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  1. [Drama 2017] Black 블랙

    @zinaa I can feel you however after giving some thoughts, with this ending, it really makes clear that Black loves Ha Ram so much just as Ha Ram loves Black and not Joon. In the story, Joon loved KSY and just liked Ha Ram. For Ha Ram, it was one sided crush. That's why Black gets upset, when he realizes that Ha Ram is the one who shot him. He gets Joon's memories and personality back. Joon has always been hot-tempered and could say mean things (see his relationship with his mother) but when HR's mother confronts him, Black realizes that he is not entirely Joon but Black. Black loves Ha Ram but Joon never did. That's why when Joon's existence is erased, Black's identity remains so that her love for the grim reaper Black exists. She loved the grim reaper Black.
  2. [Drama 2017] Black 블랙

    @Yeekrfan2 Yes, I would have preferred my ending that Black lives among the humans and got erased from the memories of the underworld. Fact is that 444 got erased from the memories of the underworld. When Black was judged, he was called 420 and not 444.
  3. It can not be YC's dad because YC's father is KPJ's uncle and is related to JSM. The DNA results would have shown that KPJ and JBC are related but they are not at all related. It would be weird if Director Woo is the father because why would he support JYC then? Hence I believe that Oh could be the father.
  4. [Drama 2017] Black 블랙

    @nona88 The grim reaper who got erased from the memories of the world was called 420 because in fact, Kim Joon did die on 20th April. Notice the difference... since 420's existence is erased, it means that the memories of the human have changed that's why the past has to change. Since Ha Ram was born after Kim Joon, 007 could prevent 444/001 from possessing the body of KSH so that her life changed. Nevertheless, Ha Ram was able after her death to remember the true timeline. That's why 444 had a strange number and was passed down to Kim Joon. By sacrificing himself, Kim Joon is able to ensure that the tragedy of Moojin Time Mart doesn't happen. Without Joon, there is no drug in Joon's bag. Joon's mother doesn't get arrested and HMG's mother doesn't commit a crime aso. Yes, it was a bittersweet ending but I actually enjoyed the last two episodes because it was again full of twists and surprises.
  5. [Current Drama 2017] Untouchable 언터처블

