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  1. Then, in his own interests, he will soon go fishing, otherwise he will have to wear more than one coat from a Japanese designer. Or simply avoid unnecessary complications
  2. Oh! I think she knows what she likes, they are at that stage of the relationship when he does not have so much choice he has to dress all that she will buy
  3. Apparently, Hurri talks to the KRW, tells how much and what her mother spent money on (while Dad worked)
  4. It seems like we said maria1983 While she works she buys a new wardrobe for him
  5. It's really funny, but their a hoodie are very similar. They have sharp hoods, a big pocket on their stomachs and cuffs. A card with the inscription love which it plays with a kitten is similar to a label that is sometimes sewn to clothing producer. As if she only took out the hoodie from the packing bag, cut off the label and put on a new thing
  6. Hope so. But I can hardly be sure of that. Sometimes it's hard for me not to get lost in the labyrinth on which your thought goes
  7. Thank you! You saved me from the most strange death in the history of mankind - death from curiosity
  8. Yet he is in the profession for over 20 years.Of course he knows who the shippers are. And of course he knows that this is a significant part of the business in which he is. I think that he does not take it too seriously. This game is played by his fans and he just allows you to play it for everyone's benefit and pleasure.