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  1. Well, she might take too many sleeping pills because she has trouble to sleep... and she has an overdosis of sleeping pills. the result is: it looks like a suicide attempt.
  2. Well, first of all, this would make JH's mother realize the real damage she caused: not only she hurt her son but she also hurt someone else's precious child. Only her sons matter and nothing more. She is not really aware of her huge selfishness. This would make her realize her own prejudice as well, as she associated CSH to an easy and carefree life. She knew nothing about her and thought, CSH owned everything in her life hence she could accept to lose JH. She took the image created by the media as the reality. Besides, I have always said that this drama is about the demystification of fairy tales. And please, I am not saying that CSH will die. I am definitely expecting a happy ending but so far, no one except JH knows CSH's real life (all the pain she had been put through). This would also force JH not to follow his mother's wish.
  3. I am not saying that CSH will die but she might indeed attempt to commit suicide. And let us not forget the reference of The little Prince. In there, the little prince decides to let the snake bite him because he misses his rose so much. There it is written: "He falls like a falling tree". So death is evoked in this story. As for the story The little prince, I will write about it much more in details later. I perceives parallels between CSH and the prince.
  4. The thing is that she kept mentioning to JH if her happiness with him was just a dream. So her words seem to indicate that she had trouble to differentiate reality from dream, like it is too good to be true. But then her dream is destroyed and it becomes a nightmare, especially when the scandal with her father will occur. So going back to "sleep" could be definitely seen as a solution to escape the pain. Don't forget that we already have one person who committed suicide in this drama: KSJ's brother.
  5. I have been thinking about the development of the next episode: - SK goes to Daniel Choi saying that he wants to be cured as he has realized that his illness is a burden for OS. - SK's mother announces to her father that OS and SK are dating and SK is getting much better. - the grandfather's reaction: he uses his connections to punish OD. Then he lets OD and the father know that in order to change the verdict (suspension for one year) OS should break up with SK. That's how they realize SK's identity. - OS discovers the truth and is blamed by her father and brother for dating such a man. She can no longer meet him but she hides the truth from him. I doubt that OS resents SK, rather she is hurt because she is reminded of her mother's loss and she has to lose another loved one due to the grandfather. - Daniel Choi discovers what happened... especially how OS is affected by the whole situation. He visits the grandfather and confronts him. - However, SK hears finally that he can no longer date OS because of his grandfather. His condition worsens.
  6. I guess, the grandfather will reveal his grandson's identity to GOS's family in order to separate the couple. I guess, prof. Choi will fight against the grandfather... either he makes a deal with the grandfather or he intervenes after the truth is out.
  7. @NongpeeP Well, JH's mother uses her "weak constitution" and "gentle, sweet manners" in order to have her family focused on her. That way she is able to get her ways. Her words towards CSH were actually rude in my opinion: - First, she expected CSH to be upset. She never mentioned the word "pain, suffer" or something similar. She implied that CSH's pride had been hurt or CSH considered herself as superior. - Secondly, she made an allusion that CSH had never intended to marry JH. "Dating doesn't lead to marriage". - Thirdly, she claimed that CSH and JH belonged to two different worlds. This showed that she had no idea about CSH and had huge prejudice about her. Moreover, she used this as an excuse that they couldn't be together. The mother is as selfish as the other mothers in this drama.
  8. @NongpeeP Well, I know that JH won't argue with his mother like I would do but I really hope that he shows his mother her wrongdoing. First, imagine when the scandal with CSH's parents and Taegyeong group appears, what will be CSH's reaction? Honestly, CSH has no idea what is about to happen, so she breaks up with JH and right after she is about to lose her parents (corruption, jail time for the father) hence I am really wondering if CSH would not try to commit suicide.
