ensure he doesn't take the drug unwillingly, but so far, unless director Park brings more pills to the CEO, there aren't pills around him to give JC. In the grand scheme of things, if you think about it, president Jeong and CEO Gook are the same. They both care about money and only money, and be successfull - it doesn't matter people die in the process. The president already killed detective Lee and probably the younger doctor as well, then Choi Yong Woo who didn't die by his hands but by something that was created out of his reckless order. And he wants JC and YS too. The CEO removed any obstacle that could hinder his possibility to gain more money. Doctor Cha is the JC of president Jeong, and JC is the doctor Cha of CEO Gook. Doctor Cha also saved his daughter Ji Woo when she was younger. JC and Doctor Cha are specular characters. Now that YS may show signs of amyotrophy, I wonder if JC will be tempted to finally go to the lab to be tested. He could be doing it to save his daughter, if it comes out that she has the disease he doesn't have. Maybe this could happen after his fight with MW, because we saw JH's video and they're gonna fight for sure. I think that president Jeong and CEO Gook will be caught at the same time and perhaps in the future JC will try to help doctor Cha with the medicine because the doctor may come out of this mess unscated. I know he wants to admit he killed Choi Yong Woo, but I don't think he's gonna be punished in the end, same with JC. So maybe it will end with JC helping Doctor Cha and we see a flashforward of 10 years where he his happy with his wife and YS can live thanks to the drug the doctor finally developed for neuromuscular disease. Of course, maybe not at Shingoo Pharmaceutical. But maybe the doctor could be appointed as the new president and develop the drug the way he knows is safer. And JC could become a coach and get his own business. I think that it would come full circle if JC and doctor Cha turn into the "good" versions of CEO Gook and president Jeong in the end. With the older thug and YD and his friends work for JC in a honest and legal way. While the bad guys root in jail and may suffer at the hands of inmates because of the crimes they committed.
  4. I wonder if SJ went to the CEO to ask about JC because he still hasn't come back to his old house. From the preview it may be that they're going to investigate JC because the pill fell to the ground? Because it seems everyone sees it. Ugh, we need to wait another 24 hours
  5. Yes. Because I know SJ decided to keep silent about the book gig with MW, the trip and all, but this worsened things. She didn't want JC to get angry and I get it, but their situation was already on the edge of a cliff. It wasn't something that you can hide because the book gig required a long relationship with a man who hates your husband. I think that it's easier for her to get angry and badmouth him because of how things went during the last years of their relationship. When you treat a person like she treats JC, you usually care a lot for them. She's probably afraid of facing her true feelings after bitter years because of the difficulties they had to face. Maybe the key is that she should open her heart to him or she'll be stuck and JC won't return to her for a long time. One thing unrelated to JC and SJ. I wonder if there's bad blood between the CEO of Zdrop and MW because the CEO holds a grudge against him. Perhaps he knows something about JC's last match against MW that we don't know. I want to believe he's just defending JC and helping him rise from the ashes again, but a part of me is afraid he's just trying to get revenge on him.
  6. Finally watched and I want to know what happens now. I loved the background on SJ and JC's story because it invalids everything despicable MW has told JC, especially the part that he used to be SJ's boyfriend. SJ liked JC even before they met because he inspired her. This is why she told MW that JC helped her achieve her dream already. SJ's dream was/is to become a writer and JC inspired her first book ever, the one every author keeps closer to their heart. I guess that SJ followed JC's career and what if she suggested MW to try boxe because she had already seen JC's fight? Because there are many sports around, so was it a coincidence or not? Ironically and coincidentially, JC trained in the same gym MW went to. I don't think SJ went there to watch MW train, but in the hopes to see her idol JC, which is cute. I hope we get more flashbacks because I want to see how JC fell for his wife. Like you, I didn't see him moved too much when he first saw her, but maybe he was trying to act composed. It's possible he find her attractive and then things went from there because he liked her personality. We'll see. In this episode we've confirmed for the 100th time that SJ has never had any feelings for MW and that she rejected him. I think she's always seen as a friend, nothing more, or she would have probably crossed the lovers line like many high school friends do often. MW is bitter that his love was one-sided. More than love, I'd rather call it "liking" because when you love someone, you let them go and accept if they cannot return your feelings. But if after 20 years you are lonely and angry that your crush has been living her life, then you're really delusional and you should try to move on or you won't find love yourself. SJ finally realized that her friendship with MW after her marriage was sort of a mechanical thing. She kept being his friend but on MW's side it was all appearance and no true feelings. He wasn't being her friend, he wanted to "get" her now that he had the money. I loved what SJ said about him, that he is still a child and doesn't understand her situation with JC. The problem with MW is that he believes that money solve everything. You could argue and say that JC also believes money fix