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  1. But there are different kind of loves. HJ dreamt about CH and it turned out that she was the one working at the coffee shop. So HJ has come to like her. Notice how close they have become after the incident with her brother. In my opinion, WT loves JC and knows that the latter loves HJ hence he lied to the mother in order not to hurt his friend. However, JC knew that he lied. Anyway, DHK threatened HWT by saying that he will reveal his secret. With these words, it is clear that DHK has nothing to do with this secret. He just happens to know it. If he had been involved, he would have said "our" secret. There is no doubt that HWT is related to the soldier. But like I mentioned at the beginning of the drama, JC, HWT, HJ and LYB met at the crossroad and this symbolised that their fate was intertwined. The crossing is important. To me, since all the dreams are related to LYB, I believe that the soldier incident is connected to LYB but no one knows about it. If you look carefully, in each dream YB has always been involved: - The car accident - the death of the abusive husband caused by LYB's strategy - the scar on HJ's hand - HJ protecting CH who was the sister of KDH. All of these dreams are related to the murder committed by KDH. If CH had been injured with the fire, KDH wouldn't have been able to kill his brother because he would have received a call. Or he would have been suspected, as he would have lost two siblings in such a short time. KDH became LYB's client who got free therefore his release had for effect that he threatened to kill HJ. - the next dreams: WT received the visit of his friend DHK. The latter is suspected to have killed the client. HJ saw that dream and not JC. Thanks to that dream, HJ who was ready to condemn DHK, hesitated to follow LYB's strategy to have DHK convicted. Thanks to the dream and JC's influence, she made the right decision. - the dream with the ring: Since HJ decided not to support him, he changed his tactics. He organised a press conference where DHK's reputation is publicly tarnished. JC is also criticised for his work, hence JC becomes the target of the man dressed in a black hoodie. So LYB's action caused JC's assault. From my point of view, the possible death of HJ (lying on the ground in the rain) could be the climax of LYB's long list of wrongdoings. At the end of his path, he might decide to commit a murder. HJ as a reporter might discover that LYB has been involved in the incident with the soldier. A very good reason to silence her. Since he has never been caught and criticized for his wrong morals, he kept pushing the button with the win-win situation. His downfall has been already signalised. Now, he is no longer plagued by a bad conscience hence he doesn't destroy the sheets of paper. Like I had said before, when he washed his hands, it was a turning point as he acted like Pontius Pilatus. The others are to blame for this mess. These win-win situations have the effect to destroy his moral compass. @stroppyse @nonski @evie7 @icyphoenix @vangsweetie637 @sakura2016 @Dhakra @yusefull @Visually-wandering
  2. @triplem Yes and no. She might have been afraid that she could take the fall for the plane crash. Since KMJ have been described as con artist due to the insurance, LMR could have been framed as an accomplice. Moreover, since she had helped GJC in the past, she was well aware that CKW would blame her for that, especially after losing his family. T. insurance was onto her therefore she needed to fake her death. I mean, she had already figured it out that CKW was onto her (episode 2) hence she had called GJC and warned him. So she was afraid that her past con could turn her into a guilty part. Besides, since we know now that she was close to KEJ and KBJ, I don't think that she had planned to trick her friend from the orphanage. We see that she risked her life by revealing to KEJ that she was still alive. As conclusion, LMR had nothing to do with the plan crash... but her past was the reason why she had to fake her death. However, KMJ only reentered KBJ's life, just before the plane crash hence LMR has no idea that KMJ is the real brother of KBJ. This would be the reason why LMR and GJC try to kill him. We saw that he gave her back the papers just before the plan crash, as he had KMJ's watch, when the accident occurred.
