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  1. I wished, I could see the preview but unfortunately I can't have access. @zenya22 I have been thinking about the ending: in the fairy tale "Bluebeard", the villain dies at the end because the brother of his wife came to her rescue and killed him. So in my opinion, in this story KCK will die... but not literally. He will lose his status as celebrity anchor and he can't even become the CEO of EF Group as it would endanger the company. He will disappear from the public eyes. I hope and sense that he won't succeed with his suicide attempt because the best punishment for him is to keep living after losing everything he had: his good name, his celebrity status, his wife and daughter and his own mother. By becoming anonymous and having no power at all... KCK will realize how wrong he was. If he dies, he actually escapes his punishment.
  2. The forensic doctor said, it comes with a price: it means that your life as a ghost is shortened.
  3. I hope, the amnesia doesn't last too long because I want to see the bromance between the crown prince LY and Jung Jae Yoon. Moreover, even without the amnesia, LY didn't know that YI/HS survived.
  4. Exactly what I have been thinking... the aunt sold the house but kept the money. On the other hand, she refused to pay the bills for WSR. Honestly, this felt stupid... The drama was good but it definitely had some flaws.
  5. She only discovered the connection between KEY and the former friend after warning Philip. How did she know that Philip's life was in danger? Why would KEY want to kill Philip? She just used the friend to do the dirty work. She betrayed him in the end. The motives about KEY are mysterious. @turtle0217 The irony is that YA left Philip in the hotel and ran away... She has a burn scar due to RY.
  6. Well, this wasn't a big revelation. I had already suspected that YA was behind the taser and the fire. However, I would like to know how far the manager is involved in this. In my opinion, he must have supported YA (broken windshield). He testified against RY. I guess, YA's obsession will get worse, when she witnesses that ES and Philip are together. But what I don't understand is why KEY had the writer assistant killed. Why did she want Philip to die? This hasn't been solved...
  7. Yes, Philip's mother and the shaman believed and still believe that ES would and will take away Philip's misfortune. However, I think that they were and are still mistaken. If you think back about what happened to them 8 and 16 years ago, then Philip and ES faced both misfortune at the same time. Philip lost his mother and RY 8 years ago, ES lost her adoptive mother and was in a coma for 3 months. When ES saved Philip, he was also beaten... Notice that the manager thought to use ES as well because of the shaman's words. Yet, I sense that all the shamans are wrong. In reality, both share the same fate: losing both their mother, the death of the father, the illness, the coma, the same injury aso. We shouldn't forget that director Lee met ES also every 8 year too, hence I sense that there is someone else who is also involved in this circle, since we already have Lee, ES and Philip. Three is not a good number in order to create a balance... Therefore I suspect KEY. The latter might have known about this circle and decided to use it to her advantage. First, she is the one who benefited the most from the fire, unlike Philip and ES. Then when she was on the verge to lose her career because she was unable to write any decent story, she used ES's story again. MY theory is that her luck can only last 8 years, at some point she needs Philip to take her misfortune... This would explain why she tried to kill Philip in the first place. Yet, ES is always there to help him. Besides, getting rid of Philip meant getting rid of ES because the latter represents a thread to her. ES is not just the real author of the work that made KEY famous, she is also even more talented. To me, it looks like KEY made people lose their career or life and in return, she can remain successful. @turtle0217
  8. @auroredawn I agree with you to a certain point. Min was not aware of the whole situation. However, Min's prejudice had an impact on her son's relationship with his wife. In my opinion, first she disliked JEH and saw her as an opportunist and greedy person. The conversation she caught between JEH and her mother put her in that light, especially since JEH remained by his side. I have the impression that due to Jung's words Min showed her desdain to JEH so that KCK pressured JEH even more. From my point of view, she got beaten up because of that. KCK wanted her to be perfect, to be accepted by his mother. I also believe that Min thought that at some point JEH would leave KCK... She just waited, she never thought that her son was so obsessed with her. We shouldn't forget that the doctor didn't help JEH first. He even drugged her and in my opinion Min knew all along about that. She also thought that JEH was depressed. Yet the moment the doctor realized what was really happening, he must have talked Min about it. That's the reason why she decided to become active and help her to disappear from KCK's life. To conclude, Min had two reasons to show desdain towards JEH: first, she perceived her as a leech, then she thought that this would be the best way to help her to leave KCK and this happened when she returned to the mansion. The slapping JEH experienced when she was still suffering from amnesia occured because she wanted her to leave the place. @millicom @USAFarmgirl
  9. how do I hide videos from a quote? do I just delete them?

