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  1. @larus your first post says that it will air on Fridays and Saturdays at 11PM but Asianwiki says it's on Saturdays and Sundays at 10PM. Which one is the right one so I can fix the drama schedule?
  2. The bed scene in ep 3 preview reminds me of the bed scene between RSY and Choi Jung Yoon in Ojakgyo Brothers. There was a pregnancy from that scene so I wonder about this one... @evie7 and I thought it was just me. I kept thinking it's one person doing two dramas until I checked Asian wiki lol
  3. I started this because of LJ as well @evie7 and I'm staying for the LYR-RSY couple. In fact, so far I like all the characters except for that snobbish mother.
  4. @lclarakl I personally prefer many of the older dramas myself but so many of them are not subbed. And it's not profitable for the big companies to do so now. What a pity we're missing out on so many gems I recently found an old one that I liked - Fly High (2007) but the subs were not that great :/ Anyway, I also hope a better translation pops up for this drama.
  5. The manhua is currently being translated by radianttranslations if anyone is interested. Chapter 1 has already been uploaded - A Slight Smile is Very Charming Manhua Adaptation
  6. Out of all the 2016 dramas I've watched, this was by far the most-heartwarming. I absolutely loved the two main leads and the side characters were interesting to watch. My only complaint is that I wanted more episodes (engagement, marriage!) but I'll take what I can get. Writer-nim, I picked this up purely because of how much I loved your previous dramas (Oh My Ghost, King of High School) and I don't regret that decision. Please write a new drama soon
  7. Which channel would be broadcasting this show? I just saw the first post and April is so far away
  8. Thank you @larus. MOD NOTE: Thread is locked until there is at least one CONFIRMED cast member. Please send me a PM when there's news.
  9. Are they both confirmed or are they just reviewing their offers?
  10. I love this drama so much! I'm only up to ep 4 (very thankful to the subber) and I'm currently on the office romance ship. I like both of the main leads though. The college friend (?) seems more like a frenemy to me.
  11. It's a pity that KSY backed out but I hope this drama is good for Lee Joon's sake. I loved him in the Grapevine drama. I also liked some of the writer's previous works so I'm looking forward to watching FIS.
  12. @irilightthanks for the shoutout. Will watch because NGM, I liked his last drama Beautiful Gong Shim
  13. I've been silently lurking and I just want to come out of hiding and say many thanks to the subbers! I've been a fan of LDH since Hotel King and I loved her in My Girl as well so I definitely wanted to watch this but thought no one would ever sub it. If you guys need another English editor, I'd be glad to help out
  14. Thanks for the shout out. Will definitely watch this since I love mystery dramas. Is this a remake of a Japanese drama?
  15. Just a few more hours before this thread really takes off A quick mod note: please do not quote images, videos or IG posts. Do we have a group name yet? Are we called mermaids or Atlanteans or something?