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  1. More love for Yoojngie : New short CF: So many comments about Boyoo marchey matchey styles... scarfs,towels, sweaters, glassess, jackets....maybe they are just frugal peeps and buy at buy 1 get 1 sales ...when they go on shopping dates BG cf Credit to owners
  2. YJ back at school. So amazing how she balances life and fits in happily wherever she is... And this was reposted today...randomly it seems... (or not?) And hope one day Boyoo will be like this other beautiful OTP... it can happen in real life ! ( He adored her for years after they co-starred in a drama and his perseverence was rewarded after many obstacles.They are happily married with a baby girl). So Boyoo fighting! credit to owners
  3. Princess YJ .the fairest of them all ! So much excitment over JY's single IG post; MDBC is much loved n missed Thank you MDBC for giving us beautiful memories too credit to owners
  4. Yes . Remember around Page 204 /5 of this tread we were dissecting and examining this beautiful cosmos field kiss from all angles ( all in the name for research and sharing of knowledge, of course ) ... requoting @faith101 who even got expert opinion from her husband ( so that we can understand it from a male point of view ) : The new IG video sheds new light on how intense this kiss was .No wonder BG had amnesia after that ( remember he said he could not remember what happened during the filming ?) . They were both totally caught up in the moment . And YJ was not immune to it either. In the video, her hand actually moves to his waist and her lips move very sublty to meet his . I'm glad BG was the one to steal her first real kiss . Couldn't ask for a sweeter or more honourable guy . Sigh !!! (sorry for reposts of pictures, but they are soooo pretty) credit to owners
  5. Let's cheer on uri Yoojungie ! it's Kwakkie's 20th birthday today . Hope the MDBC squad get together to celebrate . We love you too Kwakkie, for your sincerity; being Booyoo's wingman and true friend; and last but not least, for always giving us delicious Boyoo hints .Wishing you an awesome life. credit to owners
  6. Happy Sunday ! An impromtu quiz by YJ fanclub YJ teacher's IG;performamce today. hope they share lots of photos This guy is soooooo cute! These two are so sweet ;they simply belong together. credit to owners n Chemistryfairycouple for her awesome posts
  7. And once again,when we think she cannot get any more adorable n cute n prettier .... @vava123 Hi, there are some posts on this topic around page 310 of this thread i think. Let me try to answer that: this actually relates to a time right after the AAA awards; when BG, who only very occasionally posts on social media, uncharacteristically did a series of rapid header changes on his twitter. This was of course captured by Boyoo super sleuths ... The fact that he had just been on a magical 4 hour date with a beautiful lady in a sparkly dress was probably somewhat related to his happily confused state of mind. so,if u notice the 2nd header change;it was actually a picture from "The Little Prince". We can conclude that that book is one that BG identifies with and likes. @vava123 I love the book and the quote about why she is his unique special rose is my favourite too.... a love that protects and cares and istotally steadfast,like our Lee Young ; who is in turn like uri BG . Thus, when the recent tweet was posted, the fact that it was a quote from the same book (with a solitary yellow rose !) ,and despite no real mention of fox or rose or little prince in his tweet; it inevitably makes one wonder if there is a cryptic secret message in it. As i have asked before; does BG have a rose n if yes , who is it? Although i try to be logical n evidence based most of the time, despite the limited evidence available, my conclusion is invariably that Yes; he does n it is his YJ -ie . Why? These are some random thots ... 1.Could it be a totally unrelated mystery person? Highly improbable bec he has had no time to meet anyone else with all the travel n work in the last year. 2.Is he in love? Totally.. How can anyone keep singing soppy emo love songs at every single fanmeet ?about missing someone;waiting for them; confessing feelings etc? and not be in that state? And he specifically stated that he chose songs to share his current feelings with his fans. And all those random statements about being '"dependable when in love" and seeing "only one woman when he is in love" ? How would one know unless he has or is experiencing it. Who is he telling this to? 3 Who is it? I am a new PBG fan; and to be honest, when my teenage daughter watching R88 pointed him out; I was like..."he's ok...i guess "...but something amazing happened during MDBC that transformed him into a totally charming n debonair namja...and this was always when YJ was around.The AAA n MAMA images of him taking care of her and the pride n possessiveness on his face were truely swoonworthy .And his raw emotions captured by the fanvids during the KDA as he watched the best couple, kiss scenes n best actress scenes sealed the deal . He is really into this beautiful girl. The latest picture KDW posted also confirmed to me that IF he has a rose, it is YJ. Why? simply because of his character. He is undoubtedly a man of honour and would not do anything to hurt or offend his beloved. In the various events when he was emcee, host or advertistments (i admit that i do cringe a little at some of them because he is such a good ACTOR ) he has always been kind and gentlemanly ; but when with YJ, there seems to be no concept of personal space or physical distance between them. Just observing theirr body language in the latest KDW (how i love this guy !l) photos of him leaning into her n joined at the hip makes me blush (and i am an ahjumummy with 4 kids)! Now, if BJ was dating someone else , would he be so close physcally to this pretty lady? I know I would be upset if my partner showed such physical intimacy with another person. Based on what insights we have of BG's loyal and honourable character, I would give it a resounding NO. So in conclusion, BG's rose can only be uri beautiful YJ. (once again ,i admit that I may be totally off the mark ....but like mamy others , we wouldn't be here if we didn't see SOMEthing .) credit:to owners