everything, but they see it in different ways. For MW money is the key to let SJ achieve her dream because he can "buy" her happiness, and in his opinion is what would make her calm and not stressed with lots of jobs to do because of her family's previous financial issues. MW doesn't get this "money can buy anything" attitude is fake because it's the easy way to success, and it's frail. SJ also knows that so she cancelled the contract with MW's editor because she doesn't want to become a best-seller author just because her old friend buys 1000 copies of her book. JC also believed money fixed everything after all the hardships his family went through because of his fall. But the difference with JC is that he wants his wife and daughter to use money to buy things they like and be happy, it doesn't matter what they do. I think both JC and MW are similar yet different. JC, in his daughter's words, is closed off emotionally and keeps his emotions to himself. His way to react is to put up a smile and try to be patient. MW reacts with anger and bitter words, endless bitter words that try to manipulate who's hearing him. In the end JC and MW are fighters but they are both insecure of themselves. MW is unsure because he is alone and he feels threatened to lose his title, and JC is unsure because he always feels he hasn't done much for his family. I guess that MW has to lose his title (since he's already "lost" the woman he wanted) and JC has to get his family back to understand. Speaking of JC's family, it was really sad to see him move alone in the new big house. But I think sooner or later his wife and daughter will follow him there, because I feel like it's SJ that has to make a move and tell him that she loves him, because I think JC believes she doesn't love him anymore. I hated that he accepted the divorce, but like 11 years before I think that's his way to take the blame and let SJ be free to follow her dreams and not be burdened anymore by a failure like him (according to his way of thinking). But SJ knows what JC will come back. I guess YS will help her parents with "You who came spilling blood". Perhaps she'll bring it to her dad and he'll read it and understand in which adoring light his wife has always seen him. And then I think he'll realize that his wife has always believed in him because he has never given up despite the situation wasn't in his favor, and he'll be pushed to do his best for himself and his family. I hope it will be SJ to go to JC because so far it seems she hasn't done much that made JC think she still loved him (besides maybe cooking him rice one day). Or maybe JC and SJ will get back to each other in the same moment.
  7. I agree with @dramaninja. Now I don't remember if they showed the pictures to JC during the last two episodes (but I think they didn't) but it would be a good reason. I don't think it's because of MW scamming SJ because he already punched him, but maybe he could also hear the recording of MW talking to the editor that his "gf" made SJ listen to. JC doesn't know yet that SJ is aware of MW's manipulation. So in JC style, he would go to beat him up to make him pay and defend his wife's honor.
  8. Oh, so the crutches were his? I think he'll have to use them for a couple of days depending on the strain. Hopefully he'll recover soon. Besides for the baseball match, this is why they probably decided to air just two mini episodes next Monday. Maybe they need to shoot fighting scenes and they want JH to rest enough time to prevent any damage. Glad that he was there when they sent the coffee truck, because in some occasions he couldn't enjoy the gift because of filming.
  9. I think that MW also feels lonely and this is his way to "pass the time"... I mean, it's sure he was hurt when JC lost and he won the title because his sunbae didn't seem to have put all of himself into the match (but he doesn't know the truth anyway), so he may have felt like he won the easy way and he did not earn that victory (unless he pretended to be angry). Perhaps after that win, he felt his pride hurt, but then fame and money corrupted his spirit and made him greedy, and his resentment and disappointment towards his once respected sunbae turned into hate once he appeared in front of him once again. Like MW said once, by reminiscing old times he also remembered the annoyance and rage he felt 11 years before towards JC and how he acted during their match. What angered MW the most was that despite everything, JC still "survived" and his wife remained by his side after he lost his career and his wealth. But MW remained lonely all these years, with lots of money and a successful career, but still lonely. He's like he's punishing JC for making him lonely because he made SJ fall for him so quickly (didn't the summary say JC proposed to SJ after 3 days...?) while he couldn't make SJ fall for him after years they've known each other, if we saw that SJ forgot about their high school kiss altogether. Since we are talking about MW, I forgot to say this about episodes 13-14: we see the CEO of Z-drop go to MW to warn him not to make JC angry and provoke him. Their exchange didn't seem to give the vibe that they might have known each other if not for their fame, since MW is a popular fighter and the CEO is a known businessman in that area. But I still wonder if there may be connections between them as well because of their "eye exchanges", as if they were pretending not to know each other personally because they were in MW's office with his coach right out of the room. Whta if the truth is that the CEO of Z-drop, since we believe he is also the man who called JC 11 years ago, made a deal with somebody around MW when he was still a rookie to destroy JC's career and make MW the new champion? But then he regretted it and offered JC to fight again to atone for his past sin because that cost him his wife and daughter, probably.
