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  1. @catocat@funnyhunny07 .@thunderman1@nubianlegalmind I have just watched the episode 8 and so far, I understood, Huo Tingen and his sister got adopted by the restaurant owner Huo. After their father's death, their mother remarried. I believe that the first wife is divorced but since she had a child with the restaurant owner, she kept her status as first wife and remained at home in order to raise her own child. The grandmother loved the children from the second wife therefore she has no problem to see them as her grandchildren, although they are not blood-related. This episode was great because Wei is finally realising her feelings for Huo Tingen. Even if she didn't mention it as such, she is able to realise that he is affecting her. On the other hand, Huo Tingen is acting more and more like a boyfriend, although he is not really confessing to her. Sure, he explained the circumstances of the love confession, but he really wanted to know if she had feelings for him. Actually, he asked her twice about it: - in the episode 7, when he commented that she must be the one who likes him. He was definitely looking for an answer. - in the episode 8, when he asked her, what if it was not a misunderstanding, what would be an answer. Each time, she avoided to answer to that question, but I believe the episode 9 will be a turning point in their relationship, since she asks him - if Meng Ruxi is his girlfriend - if he has someone he likes So these questions are showing an interest in his love life from her part so that Huo Tingen can get some clue about her feelings. However, I believe the trigger to confess to her will be at the karaoke bar, where HT witnesses how close Ah Wei and Wei Fenqin are to each other. Out of jealousy and fear, he will act on his feelings. I don't think, the kiss is a dream. Actually, we need them to be together first in order to face the adversity together: - the first mother - Ah Wei and Ruxi - I have the impression that the grandmother might not like Wei Fenqin as she asks HT's friend to investigate her
  2. That's true. I had forgotten about it. However, he does look like a 3 years old boy.
  3. I agree with you. Yes, he knows that therefore he can never forget that night. The women who tried to seduce him had all a past with men. Besides CJW keeps saying that she is predictable since she is so innocent and easy to read. But he gets surprised, when he sees her with HT, because he was sure that she wasn't someone who would date so easily. CJW needs to do more in order to make sure that she becomes his girlfriend. With a rival, he will work much harder. So far, he has been using his body and the memories of that fateful night in order to get her attention, but that's not enough. LYM doesn't see herself as attractive and special due to her mother. Have you noticed that each time LYM is depressed, she is wearing her black suit? In the first episode, she was so depressed and had the impression, she could do nothing. In the third episode, she thought, she was about to get fired. @sava2sava@ladytron33 I don't think that the child could be his for one reason. 3 years have passed, but LYM slept with him 3 years ago. Yet, the pregnancy lasts 9 months, therefore the child could never be 3 years old, the most 2 years old and a few months. Okay, this could be a plothole.
  4. I would like to point out about the symbolim behind the fake breasts. Remember that when CJW was introduced in the first episode, a woman was flirting with him. His words were that her face (eyes, nose) was fake implying that she had aesthetic surgery. To that comment, the woman replied that her breast was real. By using her breast, she was definitely declaring that she wanted to have sex with him. In my opinion, CJW kept this cups because they reminded him of that night, but also of LYM's natural beauty. LYM represents the opposite of that woman from the club: her eyes and her face were natural, nothing fake that's why he found her beautiful, whereas she had put on these fake breast. On the other hand, her fake breast is different from the fake face of that woman because LYM didn't change her body at all. The woman at the club tried to imitate "natural beauty" but CJW could perceive the reality. Sure, LYM tried to hide her real breast, however she never got surged. So she kept her real breast, whereas the other woman changed everything (except her breast) but she was an artificial beauty. I believe, JW fell for LYM for her natural beauty, her natural and innocent reaction and comments. Moreover, LYM didn't use her body in order to express her desire for sex. CJW got overwhelmed by her natural beauty and behaviour. I hope, it is understandable. @supergal99 Thanks for the videos!! @moreenke@triplem@USAFarmgirl@Kasmic@nonski@ate@gutibear@padhari@tianaa@sebastian27@Lady_Fay@stroppyse
  5. That's what I am thinking too. JHY witnessed the crime, hence he had no alibi. But he didn't commit the crime itself. However, he didn't see Mok's face that's why he is telling them that there is another serial killer but he can't say who it is. Moreover, he didn't see that Mok put the dots on the ankle. Notice that he tried to strangle his sister much later so that his mother sent him to the mental institut. So he had some psychotic disorder but witnessing the murder had such an impact on him. He wondered what kind of the feelings the killer had, when he was murdering KSJ's mother. Notice that his first murder was his wife. She betrayed him as she had an affair with someone else. He was reminded of his mother's betrayal at the mental institut. Besides, there is a huge difference between JHY and Mok. The former buried the corpse, while that latter really showed less respect as he left the bodies in the open.
