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  1. You are not mistaken, but this means that he used his friend's name. SGR thinks that the author of the letter is the same person who kissed her. But the voice we heard, when she looked at the old letters was not the voice of the young JSH. Since JSH has some letters left in his box, he can not be the author. He couldn't give the letters as WJW had died and maybe these letters are the ones he was supposed to give to her.
  2. @darr A muse can be a love interest but it is not always like that. Besides, since there is the urn with the ashes, I doubt that the boy JWJ didn't die. @kaoriharang JSh's mother knows about the death of his friend as KWJ mentioned it to her. JSH caught his manager telling her that he hadn't answered his phone to JSH which she approved hence he added that JSH had just lost his friend.
  3. @kaoriharang We don't know about the timeline... I believe, JWJ was still alive but you could be right. He might have died and because he felt so guilty, he decided to remain a memory for SGR hence he didn't want her to know his face. But once he met her again and noticed that she hadn't changed at all, he was annoyed and wanted to know if she somehow remembered him.
  4. @YourHighness . Your observation made me think: You are right to question how he could be connected to lotus blood due to his nature. MW might be a demon, yet he is capable of feeling empathy and love. What caught my attention is his change of behaviour, once he saw the baby and how he doted on him. So there is something pure in MW, but due to his nature, since he is selfish and manipulative, he has not been able to let people see that side of him. Only secretary Ma knows MW's true personality. When I mentioned that maybe SJ's blood changed its scent after meeting MW, it could be connected to her affiliation. His blood recognized her but he didn't. if MJS is his daughter, she might have received the purity from both of her parents. I know that these are pure speculations but let us not forget that we were once told, 1. MJS became SJ because she released SOG : a punishment 2. then later, we heard that she was SJ from her birth and she is blessed. The White Egret assumed that her scent changed after meeting SOG, her guardian... but like I said, she met MW before!! Why this idea? IT is because I am expecting that MW will help SJ in the end. Let us not forget that in the opening sequence, we are shown three statues next to each other : all three deities which seems to indicate the ending of the story.
  5. His guilt did resurface that's why he distanced himself from her in the episode 4. Moreover, this would explain why he stopped looking for her after the accident as he felt guilty. He knew where she was living all this time but never searched for her, until he met her. He felt that he had no right to love her and be with her. I would like to add that I am more inclined to believe that JWJ actually loved SGR differently and JSH might have misunderstood him. A muse means, she is his source of inspiration which doesn't mean that it is a romantical relationship. JSH seems to be very easily jealous, his gaze, words and behaviour really underline it hence I can imagine that he must have felt jealous at some point towards WJW. @mimisl123 The idea of exchanging the name is interesting but back then JSH was already famous as an actor. I mean JTR won her award in 1998 hence this change of name would have been noticed.
  6. @Yongzura @mimisl123 @kaoriharang I have been thinking about the connection between SGR, WJW and JSH. We have to imagine that while JSH went to the hospital, he fell in love with SGR at first sight. Since he was just treated for insomnia, he didn't stay that long. However, during his stay, he met WJW and became friends and both became close. Both met SGR the same day and fell in love with her. Since WJW is always seen wearing a bonnet/cap like WJW, I have come to suspect that WJW could have been terminally ill (Just like the girl you posted above). Moreover, we heard that JSH has been donating money for leukemia. In my opinion, JSH knew that WJW was really sick, hence he decided to visit him as often as possible and on his way, he could see SGR. Therefore I come to the conclusion that the author of the letters is the real WJW. But WJW was shy and also scared to meet SGR for real because he knew that he would die soon that's why JSH accepted to deliver the letters to her. While WJW wrote her letters, JSH became his messager, hence he still has letters addressed to SGR. At some point, he was so in love with her that he kept these to him and enjoyed spending time with her. Since it is written SGR is WJW's muse, it is clear that SGR inspired him to compose music. He has a guitar. This would also explain why JSH only approached SGR, when she was blind because he knew that he was betraying somehow his friend. He couldn't help it as he felt lonely and she gave him warmth and love which he was really missing. That's why he refused that she would remove the blindfold... because if she saw his face, she would call him WJW and his friend would notice his betrayal. Everything was fine, until WJW decided to sing in front of her so that he would reveal his identity. This would explain why in the last minute JSH turned around and walked away as he didn't want to witness WJW and SGR together. He was afraid that WJW might discover his betrayal, if she mentioned the kiss aso. I guess, that before the accident, JSH must have met WJW and told him to leave him alone because he felt burdened about all this (his love for SGR, his friendship with WJW and his betrayal), yet at some point he must have regretted it that's why he ran to that place, just before the accident happened. PS: Maybe WJW didn't love SGR the same way than JSH and the latter misunderstood WJW. Moreover, maybe WJW knew how JSH felt but that day he wanted him to meet SGR for real. SGR might have been just his muse in the end and his love for her was different. I am sure that JSH never read the letters as well.
  7. Didn't MW say that he was the one who trapped SOG in the mountain ? But if I am wrong, I wouldn't take words from MW or Heavens for face values. Heavens are often hiding information. What if from the start, Heavens had planned something and due to SOG's mistakes, something bad happened. Notice that SOG has two kind of punishments: - being trapped in the mountain - not allowed to drink any alcohol Sure, if we use the novel JTTW, we know why... but we know that Hong sisters have changed different things.