  9. @lolipop86gorgeous @philosophie Honestly, it took me a long time before watching the episode 13... because I knew what was going to happen. Even after watching the preview for the next episode, my heart is really aching. What caught my attention in the episode 13 is this Now, you are wondering why. JH's mother is using the tangerine syrup in order to lure CSH. And this contrasts to teacher Lee's gesture in the episode 6: Both pictures have something in common, the citrus fruit. Before analyzing the first scene mentioned above, we have to pay attention to teacher Lee's gesture. Lee gave the mandarine to show JH her support and comfort. Her gesture was very warm, even motherly because she had peeled the mandarin for him before. In that scene, we could see that Mrs. Lee was worried, yet she never said anything about it. She offered the fruit which made JH happy. Moreover, it seems to me that offering an orange can signify wishing him good luck because tangerine and chance have the same sound in Chinese. Lee's gesture indicated that she would support him no matter what. Now, observe the contrast with the tangerine syrup. First, the mother didn't offer this tangerine syrup directly, she had to use LDC and JMJ in order to reach CSH. Then she is not offering a tangerine as such, but a syrup. We all know that syrup is made of sugar and too much sugar can become poisonous. I connect the syrup to the love of JH's mother. The love of JH's mother for her son and her family is actually too much. This explains why she points out that she wants her family to be as they have been. She is refusing any change, especially when it comes to JH. The latter has always loved her so much... remember the smile he had, when he was talking to his mother over the phone and got caught by CSH. The latter thought, he was talking to his girlfriend. So for the mother, it has nothing to do with CSH as such. She uses her special status as an excuse. She acts like a jealous woman. So offering the tangerine syrup was a poison, CSH thought, she had been accepted. Imagine the pain, when she realized that it was the opposite. JH's mother heard her son saying to his father that he couldn't live without CSH but notice, she avoided to hear it from her son herself. By not hearing it herself, she can act behind his back excusing herself that she had no idea. Moreover, she can dismiss it, saying that JH will overcome it. To conclude, JH's mother loves JH too much, just like the syrup is symbolizing it. (love = sweet) That's why we offer chocolates to our loved ones (=sweets). She is actually trying to kill the love between JH and CSH with the tangerine syrup. The syrup fits the mother's personality: the sweetness of her manners and voice can not make us overlook that she is trying to destroy that wonderful love. Besides, the mother's request is too unrealistic: her family not to change is impossible... her sons will leave her at some point and start their own family. But let us not forget that in the episode 13, JH said that he could forgive the person who hurt him because everyone makes a mistake once. I hope, there is an argument between the mother and the son, as soon as JH realizes why CSH pushed him away. JH loved his mother too much... but he needs to be disappointed in order to put a boundary and make his mother realize how selfish she was. @dukesa1122@celebrianna@dreaminsince1998@larrysouth@yonaomi123@NongpeeP @rosschienta17@nubianlegalmind@shyguitar @roshzanna@twtwb@Tasia@rosiepeonie188 @xu_lyfe@nikir@guinearoyal@icyphoenix @stroppyse @thistle@Yongzura@thadora@jl08
  10. @bebebisous33 where are you:bawling: really miss your post.. Ep13...14 and preview 15 so heartbreaking:bawling:

    1. bebebisous33


      I know... I am late but due to the evolution, I kept postponing to watch the last two episodes!:cold_sweat: I am doing it now...

  11. But distancing himself from GOS would actually help more his grandfather than anything else. In my opinion, if he discovers what his grandfather did, he has one more reason to cut ties with him definitely. So far, OS helped SK and thought, the grandfather had good intentions. But she needs to realize the real cause of SK's mysophobia.
