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  1. Wow It's amazing! Sorry to cut your comment. Ciao a tutti! Hi, I'm addicted with this drama. Thank you all for the interesting comments, I read you with pleasure! Benvenuto in Italy storyofthestone ! Welcome to Italy! Thank you for the interesting love story, I know it, and I love the Basilica of San Vitale. I live here on the Adriatic, near Ravenna, in Rimini. Are you planning to visit the Republic of San Marino? We wish you a pleasant stay and vivid impressions.
  2. Hi all! I really liked the first 2 episodes. This drama promises to be an interesting adventure. The main couple are very harmonious and show sizzling chemistry. Impressively beautiful cast! My sympathies and wishes for success with you. ? Why look for similar stories, I remain open to unexpected twists of the plot. Guys, I expect a lot of positive and meaningful comments. I think now I will hang here for a long time.
  3. Ciao! Please, do not underestimate DK and think that he is stupid. Grandfather took DK to "hot" - you are a principled guy and want to achieve everything himself. And of course, for this you will not use my money. But who prevented DK from planning and organizing his own independent business and life in advance? His father warned and SR shared her experience of preparing for an escape. But! Do not underestimate DK, his plans only find himself and conquer love JA. Therefore, he intuitively chooses the shortest way - to start from scratch, absolutely without money. Logically, standing on one level is easier to find mutual understanding and live in unison. So So So DK is on the street with a thousand in her purse and gets a practical lesson on the cost of living and the appropriateness of spending. He is so naive and helpless in the real world. It is difficult to immediately move from a suite 5 star to a motel. Habits do not change for one day. Compare parallel with the chebol mother test : "is to spend 30 thousand per day". Practice on changing habits for "new daughters." But the audience enjoy their superiority and practicality! Everyone could have smarterly disposed of money. + Our scriptwriter has already used one such a quest in plot the drama "Brilliant Legacy". The protagonist is also a grandson-chebol, and also found himself without money and amused his viewers impracticality. Grandmother blocked all credit cards andforced him to work next to poor girl. That's how a stubborn infantile grandson could find himself and his love. + Why should our drama protogonist will be seek another way? I guess what will be the development of the plot. DK will work with JA and Hyuk. All together they will create a successful business of designer furniture.