  10. Sad that this week we only got two episodes because the ending is really open this time. There isn't much to say because I guess more things would have happened in the second batch of episodes, but I'll write down the highlights according to me. JC and SJ finally had a heart-to-heart scene. SJ kept everything inside of her and offended JC sometimes, but deep down I knew she is aware that he loves her and secretely supports her. The book deal was important to her and she finally cried because of the disappointment she's felt. I think she hasn't cried in front of JC for years, because after his fall she's kept her feelings inside of her. This is a big step in the dynamics of the couple, and I liked that JC tried to comfort her and didn't tell her that he knew about what happened in order to protect her. Now I want to know if JC told her something 20 years before that made her not give up on writing, and I wish that she'd not abandon her dream but follows it in other ways. After all, she could submit her books to other editors (but she needs to cancel her contract first) or she could publish it online like she's already done. I wish she realized that JC has supported her writing. MW was finally exposed by his "girlfriend". SJ was obviously hurt and she has all the right. He claims that he's helping her achieve her dream, but how he's doing it? By illuding her that her book is the best of the best when maybe it would happen like the editor said? That's why I think in this situation MW looks like a "prince charming" but his only asset besides his face, is his money. He's just doing it to prove JC that he's better than him. I loved that JC punched him because MW basically offended his wife by doing this. I would have given him another punch for acting like he's the best of the best, when we know he's just a pompous guy who probably feels lonely because he doesn't have anything but his title and money. I really hope something happens between YS and YD because I see a lot of potential there! Last but not last, the medicine. I was right the dead guy took two bottles of pills, and he may have given one to JC because he felt guilty that he switched their blood samples. If JC's blood sample hadn't been switched, the dead guy would have probably died because of the tumor someday, and JC would have been chosen to take part in the clinical trial. Now. Director Park acted as a substitute driver for JC and pretended that he wasn't working for the company of the trial clinic, which JC seems to have believed... sort of. I guess JC suspects that director Park could be hiding because he has blood on his hands (ehm, face XD). JC is 99% sure that the guy of the homicide case is the one he met at the clinic. I wonder if he also believed whether he died not only because of the tumor but also because of the pills. At first I wondered why he didn't tell detective Cha about it, but then again the clinical trial was a secret and he wasn't fully sure (and he doesn't even work for the police anymore after all). Back to Director Park, it seemed as if he wanted to tell president Jeong in the car about a possible subject that could tolerate the toxin of the new drug, but kept mum. Perhaps he wants to use it as leverage in the future and wants to threaten JC because he surely knows that right now he may feel helpless without the pills he's taken back from his house. If director Park is a die hard MMA fan and likes JC, he may propose him an offer: he'd give him the pills back but he has to partecipate in the trial until the end. Because if JC tolerates the pills and his organism doesn't have have bad reaction to the medicine like the dead guy, he'd make president Jeong happy because he could help him develop the drug. The question is: would JC do it now that he doesn't have money issues anymore... or not? I'd like to see what happens when JC doesn't take the pill. Maybe despite his age, he could still win. Because winning is not always about the age, strenght or other things, it's about committment and determination.
