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  1. Basing from that oriental clinic picturre, im pretty sure they met early this year and decided to do studies of their characters. In the name of the drama, they met often to discuss things about the drama and maybe became friends from being mere acquaintance. I think during this time, they found a common ground and had great time discussing ideas for the drama. That is why during the photoshoot and early episodes they were alreay a bit comfortable with each other. But no love vibes since there was not much lovelines in the earlier episodes. As the episode progressed, i think they bonded more since it was live shooting, as she said, they had to trust each other. At this time, friendship, trust, and repsect are a big check. Also a big check is that they clearly enjoy each others company. I think that intense kiss really pushed them from the boundery they set. No matter how professional you try to be but if you felt something in a kiss then ha! And boy they did it naturally and it is quite evident that they were shook after that intense scene, mind you, that was the edited version, we dont know the actual scenario. Then even if they try to shake it of as professional acting, they were forced again to act a couple so inlove Praise pdnim for letting them do what they want in the pretense of shooting! I bet pdnim and the writer at sort of matchmakers lol.
  2. @minion23 thank you so much for translating! Keeping our thirst watered atleast My chance of getting a photoshoot is getting slimmer! Seems like both will work afterwards okay, i understand you two, you want privacy with eherm what you have lol
  3. Photoshopped for fun We need more of these
  4. Wohooo yehey! I am curious of that blue drawing with hearts
  5. Going public is tricky ang full of pressure, just this year 2 couple breakups after few months of going public, better build a strong foundation first before going public.
  6. Yeah she got that mannerism from someone close she really has a blooming aura coz i looked at her old pics, they were just flat and sort of neutral.
  7. No signatures? tnx for the info. Yes please
  8. Mine is still shipping. Do we get goodies? Or its just plain album? Why ask for survey if the really lack materials right?
  9. Has anyone received the ost album already?
  10. Maybe it did not reach the required amount
  11. One thing i also love about this thread is us all being supportive and i feel mature shippers Hoping for them to be real but at the same time wanting them to find happines even if they dont end up together.
  12. Omo wow 100 pages, truthfully i did not expect we would reach 100 pages in a short while! This thread was actually late in the making, we started it after LUTYN ended Thank you all for the goodies that you share, now looking forward to the award and her japan fanmeet. I wish NG will also have a fanmeet and also hwaiting for his interviews!