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      Yes, you just delete them. This is one of soompi rules. Thanks for noticing my remark. 

  10. Thanks a lot for the compliment! I really appreciate it coming from you because your analysis are so good too. Let me add another aspect by comparing both scenes... The ending of both scenes offers another contrast: We see KCK closing the door so that no one will witness the spousal abuse. No one is invited to enter that room, whereas in the scene with HKW and JEH, both didn't pay attention to their surroundings hence they didn't notice KCK's arrival. They weren't just focused on the scenery and on the partner, they actually allowed people to see how happy and comfortable they are. They weren't trying to keep their happy moment a secret... anyone who witnesses this would not have been excluded. People are "welcome" to share their happiness, they are not hiding anything. Striking is that their happiness is the reason why KCK left the rooftop. They didn't have to close the door, however the witness felt that he needed to leave the place as he was an intruder. So the "viewers" in the scene with KCK were intruders because they would have stopped him from beating up his wife, while in the scene with HKW and JEH, the viewer/KCK is an intruder and leaves the place as he doesn't want to interrupt their moment. I guess, KCK must have felt burdened and bothered. However, he made a mistake because he made some noise so that HKW went downstairs to him. KCK didn't want them to notice him as it would have meant that KCK would have to admit that JEH is happier with HKW than with him.
  11. @celebrianna Yes, KCK is not just a victim of Jung, he is indeed a perpetrator. He chose to hurt her and even to send her to the mental institute. Jung would have never called the ambulance without his consent. To me, president Min, JEH's mother and the house personal are all accomplices, except SH. The latter never heart about the beating but his mother knew. - President Min resented JEH and her family and didn't want to tarnish her family's reputation - The mother closed her eyes because of SH's injuries and tried to diminish KCK's crimes. Now, she says that she never expected him to treat her daughter like that. Then what did she imagine back then when her daughter complained? - Even doctor Jang is not entirely clean. He was the one who gave the prescription... he knew about the abuse. At some point, he got so disgusted. We have to imagine that her torment lasted for at least 5 years!! And this is a long time... The indifference, the fear of ruining the image of a respectable family, the cowardice, the greed, the resent are the reasons why it is difficult for a victim to escape from that trap. I love how doctor Han is so determined and fearless. He is very different from his father who blamed his wife for their misery. Han has actually never blamed JEH for making his life difficult and putting his life in danger.
  12. @zenya22Awesome analysis about KCK's obsession for JEH. I really enjoyed reading it. But your description of the evolution of their relationship made me realize how little by little KCK took over her life and started suffocating her. I guess, at first she didn't notice, how she was losing control over her life: the rushed marriage, the disappearance for two years, the lack of communication with her relatives. I am sure that KCK always had an excuse hence she didn't say anything. "His mother was against the marriage", "they were living in the States hence she couldn't visit or even call her relatives (too expensive, the time gap aso)". I don't think that the physical abuse started right away. I guess, at some point she might have argued with him or even complained about her situation hence he used violence to make her submissive. This also explains why she became a housewife and stopped writing. If she had worked, then she would had escaped his control. I have to admit that although I had already connected the story of Bluebeard to this drama, even before it was mentioned, I didn't expect the writer would use the fairy tale in order to describe "spousal abuse". I had rather imagined that KCK had killed a woman before... It was even more simple. Nevertheless, I really like how the writer saw in "Bluebeard" an allegory of domestic violence which is true. I had just associated Bluebeard with "misogynistic society" where the woman has to obey the husband. Then I would like to outline the contrast between the beginning of the episode 17 and the ending of the episode 18. We see how different KCK and HKW are. KCK's room is in the basement, where there is no sun, no plants and only artificial lights. Notice that in the first picture, he is talking to his wife without even looking into her eyes. He is actually putting his "red glove" in order to punch her. In all the pictures I am posting, you can observe that JEH is always in the background. He is filmed in a way that underlines his superiority based on his