    @jongski It almost takes a week to get the version with full subtitles.
  6. @larus I agree with you that JSM was a weak man, as he accepted the marriage. Since Jang EC. is much older than JBC, we have to assume that his family might have refused to accept Ahn Ho Kyung as daughter-in-law. But there is a difference between JBC and his "father". Like I pointed out before, back then the company was facing a crisis which would have meant that the entire family could have been ruined. So from my point of view, JSM must have done it as a sacrifice for his family, to save his father's name and reputation. For JBC, it was different. He used NMH in order to become the future heir. The motive is more selfish. Yes, back then JMR must have been pressured from both families so that she could give a heir. But striking is how NMH and JMR dealt with the situation. While NMH is able not to resent the child and to even adopt an illegitimate child, JMR couldn't. Why? Because of her pride... JMR always looks down on others due to her wealth and status. This makes her think that others have no real value, she can just use them as tools. That's why she is able to order a hit. But she has no remorse. From the start, NMH has been different from her. NMH is able to feel empathy and be supportive of others. JMR has never been able to think outside the box. To me, NMH symbolises purity and sincerity, whereas JMR embodies the opposite values: schemes and greed. @sava2sava I am glad that YSW was caught by her own greed. She never expected such a move from NMH. This was the perfect solution because that way, YSW can never claim anything from JBC. NMH is determined to torment JBC by killing him slowly: with kindness... so that he will feel so guilty. In my opinion, KJP was still too nice towards JBC. Since he was seen in the bed with YSW, we have to assume that he did cheat on his wife. To me, YSW wanted to hurt NMH for three reasons: she felt threatened, when she heard that NMH was pregnant. By having his own child with NMH, JBC would have cut ties with her. YSW knew that JBC preferred NMH over her. She sensed that she was running out of time. The question is now: will he reveal his true identity to NMH? She knows that he lost a brother.
  7. @jongski I still have to watch the episodes 9 and 10 hence I could make a mistake. However, I think that there are some differences between JMR's past situation (JSM and his "mistress") and JBC, NMH and YSW's actual situation: I believe that Jang Soo Man was forced to marry JMR because we heard in an earlier episode that Cheong A was facing a difficult time that's when JMR's father jumped in and helped the company. JMR complained to the chairman that her father and family did a lot for the success of that company. The marriage was part of the deal. I sense that the grandfather forced his eldest son to marry JMR. So from the start, it was a marriage of convenience. Since KJP is older than JBC, this means that the relationship started before JMR's marriage. JMR has always considered JBC's marriage as a marriage of convenience which reveals her mentality. She even alluded to KJP that she knew about the existence of the mistress and his family. She knew that they were happy. She resented her husband. In my opinion, KJP's mother was never after the money unlike JMR. As conclusion, the situation is reversed. While the housewife was the intruder in JSM's case, it is the exact opposite in NMH's case. YSW is after the title and the money, whereas the wife is the exact opposite. In order to keep her place in the Jang's family, she had to get pregnant. Because with no child, JMR could have been thrown out. Like the grandfather mentioned it, a child is necessary in order to make the bounds between the two families stronger. Without a grandson and a loving husband, JMR had everything to lose. JSM could have asked for a divorce and even have his two sons recognized by his father. Wasn't the mother Ahn Ho Kyung a famous swimmer? If so, then this could have been a positive aspect for the grandfather. Hence I sense that JMR could have killed her husband with the medication. But honestly, I would like JBC's uncle to be behind it because he is no saint either. Like I wrote it before, I wished the chairman Jang would be punished for his greed, selfishness and narcissic personality. I really hate him because all the suffering is coming from him. He forces people to do bad things.
  8. I feel the same. I do feel sorry for KJP. To me, he is definitely not a bad person. The episode 8 gave us a lot of clues how KJP feels about JBC. He hated him in the first place but he came to love him. The scene from his memories where we saw JBC showing him first his report card underline how close they had become: When JBC shows his report card to him, KJP is the first to get the good news. Then JBC shows him a picture of his father JMS and confided to KJP. Since he talks to JSM in front of KJP, it illustrates their closeness. Secondly, JBC admits that KJP has become his friend. JBC's speech moved KJP as he knew that JBC was sincere. That's why KJP said to his father that it was annoying. KJP had never intended to become close to JBC but he realized that JBC had taken the place of his deceased younger brother. During the whole episode 8, KJP acts as JBC's older brother. Sure first, he was shocked when he saw the DNA results and didn't know how to react towards JBC. He put a certain distance between himself and JBC as he realized that JBC was not related to him. He had to question if JBC was still his brother, knowing that JBC had a different father. Even JBC felt the distance and wondered. But KJP decided to accept JBC as his younger brother, even if he was not blood related. The first reason is that he saw JBC as an innocent victim. Secondly, he had developped an affection towards JBC. By covering up for his true DNA, KJP has created a bound between himself and JBC. He gave his blood for JBC which reinforces this idea that KJP loves JBC. Moreover KJP is convinced that JBC really loves NMH. This explains why KJP advises JBC to tell NMH the truth about his origins. He really supports their couple, although he deeply loves NMH. By giving NMH to JBC, he put NMH's happiness first. To me, KJP was happy with their marriage. He was content with the thought that he had made NMH happy. He really thought that JBC had changed. Like he said, he wants to crush JMR and with his past, KJP knows that he can never make NMH happy. Since JMR is greedy and ambitious, she would never accept that KJP is the real master and JBC is just a puppet. However, KJP thought that JBC considered him as his hyung... but he hid many things from KJP. The latter feels betrayed by JBC. No wonder if he really resents JBC in the end. @philosophie @sava2sava @triplem I am glad that you are joining this thread. I am like you... I only started watching this weekend and I got hooked right away.
  9. @jongski @zinaa @sava2sava @UnniSarah I am still behind... reached the episode 5 so far. So far, KJP hasn't killed anyone yet. Even if he chocked YSW, I wasn't disgusted by his behaviour because I saw it as a sign to save her life and the kid's life. He had to scare her so that she would run away. He has experienced himself what it means to be an illegitimate child. What he didn't calculate is that YSW has been eyeing the position of JBC's wife. Her moves are really telling... even if I have still to catch up! She had planned to get pregnant from the start, using the pregnancy card in order to enter that family that's why she was pregnant when she came back from China. She hadn't expected to be thrown away on such short notice. Hence she had to come back to SK in order to claim for the "title"... When she sees that JBC is dating someone else, she is not asking for his love. She shows him the ultrasound. She is blackmailing him. Then she tries to use the pity card: she faints so that she knows that JBC would worry. She wants to force her way but she is stopped by KJP (the chocking). She asked to meet Executive Jung thinking that she has enough power (pregnancy) to request such a meeting. Like KJP said, she is just a concubine therefore she can not even claim for a meeting. In order to win JBC's support, she has to meet him alone as she knows how to handle him. She acts as if she was not interested in money and power (which is exactly the opposite) therefore she gives him back the money. Then she pretends to commit suicide so that JBC would feel guilty. She is actually using every trick so that JBC is willing to help her. All this time, she uses her unborn child to get closer to the family Jang. I only read the recap about the last two episodes... I don't really care if JBC cheated on NMH or not. Fact is that he has lied to NMH all this time. Like KJP told him, he should choose what he wants more: - his child - becoming the heir of Cheong A with NMH's support - having NMH as his real true love His huge greed is the result for this mess. We shouldn't forget that KJP swore to NMH's father that his daughter would be happy with JBC. He really believed that JBC loved NMH and would never meet YSW behind NMH's back. JBC disobeyed his order. KJP's promise to NGC (NMH's father) has been broken.
  10. Since my chingus @UnniSarah @zinaa @jongski are watching this drama, I gave it a try. I was really impressed by the acting and story. Although it looks like a makjang drama, it doesn't feel like one. Since I have just started, I am a little behind. I hope that this won't have a sad ending ... I would like to point out that KJP fell in love with NMH even before he knew that she was his first love. You could sense that he already saw her beauty hence he told JBC that she wasn't just any woman. So he had never planned to hurt his first love in the first place... It just happened that she was his first love. The meeting had taken place before he got the info about the book and the picture. For me, the best ending and revenge would be to destroy Cheong A because the source of KJP's hardship is connected to the grandfather. The latter only cares for his company Cheong A therefore he only views his family as a tool for his own interest. Since he wants to live for at least 120 years... I would describe him as a narcissic and megaloman. I don't view KJP as greedy, in fact he wants to hurt the ones who destroyed his family. His strategy is to earn JMR's trust and respect so that once he is in, he can crush her and the others. Since I haven't watched the other episodes, I might make a mistake but I am wondering if his father's death was not a murder as well. Let just say that Jang Soo Man wanted to leave Cheong A behind and live with his children, maybe JMR had to get rid of him because he would have divorced her. We saw that the grandfather thinks about divorce. A marriage is business. He even stipulated that a divorce would make the contract avoid. If JSM had divorced her, JMR would have lost everything... She could have had an interest to kill him.
  11. [Drama 2017] Black 블랙

