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  1. @triplem Yes, in the end it is a greater punishment to be alive but without any memories of KS. He was her first love as well. He was much more than that. He was her guardian, her boyfriend, her benefactor and her umbrella. Since he gave her such a great support in a short time, he became her light in her life. Notice that she had been abused and neglected for so many years. Thanks to him, she could travel, have friends, find a job, have a home and mental support... something she had never experienced in her life. Even when her mother was alive, she must have been a little excluded since she was raised by a single mother. Moreover, JET didn't have any grandparents either. As conclusion, it is normal that she become so depressed and sad. She was robbed of her only solace in life. We shouldn't forget that JET could survive at her aunt's house thanks to her determination but also thanks to the good memories she had from her mother. The time spent with her was a source of strength. Ripped off with KS, JET will find life very hard without knowing why.
  2. @carolinedl Thanks for reminding me that the scene with the mother and the deceased child was from TLOFBS. Nevertheless, this scene impressed me. That's why I remembered it, when I wrote about the goblin because it had the same topic: grief-loss-memories- erasing memories! @hairuchiiNotice that God's answer is fate, but interesting is that Kim Shin sees it as "fatality"!! Notice that fatality has the same origin than fate (latin: fatalis - fatum). However, fatality is associated to death. The definition of fatality is - a disaster resulting in death - predetermined liability to misfortune and death Then, this sentence proves to us how Kim Shin views life: "death is the ultimate fatality of all human beings!" Usually, God's words should never be taken literally and Kim Shin thought that his immortality was indeed a punishment. Yet, while he was immortal, he saved a lot of lives... so that some of them could go to the afterlife!! Finally, when he began to live like a human and enjoy life, he had to give it up. Since he was each time devastated by the death of his "relatives" (DH's ancestors), he projected his own point of view into JET's mind. He thought, he was doing her a favour... as he wished, he would have experienced himself. Yet, JET did something else. She asked him to remember the good times with DH's grandfather and the latter one would have wished that KS keeps living on well. She tried to overcome the grief with a total different approach. That's why I think that KS understands the word "fate" like "fatality", as something negative, since it is associated with death.
  3. Yes, it was me. Your comment was really good and made me think that KS made this decision based on that scene in the episode 5, as he sees JET as perfectly happy and stable. He thinks that she has forgotten him. Yet there is a possibility that he misunderstood the situation. Like for example, she fakes her smile and happiness because she is someone who is cheerful and doesn't want to burden her friend. Moreover, her conversation with Sunny he listened to could be a lie. I mean, when she went to Québec, she didn't take the plane and had a passport. That's why she can say that she has never been abroad (officially), since she used a magical way. Besides, JET nor KS never mentioned their trip to anyone. This was their secret. Then in order to reassure Sunny that she is perfectly fine, she describes how comfortable she feels there. So Kim Shin could have misread JET's future: she is happy, has moved on aso. Or maybe he is already back in JET's life but since her memories are erased, she is happy by his presence, unaware of her past with him. But I am wondering if KS will erase all the pictures they took together. Remember, she got a camera and they took many pictures together (KS, GR and her. Or if he doesn't erase them, what happens then? Will his presence on these pictures disappear? Finally, the mother who asked not to forget her child (after his death) because she had at least good memories of him... In my opinion, Kim Shin considers memories as something negative. He is too focused on death. Like JET mentioned to Sunny, where is death, there is life. Life is so bright... From the start, Kim Shin thinks more about death than life. He took God's words too literally. God told him, he would never forget any single death, but he never said that Kim Shin shouldn't enjoy the time spent with them. He only sees the end (death) and doesn't enjoy the journey (life). I guess, his attempt to lessen JET's pain by erasing his presence is totally wrong because he robs from her beautiful moments as well. @maryofbethany @Athenaries @gutibear@selenette@triplem@staygold@dramu51ch0c10ve@ez_yan@theseasasleep@Princi_86
  4. Maybe, when GR erases JET's memories of KS, he forgets to erase one thing: KS told JEt just before his death that he will be by her side in form from rain or snow. So maybe, when it is raining or snowing, her heart will remember KS and she will become melancholic! We witnessed that GR Wang Yeo made a mistake with Sunny, when he used his power to erase her memories (keep the beautiful memories and forget me) because it was a contradiction. Sunny never connected Wang Yeo to real sadness. Her love for him was stronger than her terrible fate. I guess, GR could make another mistake again...
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  6. I find it very interesting that Kim Shin decided to erase any trace from him in JET and DH's life. Sure, it will be painful to watch a devastated Eun Tak. Yet, his decision to erase memories is important because he considers it as a blessing. He thinks, people won't be in pain, like he was because he remembered each death. Don't forget that he was mad at WY since he had lost his memories. Kim Shin thought that Wang Yeo was again preferred by God. While he had to remember and saw it as a punishment, he will experience the opposite with his "death". To me, he overlooked something very important. Wang Yeo might have forgotten his past life and identity, nevertheless he never lost his emotions. When he saw Sunny and the ring, he had tears in his eyes. He had a similar reaction with the painting which proves that despite the amnesia, Ji Eun Tak will suffer. The heartbreak she suffered at the end of the episode 13 can not be erased, the longing for someone will always be there. Kim Shin still considered the memories as something negative, yet he was wrong. Emotions will continue to exist despite the amnesia!!