  6. Well, in the episode 2, he was trying two things: - get revenge for the humiliation: he really believed what the ahjummas told him that she left running because he hadn't satisfied the girl - he wanted her to run back to him, to have the opposite effect of that morning Sure, he has never forgotten her. He knew that it was her first time but the way she left him hurt him so that he had the impression, he got played and had misjudged her. Yet, when he showed his face for the first time to her later, he observed her reaction. He turned his face around very slowly and paid attention to her eyes. So he knew from her reaction that she hadn't forgotten him as well. That's why he was pleased. Yet, when she gave him a reason (one night stand), he got hurt because he had never thought, she would think like that. He keeps saying that LYM is predictable: he can see her attempts to ignore the past but he knows that she is still attracted to him: the hiccups. CJW sees the innocence and purity in her therefore he claims that she is very predictable. Imagine his surprise, when he sees HT next to her, giving him the impression that she's got a boyfriend. So for him, it will look like she has moved on, while he couldn't. But the presence of her half-brother will make him think that he is his son so that he decides to take his responsabilities. When he heard that he was just one night stand, he was shocked and had a hard time to digest this, yet I also believe that it relieved him in the sense that "she never left him because he hadn't satisfied her!" That's why he is determined to keep her. Like his secretary mentioned it, he seems happier now, since he has found her. In the box, there are the fake breasts but for me, CJW must consider these as his "treasure", a precious memory of this night. Notice that it is on his desk, so that he can see these very often. I don't think that the fake breasts symbolises her fakeness, quite the opposite. She left these behind, which proves that he saw her real breasts and these didn't matter to her. I can understand why her mother is behaving like that. Actually, I admire her attitude because it takes a lot of courage to embrace such a career and not hide it from anyone. Her major flaw is that her selfishness from my point of view. She has never perceived the reason why her daughter is mad at her. She has no idea how LYM suffered at school because of her. If she knew, she would have tried to protect LYM better, but she never thought that her daughter would suffer as well from her career choice. Has anyone noticed the phone call from that director who wanted to have the kitchen personal fired? I was wondering who he was talking to. The crazy announcement girl JHR is definitely possible. Anyway, since CJW caught that conversation, he will do anything to protect LYM. I agree that while CJW's father is seeing the prospect of marriage as a business deal, LYM's mother is connecting the marriage to sex and passion so that it doesn't last long. Both parents are extreme in their view about marriage. But they have one thing in common: they don't take their children's opinion into consideration. @moreenke@triplem@USAFarmgirl@Kasmic@nonski@ate@gutibear@padhari@Lady_Fay@sebastian27@stroppyse@supergal99@jellybellymonster
  7. No, KSJ's mother wasn't the 6th victim, but the 4th. The 6th victim was killed in the tunnel. In my opinion, he stopped killing because of what had happened in the tunnel. Back then, he thought, he had killed a man, PHK. We know that he killed women for a reason: they were bad. Yet, when PHK caught him in the tunnel, Mok protected himself by "killing" him. We shouldn't forget that after his attack, PKH's body disappeared so that people thought, he might be dead. So to me, Mok must have felt that he had killed someone "who didn't deserve it" and he had almost been caught. But notice the similarities: he started killing again after murdering PKH 1988 who had discovered his identity. So to me, PKH has been the trigger for Mok to stop and start again killing these women. All this would explain why he keeps calling Corporal PKH as he is aware of his false identity. Then the dots appeared in the past as he wanted to mark his murders. But no one noticed it which made him "furious" in the sense that the police didn't recognise that it was the work of one serial killer. Now, you're right that he is using the dots again in order to claim his murders and distinguish himself from JHY.