  11. @fiesty8001 I like your idea. To add more possible scenarios, I think that it could have also been the younger Doctor to have spread the drug outside and given two bottle of pills to the guy because he knew that: 1) he was ill and desperate for the money 2) he had a daughter with an illness that needs expensive therapy but that this drug could probably save, and like you said, 3) both the guy and his daughter had terminal illnesses so if they died they couldn't be held responsible. The younger Doctor seems loyal to Doctor Cha, but what if he has his reasons? He talked to the dead guy when the came to the lab, and he was asked a lot of questions about the pills. The only thing that doesn't fit with the younger Doctor giving the bottle to the man is that he is the one doing the inventory and seeing that the box is missing. He either was acting because he was filmed by the CCTV in the lab, or it was somebody else who let the drugs go out of that building. Everytime the younger Doctor interacted with the dead guy or with his minion on the phone, he looked shady. Whenever he talked to Doctor Cha, he seemed submissive. Which one is his true face? @azureblue7 I think that if we want to stay "real", I guess tumors can appear out of the blue so it could have been both. But seeing that his daughter is ill, it may have been genetic. Maybe he's always had something but never knew. I also think it's about him, but then she said it was about her high school days... although she could have lied to MW. The title "You who came spilling blood" made me think about a fight, so the blood spilled is the one that a person can spill during a match (for example, in MMA fights there's a lot of spilling blood) or it could be methaporical. In my dialect we have an idiomatic expression that in English translates with "spilling blood", and we use it to refer to a situation when a person makes us so mad because of what he/she does that they "make us spill blood". lol. Maybe she means that after her high school days JC came into her life and got her crazy and changed her life. @fiesty8001 @azureblue7 I'm partially with you on JC/SJ. I mean, I'm also annoyed that they always argue. But I think the point is to show them fixing things slowly because they cannot go from arguing to being lovely-dovey in an episode. I think, though, their last scene at the new house is a big step in changing this routine. I guess MW/SJ routine will change as well because his autobiography is done and they don't need to meet up like that. If SJ got the memo about MW's intentions, she should keep the distance.
  12. I think that to go to those lengths, the guy must have been desperate to save his daughter... even if his gesture could worsen her situation. It's in line with the "bad papa" theme: a father who tries anything to protect his daughter. I know this sounds idiotic because no father with a logical mind would do this, but perhaps he had money problems and couldn't let his daughter get proper treatment. In a way it reminded me of something that happened on the drama "Duel". It was about a single dad who was a detective who had a young daughter with a deadly disease and gets his daughter in a trial program but eventually she's kidnapped. (This drama was about human clones, tho). I wonder if the dead guys' daughter will be tempted to take a blue pill and what is going to happen to her since she's ill... and if director Park will try to shut her mouth as well as her mom's, who are protesting in front of the police because they're looking for their dead dad/husband. And maybe they'll be taken to the lab. As for the bottle given to JC, maybe he didn't want to get incriminated? I mean, if they found out that a bottle of medicine was taken, I think they would have investigated the test subjects first to try to get a lead on who could have taken it. It could be possible this guy also partecipated in a previous stage of the trial and that's when he got the first box, but since they kept on doing tests on the pill, it changed with time and perhaps the one JC has is less strong than the one his daughter has. Maybe JC has the "previous" version of it while the dead guy was tested with the "new" one and those were the results.
  13. @Prettysup The guy made it sound as if the doctors gave the pills to him to try before the next test, but it sounded weird since it's a clinical trial and the effects of the medicine need to be observed. It was coincidence he and JC needed to take the bus at the same stop, or not? But I think the guy was more desperate to save his daughter and he didn't have hidden intentions when he gave those pills to JC. Perhaps he had taken more than a bottle of pills but then was sorry that JC wasn't admitted to do the trial and he gave the pills to him? Although this sounds crazy because I wouldn't take pills I don't know what will do to my body from a stranger. lol. Maybe JC tried the pills just because he believed they were a nutritional supplement...? Those are usually considered "secure" since they are just vitamins, magnesium and other stuff that helps the person feel stronger. And unless somebody is allergic to ingredients contained in that specific nutritional supplement, they can be taken for long periods of time without creating issues - unlike other medicines.
