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  1. bebebisous33

    [Drama 2018] The Player, 플레이어

    IT seems that a lot of netizens are looking forward for a season 2.
  2. @USAFarmgirl I am thinking exactly like you... I was disappointed in YR's reaction (I just read the recap). YR has been presented as a pure soul and her reaction doesn't fit to this description.
  3. @USAFarmgirl @ktcjdrama I can understand why LSY did such a thing. It is not just about protecting the person he loves. He has a huge trauma. We shouldn't forget that back then he tried to protect his hyung and failed miserably. He got hurt and even his hyung abandoned him which triggered a lot of negative emotions: frustration, resent, anger, disappointment and feeling of failure. So by hurting the thug, all his emotions that had been kept hidden for so long were triggered. Deep down, the thug reminded him of the past, although he is unaware of the actual connection. If Choi MJ, YSK and Jang knew about the circumstances of the accident, they would have judged him differently. However, I am sure that no one is unaware how the accident occurred. They all believe that this was an accident because he keeps saying that he had an accident. I hope, this time LSY won't be alone when he will face the past again... and DK will be by his side.
  4. Thanks for the compliment!! To me, he is not god but someone else. In reality, he is deceiving the grim reapers. Don't you find it strange that he is wearing a white suit, while the others are all dressed in black? IMO, his white suit is to lead them believe that he is god. Besides, the collected soul are put in a white vase, but if you pay attention to the room, in the room where they are drinking "tea"/that miraculous potion, the vases are all black... it was as if the colour of the vases had changed because of the souls imprisoned in these vases.
  5. bebebisous33

    [Drama 2018] The Player, 플레이어

    @Tasia Yes, it was a great ending. If there is a season 2, then I want to have the same actors. Maybe I wished, they had shown how the candidate KSJ had lost his reputation with the scandal: the woman testifying against him aso.
  6. @ktcjdrama I have started watching this drama and so far, I like it. Kang Hye Joo has turned into a real monster. It is interesting how two illegitimate children deal with their situation. Both have a similar past but they react totally differently, in fact the opposite. While CWH rejects his father and adoptive family, KHJ is more determined than ever to become recognized as a part of the Kang family. Striking is that we can see through KHJ's life that although she is following her father's orders, she is not really accepted. Actually she is unhappy, yet she is not showing it. She believes that once she gets power through her marriage, she will get accepted. What she doesn't realize is that her own family will never really accept her, no matter how much power she gets. She will never be loved. She is just a tool for the dad's company. So in the end CWH is right: distancing himself from that powerful family is the best because he can live a normal life and is not used. CWH is keeping people at a certain distance as he sees what people can do others due to "love": his mother had a relationship with the CEO Cha, she got divorced a lot of times, YYJ's boyfriend JM double timing aso.
  7. bebebisous33

    [Drama 2018] The Player, 플레이어

    I couldn't agree more with you. Yes, this man is so arrogant that he believes that no one can ever touch him. However, his words to HR revealed his own weakness: he perceives humans as greedy, selfish, petty and easily manipulable. He has a very negative opinion of humans, while in reality he is the one who turns them into terrible people. BM would have never hurt CHK if he hadn't been used, Yoo wouldn't have betrayed Jang and CHK, if his life hadn't been in danger aso. They committed something terrible because they were put in that situation... to conclude: That man is the one who is selfish, greedy, petty and cruel. He just excuses and legitimates his own behavior by saying that he was doing what normal humans would do... which is not right. The candidate KSJ wouldn't have got elected as presidential candidate if - the lawyer and ex-prosecutor hadn't destroyed the evidence - the police officers hadn't helped the assemblyman - the media hadn't been manipulated They all intervened because of that man's plan. All his interventions illustrate that he had to meddle in order to obtain the results he wanted.
  8. bebebisous33

    [Drama 2018] The Player, 플레이어

    No, tonight we will see the finale episode. Only 14 episodes were planned. @celebrianna Another point why that man is losing the war: in the episode 13, he even killed someone himself which was recorded. So this time, he committed a crime on his own and didn't order others to do it for him which is much more difficult to prove that the person was the instigator of the crimes. So by killing a man, he leaves concrete evidence.
  9. bebebisous33

