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  1. Merry Christmas to all! Happy Jiwonie is such a sight to see. May 2019 bring lots of project to our beloved HJW. More power and hopefully love (keke) this 2019.
  2. Love her lots. Looking forward to her next projects...drama, CFs, movies, and all. And how can she not age a bit? Amazing yeoja indeed!
  3. Happy with all the beautiful images of our Jiwonnie and the projects she is in. Thank you for all the posts. If there is one thing I truly admire about our JW (aside from all the obvious factors), it is her persistence and passion that she pursue acting not for attention nor probably for recognition but pure love of her craft. But with it, she is blessed with respect and recognition she so deserve.
  4. It is so great to see Jiwonnie out and about and looking fabulous. Love her!
  5. This!!! Well said @xenophile. Although she has really nothing to prove at this point of her career (IMO, she is still one of the top and A-list K-actresses), I agree that she needs to have a project commensurate of her status. So, I am so excited and happy about this development. Hoping she will consider and accept the project.
  6. Hello chingus! I am so excited with the latest drama news and development. Hope HJW accepts. She would be so amazing and perfect for this role.
  7. Anyeong! Love the Vivien and sesaliving CFs. Sophisticated, sexy, lux with a hint of innocence. Perfect for our yeoja. Happy that she is starting to get back on her feet and resume some of her schedules. I believe the Jeon women are resilient, strong, and just amazing. Fighting HaetNim-ssi!
  8. Hi! It is been a long while but have always been reading and enjoying the posts. @beyond17 your post had me out of lurking . I have to agree that KMH is indeed the man, he succeeded in where other namjas have failed. Jiwonnie have a bevy of good-looking admirers but only KMH made her stop in her tracks and perhaps think about being in a relationship.
  9. Go, go, @icyphoenix. We need to shower all the love we can give to our queen even just in this thread. She is awesome and hope she feels the love and comfort from her fans/friends/1023rs.
  10. My heart goes out to Jiwonnie and her family at this very trying times. May they find comfort and strength in God's grace, may they find peace in God's wisdom. May JeonTaeSo rest in peace. Wish we can give a group hug to our Jiwon.