strength and physical body. When the camera shows JEH's face, she is trembling and even crying.. she is paralyzed and can not even say anything. KCK makes her speechless. Finally in the last picture, you see how KCK threw her onto the couch... she is lying there defenseless. If you pay attention to the colours in this scene, there are only cold colors: blue, black and brown. Even the artificial lights are not able to give some warmth. KCK is using the room in the basement in order to make his wife submissive. He doesn't allow her to express herself... He wants her all to himself. Like he said once, he needs to break her wings so that she will remain by his side. JEH is perceived as a bird caught in a cage. Striking is that KCK uses Herlioz symphonie in order to control his wife... the music has an effect on her. She gets emotional... KCK doesn't seem to enjoy the music as such. It is just his way to make sure that his wife is affected: fear and paralysis. Now, at the end of the episode 18, doctor Han and JEH are on the rooftop, in the patio where they can enjoy the view of Seoul. This place is important to our OTP. They spent a lot of time there, remembering happy times. Here, JEH is able to see the nature (plants, river, sun) and this is an open space. This scene contrasts so much to KCK's room. Our doctor Han wants her to feel free and see the world. He wants her to be happy. Notice that HKW is looking at her, unlike KCK in the first picture. He lets her do anything. She is his gravity. Then she makes a wish: Notice the second contrast here. HKW is asked to sing himself. Not only the music is more natural and simple than "the symphonie fantastique". The song serves another purpose: evoke positive emotions. We see how the camera zooms on JEH's face and we see her smiling. To conclude, both musics had a similar purpose: evoke emotions. Yet, in KCK's case the symphonie was supposed ignite fear and paralysis and as for the Chinese song, love and happiness were the intended emotions. And if we look at the finale picture, there is also a seat. While the couch in KCK's room seems to be more comfortable, it was used for spousal abuse. JEH was lying on the couch which underlined her inferiority. With HKW, JEH is sitting next to him. They are both equal. The bench which is usually less comfortable than a couch illustrates how comfortable JEH feels in that moment. Despite the huge amount of luxury, JEH never felt happy and comfortable in KCK's room. Here in the patio, she is surrounded by simple and cheap objects, yet she is able to enjoy the beauty of it. Our beloved doctor treats her with respect as he is always following her lead. He lets her speak, as soon as she wishes something, doctor Han does what she wants. In return, she smiles at him and makes him feel loved. As conclusion, this last scene symbolizes JEH's freedom. Han has set her free but because of his gentleness and enduring support, she loves him back. KCK was surprised to see JEH's smile. Because in reality it is what he has always wanted to get: be loved! @USAFarmgirl @celebrianna @Lmangla
  13. @zenya22 I guess, president Min didn't fire Jung on the spot because Jung has been helping her for so many years. She was horrified by her action but she still has no idea, how cruel and vicious Jung really is. In her eyes, she was a serious and reliable secretary and butler. She never saw the abusive behavior towards the house personal too. We shouldn't forget that president Min knows much less than the viewers. She was unaware that Jung harassed DR before. I don't think that president Min would imagine that Jung would have left that child in that shed for hours. President Min heard about Jung from JEH much later. However JEH is a "biased" person (she has been hurt by her husband KCK and seems to resent Jung) hence she could have judged JEH's words as exaggerated. As conclusion, President Min is still left in the dark about Jung's true personality: her greed, her obsession, her ruthlessness... she never saw the dynamic between Jung and her son KCK. However, Jung showing her the video will give a new perspective about Jung for KCK's mother. This will prove that JEH has been saying the truth all along. Moreover the evidence brought by HKW about Jung hiring killers will be another proof that JSJ is dangerous and crazy. All this will make her open her eyes. She will remember meeting detective Kim twice. She will remember the phone call conversation, where she heard that the man had been killed. @millicom Yes, the story underlines how difficult it is for a victim of abuse to escape from that toxic environment. Even her own mother told her to overlook it. She considered being slapped as something normal. Moreover, she never questioned the cause of the depression for her daughter. She kept blaming her daughter all this time, although JEH had complained to her about the abuse. No domestic violence is acceptable and the mother supported the abusive husband. Honestly, JEH's mother disgusted me so much.