    @Harry97 @ocean90 @philosophie @UnniSarah @Ais1ing @icyphoenix I still haven't watched the episode 17 but after reading so many comments (HR shooting Joon, KSY betraying him aso), I realized that the cause of Joon's death was betrayal. On the discovery of his own past, Black gets aware that humans betrayed Joon. And I can't help myself seeing this scene .. Moreover, we see in the preview that Ha Ram wants to hurt her eyes... What if the whole thing had been planned all along by someone from the underworld? That person wanted to help HMG's mother from the start. By making him discover this side of the truth, he ensures that Black returns to the underworld disgusted by the humans who were so cruel to kill Joon and even SC. If I understood it correctly, HR shot because she thought that she would help her father... What if the shadow behind her father had appeared in order to trick her, to make her intervene? What if the shadow had appeared there in order to confuse HR? I mean, Black is so hurt that he wants to go back to the underworld... however two episodes ago, he wanted to become a human. So what if Black has been manipulated because he only discovered one part of the truth? I am still hoping, there is a happy ending.
  12. [Current Drama 2017] Untouchable 언터처블

    @UnniSarah @jongski @larus @sava2sava SIR is even worse than I had imagined. She was responsible for Moon Ha Eun's case (girl assaulted by the son of a wealthy family who supports the former president Goo). She was the one who refused to meet the father of the victim and even signed the paper for turning MHE into a perpetrator!! Her excuse "If I hadn't signed it, then someone else would have done it!. This would have brought me farther from Seoul!!" Her ambition and greed are the reason that MHE has become for the second time a victim. Goo used his connections in order to retaliate... he can do it, since JBH is dead. edit: @UnniSarah Sure, she finally realized where her ambition would lead her. She couldn't overlook the injustice done to MHE in the end. But it took her a long time before realizing the implications. I believe that JJS is playing GS, he used Goo in order to stop his brother. From my point of view, JJS will clean the whole place. Not just fight against GS, but also against GJK and her father as well... He leaked the video to Goo so that JJS would be prosecuted for murder and become a burden for his brother.
  13. [Drama 2017] Black 블랙

    I think, I'll wait for the episode 18 before watching the episode 17!! It seems to be so sad!
  14. [Current Drama 2017] Untouchable 언터처블

    @jongski I can't answer your question with the last evolution because I haven't watched the episode 5 yet. I am still waiting for the subtitles. About GS: he is definitely not a good person but the uncle supported by Goo would have been even worse. It was clear that the uncles were trying to push GS aside. I actually admired GS for cutting ties with the party and aiming at the mayor office because by helping the uncle, Goo would have had the upper hand. The family Jang would have been dethroned as a result. But Goo is actually worse than GS and JBH because he let the Jang family to do the dirty work so that he would become the president. Just before JBH's death, he wanted to sideline JBH and have him convicted so that Goo's reputation would have remained clean and untouched. In other words, we shouldn't compare GS to JJS, rather GS to GJK's father, GJK and the uncles. All of them are sharks... Have you noticed strange GJK's habit? I am referring to the crushing of walnuts... I don't know if it is intentional but her gesture could be interpreted as a metaphor for castration! It was as if she wanted to crush the men around her. This underlines her ambition and her desire to get rid of the men who are responsible for her misery.