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  1. Unfortunately in Russia, Korean actors and actresses are not very popular. But SH is one of the most popular Korean actresses. Unfortunately, due to the illness of the administrator this year her fan club was closed. But in Russia there are still those who love her
  2. maria1983 Was right SH with the girl
  3. Why KRW and Sh liked post of cnbluegt in turn. They have such different tastes or they just do everything in turn.
  4. This is for KRW in case he still reads our thread. That he was not really missing. With a kiss I can not help, but her legs ... I think yes. They are too similar. It becomes not very easy for us
  5. I'm afraid we should put up with this, because the "silence" will be released in the summer and it is unlikely that she will have time to take another project before the premiere. I think that the next project KRW will not take until the end of summer or early autumn.
  6. When he was asked in an interview what he was doing to prepare for a kiss with SH KRW answered rinse his mouth. Maybe someone is missing a kiss
  7. As we discussed with someone else from doctors could dating KRW/ Now LSK can be deleted from the list
  8. Morning! Morning! Have you returned to battle again? I knew that we would begin to analyze even the shadow. Gender, weight, height and in what relations with SH and KRW is a shadow (in the sense of who's that shadow)?
  9. I'm afraid Maria will be here only tomorrow! Our genius of ideas is gaining strength and tomorrow will be with us again I wonder what is wrong with the Maldives, why the thoughts of these two are directed precisely there
  10. Now herri will have to be a bit jealous
  11. Since then he has learned a lot Such a playful rabbit HJ in relation to her oppa, Not at all like relate to sonbe