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  1. ^^ Aww it's so cute that DH was on her tiptoe kissing SJ. Their height difference are just super adorable
  2. @hhwrrr Why the heck is HW in prison uniform huhu??.... i didn't see him doing anything that justified being send to prison!! Hope nothing bad happened to him. Well at least he was smiling in the IG update. He hasn't been smiling at all in the past weeks. I'm really concern about the switched cousin fate at the moment. It's so sad to see Ji Hoon pleading to get away from his real mom. Nothing get through that woman. No wonder JH was suicidal. He's a good kid but he got smacked so much in this drama. I don't understand what the writer was trying to convey regarding the whole switch birth incident. It's a big mess and i don't see how they can make it right. The long awaited OTP kiss in the recent episode was pretty sweet though..
  3. Unlike many here I actually understand why SJ was acting rudely and finally rejecting his brother HW. What the writer of the drama was trying to potrayed here is a family are the people that we grew up together with. They may not be perfect, they may be annoying, stupid, reckless, greedy etc but they are his family. They may be his adoptive family but they have history together and as a family they stick together. That's what SJ has been taught all his life .. the family value he learnt growing up. He cannot just threw them away for a brother and father he hardly knew. That's why initially he asked HW for time to adjust himself but HW never listened and destroyed everthing.. HW needs to learn revenge is not a good thing because in the end he will lose everthing due to revenge. It sad to see him trying so hard but losing anyway. He lost the one woman who loved him and now his brother. Hope eventually he'll learn to let go, move forward and not too focus on revenge. Sometimes one just need to let go of past in order to move forward. I'm loving this drama and it's interesting to read the different opinions here.
  4. Hahaha yeah it was totally amazing that both ON and TW had so many career changes in the course of this drama. The same can be said of SJH he was (i) police commisioner (ii) police officer (iii) Head Merchant (iv) Minister. Their resume would be impressive and any employer will be lucky to have them due to their full commitment to any post they held. Both TW and SJH had some internal help to get to their current post of government official but ON pretty much moved up the ladder on her own. I love how we can see ON developing smarter and wiser with each career changes. I was so mad when she was working as a spy and being framed for the crime she didn't commit. However that experience actually made her grow into a stronger person as shown during her fight to save her foster father. Her argument during the trial was impressive and you can't help but feel proud to see ON growth from the naive spy girl in her earlier days. I'm really loving the recent development of both ON and TW interest in bringing back the Waejibu system. Honestly i never imagine ON will be a good lawyer but her argument during her foster father trial was really impressive. I'm glad ON is using her influence on the King to get him interested in re-establishing the Weijibu system. Hopefully we will see more of ON and TW co-operation in the future. Glad to see these two made up because after all said and done they truly care about each other. I suspected TW is actually in love with ON but he just would not admit it yet.. Can't wait for next week ...too bad there was no preview huhu. Hope nothing bad happened to our ON.
  5. I can understand how King Myeonjong can be known as King of Tears. The scene where he cried his eyes out upon learning what his mother did to put him on the throne was so heart breaking. One cannot help but felt sorry for him knowing what he had to endure all those years under his overpowering mother Queen Munjeong. As shown in the drama he really had no one to talk to about his worries and concerns. That's why Ok-Nyeo was important to him .. she was someone he can talk to. You can see him smiling a lot with Ok-Nyeo unlike when he was in the palace. However that being said i would not want Ok-Nyeo to end up with the King. Life in the palace is not suitable for the free spirited Ok-Nyeo. She will be restricted to some many rules and regulations and will ended being miserable in the palace. So i hope in the next episode the King will come clean about his identity to Ok-Nyeo and she will continue to be a strong supporter of him.
  6. Kyo posted this white roses with the description 2016.1.23 on her IG early this year. The date 23rd. and white flowers must meant something special to our SS couple. Maybe last night they were celebrating their 8 months anniversary since his confession to her... The fact that SJK himself took the time to go to the shop himself last night indicated he's buying it for someone special. Instead of sending his manager or other staffs he took the time from his busy schedule to drop by the flower shop. Awww they are so in love with each other and going strong. They were spending romantic night with a bottle of Dom Perignon ... love it.
  7. Found this at Choi Tae Joon (Sung Ji Heon) IG... i think it's his personal instagram account. It's so funny Glad to know we learnt more about SJH past history. Right now i'm looking forward to see him carrying out his grandfather wish of supporting Ok Nyeo. Once he switched side he'll be all out to help Ok Nyeo. I don't think he will end up with Ok Nyeo in the end but they can be friends that supported each other. This is the only drama i'm following at the moment. The complicated stories really intriguing to me plus all the beautiful hanbok costumes. Even the police uniform and prison guard look impressive. This is my first Seguek drama and i'm glad i found this one.
