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  1. Hi @ReemKanabta, Thank you very much for the compilations! Its hard to find news about them since I don't understand Mandarin
  2. Thanks for the tip. However, subbing is a bit slow It is pure torture to wait! Really happy that this series has a positive feedback.
  3. Their kisses are so passionate! I was not expecting it since usually asian dramas are quite conservative. They made me blush! They look so perfect, did not even notice their 9 years age gap!
  4. Finally!!! they are subbing this awesome drama!!! So far my favorite among the 3 adaptation!
  5. Still waiting for the sub!! But was not able to resist watching it with my very basic chinese understanding!!! I love the series! so far my favorite among the three The leads sizzle! No wonder they won best couple for this series!
  6. Finally able to log in!! Good day chingus!!
  7. Hahaha maybe she is just looking at the pictures of her dear friends's fanmeet
  8. Thank you @canes for that point of view. I understand gosh it is so hard to be famous!
  9. Hello my darling chingus Been a while since i last posted. So happy our family has gotten bigger! Been here since our thread had only a single digit page :D. Im just a bit surprised about all this issue all members here are so nice and smart shippers. Is there another boyoo thread that i dont know of? Lol! Cant help but ship these cute puppies! I mean mdbc would maybe unpopular if the leads have nada chemistry right? As for the age thing, course we understand but still cant help it they are just so adorable! I rarely ship but my other ships are sailing, so i hope my gut feel for boyoo would be correct too! Be it any relationship they have, i am happy as long as they are happy :). Happy shipping chingus!!!!
  10. Count me in if we have private group chat!
  11. From th Philiplines too!!!
  12. Maybe because the movie was moved to december thats why they will be able to attend? I really hope they will walk the red carpet tgt if not atleast a selfie is ok
  13. Maybe CTH is a boyoo shipper too - my delulu mind lol. Or simply for promo?
  14. These kids! They are in love with each others characters lol maybe separation is good to really know the true feelings yoo jung is in love with lee young while bo gum feels he has a relationship with ra on.
  15. I mean, when pressed like that, what else can she say? She already said it in the earlier part but the interviewer still pressured her lol. So, i think she gave the best answer to shut the interviewer lol. I like ur thinking!