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  1. I can not say exactly. Sh was a model and worked on shows in early adolescence. He is also a model. Possibly since
  2. This is her favorite aramatic candles. She had already given them to her friends. A couple of years ago, the company manufacturer even blew it a set of its products. In gratitude likely
  3. They have known each other since youth and followed the tweeter account of each other many years ago
  4. This song is the result of the joint creativity of her and her brother. She wrote the lyrics he music. The clip was filmed on sponsorship company money "momonde"I do not know how to correctly write (the cosmetic firm whose face she is) The day the post was published, this company celebrates its foundation day In the creation of the song took part its close friend from the group "high light." Brother sh said that it is easier for her to express her feelings through music and in letters than to speak about them aloud. He said this when he told about the creation of this song
  5. I'm here. Here. " You in fact understand that in 99 years. Fast moving quickly is not easy. My boy grew up to be a wise person and knows perfectly well that not individual words and actions, not rose petals, but a whole perception of the situation is important. He was very impressed by the atmosphere on the set, he liked the attitude of all participants in the filming process (trust, care, warmth to each other, freedom and easy negligence, the opportunity to create a joint project with the team). And the last scene, together with the sunny smile of SH, when she came out onto the bridge, became saturated with everything that distinguished the filming process of doctors from his other projects.
  6. She talks about this because she is asked, but her answer is very interesting.
  7. According to Maria, our couple tried to get new impression in the games on the couch, as a result of which SH broke her fingers on her hand.
  8. Who said that this is something not innocent? It seems I was talking about games on the couch, the opportunity to try something new and writing a script. I do not see a single opportunity to think something is not innocent. Of course she is!
  9. I dont know. And what do you think?
  10. Hahaha! Sorry! My keyboard has a sticky button "Hmmm! It happens when we starts to try something new without exploring to the end the possibility of good old classics"
  11. As you see fit. This might be the perfect start to a very action-packed and emotion-driven scenario.
  12. You are sure that you did not understand and I should explain more specifically?