  8. YJie's latest CF... just when you thought she couldn't get any cuter.... oky....they are BOTH super cute... cre: owners
  9. Fairy D'Live CF with Pentagon ... and BG's fav ringo She's so wonder they were at a lost for words when they met her...except "pretty". She will have many more fanboys in the future;and although many fear BG's fandom, I feel that she is his equal in every way . Just reposting this because i am just constantly amazed at how transparent BG's feelings are....just see the raw emotions and when he takes a long swallow n his adam's apple moves up n down.... the emotions are real. Credit to owners Sorry ,cannot seem to post the vids/photos from IG; only the link .will try again later
  10. Love all your analysis n deductions. I must admit i was hoping against odds and good sense tt YJ would appear when BG sang 'My Person' and it all felt like a deflated balloon when it didn't happen. So I started looking at the timeline of the tweets/IG's ...and am almost sure she was there somewhere. Why? The answer lies in The Rose: When I first saw that tweet, I simply thought that it was a sweet Bogummy gesture to tell his fans he was excited about the fanmeet. But the pensive look on his face ,lost in though seemed a bit inconsistent with the 'ra-ra' excitment of the event. Then someone on IG pointed out the i phone and single yellow rose. So i googled the interpretation of yellow roses; which mentioned friendship n joy but no real definitive clue.And a bunch of roses and a single rose apparently symbolise different things. Thus a bouquet would be more symbolic than a single rose if it had been meant for the crowd. Then i chanced on this IG: Interpreting the tweet in the context of The Little Prince brought things into a different perspective. The rose was pivotal in the story of the little Prince and it must be significant for BG to position it so deliberately in this artistic photo. The Little Prince had a whole hearted devotion to his rose that made him (and her) especially vulnerable ... Which then leads to the question to " Does BG have a rose and if so, who is his rose? " If the tweet was indeed a secret message to tell her about how excited he felt tt she would be there at 4, then there is no way she would let him down n not be there.... so was she there in Ninja mode? I don't quite know whether the interpretation of these hand signs is accurate; but if they are;then it would explain somewhat the emotions Ms ninja experienced.The day before Bovi had posted a random pic of YJ pretending to sulk. But what is important is that the final emotion is one of JOY! and just knowing how irrepressible YJ is, is there any way she would miss a party that her kwakkie Kim Hyung,sanbei Cha TaeHyun n Oppa BG were at? Hence,my conclusion is tt ninja YJ was definitely there supporting her Oppa . (i admit i may be totally off the mark and it may all be my over active and romantical imagination ....but maybe just maybe...) Thank you for reading my rambling hypothesis.. credit to owners
  11. BG quotes from The Little Prince in his tweet.. Doesn't this remind you of someone who speaks beautiful words , who quoted James Joyce..."love loves to love love"... BG once tweeted "as iron sharpens iron..." So many secret cryptic loaded messages These two are getting more and more alike.... in disguise? (look for the clue on her finger) Started !!!! credit to owners
  12. Kwakkie was on Live Ig and he said he is going somewhere. Hope he brings their fav lil 'sister' along credit to owner
  13. Today is Bogummy Day ! looking forward to updates ...and hope all his special friends will be there; especially the one who calls him her 'affectionate brother' and has been practising his song and look , lots of Boyoo love ... even in his Uni Cafe! Happy weekend chingus. credit to owners
  14. Tada!... this guy's so cute even when trying to look fierce and Look! IDEAL TYPE latest version 2017... " I'd like to love a person who can take care of me n spend time with me as a warm friend "... the ideal type person answer is getting more and more specific .... tecently he mentioned tt she must be kindhearted and he likes someone who speaks beautiful words... almost like describing someone in his mind ... Is it SHE you are looking for ? Someone who brings the smile from your heart to your eyes, and gets scolded with you for laughimg n making too much noise when together... Who is kindhearted... And speaks beautiful words... We fully understand why you adore her... she is one in a zillion... so never let go of her hand ....we Boyoo -ers are behind you always Credit to owners
  15. and some more clues to the the mystery of the phone... Love this case ! Credit to owners