  3. @jongski Thanks a lot for the compliment! I am glad that you liked my analysis. But I can definitely return the compliment. This comment was eye-opening. You are so point on. While SJ and HR are unhappy because of their respective dream that seems to dictate their life, JH is even willing to give up her dream (becoming a writer), since she has experienced that her dream doesn't match reality. She gets aware that her dream was more a fantasy. In the end she is much more realistic as she is able to accept it, whereas we can see that HR is so focused on the marriage that she has even overlooked her boyfriend. Her dream has blinded her to reality. For her, marriage has even become more important than him and her love for him. I guess, this comes from the way JH was raised. She has learnt to adapt herself and fit in her new situation. She has been more rational and pragmatic. As for SJ, she wants to become a CEO, yet she is not trying to find someone else in order to create her own firm. Look at MSG, he did it with the help of SH as he was well aware that himself alone (MSG) would not be enough. I had already pointed out that SJ could definitely work with SW. He has the ideas, while she has a lot of experience. In other words, all of them (Jh, HR, SJ) have thought that their dream can only be achieved on their own, without the help of others. SH is different from all the others because his dream was based on reality and not fantasy hence he will experience what he had never expected to experience. As long as you have no expectation, there is no disappointment... therefore SH will never regret marrying JH since he has such low expectations: no love, only comfort and peaceful cohabitation. Nevertheless, I am quite sure that SH will be the one who supports JH so that she can make her dream come true. He brought her the scripts back. Married with someone like SH (financially stable), JH will have more power. @b4l01 Thanks for the compliment!
  4. Well, it is crazy because how can someone kill so many people for power and love ? @sava2sava @triplem Edit: Another reason why I came to this theory that Joo Hyun Ki wanted to kill CKW as he perceived as a hindrance to get what he wanted. Remember that I had pointed out that CKW had been followed, since when our protagonist watched the video with LMR, the spoiled and selfish man JHK received just after that scene the same video with LMR. So he was the one who sent a spy on CKW. Then this would also explain why JHK was full of hatred and anger in the first scene, when he had to bow the public where CKW was as an apology. If he was in love with HJ and saw CKW as a hindrance, it must have hurt his pride to do such a thing... but he couldn't avoid this situation. The last clue is: he was with HJ, when the news of the plane crash was released. He might have thought that CKW was on the plane. He wanted to be by her side, well aware that she would be hurt but she would hide it. But since CEO Cha has created a slush fund and is using illegal means to get Juhan air, I do think that Cha isn't just getting revenge. To me, he has always been eyeing this company. It takes some time to gain so much money (10 millions) and so many connections. In my opinion, he is definitely involved in the plane crash too.
  5. @supergal99 JS as unfilial son ? It depends on how you define it. If it means that you follow each wish from your mother, then yes it is unfilial. But if it means that you have to make her realise that she has never acted like a real mother but more like a girlfriend, hence he reminds her of her duties as mother, then he is not an unfilial son, quite the opposite. Yes, she could become dangerous but imagine if JW's manipulation backfires on him, JS gets injured due to his mother's instability. Not only he would lose HS but he would also even lose JS for real.
  6. @sava2sava It is clear that CHJ had and has feelings for CKW and even the latter is aware of that. In the last episode, he asked her not to wait for him as he hadn't moved on. He will never forget his family. That's why I came with this crazy idea.
  7. Yes, that's exactly what I have been thinking. JW will use JS's mother in order to put JS under pressure. But I believe, this will be the trigger for JS to cut ties with his mother or at least to draw a line between him and his mother. JW thinks that JS could never choose HS over his mother but he is wrong. First, JS has a different childhood than JW. The latter had seen how much he and his father had been affected by his mother's death.
