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  1. I think that to go to those lengths, the guy must have been desperate to save his daughter... even if his gesture could worsen her situation. It's in line with the "bad papa" theme: a father who tries anything to protect his daughter. I know this sounds idiotic because no father with a logical mind would do this, but perhaps he had money problems and couldn't let his daughter get proper treatment. In a way it reminded me of something that happened on the drama "Duel". It was about a single dad who was a detective who had a young daughter with a deadly disease and gets his daughter in a trial program but eventually she's kidnapped. (This drama was about human clones, tho). I wonder if the dead guys' daughter will be tempted to take a blue pill and what is going to happen to her since she's ill... and if director Park will try to shut her mouth as well as her mom's, who are protesting in front of the police because they're looking for their dead dad/husband. And maybe they'll be taken to the lab. As for the bottle given to JC, maybe he didn't want to get incriminated? I mean, if they found out that a bottle of medicine was taken, I think they would have investigated the test subjects first to try to get a lead on who could have taken it. It could be possible this guy also partecipated in a previous stage of the trial and that's when he got the first box, but since they kept on doing tests on the pill, it changed with time and perhaps the one JC has is less strong than the one his daughter has. Maybe JC has the "previous" version of it while the dead guy was tested with the "new" one and those were the results.
  2. @Prettysup The guy made it sound as if the doctors gave the pills to him to try before the next test, but it sounded weird since it's a clinical trial and the effects of the medicine need to be observed. It was coincidence he and JC needed to take the bus at the same stop, or not? But I think the guy was more desperate to save his daughter and he didn't have hidden intentions when he gave those pills to JC. Perhaps he had taken more than a bottle of pills but then was sorry that JC wasn't admitted to do the trial and he gave the pills to him? Although this sounds crazy because I wouldn't take pills I don't know what will do to my body from a stranger. lol. Maybe JC tried the pills just because he believed they were a nutritional supplement...? Those are usually considered "secure" since they are just vitamins, magnesium and other stuff that helps the person feel stronger. And unless somebody is allergic to ingredients contained in that specific nutritional supplement, they can be taken for long periods of time without creating issues - unlike other medicines.
  3. @Prettysup Yes, I wrote it in my comment. My concern was if he and his boss knew that the 36th pills container was missing like the younger Doctor noticed. They may think JC lied about his identity to steal the pills or something... because it's all connected with his newfound fighter glory, and Director Park (the big security guard) follows MMA and he may suspect the pills have something to do with his strength. I don't think he is going to take JC to the lab just yet because taking him there would mean dealing with president Jeong as well, and director Park is a good minion but I don't think he's completely heartless like his boss, so he may give JC a warning or something... for now. (Maybe that's why we see JH with crutches in those bts pics?) The pills' issue made me think if Doctor Cha and his lab only chose subjects who were diagnosed with incurable illnesses, and JC doesn't have anything life-threatening so he wasn't fit for the test since he was OK. They said that the guy who died would have died anyway because he had a brain tumor. Maybe they needed such subject to test if SF-3 could be able to cure his illness. We also see his daughter is ill and she had a bottle of blue pills with her, but probably she hasn't took one yet. The dead guy entered the clinical trial for the money that he could use to help his daughter with therapy, but when he noticed the pills, he stole them because he may have known what they were for, since the news report advertised about SF-3 and the fact that it could possibly cure degenerating diseases like the one his daughter probably has. Now I wonder why he gave a bottle to JC if those pills could help his daughter, but maybe the bottle we saw his daughter hold is the one the lab gave to him, while the one he gave to JC is the stolen one from the lab shelf that's missing from the inventory.