    [Drama 2018] The Player, 플레이어

    @stargazer187 @celebrianna @sava2sava What actually surprised me was how all of them are connected to that man. I had imagined that all of them were victims but in reality it was different. BM and JW were accomplices, even if they never meant to have people killed. BM made a huge mistake, when he approached chairman Chun. He wanted to get recognition for his skills and escape from his mother's claws (she wanted him to become a state's employee and take the exam). I have to say that I admire Ha Ri for his determination but for his big heart. He doesn't resent BM nor JW, or even detective Maeng... He understands that they were just pawns. Moreover, the fact that BM decided to escape from Chairman Chun's claws underline BM's sense of righteousness. He definitely felt guilty and remorse, unlike his friend who had no conscience problems. As for that man, have you not noticed that there is a pattern in his plan ? CDS got "killed" by his best friend, prosecutor Jang got betrayed by detective Maeng whom Jang considered as his own family (his action ruined his plan) and Yoo betrayed Jang and Choi Hyung Ki. So all his plans always evolve around betrayal of a friendship. That man is actually suffering from megalomania. He thinks, the world is ruled by him... he enjoys his "powers". My heart broke for KHR when he heard that his father died because 700 people wanted him dead. However, even if that man is not defeated, he is little by little losing the war because he lost so many helpers: Yoo and his accomplices at the prosecution office ; Chairman Chun ; prosecutor Jang's reputation is still intact... Besides, they were able to identify his face! Now, I am wondering if they are planning a second season based on the preview for the finale episode.
  10. @sava2sava @guinearoyal A detail caught my attention in the episode 6: I saw that our heroine had a tattoo on her wrist, it looked like a 8. you could see a sign on her skin, when she was eating with CIS. Striking is that JW wonders if he is a human. It is interesting because "god" described "humans" as selfish and greedy. While JW questions his "humanity" because he has an ability, KSA gave him a different definition of humanity: having a good and warm heart is what makes you human. So her definition represents a contrast to the god's definition. @dramaninja The title "when time stops/when time stopped" doesn't just refer to JW's abilities. All the people living in that house, KSA, CIS, tenant 201 and the ahjumma/daughter had that in common: time had stopped for them. The daughter and the thug couldn't move on as they were trapped in time. The thug couldn't forget the little girl... sure he had changed his life, yet he knew that his time was somehow borrowed. As for the student, she was living in the past. Finally our heroine KSA was trapped by the time as she was forced to pay a loan. Thanks to JW, they are all able to move on. JW is using his skills (time stopping) in order to change their "times". All of them can move on... now CIS is the only one left: he still loves KSA but he can not move on.
  11. @unhelpful To me, it looks like the last episode is confirming that Shim is the mole. We never saw Kwon mentioning Bon's Swiss bank account. So this was the clue that Shim must have heard it from Yoon CS. From my point of view, Shim must have called K and Yoon, once he saw the address. He was the only one who knew what the address was. Notice his reaction. Moreover, we shouldn't forget that during the terror attack, agent Yoo called Shim telling him the exact location of the terror attack. And shortly after, K was already waiting for the accomplices who got killed in order to erase all the evidences. By announcing to Shim that RDW was working behind his back, she ensured that Shim would get aware of the evolution which would force him to betray himself (calling in hurry K and Yoon). As a matter of fact, it could be possible that Kwon is there and she is the one who shoots K. Notice that each time she met Shim or the scientist guy, she was alone!! So maybe Kwon realized that someone close to her was watching all her moves. @Dhakra The shot we heard came from a different gun. The writer is not so stupid.... for making such a mistake. There is someone there who will help Bon. My bet is Kwon. She is someone who would have no problem to kill someone but she would never use a silencer, just a regular gun. From my point of view, we should see this scene as a repetition of the past but this time, the outcome is different, the exact opposite. K will be shot and Bon will be saved. Notice that in the last scene, Bon had lost the fight and he is about to get killed, while 3 years ago, the situation was reversed: Bon had won the fight and was about to arrest K, when he was shot from behind.
  12. K wasn't the one who shot Bon because he had a silencer. No one would have been able to hear K's gun shot. So there is someone else there. I hope, Yoo is the one who saves him.
  13. @sava2sava I have just finished watching the episode 5 and a detail caught my attention: When the grim reaper was waiting in front of Basement's flat, another grim reaper joined him and told him that god was looking for him. Then in the next scene, we see the grim reaper meeting the man in the white suit... therefore we have to come to the conclusion that the man in the white suit is acting as god. However, I doubt that this is his real identity, especially after hearing that he had dreams which made him uneasy. Like I had written before, the man in the white suit usurped the power and started acting as god. There is a reason why he sent grim reapers hunting down people with skills, it seems that they represent a thread to him. Then these people with abilities are only caught because they use their power for their own interest and by doing so commit crimes. However, our hero was not really caught as he never committed any crime: - stealing the painting... it didn't belong to the French museum - the bracelet: he wanted to buy it legally Actually, he gained no profit from it as he didn't sell any thing. That's why the grim reaper didn't mention him to god in the episode 5.
  14. bebebisous33

    [Drama 2018] The Player, 플레이어

    He knows who Jang is that's why he trusts him, even sent him evidence to put Chairman Chun away.