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  1. Inrang's family wonder where is Hyojoossi... I miss her... meanwhile Jongsukssi updates his IG and fans also met him @89Mansion cr. Owner
  2. June 12, 2018 @15:00-15:30pm Lee Jong Suk will be the guest stage for KOREA TOURIST FESTIVAL in Japan . - "☆ #Ieejongsuk #MYNAME will appear☆The #2018 Korean Tourist Festival will be held at Tokyo Dome City Prism Hall on June 12th (Tue) and 13th (Wed)! Let's experience the charm of Korea through exhibitions, experience corners and stage events! There is also a pre-application program, so please check it out ☆ For more information, go to the profile link: @kto.tokyo cr. rcnwann
  3. "89Mansion open official online store" http://m.89mansion.co.kr/ you can also purchase MD products online that were only sold in stores * shipping are all available for domestic and overseas 89Mansion IG updates! caption: The warm sunshine has been around for a long time.The rose that floated is full from the entrance.It is fascinating even during the day and night.-We will always give you the best service so that everyone who visits 89MANSION will be able to stay without any inconvenience.
  4. Throwback Jongjoo 520 moment ❤️ cr. rcnwann
  5. New Drama Lee Jong Suk and Kim Ji Won were in talks to lead announces cancellation. Source: Soompi News Following reports in April that Lee Jong Suk and Kim Ji Won were in talks to star in a new Netflix drama “See You Again,” it has been confirmed that the drama has been canceled. Anticipation was high for Lee Jong Suk and Kim Ji Won’s reunion in a drama, as it would be their first in seven years since “High Kick 3! The Revenge of The Short Legged” in 2011. The drama was slated to be released on Netflix, and was planned to be penned by the writer of “Oh My Venus” as a healing romance between two youths. Following reports that plans for the drama had been canceled, the actors’ agencies were contacted. Both YNK Entertainment and King Kong by Starship Entertainment spoke on behalf of Lee Jong Suk and Kim Ji Won respectively to state that they had already turned down the offer. They both added that as they had already decided to not appear in the drama, they couldn’t comment further on the future of the project. The production company behind “See You Again” confirmed the news on May 19 and stated, “There were many factors that contributed to the cancellation of the drama.” Lee Jong Suk is set to lead SBS’s upcoming two-part series “Hymn of Death,” while Kim Ji Won is considering an offer to join tvN’s “Asadal Chronicles” (tentative title).
  6. The real beauty inside Han Hyo Joo. In the spring of 2017, actress Han Hyo Joo made a new hospital uniform for sick children with the Green Umbrella Children's Foundation ❤️Actress Han Hyo Joo draw a cute picture for hospital uniform and got used by sick children everyday. Despite of busy schedules, we worked on creating the children's clothes by draw the pictures and making clothes patterns. The new baby clothes that were created in this way were so pretty also easy to wear and take off, so i got a great response from the parents, medical staff and the children too. Now a lot of children can wear new and beautiful clothes. SBS, Funding and Green Umbrella Children's Foundation will conduct the funding project to support the baby and present new clothes to children who are having a hard time fighting an illness. Credit/translation: leejongsuk.hanhyojoo
  7. Hyojoo for Daebang Construction ❤️ cr. Owner .
  8. Jongsuk blood type : A Hyojoo blood type : A A blood type personality : Type A’s best traits are their punctuality, perfectionist tendencies, and various other qualities associated with being a good student. Their weaker traits are their uptight nature & obsessiveness. Type As are usually described as being shy and secretive, preferring their own company to that of others. However, they are also highly considerate and patient, with extreme attention to detail! cr. Owner
  9. Jap magazine Brutus translation by @adeleyam thank a lot Chingu for your time and effort!
  10. Jongjoo IG updates ❤️ Hyos IG caption: is everything okay?
  11. This is a real beauty inside ❤️ such a cute pajamas cr. Owner
  12. 89Mansion IG updates! (google translate) Significant days are many months home month MayWe can not be alone at 89MANSIONI made a small event.-"89MANSION Scratch Lottery Event"The contents are as follows.-You will receive a 100% winner of the Scratch Lottery ticket for all those who visit the store within the event period and eat over 50,000 won.Prepare in limited quantities and be early terminated.-Event period: 3 days from May 07 to 9.Lottery Period: From May 10 to June 10, one month.-I hope to be a happy May with 89MANSION
  13. throwback W-Two Worlds Script Reading 2 years ago... (May 4, 2016) LOL @rcnwann PDnim is innocent though cr. rcnwann
  14. Happy weekend Jongjoongers! before and after kekekek Thanks to @rcnwann & @frozentundra for nice edit! u guys jjang! All credit to Owner