  4. A few comments on Eps 9-12. JC and SJ: I liked that she finally told him some things she didn't like he told her (like talking about money), because maybe he'll see her point of view and understand that it's not just money that matters in life. Because they may have a better life, but both SJ and YS are still living like they used do because they are able to go on without being wealthy. JC thinks money will make them happier but his "gifts" need to have a purpose or he'll be just spending money. I hated that SJ still hasn't told JC about her writing gig. I think she didn't because she believes he'll get mad, but I think it'll be worse when he knows it. He remained calm when he found her with MW looking at his autobiography, but maybe because he was excited to show her the house and that erased his disappointment. Despite they had some small arguments, the last scene SJ/JC have together is hopeful and it seems that she really liked the new house because JC remembered how she dreamed it should be. But they are far from being ok, they still need to work out some issues they have. JC and YS: their scenes are probably the most realistic because we can see how they care for each other. YS seems annoyed at her dad but she loves him, and her behavior is not abnormal. When JC is with her he looks like a small child because he's super giddy, and he likes to do things that make her happy. It was a nice thought for YS to run like a madwoman to the restaurant to her dad, because she knew he was lonely and hated the thought of him being alone and that he might have thought his wife stood him up. SJ and MW: well, MW is showing is true colors finally. He's full of resentment towards JC because he feels cheated, but he also seems to be planning a revenge on SJ because she was captured by JC and not him. SJ is finally realizing thanks to her sister too, that MW doesn't have pure intentions with her. Yes, he's helped her out, but he wants more but not sincerely. He probably just wants SJ to fall for him because he's helping her achieve her dreams, see JC get mad and probably throw his new-career in the trash because he can't stand it, then leave her. Or maybe he wants to keep her just to tell JC that his wife left him. I wonder if SJ's book is bad and he paid the editor to publish it by making someone polishing it out so it would be a good product. Maybe he's making her think her writing is awesome when truthfully, SJ is just awerage like the people who bought her novel said? I think that when this novel will be published the pics the thug took of her and MW will also come out and stir things up. CEO of Z-Drop and the thugs: I don't know why, but I felt that the CEO and the thugs were connected. After all, the CEO went to the gambling parlor to scout for new fighters, so maybe he and the thugs have a "collaboration" where he gets the talented guys and they do something illegal for him as his minions. Maybe if they are indeed the ones who got JC to be banned from the league, this stint was before they collaborated? Who knows. Because imo the guy we see in the flashback could also be the elder thug. One thing is sure: they will try to keep the MW/SJ misunderstanding pics hush-hush because they know that JC will lose his focus if he sees them. So far it seems the CEO looks genuine, but from the way he talks to JC he may be also deceiving him. Perhaps if he's the cause of JC's fall, he's trying to atone by helping him now since after all he's good. President Jeong et all: by seeing how the evil president was looking at YS on tv I realized how brain-damaged he is. We understood that he has been treated badly by his dead father and it's a resul of his evilness. He thinks of himself as super powerful, but his big security guard doesn't seem to agree with his boss when it comes to harm people. I guess he just cut the hands of the man who died because he wasn't the one who had killed him in the first place. He follows his boss' orders and he wants to survive, so I think he'll question JC about why he lied to them regarding his identity. I don't believe he's gonna take him to the lab just yet because after all they took his blood and he wasn't fit for the test, so he doesn't know he could actually be valuable... unless he is aware that a bottle of blue pills is missing and he may think he was the one who took it. The big security guy seems to be a fan of MMA and he saw JC's videos, maybe he suspects something.
  5. @azureblue7 Yes, good speculation. Because from the way he responded to the members of the league, it didn't seem he personally received anything, or he wouldn't be drowning in debt. It looked like someone set him up by sending the money and making it look he fixed the match. Although I wonder how did he let his daughter do ballet? Because ballet school is quite expensive... maybe YS could attend because at the time his detective pay was enough to afford it. As for the match, I also believe he has some serious health problems. Because we also see him have a similar pain in the present after the drink bribe, and it came out of the blue. But like you said, he didn't have enough money to pay for a full examination so the doctor simply said he didn't have anything. It seems this "attack" also presents itself everytime he takes the pills, so the pills may either cure whatever illness he may have (maybe it's something related to his muscles? An early arthrosis? Parkinsons'? ASL?). I think Doctor Cha recognized him and when he'll see how he acts during a match he will try to reach out for him to test the medicine. Maybe the doctor can also understand if he has issues just by observing him move, since he's a Nobel Prize and all. He should be a good doctor because he was hired by a powerful CEO. About JC's possible health issue, I remember that SJ's sis also told her to get divorced to him before he'd get hurt while fighting or she'll have to take care of him forever. Hopefully it won't come down to this, I mean to JC in need of constant care because he'll develop something that will make him unable to move his arts. I wonder if it's written like that for a purpose, or it's just a line. But maybe, if JC is really affected by a serious illness like, ASL that slowly debilitates a person's body, maybe the pills developed by Doctor Cha could help him save his life. I remember that the News Report about SF-3 that airs while JC eats curry during the first episode said that this new pill could save people who suffer from ASL. ASL usually appears in people who are over 40 years old and it often starts by debilitating an arm or leg.
