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  1. Excited to check out this drama since it will be a drama comeback for both Choi Daniel and Kang Hye Jun. Choi Daniel and Baek Jin Hee will be the main OTP but i'm also curious about Kang Hye Jun character. So, Kang Hye Jun will be Lee Won Geun's secretary? I wonder what their storyline will be. Will there be any romance angle there or just character development kind of thingy. In any case so happy to see Lee Won Geun as part of the cast here. Love those smiley eyes of him
  2. OMG i love how SJK just replied all the questions regarding their relationship so honestly now. He's not being coy or tried to avoid the questions at all. He simply shared how he called SHK "jagiya" . Awww that was just so sweet ♡♡♡. It's must be liberating for him to openly talked about the love of his life SHK now. It's so endearing to see him talking about her as his future wife. He even said they will probably address each other differently once they are married..aww i'm thinking maybe "yeobo" hehe. Thank you so much @melleri for sharing the translated clips. Wow now even SHK update on insta get treated as news by Dispatch. Seems like everyone can't get enough of the songsong couple.
  3. I'm still not over the news.. my second post here today hehe. I have been trying to work but keep coming back checking all the news here, soompi, instagram, blogs, disptach, tweeter and even allkpop lol. I can't get enough of it and reading everyone comments just made me happy. I haven't read any negative comments and most are jst wishing them happiness. Many non-shippers were shocked but accept their news positively. Our songsong couple is truly blessed. Both SHK and SJK letters to fans were really touching. I had tears in my eyes reading them. There are sincerity in every words they wrote. They really are most caring couple and their honesty shine through. Feel so lucky being their fans. We are truly blessed too ♡♡♡ We have so much to look forward to in the future. To know that they will share more good news with us fans in the future made me so happy. We will be here rooting for their happy family too.
  4. I'm so giddly happy right now and its not even my wedding LOL. Been reading comments from non shipper that the news is so shocking like they were not expecting it at all hehe. Well its not that shocking to us shippers since we have been expecting it. I'm glad they stay true to themselves and never forget to thanks the fans. They were truly destined for each other and looking forward to their bllissfull marriage. Have a happy life both of u.. Power couple indeed!!
  5. ^^ Aww it's so cute that DH was on her tiptoe kissing SJ. Their height difference are just super adorable
  6. @hhwrrr Why the heck is HW in prison uniform huhu??.... i didn't see him doing anything that justified being send to prison!! Hope nothing bad happened to him. Well at least he was smiling in the IG update. He hasn't been smiling at all in the past weeks. I'm really concern about the switched cousin fate at the moment. It's so sad to see Ji Hoon pleading to get away from his real mom. Nothing get through that woman. No wonder JH was suicidal. He's a good kid but he got smacked so much in this drama. I don't understand what the writer was trying to convey regarding the whole switch birth incident. It's a big mess and i don't see how they can make it right. The long awaited OTP kiss in the recent episode was pretty sweet though..
  7. Unlike many here I actually understand why SJ was acting rudely and finally rejecting his brother HW. What the writer of the drama was trying to potrayed here is a family are the people that we grew up together with. They may not be perfect, they may be annoying, stupid, reckless, greedy etc but they are his family. They may be his adoptive family but they have history together and as a family they stick together. That's what SJ has been taught all his life .. the family value he learnt growing up. He cannot just threw them away for a brother and father he hardly knew. That's why initially he asked HW for time to adjust himself but HW never listened and destroyed everthing.. HW needs to learn revenge is not a good thing because in the end he will lose everthing due to revenge. It sad to see him trying so hard but losing anyway. He lost the one woman who loved him and now his brother. Hope eventually he'll learn to let go, move forward and not too focus on revenge. Sometimes one just need to let go of past in order to move forward. I'm loving this drama and it's interesting to read the different opinions here.