  8. @deanne3004 @YourHighness . @stroppyse So we have for JSM: - pageant, first runner and second runner --> seems to indicate that she is a winner ; this also underlines her beauty - in chinese, beautiful. Here again, she is also associated to beauty. However, we should perceive it as inner beauty: purity, innocence, kindness, selflessness aso. Like I had pointed out before, the letters JS makes me think of Jesus Christ. This interpretation was reinforced after the last episode, where the birth of SJ was shown. She is destined to save the world by sacrificing herself, just like Jesus Christ in order to save people's souls (redeeming the sins). Notice that when Jesus Christ was born, people could see a huge star which led the three kings so that they could visit Mary and her new born. By the way, remember that back then SOG failed to bring the Iron Fan to MW ... so if history is repeating, we have to imagine that this time MW appears at the right time because SOG did the right thing. To me, the timing played a huge role why MW couldn't save his loved one, why SOG got punished in that mountain... their actions in the past had a huge impact in the human world from my point of view.
  9. @YourHighness . I like your idea very much. I had come to think about the existence of twins because of SF and WG. 1000 years ago, something bad happened and WG had give half of his body to his sister. Then your remark made me realize something: the white egret said that the lotus scent appeared after she met her guardian SOG. But she met MW the same day... so what if MW is somehow connected to her lotus scent? This could be a clue that MW will play a role later in her rescue, once he realizes that he has been wronged by ASN again. So somehow I can't get rid of the feeling that what 1000 years ago happened is going to repeat but with a few changes so that the outcome will be different: - First, the priestess is living in BJ's body, which means that there are two souls in the same body: BJ who embodies the qualities like purity, selflessness and kindness innocence and ASN the opposite (greed, resent, selfishness and evilness). Back then, ASN had nothing pure in herself... she wanted to be loved by someone powerful and got cheated. We see that PK is still able to move ASN's heart/soul, even if she hides it very well. In my opinion, BJ's purity (which was reinforced by SJ's blood: lotus) will have an impact on ASN at some point. Moreover, she is well aware of KDS's evilness and she does resent him: she even said that he would become a wicked king and this was not a compliment. From my point of view, she might resent Heavens for her situation. She was a powerful priestess and ended up locked up in a sarcophagus... I have the impression that her moves are directed against Heavens somehow... because why would she make another king? She knows that he is evil... - If we say that history is repeating, then this means that 1000 years ago, the world was about to collapse as well. However, JSM is different from ASN, like I pointed out above. She is pure and she is meant to save the world hence I can not imagine that JSM won't be able to resist an evil demon living in her body. - Third, the deities and demons like PK / SOG and MW have changed a lot. They are working more and more together so that I think that their team work might also play a role in their fight against KDS. - So if the peddler's grandson is really JSM's brother, he will also play a part in defeating the evil. Notice that he was also there, when the ill omen jar broke. She was not alone back then. Then he is the one who gave her indirectly the death bell... we have to question ourselves if all this time, he didn't work for JSM without anyone knowing.
  10. @mimisl123 Hello chingu, I am glad that you are joining us on this thread. @Yongzura @USAFarmgirl About the confession of PD Lee, I am still convinced that his feelings are different from JSH's feelings. First, when he visited GSR's mother, he not just called her mother, he also described himself as her son. The remark he made to SGR that she shouldn't follow JSH too much as a woman could be perceived as a comment from an older brother concerned about his sister's heart. From what we have watched, Lee is someone direct and honest. He likes SGR but to me, he only said it because JSH wanted him to deny any feelings towards her. Now, I am wondering if Lee hasn't met SGR and JSH at the hospital before and witnessed their romance? He did mention that he spent a lot of time there due to the illness of his parents. So touching her so often in front of JSH could be on purpose. I am more and more convinced that Jason is a true friend but he has not realized that his superior might have bad intentions towards JSH. I saw that he was writing to a certain doctor Kim. Then when he entered JSH's house with his mother, it was clear that he wanted to see, how JSH would react towards her. In my opinion, Jason knows that JSH's mental issues are connected to his family. Finally, it seems that the episode 8 represents a turning point of the relationship between JSH and KJW. From now on, he will act as his real manager and not as NJH's puppet. I hope that NJH gets sued by JSH and the drama company, as she used his stamp without his knowledge and consent. This woman needs to face a real scandal so that she gets aware of her wrongdoings.
  11. It's because she has realized that her predictions always come true hence the burden knowing what is about to happen makes her feel so anxious. Since SOG tells her that she has even got prettier, he wants to reassure her that her powers have not changed his feelings for her. It is interesting that SOG will use his brother's wealth in order to stop KDS from getting elected. First, SOG is trying to act like a human. As for ASN, she will manipulate MW by making him believe that KDS is his son. I hope, secretary Ma will help SOG so that MW doesn't fall for her lies any longer. This preview kind of confirms that KDS is not MW's son, rather the grandson from the shop owner.
  12. @Nymeria289 Yes, KIK is really reckless, especially when it comes to follow KHB's minion. KHB knew that KIK would be following him. So right now, KIK is heading into a trap. But we know that he will escape. So now SYS has revealed his true colours to GJH... I am glad that the mistrust between KIK and GJH only lasted for one episode. Now, GJH will have his two kids fighting on his side. I hope that SYS's daughter, YH, realizes the true personality of her father. SYS was even risking the life of a person for his own greed and ambition. GJH said that transplanting a part of the pancreas can endanger the donor's life. I hope that in the end GJH's children will take over his legacy and run the hospital without any corruption. We still don't know the buyer's identity of KDS's kidneys. The VIP seems to be SYS (based on his reaction in the episode 7), however LSH is involved too, as he is forging the paper. The question is: does he know what it is really happening? They are even killing people in order to harvest the organs.
  13. @Yonzura after reading the recap, I am not sure if it was a real love confession. It could be that he considers SGR and her mother as surrogate family, since he lost his parents.
  14. The thing is that JSH has two advantages over Lee. JSH was her first love and JSH confessed to her so that she would hear it.
  15. JTR has not realized that she is just a leech, parasit as she can't do anything on her own. I wonder why she lost her popularity... is it because she became too self-absorbed?