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  1. Merry Christmas to all! Happy Jiwonie is such a sight to see. May 2019 bring lots of project to our beloved HJW. More power and hopefully love (keke) this 2019.
  2. Love her lots. Looking forward to her next projects...drama, CFs, movies, and all. And how can she not age a bit? Amazing yeoja indeed!
  3. Happy with all the beautiful images of our Jiwonnie and the projects she is in. Thank you for all the posts. If there is one thing I truly admire about our JW (aside from all the obvious factors), it is her persistence and passion that she pursue acting not for attention nor probably for recognition but pure love of her craft. But with it, she is blessed with respect and recognition she so deserve.
  4. It is so great to see Jiwonnie out and about and looking fabulous. Love her!
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