  6. @kohnlee I think 32 (but technically it's 16 one-hour episodes, so a normal lenght). If the story keeps this pace and it doesn't drag, 16 episodes will suffice to tell the whole story. @skypearl That's true about her smiling more with MW rather than with her family. She is more comfortable with MW because he doesn't know all the sides of the story unlike JC, and she doesn't have to explain anything to him. After all, she has always seen him as a friend. And friends should be the people we can be ourselves with and have fun, discuss, vent. Because there are some things that are bound to be left unsaid between a married couple so we tend to lean on our friends for support. Even the strongest marriages have secrets. But this doesn't mean that SJ isn't herself with JC as well. She is herself. But she's showing him her resentment and that became the new normal in their family. In the past the norm was her being cheerful and super affectionate with her husband, but like you said something must have happened in the 6 years after the miscarriage and career scandal that turned her cold towards him. And even when she scolds him or badmouths him, it just shows she's concerned. Even when she calls him "yeobo". A person who has no feelings left whatsoever for another one wouldn't use a tear of endearment like this. Maybe they'd call each other "Young Son appa/omma" that's informal but imo a more detached term. She doesn't say nice things to keep her coherence intact, because other people would think her weird if she changes her mind all of a sudden. So she's basically hiding her concern behind harsh words and she's trying to convince herself that she's saying the right things. But she's just deceiving herself and her feelings. To me JC always seems hopeful to see the wife he knows back, because to him she changed but it's not a permanent change. Maybe he even thinks he deserves to be treated like this because of what he did, but he seems to be acting the same way he acted in the past towards her. I think that to make SJ change her perspective/behavior towards JC, they need to talk about their feelings - even the depressing ones. Have they ever talked about the child they lost? Or the bribe? Because I think they never did (especially with the bribe, I think JC never wanted his wife to be linked to the scandal - it connects with JC in the present when he's questioned about the bribe he took from the monk and the audit guy asks if his wife is involved too and he gets mad). JC gave her divorce papers and left, but SJ didn't leave and kept mum about her pain not to make her husband add more salt on his wound. JC also kept mum about the loss of his child and of his career, and all the things left unsaid piled up. They need to have a good cry together like YS and JC and JC needs to encourage his wife to be a writer like she's always dreamed, and even if it hurts her, SJ needs to also encourage her husband to give his best on the ring. I'm thinking that their moment to reconcile will come when JC will be hurt. What if the pills stop working and he has a different reaction to them? Because we saw that in the past he was training and fell to the ground, and I wonder if he does have some problems that doctors haven't figured out. So far whenever JC got hurt, he never showed it to his family and endured the pain. SJ saw him in pain during the match on tv, but she wasn't present. We saw how she reacted while he wasn't getting up during the Fujimoto match. I'm wondering if she'll go watch one of the matches and JC loses consciousness to the point they need to take him to the hospital. A moment like this - despite the predictability - could be her trigger to open up to JC while he is on a hospital bed. She thinks he's unconscious and she cries her heart out, but he listens to everything she says and that's the first step to rebuil their relationship.
