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  1. HITE IG update.
  2. TOPTEN10 IG update.
  3. I love this very talented girl.... The Little Actress from "Defendant": Sin Rin-ah This little actress is stealing everyone's heart! In "Defendant", child actress Sin Rin-ah displayed strong chemistry with her in-act father, Ji Sung. The day this long lost father and daughter were reunited, the scene made a record of 29.05% viewing at the moment and titled as the best minute of the week. We were all awaiting for this heart touching reuniting scene and this little actress brought it to life, exceeding the expectation! Being born in May of 2009, she is only 7 years old! In such young age, she's been on a lot of different dramas and movies to attract everyone into the screen with her amazing acting skills. In an interview, when she was asked "Wasn't it hard to shoot so much crying scene?" she answered that a crying scene is more comfortable than a laughing scene because she can cry easily when she imagine and think about her family leaving her. Maybe that's why; her crying scenes are so real and heartbreaking. Read full article here >>>
  5. Wishing that it's my hand... Naver update. DMZ The Wild, 1 minute video with our BB
  6. More HD photos via MBC. Link:
  7. More photos from DMZ Presscon. EIDER update.
  8. Lee Min-ho to present documentary on DMZ Lee Min-ho recently wrapped up shooting the MBC nature documentary “DMZ, the Wild,” which is set for release in June. The documentary, produced by the crew known for hit documentaries such as “Tears in Amazon” and “Tears of the Antarctic,” will feature the natural ecology of the Demilitarized Zone in Korea where the primeval forest flourished as the access to human has been controlled for more than a half century. Lee has been participating in the program as a talent donation since October 2015. He accompanied the production crew while they shot some of the key scenes, instead of staying behind and joining only for the narration recording. It is the Hallyu superstar’s first appearance in documentary as a presenter. The prologue episode of the documentary will air on April 3 and the rest of the episodes will air in June.
  9. Lee Min Ho Shares His Honest Thoughts As His Military Enlistment Approaches While Lee Min Ho’s exact date of military enlistment is still in question, he talked about how he wants to film more works before enlisting. On March 29, Lee Min Ho attended the press conference for MBC’s documentary “DMZ, The Wild” as the presenter. Not only did the actor narrate the whole program, which took about two years to film, he was also at the location of the filming to deliver important information to the viewers. During the event, Lee Min Ho addressed the topic of his military enlistment, saying, “I think everyone feels the same way before enlisting. I feel like I will be separated for a while and I feel sad. As I am waiting for my enlistment date, I do have ambition regarding work and would like to film another project.”
  10. More from the DMZ PRESSCON. Credit as labeled.
  11. MEDIA photos via OSEN. Sooooo handsome... Eye to Eye with the man. More under spoiler.
  12. Fan taken video. Our BB will be getting ready...
  13. Really good to see you and your cute dimple. Credit to owner.
  14. 29Mar2017 - NEWS about the DMZ Presscon. Link: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ MBC IG update with our BB. 2nd pic from MBC IG post.