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  1. LJG's new still in bigger version. Source:
  2. Cute model look photo of our "TRIO", Nam Soo Ri >> Habaek>> So Ah! Moo Ra's sexy fashion look in BOTWG.
  3. Sorry for posting late. More photos from yesterday's Presscon from IMBC. Source: MORE UNDER SPOILER.
  4. More magazine photos for Battleship Island.
  5. Song Joong-ki’s evolution -- from wolf boy to captain A wedding coming up in October, and a new movie opening in cinemas next week -- Song Joong-ki is the talk of the town again. Let’s pause for a while and recap the 31-year-old actor’s career, from his debut as an innocent youngest son to his role as a dashing army lieutenant. In 2008, Song made a brief appearance in a supporting role in the movie “A Frozen Flower.” read full article>>>
  6. [V Report] Gongmyeong promotes ‘The Bride of Habaek’ Gongmyeong promoted new drama series “The Bride of Habaek” on Naver’s V app Monday. Featured as Bi-ryum in the drama, Gongmyeong is one of the main actors in “The Bride of Habaek.” He explained his character as “a charismatic and powerful god.” He said, “But at the same time, Bi-ryum is a free spirit looking for fun.” The broadcast was aired live at 10:30 p.m., 30 minutes before the start of the drama. “The show is about to start,” he said. “Are you in front of the TV?” “Please watch the drama with me, let’s watch it together,” he said. The drama, a romantic comedy between a god and human woman, airs on tvN Mondays and Tuesdays. ***skipped unrelated***
  7. [HanCinema's Drama Review] "Bride of the Water God 2017" Episode 6 Bi-ryeom (played by Gong Myung) is, like Moo-ra, a god living in the human world who is supposed to be doing divine stuff but instead seems to engage mainly in petty bickering. Thus "Bride of the Water God 2017" continues its fine tradition of making Ha-baek a sympathetic character, not by having him engage in character growth, but by making all the other characters he talks to even more obnoxious. I guess it's working. Ha-baek is swiftly becoming the only character in "Bride of the Water God 2017" I particularly care about. In all fairness this is definitely a balancing act when it comes to the genre. The easiest way to create an obstacle for a superpowered god to fight is by making them face off against another superpowered god. The problem with this is that supervillains are fairly dumb and childish, and we get enough of those in American media anyway. Because really, what can you do with a supervillain in the end aside from just punching it into submission? But the issue with "Bride of the Water God 2017" right now is that Moo-ra and Bi-ryeom are playing the role of villain when they are not actually villains. They're incompetent, and occasionally accidentally sociopathic. Beyond that, though, their goals aren't that different from Ha-baek's. Indeed, if we want to look at "Bride of the Water God 2017" as more of a travelogue, the logical thing for them to do would be to ask Ha-baek to do something for them rather than get hung up on technical procedures. Although really, all this narrative analysis is just a disguise for a more brutal critical assessment- that "Bride of the Water God 2017" is surprisingly boring. As inherently stupid as the car scene from last episode was, it did at least manage to stick out in memory as being stupid in an interesting way. This episode is just an extended series of conversations about nothing, none of which seem to move any of its characters closer to an actual goal. I guess the love story makes progress, if you want to call it that. The problem there, though, is that Ha-baek and So-ah's relationship appears to be defined entirely by how Ha-baek is dragging So-ah into near mortal danger, and So-ah puts up with because she's trying to get something out of him. She's not really sure what. This isn't exactly the basis for a healthy romantic relationship.
  8. The holding hands moments of Habaek and So Ah from episode 6 made my heart melt, #simplejoy #happiness @desertpanda a warm welcome to the thread!
  9. Episode 6 was just as wonderful as the previous episodes. Habaek and So Ah's "love-romance" feelings are more visible now... Source:
  10. Hello @nevill... you don't need to worry at all. Please enjoy the thread and do keep on posting! Pretty So Ah for you. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Episode 5 was lovely and in an hour, we will all enjoy Episode 6...
  11. I really love the "cool look" of our beautiful bride in this photo. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Bride of the Water God 2017: Episode 5 The pace picks up a lot in this episode, offering more information on mysterious characters and answers regarding Ha-baek’s missing powers, while still managing to make time for some nice character moments between Ha-baek and So-ah. They’re growing closer despite themselves, having nobody else to trust but each other. And it’s a good thing, because they’re about to need each other in more ways than they can possibly imagine. EPISODE 5 RECAP We back up to the beginning of the picnic. While Namsuri gets their things together, So-ah soaks in a bit of sun. Ha-baek seems taken with her, only to envy the sunglasses she’s wearing and ask for his own pair. As they head to their picnic spot, a car passes and Ha-baek recognizes the driver as the same man who seemed to be following So-ah the other day. Ha-baek watches as the suspicious man tampers with So-ah’s car engine and tires. Having studied up on cars, Ha-baek deduces that the man is trying to cause an accident by making So-ah’s brakes fail. read full article>>>
  12. D-8: Criminal Minds, the most anticipating "best blockbuster" drama of this summer, has released official posters. Source:
  13. Habaek's BTS stills. Habaek turns into a "God of Cooking" in Episode 5... Source: Me: wanted eagerly to know the taste of his steak ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Bi Ryeom preview stills.