  7. @jchoo Welcome to this thread. I am glad that you gave it one more chance. The more episodes we get, the better it is!! The question is: when will we get to see ZS?
  8. Honestly, your comment really touched me. To your question: Yes and no. I wrote in the beginning that Ji Eun Tak represented the Earth element because she kept receiving plants from the halmoni/lady in red. Moreover, some other users did analyse the plants too so that I didn't want to repeat what had been already said. Yet, let me add one or two things. Spinach for example contains a lot of iron, as such this plant symbolises strength but it is also associated to weapons, since weapons are made of iron. I don't know if the writer had this in mind but remember that spinach was indirectly used as a weapon against JET's family (cousins). I did no research for that, but I came to it by association. Besides, Peach blossom looks more yellow, its colour reminds us of Sunny, while the cherry blossom is pink, just like Eun Tak is often see with red! So the colors match to the female protagonists. Then something came to my mind. I am more and more convinced that Ji Eun Tak is an angel in human form given by the lady in red. This would explain her closeness to Ji Eun Tak. while all humans are her children, the lady in red visited JET more than once. She even revealed herself to JET. We could see how protective she was. We even saw her getting angry at that mean teacher, while raising her voice to her. Nevertheless, we never witnessed the goddess showing any emotions towards the other characters. Sure, she made some comments: it is sad, God is cruel towards the goblin aso... but she always remained calm. But for JET, it was different. Another clue for this could be her connection to the goblin. First of all, we always saw Ji Eun Tak summoning the goblin by blow off a light. Usually, angels are represented with wings and seen in the sky so that they are associated with the air! So since Ji Eun Tak is blowing candles to call her groom, she uses air! This image is really important because we have three elements combined with the summoning: - Ji Eun Tak = Earth - Blowing = Air - Light = fire - Goblin = Water (+ Fire and Air) Since Ji Eun Tak is an human, she is connected to the Earth... however her soul could come from an angel. Moreover, Ji Eun Tak was the one who mentioned about miracles!! This would underline her strong belief in God. Ji Eun Tak has never been mad or even resented God, despite her hardships in life. She remained cheerful and positive. Moreover, she was able to overcome her fear of GR. IT would be interesting if JET prayed to God to give her back KS... I can imagine that she would even make a huge sacrifice in order to have him back. Moreover, some angels are represented with a sword because they are fighters for God. They fight against demons. So we have Eun Tak who was presumed to remove the sword from KS' chest. Maybe another clue for my theory... But don't take it too seriously, I could be wrong. However, I like developping theories!! @selenette@staygold@ucylucy@ez_yan@littleloony@triplem@naritul@LyraYoo@Princi_86@Jloves@dramu51ch0c10ve@Yongzura @gutibear
  9. @40somethingahjumma I agree with you that, although DS's chin looks a lot like the one from the murderer of MJH's wife, KKJ would have recognised his voice and intonation hence I don't think, he is the real murderer. However, I think, he is used as a tool to control MJH and to make sure that MJH doesn't believe and even trust KKJ. Notice that DS was contacted by the other officer before he reported the news to MJH. In my opinion, Daeh Shik respects too much his colleagues to suspect that he is used to spread rumours. Yet, from my point of view, he is naive and doesn't question his colleagues' words. I believe, the superior of MJH is trying very hard to separate MJH from KKJ. He accused MJH to collaborate with KKJ which infuriated MJH. This kind of accusation proves to me that the superior is involved in spreading lies about KKJ. He wants to make sure that MJH will do anything to sabotage her work. After her success, the bad rumours about her were even more virulent than before. It seems to me that the police is determined to tarnish and ruin KKJ's reputation. One theory is: MJH's superior knows that the other is not the real culprit and he is trying to make sure that noone discovers that police officers tampered evidences. DC is just a scapegoat. That's why they hate KKJ even more. She ruined their plan and she made them look bad. Finally, their crime could be discovered. Hence they need to stop her with her Golden Time Team. Maybe the serial killer never really worked for the police or was close to the police. The question is: where is the presumed murderer?