  7. I finally finished watching Ep. 07-08. What clearly stands out during these last episodes is that anything JC does, ultimately it's for his wife and daughter. I liked that he drunk-talked to YS about following her dreams, because the morale is that since JC it's her father, he only wants the best for her and he doesn't care if people say bad things about him because in the end it's what YS likes that matters and that she is protected from the hate. He only wants the critics aimed at him. I really wish for YS to win the audition to make Sang A see that you don't have to be a rich brat to be successful. We've seen that he also cares for his wife and he should do more gestures that don't entail money because SJ will probably appreciate him more like this. She doesn't care about money and luxury things. Despite she doesn't, she still wore the dress JC bought for her and it just means that she cares that he thought about her and gave her that gift. It's her reaction while wearing it and observing her reflection in the mirror what matters: she was happy. Not for the dress but because JC did something for her that she witnessed with her eyes. JC does a lot of things but many of them are done behind the scenes, so she doesn't know. SJ feels confused about her moments with MW because those situations haven't happened to her for a while, but I'm confident that's just that because she's hitting a rough patch with her husband. It could be possible she doesn't doubts herself but MW. Maybe she's wondering why he's acting like that towards her because she may not know she was his first love. It's in the little gestures like preparing JC rice or putting the blanket on him that we see she still cares for him and that prove that we shouldn't worry about her love for her husband. I still think she has limits, and if MW will try to cross them, she'll stop him. Or so I hope. To this point, it seems to me the writer is trying to make SJ see MW in a hopeful light because he shows that he cares for her, but I don't think she will fall for him. She will just see him as an old friend who's helping her through a bad moment. Once again, so I hope. Speaking of the past, I also think like you that the guy who might have offered JC the money could have been the CEO of ZD Promotion. But it's still unsure whether JC received the money or not. It's clear that he was not fighting MW the way MW expected him to and that he lost on purpose. I think JC lost on purpose to save his family since he had lost the money he had invested. So he did it just because he was desperate to protect them, but it all went down badly from there because his wife lost their second child and he was outed. But why it would be the CEO of ZD? What did JC did to him in the past to make him act this way? Unless it was a move planned by MW's team to make him become famous quickly. What if it was the only way to advance in his career? I'm not saying MW is a bad fighter, but I remember the phrase that Doctor Cha tells to the evil CEO: "No matter how tall a tower is, if you build it by sacrifying people it will crumble to pieces". It could also apply on sport careers: if you become famous by using quick gateways to get famous, at some point that fame will eat you and you'll end up falling from the top. What if someone close to MW sacrificed JC because they knew he was a strong opponent and his Achille's heel were money? I don't think he was MW himself because we know he still cared for SJ and wouldn't want her to be stuck in a difficult situation. We cannot hear the real voice of the offerer, so it could really be anyone.
  8. @skypearl You really got the point about SJ and I agree with everything you said. I don't agree with her behavior with MW because I think she's misunderstanding his "kindness" (because it is anything but kindness). MW never did anything wrong to SJ (that we're aware of) and they have an intimate relationship. What I mean is that they're old friends and so they treat each other freely. This is why it may seem that SJ is flirting with him. She's comfortable with him so she uses that gushing voice. I think the reason why she seem to waver is that MW is acting (we know his act is not pure) in a way she longs for. That is, how probably JC used to act when they got together and how JC often acts but it became less with time, since SJ seems to push him away (if it's an indication they aren't sleeping in the same bed anymore). SJ is realistic but she's also very dreamy, given she's a writer and the most important trait of a writer is imagination. When we see her imagining herself watching a man with a nice backside preparing breakfast for her, imo that's not only a pivotal scene for her book, but also what she'd want to live in real life - this is why we see her in that vivid imagination. But the man is not JC. That's partially her choice, because it seems that she is the one who decided not to sleep anymore with JC. There are many couples who don't get along, and even if they don't have sex, they still sleep on the same bed. The fact that she prefers to spend her nights on writing fiction is important. It surely happened something that triggered her behavior. Maybe the loss of her second child and JC's divorce papers? I think that flashback of the hospital is connected to the beginning of Ep. 07. That's when MW gets in. He came back at the lowest point of her relationship with JC, and since she sees MW with colored glasses, she's bound to see him as a prototype of a male character of her book. The one she probably also fantasizes about and that "gives" or "could give" her what she wants that JC doesn't give her OR... what she doesn't see JC giving her. Because JC gives her "things" and not what she wants. She probably wants affection showed through hugs, preparing her a meal, cleaning the house... all the things JC doesn't do and it makes her seem he doesn't care. When you're going through a difficult time, even the smallest things can help keeping the family together. JC thinks he's being a husband by buying his wife a pretty dress, which is a nice gesture, but not the type SJ wants. I think if JC tried hard to be a better husband, his wife wouldn't see MW the way she's seeing him. Hopefully she'll get back to reality when she understands his reasons, because right now she's really acting like this because she's idolizing MW's behavior.