  8. @LyraYoo Wiki made a mistake. Prof. Mok is the real culprit. JHY is just a copycat!
  9. Yes, he was sent to the mental institut in 1992 and it is related to the sister. PKH was born in 1988 so that he was 29 years old, when he died. If she was the sister, she must have been born after 1988.
  10. @blademan@lexiconWhat if the student in SJY's class is the sister of JYH? This would explain a lot of things: how she was able to understand the culprit's motives f. ex.
  11. @lumibear Prof. Mok is a narcissic killer, like prof Shin described him. When she was giving her lecture, she mentioned the case of the Zodiac as an example for a narcissic killer. Mok wants people's attention, narcissic killers love people to know about them and their crimes. Notice that he never buried the bodies in the Hwaesong case and his last two victims were also disposed in the open, while JYH used to bury the bodies. Besides the more he keeps telling PKH and KSJ that there are two killers and the more the two detectives refute his point of view, the more it infuriates him and forces him to kill someone. By not believing him, they are provoking him, yet they are unaware of the consequences of their actions and words. In the last episode, we were given more hints about the reason why Mok kills them. The last victim was a teenager who had caused some trouble, while the 7th victim was working as a hostess. Moreover, Mok had mentioned that KSJ's mother wasn't innocent and women shouldn't be outside so late at night. All this indicates that Mok is punishing these women for their behavior. Interesting is that he also added that he had warned the last victim which proves to me that his victims are never random. He must have followed them for a while. @40somethingahjumma mentioned that Mok could consider himself as a Angel of Death. I would say that he is acting as God who has the right to punish women for their "sins". I couldn't help myself smiling (because of the irony): Mok wanted to use the ink as an evidence for the existence of a second killer, but he failed because he didn't know that JYH was related to the chemical company!! At some point, he will become desesperate: HE IS THE REAL KILLER. JYH is just a copycat, a crazy man who kills women without any reason. However, he is wrong in this statement: ShinJY proved that there is a reason behind his killing, even if it is a weird one. JYH is different: he kills women because he wants to kill his mother. The fact that she sent him to that mental institut was a huge betrayal for him. He hates her so much because for him, she is the reason why he became like that. Right now, I am wondering about the sister. JYH kept saying that she smiled and gave him the impression that she enjoyed being strangled. Who is the sister? In my opinion, she is important. I am also wondering if she isn't the one who had a negative influence on her brother. Striking is that the mother and sister don't live together and we saw no picture of the daughter at the mother's house. I had the feeling that the sister had cut ties with her mother as well. I can understand why PKH reacted like that in front of SJY. His reproach was true, even she admitted it. However, I was kind of surprised how naive and stupid SJY was to use herself as bait without telling anyone about it. She almost risked her life for nothing. Her plan would have been good, if she had worked with the police. I can imagine her reasons for doing so: she knew that KSJ and PKH would never allow her to be used as bait. I really love this drama: the episodes are so well written and really tense. Besides, it is interesting to see the reasoning behind a serial killer. Since he expresses his thoughts and point of view, we can observe him from a different perspective. So far, SJY has not realised the true motives behind the killing from 30 years ago. @chocolatefruitnutOnly PKH travelled to the future. Mok didn't and we can come to this conclusion because of his relationship with KSJ. Both seem to be very close and as such, this relationship was built over time. Mok didn't see PKH's face in the tunnel, when he attacked him because it was rather dark. Therefore he can not recognise him. @LyraYoo Since it is based on a true event (unsolved serial killing in Hwaesong), I am doubting that PKH can go back to the past in order to apprehend Mok in 1986. I am more and more convinced that the time travel only happened once. PKH is the only one who experienced it. If the writer uses it as a one supernatural event, he doesn't need to give any more explanation. He just uses it as a mystery without any good explanation. It happened and that's it. Therefore if the reason is to catch the culprit, it doesn't necessarly mean that once they caught the serial killer, PKH can go back to the past. Actually, I wouldn't mind if there is no real explanation for the time travel and it is left as a mystery. Anyway, I had already declared before, I would even prefer if PKH remains in 2017 because changing the past would diminish the importance of the events in 2017 because KSJ might no longer be a cop aso. Changing the past would affect the future and I like this drama because of the interactions between PKH, KSJ, SJY and SJJ.