  10. @selenette Yes, the other flower with 6 petals could be definitely the peach blossom, while the flower with 5 petals was the cherry blossom! Your observation makes me realise that these flowers have something in common: they are from a tree and they are not just wild flowers that wither after a few days. Let us now make an analogy: since the flowers come from a tree, this means that at some point, the flower will change into a fruit. On the other hand, the tree withstands the seasons. In my opinion, this is important. The tree represents the continuity, as it has deep roots and can resist any bad weather. The tree could symbolise souls and the circle of lives. It lives so long. The flower symbolises love, beauty and vulnerability. Since it belongs to a tree (peach or cherry), the blossoms appear each year. However, the blossom doesn't last that long compared to the tree. From my point of view, this could be interpretated as a phasis in love. If it can resist any hardship (rain, drought, insects), then at some point the flower will turn into a fruit: the love has reached another level. Wang Yeo and Kim Sun's love for each other couldn't develop any further in Goreyo, it remained a blossom. But in the next life (GR-Sunny = tree), their love for each other gets a rebirth. Right now, it is remaining as a blossom again. However, I don't think, it is over. @gutibear@Princi_86@maryofbethany@ucylucy@staygold@Jloves@naritul@triplem
  11. @sava2sava @jongski I have just finished watching the episode 7. I don't think that LSW was an illegitimate child. When he mentioned, he provoked the fight in order to meet one person. It is pretty clear to me that he wanted to meet Han Kuyng Moon, the legal advisor or director of that School foundation. He only knew HKM as Han Ji Hon's father, but this time he wanted to meet him as an official. So it has to do with the school foundation!!! Ji Hon knows now what LSW discovered and in my opinion, he is trying to reveal it hence HKM said that the purpose of the trial was not to prove CWH's guilt, but to reveal the scandal behind the foundation. He needed a mock trial with a defendant in order to reveal it. He needed an audience: school and media! In my opinion, LSW did commit suicide, yet as his friend he wants to make sure that his friend didn't die in vain. My favourite character is definitely Han Ji Hon!!
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  13. In my opinion, it is because she was scared to get caught. When she was bringing the concoction, she knew that it was poison, therefore she could have been caught. But on the day of the Queen's death, she was next to the evil eunuch and showed no fear or remorse since she was committing no crime. To me, her fear was more connected to be found out than to the crime itself. She was indeed murdering someone!! And she knew it all along. The question is: will she behave like in the past (cowardice and a lack of guilt) or will she take the chance to change herself? We saw that GR wang Yeo is now totally different from what he used to be. @gamshe I agree with you. GR was like a new born. He finally got the chance to be surrounded by good people therefore he started having more social skills. Your description as empty book is also spot on. Notice that he always avoided the staff meeting mentioned in one of the earlier episode. He was even warned that he would pay a fine, if he didn't show up. This underlines his loneliness and his lack of socialising. I believe, Even as GR, he used to be a loner, but as time passed on and he became more attached to KS and JET, he also became closer to the other GRs. He met the GR tenant much more often, asked him for a favour. He even bought shoes for the GR with a mustach. He appeared at the restaurant in order to meet the other GR. I guess, for GR, it is necessary to lose the memories because once the second chance is offered, they have no idea that they are confronted to a similar situation from their past and all this is to show them that they can never blame anyone else for their wrongdoings or not. Wang Yeo never did... in the last episode, he acknowledged his crimes and assumed these. However, apart from this, Wang Yeo decided to help KS and JET because he wanted to. For him, the goblin and JET were still his friends. He really loves them. Now we are about to discover if GR Kim will redeem herself or not. @maryofbethany I really loved reading your long post!! Next time, don't forget to tag me please!! I would like to add something to your analysis about Ji Eun tak. All along we hear that people are asking about JET's identity. Kim Shin or Sunny: Who is she? Sure, she has always been the goblin's bride. But there is more to it. It is about JET's true nature. Each time, we hear a different answer: - Tinkerbell, a fairy - a missing soul - a human and not so human People wonder about her, since she is able to do things that neither KS nor the others expected her to do. Like you wrote, she never questiones the deity's will and as such fate, she is so positive and is able to empathise with others and comfort them, I had more and more the impression that JET is an angel in a human form. She has all good qualities of an angel: - sacrifice and a fighter in order to eliminate evil - do goodness: she helped several ghosts - loyalty - endurance - respect for God, - messenger of God or better said, she is God's voice (she keeps saying: accept your fate, respect deity's will, life is a gift and death is not something negative, people get 4 lives) This would explain why the lady in red keeps saying that JET is pretty. Her soul is so pure. That's why I believe that JET might play a part in KS' return as mortal. Since we had a demon in PJW, why not an angel? @selenette@staygold@Princi_86@theseasasleep@triplem@Jloves@ez_yan@ucylucy@naritul@sakura2016 @littleloony
  14. I am not talking about Wang Yeo as Grim Reaper. I meant Wang Yeo as king. Wang Yeo as king was a coward, even he described himself as such (Kim Shin said it too). Moreover, that's how I judge him either. When he was young, he was afraid of confronting his minister. He knew about the poisoning. Hence I believe that you misunderstood me. GR is different as he acted in an environment, where he only had to follow orders and it was not about being loved or not. He had no emotions. King Wang Yeo had the impression that noone loved him, he saw the minister's actions as a sign of love, since the latter kept telling him that he was kind of his father. That's why he trusted more the evil minister than some distant general. GR is different because after meeting KS, he came closer to him and started opened. He started having emotions again. Like you wrote it yourself, he defied God by not following the rules. But this time, the emotions came from a good basis: no jealousy, loyalty, friendship, love, true concern, while in the past, he only cared about his reputation, his own ego and feelings. It was all about himself. When Wang Yeo intervened with the concoction, it was because he didn't want to lose her. Yet, he never really protected his wife, as he knew that PJW was against the Queen. He never dared to stop the evil.
  15. @beijinhos Thanks for the help. I have just finished watching it and really loved it again! From what I understood (no real garanty!!)