  8. Okay, you're right. But notice that Choi KW calls Cha in order to inform him about the success of the surgery, our CEO calls his daughter just after. Striking is that HJ meets CKW at the hospital in order to inform about the last info concerning GJC. CEO Cha doesn't want to investigate him any further. She could have called him. But no, she meets him in person. When our protagonist sees her, he goes to her. He had to, since she had made the effort to come to the hospital. Due this conversation, KW is delayed. I know, HJ pushs him to join his family, however Jae Soo had asked for the same. He only missed the check-in for a few minutes. But just a few minutes are enough to change the fate. I don't think that HJ is aware of her father's true goal. He hides from her that he is purchasing Juhan air through bribes and slush fund. Then here is another one: what if Jo Hyun Ki who is cruel, heartless and selfish had planned a plane crash for two reasons. He knew, his father wouldn't overcome this shock. He thought, he could become the CEO. Moreover, he had decided to get rid of Choi and his family, as he wanted HJ for himself. He knew that HJ was pining for CKW hence he had no chance, she would accept a marriage from him. By getting rid of his rival, he thought, he would be able to convince her to marry him. She is the daughter of the chairman Cha. However, CEO Cha seems to have known about his plans as he has never liked Joo HK. So he saized the opportunity to weaken Juhan air and indirectly JHS, he also helps his daughter to get rid of CKW's family so that after some time, her dream might come true: marry CKW. We have already witnessed, how Cha has been a step ahead of JHS, hence I can imagine that JHS had been supervised by Cha's minions. I know, this sounds so crazy but why not... so far, CKW has always thought, people would do anything for money, but what if there was another reason ? LOVE!! @maddymappo @AlexandraReid @stroppyse @Dhakra @larus
  9. [Current Drama 2017] Black 블랙

    First of all, you and @imgreatgal welcome to this thread. But I have to correct you. The next episode airs on Saturday and not Friday. We had two theories: - either MG died in his childhood or he has just been killed and possessed by the grim reaper Black. I have the impression that MG and Black will cohabit in the body. So his soul has not entirely disappeared due to the meeting between Black and MG. The latter might have become a ghost.
  10. @rembrandtz_5e20 Thanks for posting new pictures from the next episode. It seems that JH surprises SH's father with her words so that I can sense that SH's father will like her. As for her future mother-in-law, we can see with her smile that JH has been accepted right away. @Fiona0754 Thanks for the correction. You are right, they looked at the wrong facebook page.
  11. @stroppyse When I described KWJ's biased point of view about investigation, my explanation was more for the first three episodes. You are right that CKW has already been warming up to KMJ. You could sense it in another scene: he said good job to KMJ twice, when the latter helped Cheepah and JHR to have more time. This wasn't lip service, he really meant it. Since KMJ saved his partners from getting caught, CKW saw some sincerity here. But I believe that the turning point for CKW is, when he sees that the researcher left the place with the laptop without helping the pregnant woman. He was really pissed off. From now now, he was sure that the man was guilty of murder. I guess, the last discovery (Lee is alive) is the last straw that makes him realise that the cause of the accident has not been found out. Since they found the "what", at some point they will have to investigate the "why". All this time, CKW has been too focused on the "why"... the reason for the suicide, but since now CKW has seen that the means of the plane crash have not been properly investigated, he sees that he asked the wrong question. KMJ has always been a step ahead of him. Then I would like to point out that LMR stayed in touch with KE, which seems to indicate that LMR must have been close to KBJ as well. LMR was taking risk, when she let her friend know that she was still alive. She must have meant a lot to her. Therefore I don't think, she would have a friend like KBJ killed. However, I think that CKW's investigation about GJC might have been used to frame LMR. So the person behind it belongs to the insurance: CEO Cha. @Dhakra @triplem @maddymappo @sava2sava I even had the crazy idea that since HJ is in love with CKW, her father might have decided to get rid of CKW's family so that after some time, HJ could marry him. I know, this is totally crazy. But it is clear that Cha hides a lot from HJ, he dislikes Joo Hyun Ki so much but shows a lot of sympathy for CKW all this time.
