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  1. Yes, you're right but from my point of view, by giving up his immortality, Ha Baek proves that humans can be loved and are in no way inferior to the gods. I can imagine that after sacrificing his immortality, Ha Baek becomes in reality the emperor because this was a test for him. He is led to believe that he will die if he stays in the human world. As an emperor, he can change the rules in the Realm world as well. Force the gods to think and act differently towards humans. I hope, you understand what I mean.
  2. This is impossible, since Hoo Ye was born before Ha Baek. Since Hoo Ye has met So Ah's father before and he is the one who rescued him, then I have the impression that So Ah and Hoo Ye could be related. Notice that Hoo Ye is following the philosophy of So Ah's father which means that in his eyes, he was like a guide and father to him. I don't think that So Ah has ever met Hoo Ye, when he was an orphan because he would have remembered her due to her harsh behaviour. I have always said that So Ah could be a demi-god too. So far, we still don't know her father. We saw his picture but that's it. I am still doubting that the king of the Sky was cruel towards Hoo Ye because he resented him for being born. I just feel that both fathers (King and So Ah's father are just misunderstood). In my opinion, there are two clues pointing in the other direction. First, he sent JGR to take care of Hoo Ye but since Hoo Ye was different, even JGR felt distant and uneasy next to him. As time passed on, he got used to him and felt pity for him. So from JGR's behavior, we can clearly see that the gods were definitely against the idea of the existence of a demi-god. Even for JGR, it took some time to accept and love Hoo Ye. I do think that the king was clueless how to handle this problem. He knew how the gods were thinking. Then it is said that the king of Sky conspired against Ha Baek and used Nak Bin for that. But why did Nak Bin go hidding in the sky world, if she had noticed that she had been played by him? NB went there after realising that her action had created a curse. So she left the Water world because she knew that she would get punished. So she went to this cave. Had she ever heard that a demi-god was living there? In my opinion, the king had to separate Hoo Ye from Nak Bin because he feared that Hoo Ye's existence would be in jeopardy. Moreover why did he ask from BR to keep it a secret? He wanted to protect his son. IF the gods had known that the child had killed gods, I am sure, many gods would have asked the father to punish the son. The king preferred to give Nak Bin away than compromise his son's life. Sure, for us, letting a son living in a cave is not right nonetheless we shouldn't forget that Hoo Ye is the first demi-god. Since the gods always saw themselves superior to humans, imagine how annoyed they get, when they hear that a demi-god is the result between a god and a human. How can a god love a human who is far more inferior to the gods? As conclusion, So Ah is right: the gods are the problem, she never said that Hoo Ye's father was responsible. The gods' ignorance and arrogance were the cause of this disaster. Finally, when it became obvious that Ha Baek was falling for NB, this curse appeared. So in my opinion, SWM was against the idea.
  3. It was because of the preview that I came to this conclusion: if he doesn't return to the Realm world, he will die meaning that he will lose his immortality and become a human. That's how I understood it. So for me, Ha Baek has a choice. Notice that he doesn't just become more and more human each time, he also adopts more and more his human body. Hence we see him doing push-ups, enjoying eating, kissing So Ah more and more. He uses more and more his body.
