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  1. Some more bts : Credit and Thanks to Ig owners for sharing the Raon
  2. Some more for the collection . Enjoy : BG said that his heart fluttered each time he filmed with YJ and that she was lovable so that anyone who looked at her couldn't help but smile.. I feel you Bogum-ah .His ears and face were red whenever he was with her. . he said he felt he was in a relationship with Raon and would unconsciously touch her cheek... he was always making her laugh, holding her hand and just so happy. She was truely his Raon. Credit : much thanks to iG owners
  3. Some more ! edit: with translation of the convo So super sweet ! And YJ said in her SG interview : "I don't know BG's personality well enough to comment if he is my ideal type...this is a very difficult question for me to answer..."... credit: thank you to IG of @ raum818_everyone_is happy and @chemistryfairy couple for sharing the happiness
  4. So happy !It's raining Boyoo sweetness today Other BTS to complete the collection... BtS and drama scene This one is my favourite because it reveals a rare instance where YG is the initiator... playfully running her fingers upon his chest and at the end, gently carressing his large musculine hand with her tiny feminine thumb.( edit: relooked and am not sure whose thumb it is...but still very sweet n same significance ) This speaks volumes of how close they are and their mutual attraction because it is the subconscious language of lovers ( says this ahjumummy whose husband did the exact same gesture when he first held her hand 19 years and 4 children ago). They really worked hard during the 150 days of filming.The friendship forged thru hardship and shared experiences will always be a special part of them; especially these two beautiful kindred souls who met serrendipitiously at a very special time in their lives ; YJ a lovely young lady on the cusp of womanhood, and gallant handsome BG ,who was eager to fall in love with the right lady . Their pride and support for each other has not diminished and appears stronger even, as we had the privilege of wittnessing in BG's unshed tears during the 2016 KDA and their intuitive communication and irrepressible infectious happiness during the 2017BSA. BG and YJ are amazing indiividually and equals in all aspects . I am especially impressed by how YJ has emerged stronger and even more beautiful after the crucible experience last December. I admire her resolve to open herself once again after being hurt and her IG with it's very varied n fascinating post never fail to make me smile. Looking at the BSA award vids where she shows a combination of vulnerability, yet nurturing caring womanly charm, it is totally understandable that ever protectiive namja BG may have fallen and fallen hard. i believe that YoungOn was real,and Boyoo is as real as they can be for now. But the road ahead is long. The protective mother bird part of me wants YJ to be the belle of the ball, travel, laugh, date and enjoy each stage of her life to its fullest.I do not want her experience the insanity that another sweet senoir actress had to endure from a rumour. But what Boyoo have is SOMEthing so pure and beautiful that I cannot but hope that this special relation will continue to blossom and that they will always be there for each other and come back to each other . I'm learning that it is not easy to be shipper bec although i have resolved to support them individually, I admit that the idea of seeing them romance their next costar makes me wince internally. So let's stay strong and support Boyoo together dear chingu. Thank you for reading my ramblings , sorry if they are a bit jumbled up bec it is 1.50am here. CREDIT to all the owners of the iG with heartfeltt thanks
  5. Greetings all fellow dreamers and shippers,and a special welcome back to @4nnlov3pink ; glad to see you here again and have missed your Boyoo roll calls Today is a day that dreams came true for SongSong and SS in celebration, let's look at some similarities that Boyoo n SongSong have in common.... (Kindly forgive me that these are not exclusive Boyoo photos,but it is needed for objective reference...) Two beautiful couples...Song Song were already falling in love......wonder what was happening in Boyoo universe... In conclusion... Hope that Boyoo will be always be there for each other have...and to hold ....and delight in each other always... Good night Chingus...Wishing all happiness n sweet dreams... CREDIT to IG of @assizz_887, @philosophy_kyj, @ boyoo_chemistry , @ mylovebogummy and @ahjussi_lover with much thanks for sharing your beautiful edits and observations with us.
  6. YJ''s latest IG posts... Can I say once again how amazing and adorable this young lady is? She is totally awesome ! When BG fandom n Boyoo Kingdom are reeling from the shock of the 'rumours', our princess is happily enjoying her school life and good food Getting on Naver main page simply for posting a school IG... And wowing the world with her beautiful smile ... In one single swoop,she stuns the world with her beauty n joy in little things (like school,friendship and good food) ; silences antis with the..."rumour? what rumour?am i supposed to be affected? ...and assures Boyoo supporters that should Boyoo be in any sort of SOMEthing relationship,all is still well in Boyoo kingdom. YJ is indeed an incomparable gem and whoever wins her heart eventually is a blessed man. Credit to owners of IGs. thanks. edit: latest IG credit :owner
  7. New BTS... BTS are so awesome ! So sweet....they really care about each other.... she was worried she had hurt him n he tried to reassure her that he was ok. Apparently the director commented on how BG was expressing his feelings too much? Maybe BG was not acting...because the feelings are real .... CFs ... so super namja.... and our CF sellout queen.... I think it is awesome that BG and YJ are equals in every aspect . Thank you all chingus for all the posts and updates n insights . Always a treat to come here. credit and thanks to owners of the iGs.
