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  1. Newly posted IG s... as usual, rather random.... But so full of joy... Random? Randomer... RANDOMEST ! this was reposted just 16 min ago although the scene is from a long time ago... I will happily randomly conclude that all is well in Boyoo land. night chingu CREDIT to owner of IGs n much thanks for making us smile Edit OOPS photos not showing up once again.Help ! Soompi! . Chingu , Please check IG acct of Yoojung1318 for the photos
  2. Same here... (have neen trying to edit my posts to censor my mental expletives n say things in a politically correct way .... but igive up..some honesty is appropriate here) I am sure there are many "good" reasons why YJ was not even given a mention...but for now i am just so disappointed and sad.This beautiful costar put in her skill, heart n mind n body to get into the character of Raon ;worked in gruelling conditions, ;cried her tears dry; and if i dare say; opened her until then,carefully protected n blossoming heart n emotions to this namja in order to perfect their tangible chemistry.. She was indeed an equal part in the success of MDBC and PBG...he would not be where he is now with a less lovable n talented actesss. . She despite her senority in acting, always deferred to him.,took care of him and gave credit to him, always ready to let him shine. Just a simple mention mashed in with a dozen other names would indeed not have killed anyone and meant a lot ...So disappointed...seeing the IG selca of this precious lady looking so wan and vulnerable yet bravely smiling was just too heartbreaking. Please understand that i am not criticising PBG as i know we dont have the full picture...but just feel very sad n disappointed. YJ deserves better.a lot better. YJ fighting. Wishing her lots of strength and joy. always. credit to owner
  3. (edited : info no longer relevant as post no longer available). Youjung's latest update ... Caption says "need strength"(according to other posters). a cap with a "B" MDBC friendship goals! Someone needs help with his tie ...once again... Happy for BG n MDBC winning the awards..would have been perfect if only YJ-ie had been there too... like someone commented, ,she was half of his success. I'm disappointed there seems no mention of YJ in BG's speech, seems even the mc was trying to manoevere it a bit by asking which co actor would be happiest for him...but in this instance,the deliberate evasion makes it seem all the more suspicious. Credit to owners
  4. @Kathleen Domingo IKR !!!! i was like... wait...am I seeing what i think i am seeing...where are their hands? couldn't believe my eyes...only people really close and comfortable with each other are allowed into such close personal space...what does this mean?... Chingus, need your help to analyse ... check out ahjussi_lover IG and help solve the mystery... but let's not repost it as requested because this kindhearted rebel may have to stop sharing if so...and check it soon as it may self disintegrate. I find chemistryfairycouple and yooboboyoofanatic have excellent research material PS; please include me toooo for any private chat Thank you
  5. hi, @moonlightdream Just want to say thank you for taking the time n effort to share your precious thoughts n insights with us. Made me squeal silently and from what i read in IG comments, lots of peeps are genuinely happy n grateful. I think the rules that disallow sharing references in texts is just OTT . Vids/images is fair but to try to censor viewers thoughts n insights is rather tunnel visioned as sneak peeks are great publicity n will tempt people to buy.them. Kamsahmida Chingu. Hope we get to hear more of your insights. Just posting some recent things on IG : BG's song choices for his fanmeets, yesterday's Mubank ( a beloved indonesian lovesong ) n SNS Twitter/Baidu have all been super soppy n lovey dovey ...and it continues....I think song preferences reflect our inner mood and thoughts... BG is just adorable...a little boy daydreaming on the steps...a penny for your thoughts Bogummah... And this girl is just totally adorable too... i totally adore how unpretentious she is in her friendships ,expressions and dressing... it's like she is trying not to grow up too fast even as her coming of age (20 in Korea) draws near ; and simply defying conventions n dressing the way a teenager should. And witty YJ's seeminly random IG posts... this one posted when BG was on way to Indonesia for Mubank looks like a straight forward picture of her meal.Until one notices that it is actually an instant rice that looks similar to the one BG endorses...the caption says "Like like like "... hmmm...could it be encouragement to this handsome bashful guy..? Thanks all chingus for your sharings on this thread...always great to read them. Have a great week. Credit : heartfelt thanks to all owners n posters of the IGs.
