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  1. BG looks so sporty and focussed in these pics. Love how he is so namja and competitive :like Lee Young in modern day setting. Which reminds me of another situation that his competitive nature surfaced (i think) .He has said he is like Lee Young when in love . @tsarathefirst... this is some trivia on BG and his competitor (check page 360 onwards of this thread for more info ...summary here.) PS: Please once again note that this post is not meant to in any way offend or compare or upset anyone or ship or vessel or anything at all. It's simply information and open to one's own interpretation. Please do not read if you are a LMH93 shipper yah. Read only if you are a true Boyoo supporter and hopeless romantic (like me) because " it is only with the heart that one can see what is essentially invisible to the eye ..."
  2. @jilyheidi This is the section you were refering to ? YJ : "I want to date someone but I don't think it is time yet, I cannot afford it yet ....I do not feel like wanting to have a vague love affair"... BG had also said rather than casually dating , he would date a person for a long time. During a post MDBC interview he said that although he would like to date, for the immediate future he would focus on his education and completing college. Once again very similar answers... one cannot help but wonder if they have discussed this and he is waiting for her . I think they are both deep and contemplative people who do not take relationships lightly. She loves Ponyo's devotion to Sosuke and BG says he will have eyes for only one woman . Hope that when the time is right, she will open her heart to the one whose heart flutters for her. "I'm concentrating on building up my inner side...". "I'm enjoying eating,laughing a lot and doing things i want to do..." Way to go girl! Seize the day and live life in all its fullness. What an amazing 18 year old! Let's do our best to vote Boyoo in for the Baeksang Popularity Award. YJ missed out on the year end awards; will be so awesome if they can go together for the this. (Will also appreciate any tutorial on how to vote as also having difficulty figuring it out bec the app is in Korean ; the competition is very keen. numbers fluctuate quickly) Boyoo fighting! credit to owners
  3. omomomomo.... time for more incoherent shrieks !!! Translated interview for May 2017 Issue of Japanese magazine... Couldn't believe it when I first read it on the IG acct.... This guy is too transparent ! But he is really consistant in what he says. I love the part he says "YJ ('s acting) was that lovely that no one can replace her"... sigh.... BG has said that he likes to compliment the person he likes..."YJ is lovely" , "Is she a doll?" ," no one can replace her ".... double sigh....awww....he really adores her. BG looking mighty fine : and the girl that makes his heart go '"doki doki shiteru "... credit to owners
  4. @tsarathefirst : LOL... Looking at these latest photos,uri yoojungie is truely growing into a breathtakingly beautiful young lady. Bogummie will have his task set out for him ! Let's cheer Mr Park Bogum on ! Go !Go! Go! PBG for the win! Translatations from the 1st Look mag shoot: YJ's interviews never fail to impress. Witty and candid, yet always unexpectedly honest and a little bit wistful that makes you want to protect her n love her more. (why wont somebody just cast her n BG in a school drama ???? they've been hinting about it since forever !) Thank you all for posting these beautiful photos and updates! So happu with the many treats today Credit to owners
  5. Elle Taiwan April 2017 issue: "Korea's next drama queen"... The photos are really beautiful. looking forward to translations. PBG interview in SG: Love how he gives credit to YJ. It is so true that she deserves as much love as him for her part in MDBC. YJ owned her role and brought Raon/Samnom to life .I doubt I would even have watched it if it had been anyone else but the combined acting skills n synergistic energy of BG n YJ was just mind blowing. They are the sweetest couple ever. It is awesome that YJ is someone who can stand on her own in terms of talent and beauty and character;so that no one can even suggest that she is riding on his fame . And despite that ,she is always so humble and gently defers to him in social situations .Like how she patiently waited whilst he caught up with friends at the AAA;and when she urged him to go ahead without her to present the prize at the Mama awards. Perfect girlfriend' material; confident and capable but gentle and considerate . Just look at how sweet they are to each other .....awwww... DVD update credit to owners
  6. deleted.double post
  7. hi @imanneapple love your amalysis. Here are the videos: ( i also felt that BG appeared rather lost/confuzzled by the change in YJ's behaviour in those vids...poor guy....woman are very complicated creatures yah... ) MDBC wrapup party : KYJ short interview at wrapup party: Love this MC. " YJ :I would choose my first love..."..." MC: You would choose BOGUM "...(he did not say LeeYoung;) ). And YJ's message "Please do not forget me,Jeoha"... BG's song during KBS music awards 2016: 'Don't Forget"...