  4. Thanks a lot for your compliment! You're right. In this matter, HY seems to have a better position. I like the contrast: HB as an immortal is confronted for the first time with dead line and temporality. For the very first time, he feels what time means. He has to leave So Ah at some point, whereas Hoo Ye as a demi-god who is not entirely immortal (he dies and gets reborn each time) has in this case no time issues. There is no real dead line. Time will work for him. I sense that indirectly, Ha Baek is confronted with mortality. What does he want? Does he want to live forever without So Ah? Or does he want to give up his immortality for So Ah? Notice that for NB, he was never confronted with this dilemna hence Nak Bin was the one who suffered the most from their relationship. He didn't even ask himself if Nak Bin would have problems later with the aging aso? So it was never his problem in the first place. As conclusion, he was never asked to make a sacrifice, Nak Bin was put under pressure. Like I had pointed out in one of my earlier posts, Ha Baek was still unwilling to sacrifice his position for So Ah in the end. When he came back to the human world, he told So Ah that he would leave anyway. He thought, he had obligations to take his position. So this time, he uses the pressure coming from his surroundings not to sacrifice himself. Yet at some point, he will realise that he should be the one who gives up his immortality. I can not forget the words from the High priest: there is a difference between immortality and eternal life. Living forever without any meaning or purpose in life is not good. From my point of view, Ha Baek is on his way to feel the difference. @athena22 @Visually-wandering @nonski @ktcjdrama @vangsweetie637 @Chellsee
  5. Well, Ha Baek is learning from his mistake. 1200 years ago he only doubted Nak Bin's love that's why he wanted to know where Nak Bin was. So he was far more self-centered and "his love" for her was more selfish. Notice that his words to BR reflects this: it is all about him!! But with So Ah, it is different. He keeps asking MR and BR for help and money, but all this is for So Ah. Then he also does a lot of housechores. He helps her whenever he can. With NB, it was the other way around. This time, he is a giver and not just a receiver. When he was doing push-ups, his motivation was to improve his body because he really wants to impress her. Since he can no longer use his "powers and wealth" from the Realm world, he feels the need to impress her otherwise in order to make sure that she loves him. What he doesn't realise is that Ha Baek has been helping So Ah all this time in a different way. He gave her so many advices and also so much comfort. Ha Baek is, unlike MR and BR, a very good observant and can understand humans much better. He is much more sensitive than the others. He also acknowledges his wrongdoings. For BR and MR, it is different. If something happens, then someone else has to take the blame: MR did it with NB and BR; BR with HY and HB. BR chose to do HB's favour. In the cave, the twin did get close to NB and BR didn't pay attention to the kid, thinking that he didn't have to care about him. Then later he chose to follow the king's order. BR did many mistakes. Well has anyone noticed that when Ha Baek asked from Bi Ryeom the favour, it was dark? So in my opinion, he was living under the curse. So when we heard about the tragedy, Nak Bin had fled and was hidding in the cave. So when the king sent his men, it seems to confirm to me that the king from the Sky had nothing to do with the curse. For me, he only sent the men there because Nak Bin's presence in the cave had brought attention to Hoo Ye. He wanted his son to remain in the cave. Like I had mentioned it before, I had the impression that SWM was involved in the curse. I do feel that the tragedy of NB is not entirely solved from my point of view. How come NB hid in the cave? I have still the impression that HB is sent to the human world in order to fall in love with So Ah so that at the end, HB can realise why Hoo Ye was born. Until now, the gods keep saying that he should have never been born. The demi-god is not a monster but the result of a love between a human and a god. So far, Ha Baek could be following the path of the king from the Sky.
  6. @kaoriharang @Visually-wandering@nonski@athena22@vangsweetie637@Chellsee @ktcjdrama Hoo Ye is definitely the king's son from the Sky world. There is no doubt about it, since JGR was told to take care of HY in the cave. As for BR, MR and HB, I am not really surprised by their reactions. They are acting like gods from my point of view, but like gods from the Greek mythology. They see themselves superior and lack sensititivity. If you know a few myths from the Greek mythology, they were often irritated, arrogant and even unfair. Some of them committed misdeeds too. We shouldn't expect the mentality from the Christianism or Islam. But I would like to add that Ha Baek is the better god compared to BR and MR in the sense that he recognised that he was at the origin of that tragedy. Moreover, he could realise the reason why HY had acted like this. Sure, he resents Hoo Ye but not for hurting the gods. And this is not just jealousy. Sure, he is extremely jealous, moreover although he is a god, he has nothing to offer to So Ah. Ha Baek has no money, no special power aso, while Hoo Ye is able to help So Ah. A god should be superior, but here Ha Baek can only feel so small and so powerless in front of Hoo Ye. This is the first time, he has to witness how low his status is. In the Realm world, he was treated as the highest god there. What a difference and this is really shocking for Ha Baek. MR and BR keep ignoring his orders, but even a demi-god has more power than himself. Then he is afraid of losing So Ah to him since once he returns to the Realm world, he can only remember So Ah. He is afraid that So Ah could have a change of heart at some point which is really human. While the gods live forever, the humans have such a short spam of life so that they have to live their life to the fullest. Ha Baek can live with these beautiful memories but these can get tarnished, if he hears that So Ah has moved on with her life. Has anyone noticed what was written on So Ah's T-shirt? "Qu'est-ce que je vais faire?": it's French and here is the translation: What am I going to do? So her t-shirt really fitted her situation: she didn't know how to handle her sexual attraction to Ha Baek.
  7. @kaoriharang Since school has just started for me, I am quite busy hence I can not write much. So I believe that I can only write an analysis and answer to your question properly at the end of the week. As for the evolution, I am quite pleased. BR is acting like a god. Based on the episode 13, I would say that BR seems to blame Hoo Ye for the death of the god in order to feel less remorse. Striking is that the twin didn't want to get revenge in the first place.
