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  1. I love this scene so much=)) The way he teasing his girl=))))))) The bedscene is so hottttttttttttttttttttttttt <3 !!! agru~
  2. Yup, I totally agree with this. That annoying look assesses their intimacy more than anyone else can see. PSJ is like a boyfriend who loves to tease his girlfriend, even when she looks angry, he will be even more fun to continue teasing her. He will always think she looks so cute =))))
  3. Talk about the kiss scene, do not know people here know the kiss scene of Han Hyo Joo and Lee Jong Suk. They have a kiss called a handcuff kiss ( with BTS Director cut, it's so long and so hot=))) ) . And we have ParkPark couple with closet kiss . Believe me, there is a very special coincidence between these two. Both guys are good kissers. and both girls with Pisces are fit for their types. and a drama, collaborate together, and BANG! Shyly after kissing ( LJS even to go out to breathe the air , and remember PSJ =))) I wonder what with these guys On the other hand, PSJ also collaborated with HHJ , they also have kiss scenes. But because of not the right person, the kiss is not powerful enough? I mean, right people at the right time. And everything will happen the way it is.
  4. I laughed to death by your cmt But you're right, he actually took oxygen from her , and she's happy with that, oh my PMY=))) I have read some old discussions, I also have to acknowledge one thing, PSJ control her, he leading her like a real man. I feel he can protect MY extremely good~ arg ~ I really have that feeling ~ ~~~~ Feels like can take PMY get married at any time !!
  5. Can i ask this? Are they still filming or finished filming? Do you feel he "sucked" her mouth? I dont know the word I use is right or wrong ~
  6. She stopped a moment and smile as one second to take her breathe but PSJ is still continue like him can't leave her lips, did you see? It is so distracting. It looks like he doesn't know what to do with his hands... or more like, he knows exactly what to do with his hands but cant   I love the way the PSJ's hands move on PMY's shoulder and hug her lightly. Argh ~ Haha and I totally agree with what you say. His tender hands are also spoiled I'm waiting for ep9 T-T Whats wrong with TvN T_T
  7. PSJ - That's the best one I got. * the long gaze* Do you agree? PYM : Yeah. PYM - What is perfect about me? * the long gaze* PSJ :Your smile. What do You guys thinking about this questions and the long gaze and sweet gaze with face emoji at end that they for each other ?
  8. I think we need to add that this is their first deep kiss (it may not be French kiss but still a deep kiss), because I think their soft first kiss is several kisses are missing=))), Their lips have also touched each other a lot
  9. I just want to post about the kiss=)))) Who was the one who said PMY did not open her mouth=))) Let's see the last picture ~
  10. me, too. from me who has loved Changmin couple until today, I still always remember she dont like someone call her noona. I really rarely see JCW calling PMY as noona. I watched the video and it was not clear he was calling noona to PMY, maybe someone noona=)) I dont know and i dont sure to that. But whatever! I see both JCW and PSJ treat her unlike a noona. I can say this, especially with PSJ, maybe because of his character. He makes PMY more comfortable and teasing than JCW. You know who I think? Personally, I think ParkPark couple looks like JongJoo couple. ( Lee Jong Suk and Han Hyo Joo - sorry when i talk about them, just my feeling. Both Hyo Joo and Min Young are the fav of Sukkie and Seo Joon ne, ~ or say it is clear that both noona fit the ideal of each boy. and the drama brings them closer together, and age gap is nothing with two young men. They treat their noona as a baby girl. And their noona especially allow them to do that. That feelings ~ ! )
  11. Forgive me~ I am not a pervert=)))) But it comes right out of my sight. What are you doing Park Seo Joon-ssi? He grabs her hair lightly - just right her breasts. Trust me. He really did. Look at his finger. You can check the video at 1:47-1:49 . I'm going to talk about kissing. But now this has distracted me haha
  12. About PMY's look at PSJ be like "annoyed" on Kakao Talk. I really see "love". The truth, i always look at my honey look like that when i help him anything The same the kiss sceen. "Annoyed-look" after kiss, i see "shy".
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