  9. I still haven't watched Ep. 07-08 because I'm finishing the subs for 05-06, so my thoughts are on those two for now. This drama keeps on getting interesting not only for the details that you can see in their facial expressions, but also because we are finding bits of the story episode after episode and it keeps us wondering. I would say this is a "slice of life" kind of drama, and it's not only about JC but also about the hardships of his family. I understand SJ and YS's POVs. They care about JC so they don't want him to get hurt again, both physically and in his heart. SJ is aware that JC lost confidence in himself because of what happened and in this whole situation. So when she says that she'd rather write MW's autobiography and not his, yes, she can be mean, but it's also a way for her to show him her concern. She wasn't meaning those words. And JC hopefully knows it. At the end of the day I am sure that she still loves JC and she replies to him that way because she's tired of the situation. I'm not saying that she should just tell him angry things, but I think this is a result of her not saying much during the last 17 years. She probably always endured and problems don't get solved with pretending to be ok. It was time SJ and JC faced their problems. If they pretend they don't exist they won't solve anything and I guess that's when SJ will leave him for good. So it's ok that she reveals him what's in her heart and mind for him to understand. But at the same time, JC should also open up about his suffering because I think he's kept his hurt hidden from his wife for the last 11 years so she won't feel burdened. The same is happening to YS. She grew up with loving parents but she still feels like something is missing in her life, and perhaps she blames her dad. But whenever people badmouth him, she tries to defend him, and it just means that she cares for her dad a lot. I understand why some people dislike Seon Joo, but imo she has her reasons to be like this. She is a bit naive thinking that MW just hired her because she's a childhood friend. She could help on that side, of course, but that's not necessary because someone related to MW could just ask her and other people about him. Putting aside MW's shady reasons, I think the reason why SJ is so keen on writing this book is because 1) she's finally getting to do what she likes 2) she's going to feel less uncomfortable because she'll get an important pay to sustain her family for a bit, and that's what matters to her. If MW is going to make a move on her (I still haven't watched eps 07-08 so I don't know if he did something already) I think that we will see SJ realize what is really going on with MW, because like I said before, SJ still loves JC very much.
  10. @Prettysup It's really possible he was a detective before and then he was scouted. There are many fighters here who are also Police or Carabinieri (same as police, but have different duties) and they often compete in their specialty when there are international competitions like the Olympics. Like @fiesty8001 said, there are other "special" categories and JC didn't seem to enjoy his job much. He worked because he had to work, but his conduct wasn't proper if his salary had been cut, etcetera. Maybe, since he used to be an athlete, he could join the forces. So it could be both, but in my opinion JC's scouting happened in a similar way of his 2018 scouting, and he was just a young guy who liked to fight on the ring. Because when he goes to see his old coach, it seemed like he also trained in that gym. Perhaps somebody saw him train there and offered him a contract to be a fighter because they saw the potential, and in the end he was successful. It's always like this that agents find their best athletes, by visiting the places where they are in their element. Then, after his fall, somebody who still cared for him and believed in him (if he had been set up and someone knew and wanted to help him) gave him this oportunity because they knew that he was in trouble. I guess the money he had earned could be enough for a while, seeing that there was a period where he and his family acted like a happy family, but then they finished and he needed to find another job.
  11. Today is finally the day will wait for the episodes later because I'm also subbing this project for Italian fans. The OSTs sound cool. It is rare to find music from dramas that stucks in your mind, but these songs are particular and not the usual stuff. They convey the loneliness, desperation and sense of helplessness of Ji Cheol and his family. Earlier while I was walking the dogs I was thinking about something I don't know if you've discussed before. That is, it was revealed beforehand why JC decided to follow the detective path, or not? I mean, of all the possible careers he could have followed after the ban, he was involved with the police for years. I don't know how it works in Korea, but in my country (Italy) you can't get into police after a certain age and you still have to pass a lot of tests to be admitted into the Police Academy. JC was 32 years old when he was disqualified, since on the ID paper in the testing lab it was written he was now 43, so too old to get into police, theorically. It could have been someone inside with connections who helped him get this job? What if it was Professor Cha? I still think there may be connections between him and JC from the way he looked at his pic in the lab and he knew he wasn't "Kim Yong Soo".