  12. Another great episode!! @stroppyse The more I see KMJ, the more I feel sorry for him. His description to JHR where he used to sleep was also heartbreaking. You can feel his loneliness and his longing for acceptance and for a family. I am glad that KMJ has found a way to speak to CKW: bets. This time, CKW found the proof that LMR was alive before KMJ. So our murderer GJC will appear again. As we can see, he is close to LMR hence I am suspecting that she faked her death after the plane crash because she feared that her scheme with GJC would backfire on her. Since she was working with him, he must have helped her to fake her death and to hide properly. In other words, I don't think that LMR was involved in the whole scheme with the plane crash. I am wondering who sent the video to Joo Hyun Ki. There is someone watching CKW because he was the first who saw the video of LMR. Since CEO Cha had no idea that LMR was alive, he will be after her. I guess that's one of the reasons why GJC wants to kill KMJ. He wants to make sure that LMR's existence remains a secret. Or the other possibility is that LMR disappeared on her own and GJC was sent by Cha to eliminate LMR as well (but I prefer the first theory). It would be great if LMR was indirectly involved with the plane crash. He just follows KMJ who has been discovered by Manager Park MS. We can definitely see that CEO Cha is after Juhan Air, he is looking for shares and has a slush fund. So there is a fight between JHK and CEO Cha. After the episode 4, I sense that the fight between JHK and Cha is the cause of the plane crash. JHK teased Cha by sending him the video of LMR. @sava2sava Long time no see my friend!! I've been missing you. I am glad that you have joined this thread. @Dhakra You did a great job with the German subtitles. After reading it, now I could understand their conversation. Yes, it seems that there is a great "tension" between KMJ and JHR.
  13. @Dhakra Their German was terrible. Don't you agree ? I only understood "Entschuldigung" and "mein Name"... @stroppyse I am glad that you are both accepting me as second judge!!
  14. @Dhakra Don't be so worried about a neutral job. As a moderator, I'll keep an eye on this bet. LOL @stroppyse @triplem @icyphoenix @Latte_Anyday @larus @AlexandraReid I would like to explain with more details why CKW is too blinded. Yes, we know that it is due to the loss of his family. However, there is more to it. First, based on the sypnosis, CKW was a police officer who changed his job and became an examiner for T. Insurance which means that from that moment, he only looked at accidents and incidents from the same perspective: the insurance and the con artists. The insurance was the victim hence in my opinion, he lost his empathy for humans. So as time passed on, he has become used to perceive all the incidents as cons. That explains why with the case of Go Jin Chul, he lost his partner, as he only saw it as a scam. But if we look a little closer, it was not just a con, it was murder. The man killed all these women. The real victims were not the insurance but these deceased persons. KW didn't fight for these but for the insurance. In my opinion, he should have alarmed the police for a further investigation. But here, CKW and his team were only after the con artist and not the murderer. Because his junior got involved in the accident, our killer could sue the company for harassment. So the insurance had to pay for "CKW's intervention". So here again, the insurance was the "victim" again which is not true. Then the plane crash occurred and it reinforced this belief that people would even kill for money by scamming the insurance. So for CKW, everything is done as a con: KBJ killed people for the insurance. Since he had witnessed it with GJC, he had no reason to mistrust this opinion. But here is the problem: not every action has to be explained as a scam so that the insurance is the victim here. First case: KMJ used the collapse of the building in order to prove that the real reason for that tragedy was not a con, but something else. Then he gave the money to the real victims and not the insurance. By seeing it as a con, KW helps the insurance to get more money, but actually the real victims were the injured, not the insurance. Finally, KMJ revealed with the arrest of the architect how CKW should deal with such people. Not just save money for the insurance, but get to the problem of the root: corruption, gambling aso. The second case was the eye-opening. KMJ wanted to show him that the beneficiaries of the insurance are not the real winners and not even con artists. They are also victims, when they are condemned like that, without proper trial.
  15. The real bad guy is definitely Lee Yoo Beom!! He will use the media to turn DHK into a criminal. That way he can create the illusion that he is fighting for justice, while he is only doing it for the money. The family's victim paid him. Since we suspect, HWT is related to the soldier, he knows what it means to become public enemy number 1.