  8. Just sharing some posts from an IG acct I chanced upon...she has such beautiful word's to describe this beautiful couple . enjoy ... credit and thanks to @djaen_me : owner of these beautiful IG posts
  9. @lifeisfullofraon i"m finally overcoming my inertia n logging in to say a very long overdue "Thank You" for all your insightful and thoughtful sharing....truely love reading your analysis and like another chingu has said,your posts are ones that we wish will not come to an end. Very much anticipating future posts. Excited about the new bts and sns ... so much sweetness . Am impressed by how consistent BG has been from beginning to today...when he said he believed in love at first sight and that he will only look at one woman ...Bogumny long time fan chingus :from your knowledge of BG, is there any one else he has behaved as he does with YJ ? He is just so happy and efferversent and unguarded when he is with her be it in the bts or at the recent Baeksang .Love seeing how happy n namja he is around her. And YJ the careful and cautious one seems to be opening her heart little by little like a flower shyly blooming.. She is wise beyond her years n her IG posts are fascinating and I believe, not simply random but well thought thru. Hence,even the realist in me wonders about the "Deer in June" with identical raindeer hairbands ,the red umbrella and flowers and BG's surprising "have a bloomy week" tweet. Too many coincidences?...Love is in the air.... Songs and sns seem to be a special form of communication between them. Throwback to July/August 2016 ,possibly a time BG was struggling to get into LeeYoung's character n when both were filming in extreme conditions:YJ n BG posted 2 songs on their SNS... Possibly coincidence...but maybe messages of encouragement meant for someone they are shyly showing concern for. YJ has mentioned how after being seperated for a long period, they regained strength when they finally met up again.Such an honest statement to make and how revealing of how much they have come to mean to each other. Will these memories n experiences be easily forgotten once they move on from the drama? They have a friendship forged thru shared hardships n experiences and that is a wonderful foundation for any form of relationship they choose to persue now or in the future. Just ending with an IG that stuck me of how BG has consistently looked at YJ with the same look from the start till today.... Boyoo makes me believe in magic too.... Happy shipping chingus credit to owners of IG
  10. Just some interesting trivia: Did you know YJ's beautiful dress was made of recycled shoreline polyester waste ? Isn't this girl amazing?Not only wearing the cheapest dress in Baeksang history, but also a socially conscious statement. And she was a vision of beauty in it . Beauty ,brains ,heart wonder someone is so smitten. BG's latest hairstye...strangely similar ? Next sell out item? throwback by yoojung1318 credit to owners
  11. Let's flood this thread with more sweetness n heart fluttering giggly moments ... This one's when all others were sobbing over Goblin, but somewhere there were these two caught in their own universe once again ... This is a video version of the screenshots tt @TienLe shared: BG was really determined not to be seperated from his pretty doll that night; looking back and reaching his hand out for her to ensure she was near; beckoning to her to come take her place beside him on stage much like a petulant little boy :scratching his head n then smiling rather self consciously as though he himself couldnt understand why he was behaving so. BG transforms into a different person when he is with YJ.In the crowded airport photos with his manager ,he is the one being protected.But in a similar scenario with YJ, he becomes the namja and protector. I find this side of BG particularly charming and am fascinated by how uri feminine YJ brings out the manliness in him. BG himself said that when he loves someone ,he will show it and he is a real namja. In contrast ,at other events, although he is unfailingly gentlemanly to his cohosts n costars; he would assist them down the steps but walk off by himself once he had ensured their safety. In previous fancams, he was actually seen to gently but firmly remove himself from their hands. With YJ, be it at the first presscon or bts, he is the one to initiate contact be it lightly touching her hand or massaging tired shoulders. I love this Baeksang moment when he seems to unconsciously turn and swing towards her gently and that lulling action soothes a possibly nervous YJ who then smiles shyly at him. It is lovely that they can understand n comfort each other without words and are unafraid (or probably unable) to hide their feelings n responses to each other. I think that the Baeksang moments show without a doubt how much BG treasures YJ. No one with objective eyes can doubt their closeness and how much they enjoy each other. So where do they stand? I feel that they are actually in quite a good situation. They are both genuine and kind persons who have the love of most of the rational general public. People seeing them cannot but go sweet n recall their own first loves or hoped for loves. Mutual regard that is so pure n innocent n unhideable. Thus it seems as though it is an open but protected secret . BG has stated that he wants a girlfriend since last year ,repeating