  8. @Chewy Hoe Thank you so much on the latest updates for the 2nd.donation project Again you guys the Global Songsong couple has selected an amazing organization to donate to. "Protect 500 Vulnerable Women and Children in Nepal" who have been impoverish by the quakes and bypassed by relief effort. The fact that you guys found this group of people that really needs our help is amazing. Kudos to you guys. Our songsong will have been so proud to know we continue on the donation project. I will follow the GSSC ig for next project so i can be a part of this amazing effort too. On other note, does anyone here have any update on DOTS's DVD director cut?. Has it been released yet? Really looking forward to that one. KBS is taking too long to get it release. I'm still not over DOTS yet. By kyo's latest IG update and SJK FM it seems they are not over DOTS too
  9. Have a good day everyone, let's be positive & keep our Comradship spirit. @Chellsee Thank you so much on the constant updates on Battleship Island. This movie is very intriguing to me since it deals with Japan's dark history and suffering of Korean force labors under the Japanese regime on Hashima Island. Till today Japan refused to acknowledge Korean force labor suffering on that Battleship Island. It sad to think that many of those labors died there without being able to return to Korea and their contributions were not even acknowledged by Japan. To see the real live events or historical accounts of that period played on screen will be very inspiring to others. So glad to know SJK choose to work on this meaningful movie for his next project. Honestly i believe being a talented actor SJK will do an excellence job on this. Can't wait to see his transformation for this movie. SHK as SJK's partner is also known to care deeply about the force labors issue too. She had demonstrated this by refusing the 1million CF deal with Mitsubsishi. The company is known for not acknowleging their involvement on using Korean force labors during Japanese colonization period. So to see both SHK and SJK making their stand and voice heard on this issue is very endearing. Our songsong couple is truly a very inspiring couple. They are aware of their country history and making their voice heard on their own ways. We are truly blessed to be their fans
  10. LOL poor Kwang Soo he has been used so many times by SJK to deflect from mentioning SHK. It's Kwang Soo this Kwang Soo that hehehe. Now i begin to think that maybe that time when he wrote SJK loves LKS on that pebble in Greece it actually meant SJK loves SHK but not wanting to be obvious he wrote LKS instead. BTW i'm looking forward to SJK next FM. I wonder whether the MC is going to ask about his ideal type again. After Chengdu it's pretty obvious who SJK ideal type is and it's totally unnecessary to ask him that question anymore. But let's see in the next FM... looking forward to it.
  11. It is Blossom page after all. SHK is from different agency (UAA) so it does not made sense for Blossom to promote artist from other agency on their website at all. The fact that they did put that one photo of SHK fist bumping with SJK already said a lot to me. In a sense it means they did already accepted SJK relationship or comradship with SHK. Plus look at that Ki ♡ Kyo banners photo they included there too.... it's like Blossom saying yeah we saw it and like it too. That's why we are sharing it at our fb page.
  12. I have been a silent reader of this thread but i truly appreciates the updates from everyone here. I'm a bit behind with the drama currently still at ep.8. Saguek is not exactly my cup of tea but i made this one an exception and found myself drawn to it. I don't like the whole spy fiasco thing that Ok-nyeo had to went through. She was only interested to find out more info about her mom and ended up suffering so much. Lord Yoon was the worse and glad to know he'll get some punishment later on. Well, i'm not supposed to read the spoilers here but i can't help it since i'm so left behind. I'm not seeing the love triangle between Seong Ji Hyun, Ok Nyeo and Tae Woon at the moment either. But, i'm glad that this drama is not so heavily focused on romance but more of the character development of everyone. It made the drama more interesting because you have so many stories to tell and each of them are fascinating in itself. Looking forward to rating increase to 20% with upcoming episodes... the drama totally deserve it. Thank you again for everyone for keeping this thread updated.
  13. OMG this thread is moving too fast LOL ... I'm not very active in Soompi but i have been following this thread since page 1. To Captain J @joongkyo count me in for the flower sending project too. I remember being sad for missing out on the message box project last time huhu. So i'm not missing out on this one. I'm giddy thinking about 17th.June. The Chinese fans have been awesome on their KiKyo banners on his previous FM. SJK really love seeing those banners so much that he wanted his girl SHK to experience it too. The KiKyo banners will be even more crazy during this FM with both SHK and SJK being there. It's truly a dream come true for us Songsong shippers and i'm so happy being their fans. We are truly blessed to have this experience and witness their story unfold. KiKyo love story are stuffs dreams are made of and it's even better than drama since it's real. I used to read shippers said shipping is hard hahaha but it's so easy when you ship a REAL couple as our beloved SongSong.
  14. OMG i super excited and nervous for tonite Baeksang Art Awards. I don't even know why i'm nervous cos i'm not even attending the awards LOL but i'm so nervous but excited just thinking about it. Can't wait to see what SHK will be wearing and how our KiKyo will present themselves to everyone watching. My one wish is to have them both looking happy and relax. I just want them to be happy and enjoying themselves at the awards. My guess is that our KiKyo have been informed about the overwhelming combined 7 million votes for them from fans for the popularity awards so they will definitely be appreciative of that. To our Soompi SS Shipers in SK @angieknows @ilovesjk @~*kYo*~ @cestlavie88 @lovely_skham_stv thank you so much for sharing your DOTS tour with us. Really love reading every single stories you wrote about those places. Even though we were not there but we can feel the excitements through you guys, Looking forward to more updates from the awards too. Have fun and be safe .
  15. I love how SHK is being so generous to us lately by posting multiple photos in her IG regularly. So thankful for that. She used to be so quiet and rarely updated her IG but since DOTS she has been more active. She must have understood how much we as her fans misses her so she tried to give us more updates lately. She really loves her fans as much as we love her. Of all her IG updates from last night Chanel "Paris in Rome" love her selfie the most. She looks radiant that you can actually feel the happiness in her eyes.