  14. @celebrianna @USAFarmgirl @zenya22 Well, the two episodes from this week surprised me because I had kept saying before that Min would side with JEH but what I hadn't imagined is that president Min had helped JEH indirectly from the start. She knew all along that JEH had ran away from her son and helped her to hide. This explains why Min also accepted the idea of making a deal with HKW. She had two reasons for that: being thankful for helping JEH and on the surface helping CY. As for KCK, I have no word. He is even worse than the husband from "sleeping with my enemy" because KCK gave in to imprison her for the rest of her life. He doesn't love JEH, he is just obsessed with her... He views her as an object hence showing resilience is a big no for him. The fact that he accepted the idea of sending JEH to a mental institute in the end underlines how much Jung could influence him. He still thinks, he is in control of everything. He is definitely a control freak. Yet what escaped his mind is how evil Jung is. He is unaware that she would lock his daughter because she didn't answer her question. Then he still doesn't know that Jung tried to kill his wife. About the first video: I couldn't help myself from laughing, when Jung showed it to president Min in order to outline that JEH was just a terrible woman who would threaten her husband. Her move really illustrates her delusional and even lack of morals. She revealed to Min that she was sleeping with KCK and felt no remorse or shame! I do think that president Min will think differently about Jung after that. The CEO of EF Group always thought that her son was faithful... she wasn't aware of the cheating. One more reason for helping JEH in my opinion... But my huge disappointment is the way LHS did her research in order to write that article. She questioned briefly HKW's cousin and concluded that HKW used a depressed woman in order to make money. I mean, she is writing an article about the sister of her boyfriend and she doesn't even ask him or KCK's wife. Honestly, I hope, JSH breaks up with her... because not only she is destroying JEH's life but also ruining HKW's reputation, a good man. Yes, she is a fan of KCK but she should have checked it more properly. She is a journalist and not a fan in the first place. Anyway, it will backfire on KCK because the doctor is now legitimate to reveal the physical abuse. Like HKW announced him, he made it even worse, as JEH is no longer obliged to keep the second video a secret. The video will be used and KCK will lose everything. By the way, I am sure that the second video contains the attempted murder on JEH as well. JEH still believes that she tried to commit suicide but I don't believe it. Jung felt relieved when she saw the content of the first video. Let just say: the beginning of the second video shows KCK beating his wife, then Jung appears and asks her to cut her wrist. JEH actually refuses and maybe Jung says that she will take the matter into her hand. It would be great if KCK discovered it on air... @zenya22 I can definitely imagine KCK to attempt to committ suicide because not only his reputation is ruined but also he always thought that he was right about everything. He allowed Jung to manipulate him in the end and even believed her lies. Imagine how his huge ego will fall apart, when he realizes that he has been fooled by Jung. On the other hand, we shouldn't forget that he beat up JEH because she fooled him!! He really disliked the idea of being manipulated. So I can imagine his fury, when he discovers that Jung played him for so long... imagine his hatred and resent, when he gets aware that she was one of the reasons for the abuse. I do think, she encouraged him to mistreat his wife and her situation got worse because of her lies and manipulations. She was the one who drugged JEH... and in my opinion, KCK believed that JEH had depression. Notice that he refuses to acknowledge any responsibility in the abuse: "She deserved it because she played me"; "she deserved it because she was depressed". To conclude, KCK might beat up Jung and in the end he could attempt to commit suicide.
  15. @celebrianna On the other hand, the husband can no longer say that she is delusional or depressed. Besides, the husband can no longer use JEH's amnesia as an excuse in order to hide the domestic abuse. Honestly, the way this scene was filmed was terrific... it felt so real and brutal, although we didn't see much. I hope, detective Kim's sudden appearances will make Jung go crazy!!