  14. @Prettysup Yes, I wrote it in my comment. My concern was if he and his boss knew that the 36th pills container was missing like the younger Doctor noticed. They may think JC lied about his identity to steal the pills or something... because it's all connected with his newfound fighter glory, and Director Park (the big security guard) follows MMA and he may suspect the pills have something to do with his strength. I don't think he is going to take JC to the lab just yet because taking him there would mean dealing with president Jeong as well, and director Park is a good minion but I don't think he's completely heartless like his boss, so he may give JC a warning or something... for now. (Maybe that's why we see JH with crutches in those bts pics?) The pills' issue made me think if Doctor Cha and his lab only chose subjects who were diagnosed with incurable illnesses, and JC doesn't have anything life-threatening so he wasn't fit for the test since he was OK. They said that the guy who died would have died anyway because he had a brain tumor. Maybe they needed such subject to test if SF-3 could be able to cure his illness. We also see his daughter is ill and she had a bottle of blue pills with her, but probably she hasn't took one yet. The dead guy entered the clinical trial for the money that he could use to help his daughter with therapy, but when he noticed the pills, he stole them because he may have known what they were for, since the news report advertised about SF-3 and the fact that it could possibly cure degenerating diseases like the one his daughter probably has. Now I wonder why he gave a bottle to JC if those pills could help his daughter, but maybe the bottle we saw his daughter hold is the one the lab gave to him, while the one he gave to JC is the stolen one from the lab shelf that's missing from the inventory.
  15. A few comments on Eps 9-12. JC and SJ: I liked that she finally told him some things she didn't like he told her (like talking about money), because maybe he'll see her point of view and understand that it's not just money that matters in life. Because they may have a better life, but both SJ and YS are still living like they used do because they are able to go on without being wealthy. JC thinks money will make them happier but his "gifts" need to have a purpose or he'll be just spending money. I hated that SJ still hasn't told JC about her writing gig. I think she didn't because she believes he'll get mad, but I think it'll be worse when he knows it. He remained calm when he found her with MW looking at his autobiography, but maybe because he was excited to show her the house and that erased his disappointment. Despite they had some small arguments, the last scene SJ/JC have together is hopeful and it seems that she really liked the new house because JC remembered how she dreamed it should be. But they are far from being ok, they still need to work out some issues they have. JC and YS: their scenes are probably the most realistic because we can see how they care for each other. YS seems annoyed at her dad but she loves him, and her behavior is not abnormal. When JC is with her he looks like a small child because he's super giddy, and he likes to do things that make her happy. It was a nice thought for YS to run like a madwoman to the restaurant to her dad, because she knew he was lonely and hated the thought of him being alone and that he might have thought his wife stood him up. SJ and MW: well, MW is showing is true colors finally. He's full of resentment towards JC because he feels cheated, but he also seems to be planning a revenge on SJ because she was captured by JC and not him. SJ is finally realizing thanks to her sister too, that MW doesn't have pure intentions with her. Yes, he's helped her out, but he wants more but not sincerely. He probably just wants SJ to fall for him because he's helping her achieve her dreams, see JC get mad and probably throw his new-career in the trash because he can't stand it, then leave her. Or maybe he wants to keep her just to tell JC that his wife left him. I wonder if SJ's book is bad and he paid the editor to publish it by making someone polishing it out so it would be a good product. Maybe he's making her think her writing is awesome when truthfully, SJ is just awerage like the people who bought her novel said? I think that when this novel will be published the pics the thug took of her and MW will also come out and stir things up. CEO of Z-Drop and the thugs: I don't know why, but I felt that the CEO and the thugs were connected. After all, the CEO went to the gambling parlor to scout for new fighters, so maybe he and the thugs have a "collaboration" where he gets the talented guys and they do something illegal for him as his minions. Maybe if they are indeed the ones who got JC to be banned from the league, this stint was before they collaborated? Who knows. Because imo the guy we see in the flashback could also be the elder thug. One thing is sure: they will try to keep the MW/SJ misunderstanding pics hush-hush because they know that JC will lose his focus if he sees them. So far it seems the CEO looks genuine, but from the way he talks to JC he may be also deceiving him. Perhaps if he's the cause of JC's fall, he's trying to atone by helping him now since after all he's good. President Jeong et all: by seeing how the evil president was looking at YS on tv I realized how brain-damaged he is. We understood that he has been treated badly by his dead father and it's a resul of his evilness. He thinks of himself as super powerful, but his big security guard doesn't seem to agree with his boss when it comes to harm people. I guess he just cut the hands of the man who died because he wasn't the one who had killed him in the first place. He follows his boss' orders and he wants to survive, so I think he'll question JC about why he lied to them regarding his identity. I don't believe he's gonna take him to the lab just yet because after all they took his blood and he wasn't fit for the test, so he doesn't know he could actually be valuable... unless he is aware that a bottle of blue pills is missing and he may think he was the one who took it. The big security guy seems to be a fan of MMA and he saw JC's videos, maybe he suspects something.