  8. I believe that SM's speech to the young journalist opened him the eyes that's why he was struggling so much in front of his computer. I think that SM warned him that he would get caught in the process. I am not sure if he mentioned HCH's death as an example. Anyway, the preview shows that the young journalist had decided to stop being the spy for GTH. So I am more inclined to think that he is off the hook. But based on the preview, it seems that GT is the one who starts getting into trouble. So he could be the next on the hit list. Remember that he used the Splash team in order to enter that organisation.
  9. @AlexandraReid@larus@sava2sava @jongski @saanjh sena Finally we can see the face of the mysterious killer. Honestly, I watched the episode 13 raw and I loved it! I knew that once HMY would reveal the cop as corrupt, the latter would have to die because each time the corruption is about to be discovered, they need to get rid of the persons threatening their organisation who works through corruption.
  10. I guess, the ratings will increase... so many kisses!! Hoo Ye is indeed suffering from a trauma and Bi Ryeom is so hurt because of his friend's loss but I really would like to know how Bi Ryeom met Hoo Ye in the first place. We see that HY was living in the cavern, when the other was dead. This means that they entered his home. Bi Ryeom seems to be so blinded by his pain that he doesn't question his action. We shouldn't forget that he and MR lost Ha Baek's water fireflies indicating that both did some mischieves. @kaoriharang I feel the same about Hoo Ye. He is very lonely. I guess, Ha Baek and So Ah will argue due to Hoo Ye.
  11. Good luck on your exams... Bon courage et bonne chance (French!) I am eager to know Bi Ryeom's past...
  12. Actually, she didn't believe him at all but thought that he might be suffering from a delusion hence she visited her friend psychiatrist. The fact that she acted as if she believed Heo Im was to ensure that he would trust her and follow her to see the psychiatrist. In the end, she never believed him. Her gentle and nice manner was just a ruse. On the other hand, she was afraid of revealing her mental issues. She has a trauma but she fears that this could be hold against her at the hospital. YK's young patient is thinking like Heo Im's little patient. Both preferred dying than being a burden to the doctors. Both have the impression that the doctors can not save them, moreover they had enough treatment. Their illness made them resign. YK's colleague is terrible, I hope, something bad happens to him in the sense that he loses his promotion because so far, he has been promoted due to his connections and not skills. As conclusion, Heo Im and YK are suffering from the same circumstances. Both are great doctors but they don't have the social background that would help them to get promoted.
  13. I am not sure but unlike MR, he wasn't entirely against the relationship between So Ah and Ha Baek. First, he said that he liked So Ah, then he didn't show the video where Ha Baek mentioned he would even stay in the human world for So Ah if he could, which proves to me that he knew how MR would react if she saw the video. BR has never intervened in their relationship, unlike MR. Moreover, if Ha Baek has a bride, this means that MR will have to focus on BR because the latter has been longing for her attention and affection. Why would he get engaged to her if he had no feelings at all? So Ha Baek being in love with So Ah is good for him, but in my opinion he is underestimating MR's jealousy and obsession for Ha Baek. Besides, I have the feeling that MR doesn't know the whole story about Hoo Ye and Nak Bin, hence she has no idea what kind of consequences her meddling could have ... The mute god is a clue. She doesn't know why he doesn't speak. Why did BR hide it from MR?
  14. Well, MR will try to convince HY to go after So Ah, although Hoo Ye seemed to accept So Ah's choice in the first place. On the other hand, Bi Ryeom will witness how Hoo Ye is around So Ah and will think that Hoo Ye could use his powers against Ha Baek in order to have So Ah. I have the feeling that MR wasn't the god who used HY as pawn in the past, she is unaware of the death of the god/gods but she will act like the other god from the past.
  15. @nevill @saanjh sena I have the impression that MR will be the one who uses HY as a pawn in order to separate Ha Baek from So Ah and in my opinion, the history is going to repeat itself. HY is supposed to have killed a god or gods but what if he was used as a weapon from another god due to jealousy and resent and BR has been manipulated to believe that HY was the cause of everything. From my point of view, it is clear that HY's powers have been used. And MR is going to do the same. The high priest underlined it to Ha Baek: the special power from the demi-god can be good or evil or weird, it depends on the person. So what if the real culprits are not the demi-god himself, but the gods who are trying to use HY as a tool to get rid of a problem. So Ah is important because she is the only one who can push Hoo Ye to confide to her about his past.