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  1. Finished watching episodes 5 and 6. YDH (now Sera Park) is becoming more and more vicious with each episode. I already hate her the most. The biggest addition revealed this week was the fact that Goo's household have lost their son (known as Se Hu) along time ago. Since this is a weekend drama and it is by writer Kim Soon Ok, I am already guessing that the lost son is "Seol Ki Chan". Which means his older sister is Goo Se Kyung . Things will definitely get more complicated, as we have many selfish characters in this drama. YDH, GSK, Ms. Lee, Ah-Reum's dad and Goo Pil Soon are the bad people in this drama. I am also not fond of Goo Se Joon's personality. I know it is because of how his grandmother raised him, hopefully he will get mature soon. Min Deul Re is also unlikable, I do not now why but her character is really annoying me. My favourite characters for now are Seol Ki Chan, Kang Ha Ri, Jo Hwang Seung (GSK's Husband), Kang Ha Se, Na Je Dong and Kim Eun Hyang. I will keep this on hold for now. I will come back for it later when it is almost over to watch all episodes at once. Lee Ji Hoon at shooting set http://tenasia.hankyung.com/archives/1198046
  2. I got to know her from Bluebirds House as well. I have not watched anything else with her. Depending on the male lead, I may watch this or not. Thanks for starting the thread.
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    392 Yeah, it does not look like a weekend drama. I am looking forward to it.
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