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  1. I am overwhelm with joy upon reading the forthcoming marriage of my beautiful and lovely SHK and SJK. Speechless, indeed ! May you stay in love forever . Please take good care of each other. To my friends in this forum, thank you for your continued support for SHK and SJK. See you in South Korea on their wedding day !!
  2. Hi foresthills!This is Beth fr. SF.I hope you remember me and my sisters.We attended KYO's event in Korea.Are you still in PI or back to US.I know you are a jetsetter lady lol.Thank you again for the T shirts you gave us.Don't forget my invitation.If you happen to pass by SF,come and stay with us.Have't updated myself re:the SSSong couple.It seems like they might be just friends too!I am hoping she is still w/ KDW.Dispatch has published a pic of KDW dating.The face of the girl was blurred out but they think it is SHK.Check our WonKyo thread.I am off fr. work  today so I am trying to catch up.Hope you are in the best of health.Regards to your wonderful son too!