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  1. now that SHK's drama has ended including what else do we watch...? when is Asadal tentative showing dates?
  2. i suddenly miss this couple... hope we can see some pictures of them together soon...
  3. Been silent here for a while... a little disappointed like many of you are. but i definitely agree their acting there, both HB and SH are just topnotch..! like most of you, I: 1. cried a bucket when JW had to stab my ever fave Sec! i just felt the pain... that must have really hurt. 2. believe HJ faith in JW... up to the very end, brought him back to the real world... this i will charge on the "fantasy" view - 3. think when SJ mentioned the so-called "instance dungeon" kept him safe when he was running away from Marco, and that being a master, JW must have gone there to be safe...i think that is where he was hiding too! 4. don't think Emma stab the real JW - though the remains of the bug was there.. i dont know how to explain this, but 5. agree on someone here that JW cannot be treated as a bug, otherwise, SJ is also a bug therefore the game wont reset. 6. think that SJ could have given more screen time, as an Executive or Consultant of J-One so he could help JW. they for sure will rock! 7. agree also that the ending could have been a little better. even just to see them both on the same frame of the camera, at least let HJ saw JW from a far or a little light where JW stands (comm'on!) Now... anyone knows the email add of Netflix??? let's start the petition for the Season 2! P.S. Who won on the zombie rally @Kasmic... sorry if that was already posted and i missed. i skipped the review and recap from episode 15... and look like it time jumped here more than 1 year!
  4. its pretty quiet here... hmmmm! are you guys still holding on...? is it Saturday yet...? no BTS so far??? whatshappenin???
  5. my heart wont be able to take this... ! i am passing this 2 episode till i see the rainbow next week. this is just soooo sad!!! so heart breaking! my hope who i am clinging to right now to save them both... my cupid hero Driver Nam! i hope he comes and save those lost and lonely souls again...just like he did that NY Eve celebrations.
  6. thanks to the live recappers..! you guys are amazing...! i dont know if i want to watch this now or pass till i have a happy ending tomorrow... or at least hope to have a happy ending tomorrow. what hurts me for CSH here is that... mothers are just all a pain... her's almost sell her for personal gain, her ex MIL treats her like good for nothing, and now JH mom whom she thinks would accept her and be happy for her, now thinks she's a hindrance! and that really HURTS!
  7. now i am getting anxious of the ending... i was on a ray of hope for my happy ending when i see the romantic scenes unfolding, now i am uncertain... esp now that SJJ seems to compare JW character to the one who... who is that... the one who died...??!!! sooooo was that like preparing our hearts, like some sort of mind conditioning and damage control for the ending...! ohhh crappy patty!!! i calling all zombies on the house...! i think we have a new subject to haunt!!! get ready!!! @deluluishealthy i am with you chinggu!!! I ONLY WANT A HAPPY ENDING FOR JW AND HJ TOO!!! they both deserve to be happy!!!
  8. had to quote you guys all together as your posts seems to be interconnected!!! @Kasmic you crack me up on "apparently the bigger the better" line!!! esp when this comment follows after: and in this case, let us not disturbed them guys! they are serious!!! get the hint peeps! HB already said it out loud... JW is hungry!!!
  9. I know right... just looking at them makes you giggle, but it seems like they are in their own bubble that I don’t want them disturbed at all...!!!
  10. I sooo love the BTS... makes me want to kick off all the people around them to just give them privacy...! oh but wait, we wont see the BTS if i kick them out, right...? ok... can Emma shield them so no one sees them around...? and they both just be on la-la land with no interruption... or give them about another 10 more Breitling watch...so they don't rush it and just enjoy the moment...?!! now, as for the flashback... somehow, they do make me understand the flow... the game is so fast phase that even that rain in Alcazaba cafe didn't meant anything to me until i re-watched... makes you somehow connect the dots...i am actually glad visiting this forum thread as there are more brainy peeps here who dissect the drama so eloquently... their visuals are so destructively good that i can't read the subs!!! so i am stuck on either reading or just looking at them... i prefer just being hypnotize by their loving gazes to one another...! lol but in a sense, i do agree on not having so much at this moment... as i only care now is that I GET MORE SCREEN TIME of the COUPLE..! oooppsss, did i said it so loud...? lol p.s. i forgot to mention my fave part of epi 14... i got to have a better screenshot of my Sec Zombie...! he isn't too dark anymore!
  11. Like u @Kasmic just finished the subbed epi 14 too just now... and ended up more questions than answers. dunno...! I guess i am holding my piece till our final week. I even started rewatching from the beginning to get me settled (seated with popcorn) into the front seats on this final two episodes..! Btw, i am already at the scene again where HJ is thinking in the toilet trying to call everybody about the upcoming sale of Hostal Bonita..i love the convo of the sisters when Minju says “what are you still thinking you idiot..! It’s 10B won..!” I just love her little sister..! That’s why JW likes her..!!! my earnest request is the last two episodes...more screen time for the both leads together pls..
  12. I know right @stargazer187 he is unbelievably handsome at 36...!!! The action scenes really suit him here..!!!
  13. There’s so many things to talk about on this episode... I love that gifable and memeable Post...!that was hilarious..!! i agree with y’all... badass couple would be a very good idea..! HJ for sure can carry that role. Also those gifs of Sniper JW is just gorgeous... and the close up one...! My oh my...!!! And lastly... for pete’s sake... can someone give a real gun and shoot JW’s ex wife...!!! That girl really..!!!
  14. Gosh she played...stubborn HJ...! Ggrrrr...! Lol...! Got my zombie ready...was late for the party...slept on my side of the world...! Congratulations to the grinners...! Beware...! We will all hunt youuuhhhh...! Bwahahaha!
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