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  1. oh my heart...! i don't think i can take SJ crying like that... i am thinking of skipping this episode till next week....
  2. this post made me log in!!! SIG and JSM is just unbelievably ship-able. they are... in any drama they do... because they are sooo natural... not like those you know and feel that they are just acting. i seriously hope too that they are not siblings.... my vote goes to that they are childhood friends and that MY had actually witness the shooting of JY's dad --- in case someone is keeping tabs on this... these two just never fails to amaze me in every drama they do...! <<clap, clap...clap>>
  3. omgeee!!! i am at work... but nearly burst into laughter on that mash up!!! hahahaha!
  4. while rewatching... just noticed the scene where MiRae got her surgery... the place where her mom and her were discussing... that terrace / park... is it the same scene as the last episode??? it looks like it is...! if it is, amazed on how memorable the ending is... they could have included a flashback at the end with some voice-over to get the co-relation of the place as to her feelings at that very moment.... oh the beauty of details while re-watching!!! hahaha...
  5. finally...! a drama where i can move on from my previous drama...! In Geuk and So Min brings me here...! hope the script doesn't disappoint me though... Annyeong everyone!!!
  6. Nahhh, i was just kidding on that... i know how crazy those kind of fandoms are... it might be more harmful to them than just plain admiring their chemistry together. I love that they look like really just friends.. like noona-dongseang relationship.... On the VLive interview, CEW seems to be looking up on ISH...which is really kinda cute...! And ISH is as well very vocal on how she sees CEW very handsome in person...!
  7. Thanks for this VLive, i fet like i have watched an entire episode again of them..! Like a breathing space... oh how i miss these two... looking for a site that i can watch with no subs... @icyphoenix you’re right... i tend to just read the subs that looking at them to... can someone pm me the site you can rewatch this raw? Thanks!
  8. nothing on Shippers forum yet??? should we create one...? Knetz idol fandom might take rage on us though!!! lol
  9. wahhhh..... this makes me wanna go home and start the marathon...!!! keep it coming... lets re-live those moments...!
  10. that call is just wayyy too much for me.. i have to give in...! definitely re-watching...! oh how can i move on???!!!
  11. ok fine!!! that's it....! i am re-watching....TONIGHT!!! LOL
  12. i see CEW as a sort of a blood sucking vampire role... like my Damon of "Vampire diaries" or my Edward of Twilight Saga ... he will totally nail that...! that cold-looking handsome guy... i dont really care if i get bitten...
  13. dunno how (or forgot already) how to put spoiler... but i want to ask... (if someone can pm me the instruction to put this comment on spoiler, i will greatly appreciate).. is there anything you guys are watching right now to move on...? i feel stuck and cant find something to replace this drama yet. others seems to be soo heavy, others are slightly horror, both of which isn't my style... life sometimes is already heavy in reality, why watch something to add on it and get yourself a headache in the morning...and i watch just before sleeping, so why scare the hell out of me!!! any thoughts?