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  1. I love how SBS gives us these behind the scenes. They're really having fun doing this drama. And sorry if I can't help but smile with Nara's and Choi Jin hyuk's interactions. Great friendship between these two And proud of Nara that even if she has anxiety with performing live on stage, she did the singing parts live. People are now reminded that she is indeed a singer.
  2. Looking at twitter, there are a lot of tweets about this drama and ratings are increasing in Korea too. It's getting the attention it deserves and more are getting addicted Welcome to everyone who just joined in and for the lurkers out there, feel free to join our crazy discussions about our crazy drama Picked this up from DC and twitter. Empress dowager might have a nightmare with this
  3. @Lmangla I’ll go with option 4. I hold on to what Jang Nara said that her bright character ends in episode 6 which is the last episode. Oh Sunny will start to grow her fangs and lock up yura. But actually I want her to work like Woobin. Perhaps she needs to pretend that she didn’t know that both yura and lee hyuk are cheating on her but she’s actually planning something for her revenge. Min yura is not an easy opponent, she’s manipulative and smart so our heroine should play her cards well for her not to end in a graveyard. I think she will have to stick her ground firmly in the palace. maybe another poll in the future. How will grandma die and who will possibly kill her?
  4. oohh...good thought..but the first wife, I believe was cremated and her ashes are supposed to be in an urn that lee hyuk almost threw in anger then Woobin prevented him from doing so by being his punching bag. Unless the empress dowager placed someone else on that urn??? But it seems, something happened with a motorcycle or car accident before which is why the emperor is prohibited to ride a motorcycle. Is this connected with his first wife's death? Did she die because of him? That even though he loves her so much, he can't forgive himself to be the cause of her death? CJH and JNR are quite close because of Park Kyung Lim. And her mom recognized him on TV as the kid who played Go stop at their house Their relationship is like noona-dongsaeng all the time. But who knows..Nara said she never fell in love in real life with any of her co-stars. Oh Sunny's tears are so powerful to cut her bracelet off her arm. Can she just cry over her husband and his mistress? Maybe her tears can cut both of them too
  5. Choi Jin Hyuk is on his way for a fanmeeting in Osaka. But here is an excerpt with English subs of his interview with SBS catch And for anyone who have seen Go Back Couple, Jang Ki Young sent a coffee truck to Jang Nara on the set of The Last Empress. I just find it sweet of him
  6. I was interested in this drama because of Jang Nara in the first place. I’m her fan (isn’t it obvious, she’s on my thumbnail) And I like this drama and I’m glad she did it. I won’t rely on pure k-netz comments because a lot of the viewers are probably ahjummas who don’t care about the cast but plainly enjoy the makjang-ness of this drama.
  7. Maybe if it's Jang Nara and Park Bo Gum, it would be better even with the age gap (nothing against Song Hye Kyo). Jang Nara can have great chemistry with anyone, perhaps she can do it even with a pole I actually shipped her even with Bo gum in Hello Monster and also with Lee Jong suk even if she was his teacher in School 2013. But with the previous wedding rumor between her and Bo gum, I doubt that they'll work anytime soon Anyway, it's not bad to be like your mom I remember reading a comment before that makjang dramas especially Kim Soon-ok's are very addicting like crack. I haven't done crack but yeah, we're getting a dose of this addiction I actually would be happier if this was a daily drama like what she usually does because waiting another week is like forever.
  8. Grandma is still alive. Don't worry but I don't know how and when she's gonna die. They always make the last scene epic and it is epic tonight. I love that scene. But at least, there is one evil person out and it's Ma Pil Joo. And they tried to kill "Na Wang Shik" who they don't know has seven lives.
  9. Tonight will be episode 6 (or 11 & 12) and Jang Nara said her bright, joyful character will last until tonight’s episode. I’m not sure if I’m gonna miss that part of Oh Sunny but it’s gonna be the start of her suffering inside the palace. She appeared live on her IG over the weekend and she had bruises on her hands and a cut on her jaw. Obviously they are makeup but looks like Oh Sunny will have some physical suffering too. The drama is currently at 3rd place in naver real time search and it’s not even broadcast time yet. It seems the netizens are curious if it’s an original work or if it came from another material. Well, that’s probably why Kim Soon ok is a popular screenwriter. She is beyond makjang.
  10. LOL They always tease Choi Jin Hyuk to be the kiss master because of his previous drama. But that throne is taken away by Shin Sung rok now but in a lusty way. But in the olden days, emperors actually have a lot of concubines aside from their empress. It's more complicated for our emperor because he 'existed' in 2018. It seems a lot of things have happened yet looking back, the main plot hasn't really happened yet and it's just starting. Now the grand empress dowager is in trouble and based on the abstract they gave us, we know she's gonna die and things will get messier from there. woah...it's already a mess from the start...
  11. @Matilda_Anne thank you for the live updates I only saw it halfway. I'm quite amused because our writer is throwing everything there now There is drama, murder, thriller, sex, action, comedy, musical, and now there is also anime I wonder what's next... EDIT: Currently, the drama is on top of real time naver search. Curiosity amongst korean viewers is increasing Let's see what tomorrow's ratings shows.
  12. If it made you and the other viewers feel uncomfortable then the actors delivered well, in my opinion. It is meant to be viewed as lustful and dirty. There shouldn't be any love because both of them don't really love each other. What makes it even more disgusting now is that the emperor is already married to Oh Sunny and their act becomes adultery now.
  13. From the behind the scenes video, looks like the cast is really having so much fun doing this drama. They might be almost to the point of killing each other in the drama but in reality, they are cheering each other. Look how Shin Sung Rok is actively clapping while Nara is making her hilarious performance. And Shin Eun Kyung is also cheering. This truly is like expectation vs reality. The cast is doing well, making us believe in the unbelievable And surprise, Tae Hang-Ho actually wore a fat suit!
  14. @Lmangla you are our makjang teacher! thank you for your pointers. True! this type of drama is the dramas that ahjummas love. I saw this one tweet saying 'my mom is watching it and I'm forcibly watching it' I'm surprised that the writer did a "mini-series" because she might be used to 50 episode daily/weekend dramas. This, I think, is only her 2nd miniseries. So 24 episodes is actually short for her (others comment that 24 is too long because mini-series nowadays run for 16) but with the juiciness of Kim Soon-ok's dramas, 24 episodes should be fast and packed I agree. I hope she wouldn't turn this drama to Jang bori is here or unni is alive. I want the leads to shine more than the villains. I want it more like Temptation of Wife where the lead still shined after all what happened. And it is the writer's most iconic drama so I hope she went back to that rather than really focusing on her villains throughout the drama.
  15. While watching last night's episode, I really want her to do that just kill every cruel person we know in the palace. Some pointers I got from that episode. The grand empress dowager said the empress is no ordinary girl. I like how some of their lines point out what's gonna happen in the future. Like how she will be a different empress and how often characters say the line "we'll see". I hope Chun Woo bin/Na Wang Shik will take the advise not to trust anyone because really, everyone has a hidden agenda. He is already in a lot of pain and anger with his mom being killed unjustly but once he finds out that her girlfriend (who he also wants to protect) is actually involved, I don't know how much he can handle. How can you actually kill or exact vengeance to someone you actually had loved and protected? For Oh Sunny, I don't think discovering her husband's infidelity alone will develop her character. She needs to suffer as much pain like Na Wang Shik, perhaps through the hands of her mother in law, her husband, and Min Yura. And Min Yura is like a cockroach, even how many times she is stepped on, she is still alive and kicking. I like how our makjang writers plays with her villains. It's like the villains can't live a normal evil life, they also have other villains who torments them.