  12. @rori0711 Thanks a lot. We have to remember that JW had no family and his biggest wish was to have one. On the other hand, CHS was seeking recognition from his father and thought that if he became rich and successful, he would be acknowledged by professor Cha, therefore JW as his friend supported his dream... which came true. Yet JW's strength and skills were better which caused a riff in their friendship, especially after professor Cha realized that JW was the key to become rich and successful. JW became rich but he was not able to have his own dream come true: a family. Professor Cha started favoring JW instead of his son which pushed CHS to betray his only friend. For CHS, JW was the reason why his dream hadn't become true, hence he needed to destroy JW's dream: having a family. The game became the catharsis for both men: - It took away CHS's life... but also destroyed his own family. With a child, he could have started focusing on what was important but no... instead he was seeking vengeance towards JW, as he blamed him for losing his father. However, professor Cha never cared for anyone, only wealth and power were his biggest concerns. CHS always doubted his wife's fidelity and would even confide to YR, a very neurotic and dangerous woman. - It ruined JW's physical health and wealth, but helped him to find what he has been always seeking. It seems that he has found true friends (Park and the other) and a new family. So for the ending, I am expecting that JW's company will be seriously damaged or even ruined. However, with HJ by his side, JW has found true happiness. If the bug changes everything so that there is a reboot, it is possible that JW goes to Granada not because of the game, but because of HJ.
  13. After reading so many disappointed comments, I was a little skeptical about the episode 15. However, I found myself liking this episode. The twist and the narration of this episode were good because it gives more suspense and it wasn't confusing at all. A linear narration would have been boring, moreover it reveals more about professor Cha's true motive. When he was facing death and claimed that he was seeking vengeance for his son's death, all the flashbacks underlined his lie. Notice that he wanted to know what kind of message LSJ had sent to JW. From the start, professor Cha was only interested in the company. His greed and his ambition were his real motives. Since JW is about to die, I see some parallels between Jesus Christ and JW. It is about death and resurrection... his death in the game will function as a reboot, a new start in life. He has cut ties with his former life: professor Cha, CHS, LSJ and GYR. Therefore I don't expect him to die, rather become a new man. Now, I am wondering if the bug was created by Marco in the first place or it happened because Marco stabbed SJ which forced Emma to intervene... creating a bug in the end. I hope, we get some answer here. As for SJ, we have to imagine that he was just a teenager: 17 years old... how can he manage such a task? Look how drained and exhausted JW is after one year. So hiding was just a natural reaction.
  14. I haven't watched the last two episodes yet... because of work. Anyway, I have been thinking about the possible future evolution. In my opinion, CSH's father will play a major role. Remember that he has decided to ensure CSH's happiness. So far, CSH has not seen anything what her father has been doing: - the meeting with the man from the other party - CJH met KJH - the discussion between CJH and his wife Then I would like to point out that JWS's story was developped as a contrast to KJH. So if we look back at CSH's first marriage: - a trap was set up where JWS's family could claim for CSH's hand - JWS's uncle convinced CJH that JWS was different from his mother and he would protect his daughter. The politician believed the uncle as he was a close friend. CSH agreed to this marriage after listening to her parents. Yet the reality was that JWS didn't protect CSH and the latter suffered so much. Here, we have CJH who listened to his friend Nam but decided to meet KJH. However, unlike in the past, the father waited for a while, paying attention to KJH's actions before meeting him. So in my opinion, CJH could decide to visit KJH's father and ask for his son as his future son-in-law. I know, this is weird... but I sense that CJH might intervene and really help his daughter. Secondly, CSH had cut ties with her mother but maybe due to the conversation between CJH and his wife, the latter might decide to act differently. Notice that CSH's dream is to have a family. She thought, she could have her family with KJH's family... yet KJH's mother is rejecting her. So there is a chance that CSH might use her cooking skills for her mother, father and KJH. CSH wanted to belong to KJH's world... but what if in the end, KJH has also to leave his world as well and meet in the between. I also agree that JH's mother has been favoring JH so much over JM. Fortunately, the latter doesn't resent her or doesn't feel jealous as he is loved by JH and his father.
  15. And her words underlines a certain delusion: she assumes that JH's love for her will never change too. Yet I doubt that once JH knows about his mother's action, he will still love her like before. This will change him... such a disappointment which will help him to put some boundaries towards his mother. To me, her words clearly show that she thinks, she will remain his biggest love. CSH as such is not the problem in the end... it is the other woman in general. So this oedipal complex hasn't been solved.