  12. @fiesty8001 About MW, I also agree he may not be directly involved in JC's downfall, or else he wouldn't threaten him by saying he'll reveal everything. In that conversation in MW's study, it looked like JC was more worried about the truth rather than MW, which means that what really happened 11 years before could destroy MW's career and let others see JC in another light and JC doesn't want that because it's in the past and he feels guilty about it and doesn't want to relieve those moments. What's done is done. It could also be related to doping, maybe he used drugs to pump his performance and this is way he was disqualified, or someone drugged him to set him up. What if Professor Cha and the evil guys' father used to test their drugs on athletes and they might be somehow involved behind the scenes? Like, they could have drugged the foods they ate and see what happened and not letting them know in exchange for sponsor money (so only the coach or other related to the team knew). What if MW's success also depends on something like that and he's related to some big name and this is why he's not indicted? @kohnlee Yeah, after rewatching Ep. 03-04 and especially MW/JC's convo and then the moment of MW with his "girlfriend", maybe his aim is to win against him for real and prove himself. Maybe winning a fixed match hurt MW's pride as a person and as a fighter, as if he used the easy way out. This got me thinking again about whether or not JC is greedy. Like @fiesty8001 said, he values people over money, but money still interest him to a certain degree (after all, without money we cannot go on). In the past, maybe he wanted to use them to settle down and have an easy life with his family, while in the present he wants them to fix his problems to have a normal life with his family. He wanted money to pay the lease, to buy YS's bag, to pay the hospital fee and the compensation, but he didn't have money, and this aggravated the situation because he felt useless while his wife tried to ask for help. He said it himself that his dream is to be an ordinary dad. What if the bribe MW said he possibly accepted wasn't real and it was his way to stop fighting because he just wanted to be a normal father and husband? Maybe despite he was good at his job, he was sick of it because of what happened behind the scenes. Maybe he did it for his family, but in the end it blew up in his face.
  13. Yeah, but it would fit his role imo, because he's smart but he also doesn't values himself the way others saw/see him in the present. YD considered him as a great fighter if he hasn't forgotten about him after all those years he left the scene. There's probably other people who feel the same, but JC doesn't seem to believe them. I think that the reason he was banned could be that at the time somebody wanted to bribe him and this act was enough to kick him out. And this is why today he hates who gives bribes or bets in gambling parlors. If you think about it, the scene in Ep. 01 when he receives the bribe from the monk could be happened in the past when he was a fighter. Maybe JC was offered a bribe, he refused, and the person who wanted to give it to him (perhaps someone related to MW) manipulated everything and planted the money somewhere in JC's belongings and he didn't know anything about it. So the reason he was banned is because somebody set him up. But it could have happen in the other way: JC was offered a bribe, he accepted, lost the match (perhaps the deal was to lose) and it was discovered. It's true that he was rich, but he could have been greedy, seeing that he was a hot shot fighter. And perhaps he was thinking that more money could benefit his family. It could happen that his ex detective partner and the police station where he used to work may be of help unveiling the real reason to clear his name and indict those who tricked him. I think what we see in the present is highly connected to what happened in the past, a sort of dejavu. Maybe reversed. MW doesn't seem to be too villainous to me either. At this moment he seems like he's one of those rich guys with too much time on his hands to care for the adventures of his first love and her husband.
  14. When they showed this scene, I believed that maybe this happened after JC's "fall". Maybe at that time he believed it would be better to get divorced because of the accident that made him lose his fame. He may have believed that since his career was ruined, this would also damage his family, so he may have decided to ask for divorce without thinking just for SJ and YS's wellbeing. I guess that what made them stick together even after that was SJ's perseverance and that JC realized he was too impulsive. From the flashbacks we can see she really loved her husband, and when you love somebody you are willing to be with them despite the difficulties you may encounter. JC also loves his wife and daughter, but he shows his love in other ways. Yeah, it would also match how the first episode starts and JC saying that the daughter he was saving in that bus was not his daughter. At first I didn't understand why he was saying that, thinking that he may have used a methapor because he wants to protect his daughter and he's very upset when he checks on YS at the hospital, but after you mentioned this it seems clear that there is a connection between the two things. During Ep. 3, JC also says that "one day you're considered a hero, the next you're garbage". Maybe that's what happened 11 years ago. Maybe the bus where JC and his crew and his family were on had an accident. In addition to that, he could have taken a bribe to make MW win on purpose, and this is why he hates gambling parlors and people who go to those places. Maybe in the end the medicine will help boost his career again and also his