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  1. http://www.dramapanda.com/2019/03/xu-kai-mobbed-by-fans-and-left-with.html Xu Kai's popularity has been on the rise since Story of Yanxi Palace and gaining more attention now with The Legends. It's sad to see thing like this happen to him at the airports and how fans think they have the right to shove their way into the personal space of their favorite idols/actors.
  2. @DontEatMyKimchi In regards to the drama Arsenal Military Academy, from an interview of the cast, Bai Lu said she got her hair cut just for the role. Kind of sad to see her long hair gone but she looks really cool in that hairstyle too. I'm really amazed at her devotion to her roles, makes me proud as a fan. She also stated afterwards she kept a hat on and refused to look at her haircut because she didn't want to face the fact that she really cut her hair. Bai Lu said she bought a wig some time afterwards to wear when she goes out. The rest of the cast said they were so used to her short hairstyle that they can't get used to seeing her with long hair lol.
  3. This is going to be a terrible explanation but I'm going to try. Basically Jiang Wu is a manifestation of QQX's obsession for LZY which he got rid of it (from his heart per se) when they were in the ice cave, the drama calls it a xin mo 心魔. Though QQX didn't know that it would take shape itself and kill people to take human form thus becoming Jiang Wu. I have to say, that's a pretty strong obsession lol
  4. @Alila Nguyen Legend of Yunxi is really good, I think you would need to get past the first few episodes and then it really picks up. The plot might seem like it's old with a unloved scarred daughter with mean stepmother and stepsister but that's only the preface. The plot in whole isn't focused on that, give it a try, I recommend it. Which eternal love are you referring to? The one with Yang Mi?
  5. Just adding my two cents here about Goodbye My Princess and Untouchable Lovers. I watched a couple episodes of Goodbye My Princess, the beginning was really nice but after all the deaths and killing of people related to the main girl it got pretty boring so I dropped it. I didn't think the acting was bad but it's definitely not as good as The Legends. Out of all the Chinese dramas airing right now, I'm only watching The Legends because it's the only one worth watching. I prefer Chinese historical fantasy dramas so I'm always on the lookout for new ones but I'm also really picky, though if I really like a drama I can watch it again and again. I've already re-watched all the current episodes of The Legends again, 6 episodes a week is not enough lol. Untouchable Lovers, to me, was really bad, like not worth watching it was all just pretty cast which I don't care about. I only saw three episodes and skipped almost all of it. The story made no sense and the acting was so bad. The main guy is nothing but a pretty face, same for another drama he acted in, disappointment. Not to diss him but the term xiao xian rou 小鲜肉 perfectly describes him. This is a Chinese term used to refer to new actors who are fresh, young, and handsome, the term literally means little fresh meat. New actors might not always want to be coined with that phrase because it just means you have a nice face and it overshadows your acting abilities. I remember Xu Kai was asked in an interview once about being xiao xian rou but he said he didn't want to referred as that but instead he wants viewers to watch over his acting and be recognized for that. He is handsome but from the interviews I've seen, he is serious about his acting and wants to be known for his roles in dramas. Anyways that ends my rant. I don't have many people to share with about the dramas I watch so hopefully this didn't bore all of you. Also if any of you are looking for a nice drama to watch within the drama of historical fantasy: Legend of Yunxi and Ashes of Love are really good. Both are adopted from novels, Legend of Yunxi has a smart and strong main female lead who doesn't need her man to kick richard simmons for her but the parts where the male lead comes in to help her are swoon-worthy. Though Ariel Lin's current drama isn't good, check out Prince of Lan Ling (Lan Ling Wang) which is a drama she did back in 2013 with Feng Shaofeng. It's really good with a really good plot, great acting, and will probably make you want to rip your hair out for some/many parts (in a good way).
  6. @ElleSor It is really good, very fluffy and sweet. If I ever find any subs for it, I'll definitely post the link here for you!
  7. @ElleSor Currently, I don't think there are any subs for it since it's only a webdrama
  8. When Jin Mi became one of his tears after her soul shattered, she used her remaining powers to heal him. I'm not sure I'm 100% correct but that's the gist of it.
  9. I really loved the war scene, it was so nicely done. And seriously, I can't get over how HANDSOME Xu Feng is as the Demon Lord!!! Jin Mi's death was really sad. Like she said, this was a problem between the three of them yet it caused this war. Because the war is over her, she knows only she can end it thus she sacrifices herself. My poor little grape~ It was a lovely journey everyone, I loved every part of it, I'll rewatch it all when all the subs are out.
  10. In episode 50, she gives her colors to the Emperor's brother in exchange for the sky light ingredient that is needed for the pill to revive Xu Feng.
  11. Jin Mi did really revive the tree but the problem is that the phoenix flowers' color is wrong mainly because she can't see colors anymore. In her mind, she sees the tree as it was before of course not knowing that the flowers' aren't red. I think she was crying tears of happiness because they're tree came back alive and she can go see Xu Feng.
  12. You're right, the Emperor used all his lingli to save some part of Xu Feng's soul into the hairpin. From episode 54
  13. You guys voiced my thoughts perfectly. I don't know about other people, but I really enjoyed the wedding episode because I have been waiting for it all this time and it didn't fall short of my expectations. I was literally at the edge of my seat even though I knew what was going to happen, albeit a few changes and surprises. I could have made a reaction video with all my screaming at my laptop and yelling traitor to those who took Night's side, then cursing at Jin Mi when she stabbed Xu Feng. Also cried when Liaoyuan jun died protecting Xu Feng from the sword, sniff sniff~ Holy moly it was quite a ride. Even though I've read the novel, I'm really enjoying the drama, it's one of my top Chinese dramas this year along with Legend of Yun Xi. As for the conflict between drama and novel, if all you do is compare the two and nitpick at everything, then all you'll find is fault which will override whatever good there is in the drama. Overall, I think the drama is well done. Night has had his character development, Jin Mi also has developed quite a lot from her innocent and naive self though there may be more character development to come. I am anticipating Xu Feng's parts. I agree with @nyaannyaan that the novel was quite choppy, I like it how things are shown in the drama. And I have no problem with the drama Xu Feng, I love his emotional and soft side but I'm also very excited to see his Demon Lord side. Dark, sexy Xu Feng, I'm ready! As for Jin Mi, I'm quite upset at her for stabbing Xu Feng but I empathize with her because she lost her family, the lotus fire is a trauma to her. Those who watch Chinese dramas, especially historical ones, should know that "revenge" is an unavoidable set up that always happens. I'm anticipating Xu Feng and Jin Mi's reunion especially now without the pill she realizes her love for him. Ah~ the angst! I'm reading for the emotional ride that is to come!
  14. Preview for upcoming episodes I guess I'm the only one okay with the story so far. I know they deviated a lot from the original storyline but they didn't change as much as compared to other adaptations. The characters are still true to their original forms. I know they focused a lot on supporting characters but I truly believe it's to build on the upcoming events in order to provide a more logical outcome. Like later Feng Huang taking over the Demon Realm, establishing his connections with the Demon Princess will help in the transition where he will recover there after being injured by Jin Mi. Though it may also be the case that they are putting in fillers in order to make it 60 episodes, but I'm thoroughly enjoying everything. Things may have dragged on a bit. The only thing that would irk me is if they rush and mess up the ending, I hate open ended endings or messy ones that doesn't clarify anything.
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