  8. Lookie!!! These 2 are like magnets! Look at their body language...totally (leaning) into each other n in their own world. Old videos... He (subconsciously?) touches her hair and brushes against her hands n lower limb. These two are just super comfy n touchytouchy with each other. Now the next question wiill be whether this is their NORMAL behaviour with all their costars?
  9. Princess YJ slaying with her selfies ! Some comments... But most interestingly, look at the gender demographics... 42 % are from males between 20 to 30 years old. There will be many who are waiting for her 20th birthday ;the age that she said she would start dating as she felt that she would be more able to manage her emotions (spoken like such a wise old soul at the tender age of 16? ). Cannot blame them...who will not want a girlfriend who is fun,kind,-hearted, smart,able to laugh at herself,enjoys life and food with zest :just like your best buddy ; and at the same time is beautiful and unconsciously feminime n sensual. Look at this girl embracing life and all it is so charming that many hearts must have been slained by this episode of 2D1N.... Bogum-ah...if in your secret heart you hold a torch for this beautiful girl, then go for it with all your might ! We will be rooting for you for you are both awesome people. Boyoo hwating! credit to owners
  10. So happy about the love Boyoo is receiving in the Philippines. Philipinos are the most warm hearted and romantic people ever! This is so funny! Close up....i always thought this was a very 'innocent' kisss...only on this close up did I see how involved BG was...look at how hard he swallows ...maybe that waa why wingman Kwakkie couldn't stop laughing when BG was being 'interrogated' about the best kiss scene. Cannot imagine how Boyoo Philipino fans will react to the final kiss! Boyooisreal actually analysed the number of cuts and angles for the cosmos kiss! (to understand the cause of BG's post kiss amnesia Love how YJ is getting lots n lots of love in Philipines ! Just postimg the last one because it is too cute to not do so! credit to owners
  11. More love for Yoojngie : New short CF: So many comments about Boyoo marchey matchey styles... scarfs,towels, sweaters, glassess, jackets....maybe they are just frugal peeps and buy at buy 1 get 1 sales ...when they go on shopping dates BG cf Credit to owners
  12. YJ back at school. So amazing how she balances life and fits in happily wherever she is... And this was reposted today...randomly it seems... (or not?) And hope one day Boyoo will be like this other beautiful OTP... it can happen in real life ! ( He adored her for years after they co-starred in a drama and his perseverence was rewarded after many obstacles.They are happily married with a baby girl). So Boyoo fighting! credit to owners
  13. Princess YJ .the fairest of them all ! So much excitment over JY's single IG post; MDBC is much loved n missed Thank you MDBC for giving us beautiful memories too credit to owners
  14. Yes . Remember around Page 204 /5 of this tread we were dissecting and examining this beautiful cosmos field kiss from all angles ( all in the name for research and sharing of knowledge, of course ) ... requoting @faith101 who even got expert opinion from her husband ( so that we can understand it from a male point of view ) : The new IG video sheds new light on how intense this kiss was .No wonder BG had amnesia after that ( remember he said he could not remember what happened during the filming ?) . They were both totally caught up in the moment . And YJ was not immune to it either. In the video, her hand actually moves to his waist and her lips move very sublty to meet his . I'm glad BG was the one to steal her first real kiss . Couldn't ask for a sweeter or more honourable guy . Sigh !!! (sorry for reposts of pictures, but they are soooo pretty) credit to owners
  15. Let's cheer on uri Yoojungie ! it's Kwakkie's 20th birthday today . Hope the MDBC squad get together to celebrate . We love you too Kwakkie, for your sincerity; being Booyoo's wingman and true friend; and last but not least, for always giving us delicious Boyoo hints .Wishing you an awesome life. credit to owners