it once again during the recent Infinity Challenge...YJ the level headed has stated that although she will like to date, this is not the right time;and that her heart will naturally open when the time is right. Thus they have made their stance quite clear to the world and this enables them to show affection for each other without being judged. If anything, people would feel sympathy for BG that the world's most sought after bachelor is ironically still unattached and may be respectfully waitiing for his besutiful leading lady to grow up and open her heart when the time is right. In the mean time,she has said that she would like to live life fully ,eat nice food and laugh a lot. And BG seems to be there to do just that with her : A couple who laugh together stays together....Doesn't matter what happens in the future, just glad that for now they have such a lovely n supportive relationship. Apologies for the ramblings of an insomniac at 3 am...sorry if it doesnt make sense... just my jumbled thots so feel free to disagree. Let's fill this thread with positivity n good thoughts. credit to owners
  12. Hot off the IG press... HD photos... Look at BG's smile... The magic had already begun so many months ago...and has become even more comfortable ,closer and more intimate... so telling in their spontaneous acts of consideration ( waiting for each other to go on stage despite a billion eyes watching and getting the trophy ) , gentle natural subconscious touches and eye telepathy. They were so happy that night..just seeing their excitement and genuine smiles made it all worthwhile... staying up past midnight to check votes, borrowing my daughters phone IDs , and making myself cups of instant coffee instead of buying from cafes to justfy spending money to purchase votes Love your story n analysis @lifeisfullofraon Thank you. Fav pic Credit to owners and special thanks to @sayphil_conmas
  13. Hi Chingus Tonight is the first night in 3 weeks that I haven't been refreshing the Baeksang voting site at midnight to check out the scores for the popularity award ! Feels a bit strange as it has become a habit; but so fulfiling too to know that the hard work has paid off and we were able to show our support in a tangible way. So proud especially of Boyoo and KYJ fans who did not give up when initially faced with the Goliath (but very lovely ) opponent who had won 5 previous Barksang popularity awards. There were several nights when at the stroke of midnight, KYJ votes would stay at 100% for a few magical minutes;showing how dedicated her fans were to stay up n vote immediately the moment they could. And may I add that I feel so proud that all this was done with such class n graciousness n generosity. Just looking at how happy YJ was today in her video makes iit all worth it ! Reposting with some English subtitles with credit and advanced thanks to MaknaeCloud : because YJ's excitment is so evident n infectious. All these places that hold many special memories : Such a beautiful smile... And the next sell out bag from Lapalette will be... Looking forward to 3rd May. Happy weekend friends. credit to owners
  14. BG looks so sporty and focussed in these pics. Love how he is so namja and competitive :like Lee Young in modern day setting. Which reminds me of another situation that his competitive nature surfaced (i think) .He has said he is like Lee Young when in love . @tsarathefirst... this is some trivia on BG and his competitor (check page 360 onwards of this thread for more info ...summary here.) PS: Please once again note that this post is not meant to in any way offend or compare or upset anyone or ship or vessel or anything at all. It's simply information and open to one's own interpretation. Please do not read if you are a LMH93 shipper yah. Read only if you are a true Boyoo supporter and hopeless romantic (like me) because " it is only with the heart that one can see what is essentially invisible to the eye ..."
  15. @jilyheidi This is the section you were refering to ? YJ : "I want to date someone but I don't think it is time yet, I cannot afford it yet ....I do not feel like wanting to have a vague love affair"... BG had also said rather than casually dating , he would date a person for a long time. During a post MDBC interview he said that although he would like to date, for the immediate future he would focus on his education and completing college. Once again very similar answers... one cannot help but wonder if they have discussed this and he is waiting for her . I think they are both deep and contemplative people who do not take relationships lightly. She loves Ponyo's devotion to Sosuke and BG says he will have eyes for only one woman . Hope that when the time is right, she will open her heart to the one whose heart flutters for her. "I'm concentrating on building up my inner side...". "I'm enjoying eating,laughing a lot and doing things i want to do..." Way to go girl! Seize the day and live life in all its fullness. What an amazing 18 year old! Let's do our best to vote Boyoo in for the Baeksang Popularity Award. YJ missed out on the year end awards; will be so awesome if they can go together for the this. (Will also appreciate any tutorial on how to vote as also having difficulty figuring it out bec the app is in Korean ; the competition is very keen. numbers fluctuate quickly) Boyoo fighting! credit to owners