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  1. I guess I'm weird, but I've always liked the veins on her hands (she has chubby fingers and small hands like a child, but her hands are almost male and strong at the hands). Such a strange and sexual combination. Children's and the inner strength is a combination of both KRW and SH
  2. It's nice to see how many people support and are interested in SH and KRW and I'm glad that our little friendly family is getting bigger. But we live side by side with each other for almost a year and we have certain traditions and rules of interaction with each other and the world around us. I would like to preserve the communication style and traditions of our common home,
  3. Apparently the last hug ousted memories of all the others Emotions and impressions were so strong
  4. Judging by the published excerpt from her interview, she is now trying to try an image she has not yet tried. Perhaps this will affect the choice of her next project.
  5. The date of the premiere of his film is still unknown?
  6. No Maria is kind. She'll bite you a little and that is all
  7. Perfectly! We have a party with a grandmother. Pajama party with grandmother KRW and his girlfriends
  8. She is the best. It corresponds to the most important requirement of any grandmother. She loves my grandson very much.
  9. Girl your chances of becoming a girl KRW and join our Sunday meals grow with every your word
  10. And of course she is every Sunday Dines with his grandmother. Bogin Do not forget about our dinner in the next Sunday. I'll be waiting for you with impatience