confidence in himself, and in the end also put his family back together like he dreamed, because he just wanted to be an "ordinary dad". About the medicine, I also think that it may lead to a depressing conclusion, since the doctors were discussing how he wasn't fit for the trial, but I hope not. In fact, when he takes the pills he has a sudden shock as if he's allucinating and under the effect of strong drugs, so they are definitely not doing great things to his body besides giving him strenght. Fantasy aside, it could be a reaction of the body cells to the blue pill: they are trying to kick it out of the system and while doing so, they cause a reaction that make JC "hyperactive" (if we want to stay realistic)... like, I don't know, when a person is pushed to do things they wouldn't do because of an adrenaline rush. As for SJ, I don't think she's selfish either. For the 17 years she and JC have been together, we've seen from the flashbacks that she's always been supportive of her family no matter what. But now, when her family is drowning in debt and things are getting tougher, she decided to think about what's better for YS and her husband, because only a fool wouldn't take the chance offered by MW. She is not doing it to reconnect with MW, she is doing it to help her family survive and be happy as well, since her dream is to become a writer and she can't dedicate her life to writing if she has bills to pay and so on. This chance gives her the occasion to finally do what she likes and be paid for it. SJ looks like a genuine woman, and she knows that her husband dislikes MW but maybe not the official reason. I don't know if she realizes that MW used to like her, but she's acting towards him like an old friend. After all, even if there is no good blood between JC and MW, he didn't do anything bad to her for SJ to stop interacting with him. Or at least that we know of. In the end I think that even if MW could try to make a move on her (maybe just to get JC mad), she will stay loyal to JC. I'm still not sure about MW's true personality. During Ep. 01-02 we saw him as the handsome fighter who is loved by his fans because of his attitude et all, but during Ep. 03-04 we saw other sides to MW, maybe his true character. But this is yet to be final, because like @azureblue7 said, perhaps MW misunderstood JC and was disappointed in what he did that lead to his ban. Perhaps his goal is to really win against JC in a real match and not in a staged one. Maybe MW is convinced he rose to fame just because JC was pushed out of the league. Perhaps MW feels like his pride was hurt because he didn't win because of his merits... maybe he's a man with an ethic... we'll see.
  15. Hi everyone! Yesterday I finally watched ep 1-2 with subs because I was curious, unlike with JH's previous drama Wok of love (which gave me the feeling he won't have a big part as in his previous works). I always expect a lot from JH's works because he tends to choose the projects carefully. I noticed that he often picks melos about greed and money, and this one is no less. Basically his character could be anyone's dad, brother, friend, because it's hard to have a stable job nowadays. Yoo Ji Cheol seems like the type who was destined to be a star, so he's out of his character when he is a detective, this is why he probably doesn't do his job by the book. This is interesting because it's something that everyone who has a dream that gets crushed can get through, and everyone needs to do something in order to survive. We all know that he'll be lured into the world of MMA by the illegal fights, and also because he needs the money and he likes the money. The scene at the end of Ep. 2 when he watches the money fly over his head was a good methapor of his character who is trying hard to reach for the fame. They still didn't show what exactly happened that made him lose his job as a pro-fighter, but they'll probably do it soon. I like the chemistry between Ji Cheol and his wife and daughter, because you can see there's tension between them but also affection that doesn't make either let go of the other despite the problems they're drowning in. Or at least so far, it all could change for Sun Joo after she met the handsome Min Woo who is not only rich and famous, because it's evident that he feels something towards her. But I don't think she'll run into his arms despite his wealth, because I believe she still loves Ji Cheol despite his flaws (and the fact that they probably haven't had any sexual contact like the person commented under her story XD). Young Sun could also come to despise her father for the same reason. The lack of money. And maybe Min Woo could try to help Sun Joo even through Young Sun, seeing that the girl feels helpless because she doesn't get what her friends get. It wouldn't be weird if Min Woo tries to get linked to Sun Joo and with her daughter in order to "get" her this time, because he may take the chance since she has problems with her husband. Another interesting point is the secret medicine. The rich guy may be megalomaniacal, seeing he's very young and so, so, powerful. He does not only have the money, but seems to also have a smart brain. Who knows what he wants to achieve. But you can tell he's still a kid. I wonder if when Ji Cheol was a pro-fighter he was in touch with the guy's now-dead father who also developed medicine. Because he often takes some pills, and then he gets dizzy even before he takes the first blue pill (in Ep. 1 when he's eating breakfast and then goes to the doctor). We still don't know if the blue pills cause the super strenght or not, or if Ji Cheol was subjected to medical testing back in the day he was famous but then discarded using a scandal as a cover up. I'll watch Ep. 3-4 later, maybe something will be clearer.