  12. My dear chingu, thanks for calling me "Sunbae"!! I am fine. So no problem, I'll tag you in my next posts. The name of the actor playing MSJ is Yun Jung Hoon. Yes, I like him as an actor. In my opinion, MSJ will fight at some point against the congressman Kim. First, he is relying on him but we could also witness how upset the congressman Kim became for becoming the tool of MSJ. The latter is after the slush fund, just like Kim and the NIS. After watching the episode 2, it is clear that MSJ had tried to kill YUG in the past (car accident). In my opinion, he tried to get rid of a rival, as he wanted SME as his wife. I also noticed that YUG looked quite young (different actor) which means that the jealousy of MSJ is quite old. Although YUG acts like a playboy on the surface, he has never allowed anyone to enter his heart: SME could never be replaced. The fact that he still doesn't do his own kissing scenes is another illustration for his "lingering feelings" for her. He has mixed feelings: mad, upset but he is still missing her. The other fake image is his superficiality. People might think that he is self-centered and spoiled. Yet he has no problem to take care of CDH (piggyback; he pointed out to KSW that he was treating CDH badly). So he is very close to CDH and listens to her a lot too. In the end, he is not superficial at all. Just like Ghost agent K, he has created a fake image of himself. @triplem @sava2sava@Lady_Fay @zagigirl@nonski
  13. @Lady_Fay I am glad that you're watching it too!! @lclarakl About the chemistry between KSW and CDH: So far, it is normal that some might say that they are missing some chemistry because CDH is definitely not into KSW. Actually, I find it very telling that CDH is not falling for Ghost agent K. Unlike his Hungarian fiance, she is aware that his smile and his good looks are just a façade. For her, KSW is like a ghost, an image, whereas she loves YUG, not just the actor but also his personality. While YUG is selling a certain image as actor, CDH knows his weaknesses and his pain quite well. She thinks that she is just a fan, but that's not entirely correct. She is acting like his mother (scolding and forbidding) and his sister ("oppa"). It is a combination between them. As for KSW, he is actually annoyed by her behaviour because she is the first one who doesn't fall for his tricks, but who also pays attention to his moves and conversations. She is the only one who sees the man and not the ghost!! That's why KSW is perceiving her differently. Her indifference and her wish to get rid of him are new to him. Agent K has never been used to it. As conclusion she sees the man, while in the past, all the women only saw the ghost, since KSW could easily create an illusion of love and interest. No one was really interested in him, in his personality aso. CDH is doing the opposite: she wants to figure him out. Moreover, she picked his interest because she acts like an agent from the secret service: - mission: getting rid of the bodyguard - hiding behind curtains in order to listen to his phone calls - following him (pickpocket) and even taking pictures of him meeting YUG's ex-girlfriend - paying attention to YUG's surroundings (she saw KSW taking pictures of her and YUG) - she even runs to the police car in order to help YUG. She is not afraid of putting her life in danger She has definitely a similar behaviour which makes her attractive to KSW. @triplem@supergal99@MiAmour@nonski@sava2sava
  14. @lexicon Thanks for the correction. But if I remember it correctly, the autopsy of the victim from the Haein River was not made by Mok because the body was found in another jurisdiction. I remember that KSJ wanted to see the results and went to that place, but the police from that station stopped him. Moreover, Mok told him that he would look into the autopsy from the Haein River. In the last episode, he visited the person responsible for the autopsy. The woman claimed that the crime looked like the same from the 5 last killings which upset our serial killer Mok. I do think that Mok knows who KSJ really is which would explain why Mok is so close to him. However, KSJ's mother was not the last person he killed therefore his remorse was not so big back then. Later he killed the woman in the tunnel and he had tried to kill a 5th victim (the one who was murdered 30 years later). Yet, I can imagine that the 5th victim survived because killing KSJ's mother must have left an impact on him.