  6. BG said he learnt from Lee Young to look only at one woman...so proud of our boy... he has proven on many occsions to be a man of his word... His behaviour with this special person is very different and actions speak louder than words (that cannot yet be spoken aloud).. as it did on this beautiful night... Sweet dreams Chingus CREDIT and much thanks to owners of IG
  7. True life couple and Boyoo : so many similarities.....especially in their eyes,the way they look at each other as though they cannot believe someone so amazing and wonderful exists... "The interviewer asked Song Joong Ki about his close actor friends and mentioned actor Cha Tae Hyun, whom Song Joong Ki has been known to be close with ever since his debut. When asked if they talk about personal matters often, Song Joong Ki responded, “Of course, I actually told Cha Tae Hyun [about wanting to marry Song Hye Kyo] a long time ago. He responded in a very Cha Tae Hyun-esque manner and said, ‘Oh, I’ve known! I had a feeling this was going to happen. Everyone in this country probably knows too.'” https://www.soompi.com/2017/08/04/song-joong-ki-shares-cha-tae-hyun-reacted-marriage-sends-video-message-lee-kwang-soo/ Hope that one day when the time is right, CTH will say the same to BG too... Credit to owners
  8. This is a work of art ....look at those lines... Perfect for a backhug... Credit and thanks to the owner of the IG
  9. Hi @lovelybluehoneyz.. Thank you for highIighting this issue: I hesitated a while about posting the spoiler tag posts ... and I realised that I feel the same as you as there is this tiny niggling unease in me ; so I have decided to delete all of them because what they have is very precious and should be cherished and protected. Fellow Chingus, those who have read my spoiler reposts, let's treasure them in our hearts and just keep it within our family who truely love Boyoo and not share it anymore. My apologies if I was a bit to enthusiastic to share because I knew that it would make our hearts smile smile as it did mine. Thank you . I agree about how BG was awesome at MusicBank. In keeping with his character, he was unfailingly charming and gentlemanly .He performed his duties very professionally but it was different from the sparkly eye contact and full beaming smiles and tangible happiness when he cohosted with his MDBC costar. He briefly assisted his fellow MC's down the steps that made me feel proud; but after he had ensured they were safe, he just went on his own way. The special superglue attention and sweetness that we wittnessed at Baeksang appears to be reserved only for his special person. Well done Bogummy. Let's cheer ourselves up with more MusicBank SG MDBC moments: Credit to owners of IG. thank you for bringing back beautiful memories
  10. HiHi Chingus Some MusicBankSG photos : Boyoo moments... Love that this guy gives his all whether it is work or play.... credit and heartfelt thanks to the owners of the IG.
  11. Some more bts : Credit and Thanks to Ig owners for sharing the Raon
  12. Some more for the collection . Enjoy : BG said that his heart fluttered each time he filmed with YJ and that she was lovable so that anyone who looked at her couldn't help but smile.. I feel you Bogum-ah .His ears and face were red whenever he was with her. . he said he felt he was in a relationship with Raon and would unconsciously touch her cheek... he was always making her laugh, holding her hand and just so happy. She was truely his Raon. Credit : much thanks to iG owners
  13. Some more ! edit: with translation of the convo So super sweet ! And YJ said in her SG interview : "I don't know BG's personality well enough to comment if he is my ideal type...this is a very difficult question for me to answer..."... credit: thank you to IG of @ raum818_everyone_is happy and @chemistryfairy couple for sharing the happiness
  14. So happy !It's raining Boyoo sweetness today Other BTS to complete the collection... BtS and drama scene This one is my favourite because it reveals a rare instance where YG is the initiator... playfully running her fingers upon his chest and at the end, gently carressing his large musculine hand with her tiny feminine thumb.( edit: relooked and am not sure whose thumb it is...but still very sweet n same significance ) This speaks volumes of how close they are and their mutual attraction because it is the subconscious language of lovers ( says this ahjumummy whose husband did the exact same gesture when he first held her hand 19 years and 4 children ago). They really worked hard during the 150 days of filming.The friendship forged thru hardship and shared experiences will always be a special part of them; especially these two beautiful kindred souls who met serrendipitiously at a very special time in their lives ; YJ a lovely young lady on the cusp of womanhood, and gallant handsome BG ,who was eager to fall in love with the right lady . Their pride and support for each other has not diminished and appears stronger even, as we had the privilege of wittnessing in BG's unshed tears during the 2016 KDA and their intuitive communication and irrepressible infectious happiness during the 2017BSA. BG and YJ are amazing indiividually and equals in all aspects . I am especially impressed by how YJ has emerged stronger and even more beautiful after the crucible experience last December. I admire her resolve to open herself once again after being hurt and her IG with it's very varied n fascinating post never fail to make me smile. Looking at the BSA award vids where she shows a combination of vulnerability, yet nurturing caring womanly charm, it is totally understandable that ever protectiive namja BG may have fallen and fallen hard. i believe that YoungOn was real,and Boyoo is as real as they can be for now. But the road ahead is long. The protective mother bird part of me wants YJ to be the belle of the ball, travel, laugh, date and enjoy each stage of her life to its fullest.I do not want her experience the insanity that another sweet senoir actress had to endure from a rumour. But what Boyoo have is SOMEthing so pure and beautiful that I cannot but hope that this special relation will continue to blossom and that they will always be there for each other and come back to each other . I'm learning that it is not easy to be shipper bec although i have resolved to support them individually, I admit that the idea of seeing them romance their next costar makes me wince internally. So let's stay strong and support Boyoo together dear chingu. Thank you for reading my ramblings , sorry if they are a bit jumbled up bec it is 1.50am here. CREDIT to all the owners of the iG with heartfeltt thanks