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  1. Love this scene, the gravity couple being super cool! LYY is so cute here!
  2. Yeah the BGM piano pieces are really nice put one in a lovely mood!
  3. May YSY and LYY continue to SHINE at work and in their personal lives! Shine (Your Honor OST Part 2) I lost myself Scattered in the thick fog Like an extinguished star I’m lost in the empty night sky Oh babe, again, tell me That tomorrow will come Endlessly walking through the long darkness I’m headed towards you, at the end of this road In my heart that was filled with pain Shine a warm light Shine on me Dreams, dreams of being someone else Dreams I drew amidst angry eyes I can’t even believe in myself That’s how much I faded Oh please, again, tell me That it’s not over I’m closing my eyes So the night grows white With the night I’m going to you In my heart that had a lot of sadness If you shine a warm light I wanna dream again My one and only star Some day, the darkness will crumble away When you and I meet at the end of this road In my scarred life I hope your warmth can wrap around me Shine on me
  4. Finally caught up with The Guest. Its good! Besides the reliable Kim Jae Wook, the other two leads are also good! The first two episodes were really scarybut now the story has developed nicely. Looking forward to future episodes!
  5. Yes it will be awesome to see gravity couple attending the ceremony together with their megawatt smiles!