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  1. @jongski You're welcome my dear chingu!! By the way, I've been thinking about PMS's death. We shouldn't forget that PMS threatened to reveal the corruption and as such, he represented a thread to LYB because the real huge benefactor has always been LYB. In my opinion, LYB also used PMS and LCJ to get rid of Il Jae Y., YES's father, as the latter was not corrupt. Since he was the Minister of Justice, LYB knew that his position was in danger and his corruption could be exposed. He had to get rid of him. Since the murder was planned very carefully (the Bluebox video, the suspect an ex-convicted aso), I don't think that it is related to something else: corruption is in the center. Notice that each time, the prosecution office tries to blame an average person... for GY, the son will be accused of the attempted murder, since she has always been his crush and she was an escort girl... maybe they might try to charge the son for patricide as his father was the one who used her (but that's not sure). I am wondering about the nature of the meeting between GY and LCJ at the hotel. She only stayed there for 13 minutes. Too quickly for "sexual services" for my point of view but also her strange expression (the huge smile) made me think that LCJ could have requested a favor from her. Don't forget, her nickname is Bell. So LCJ calls her and sends her to the Yongsan Chief police Kim Woo Kyoon. By sending her to KWK, LCJ had leverage against KWK in case of a betrayal. Notice that LCJ's position is fragile as his father-in-law keeps pressuring him. Even his wife seems to be manipulative and calculating. We shouldn't forget that the detective Kim Soo Chan received a call from his superior (I guess KWK) asking to remove the computer. I do think that LCJ knows, he is moving in dangerous water therefore he is trying to find pawns as security.
  2. @secretlyforyou Yes, people can't grasp DH's true personality because they have this black and white thinking. Either he is a good person or a bad person, while in reality, they forget that nobody is perfect. Even a hero can make mistake and have flaws... or the reverse: a villain can be perceived as someone good because f. ex. he treats his relatives nicely. Moreover, some viewers are not able to differentiate between the appearance and the reality. DH is disguising himself but he shows many layers. When he talked to KEJ, he wasn't lying to him. His words were actually reflecting the truth but due to his behavior, KEJ always interpretated these words as hypocrisie and dishonesty. DH was always hoping that KEJ would be able to see him through, without knowing the whole truth. Finally, reality is often much more complex than people imagine hence once there is a crisis, people have the tendency to find a scapegoat. See f. example, immigrants will be blamed for the economical situation or corrupt politicians aso. That's why I am not surprised by their reaction. DH is indeed a fascinating character, I even prefer him to JSJ who is far too emotional. By using her gun against YSW, it was clear that she had lost the fight against YSW.
  3. I agree with @glee77. I can understand why he is feeling so guilty. He was watching the student with that little girl and he was the closest person who could have prevented it. Yet, how could he imagine that YSW would push the girl from the roof? The student had no record at all and was a popular student with good grades aso. How could he suspect that the boy would act like that all of the sudden? This is not his fault. This has nothing to do with being blind due to revenge. There is no way, he could have foreseen this turn of event. @blademan As for being the spy, KEJ took the blame instead of DH. After he realised that he had been betrayed by the congresswoman who has now joined forces with YSR, KEJ got aware that he should make up for his huge mistake. IF he declares, he is the spy, then DH is off the hook... moreover, KEJ as spy seems so possible, as he knew SJ very well.
  4. Due to the appeal of the DS arson case and HJ's case, CYJ has realised that the DA would never admit the wrongdoing of the prosecution. Therefore I can imagine that CYJ might leak to JEH and NJW some info!! By the way, I believe, the DA and other prosecutors are selected and nominated by the authorities... hence I can imagine that DA Jang has some connections!
  5. My dear ching, I believe that you made some mistake. Choi JS and Park Dong Seul were the prisoners and Jin Byung Joon was the medical doctor who signed their death certificate. The latter was a friend of Park Dong Seul. Since he operated on Lee Yong Sub and others (harvesting organs) and he even signed the death certificates, we can assume that he had studied medicine. I believe that the cause of LSH's anger towards JDC is not so simple: cops refused to help him in the past (flashback) and abandoned him. I think, there is another reason: LSH is mad because JDC exposed his daughter to danger by giving her to Sanyoung Bio Research Group. While JDC thinks, it was to save her life, in reality it is clear that SY's treatment is used for something else. The conversation between the chaebol girl and the "Big Boss" clearly indicated in the last episode that the stem cell treatment had another purpose. Yet, since the young woman had to choose between the stem cell treatment (SY) and the organs with the unique medicine, she chose the latter implying that this would cause SY's death. Cutting the white rose symbolised death, and white was another allusion to innocence and purety (child)! Hence I believe that LSH is in fact protecting her from that horrible company. They knew about LYS's murder but they didn't care for a long time, until they realised that this doctor had developped a medicine that would help f. ex. to stop rejection reaction by organ transplants. While the cloning research was a failure (LSJ and LSH are both suffering and can't live long), they made a new discovery: the organ transplant. So far, a donated organ can never last so long , for example the average life-span of a transplanted kidney is twelve years for a deceased donor kidney, and about 15 years for a living related transplant. Remember that PDS has kept the kidney for more than 20 years!! So he has no sign of rejections until now. That's the reason why they are after LYS's organs. Back then, they didn't know that LYS was injecting himself a new medicine. They need his organs in order to find out the nature of this medicine. Imagine the huge amount of money, once they can recompose LYS' medicine: the rejection reaction after an organ transplant disappear and the patients can live much longer and even a normal life, like PDS.
  6. @sharreb @stroppyse After watching the episode, it is clear that NJW is acting differently towards EBH after the discovery. He kind of keeps his distance and even EBH feels it. However, at the end of the day, he is able to put an end to his turmoil. But I am confident that this will push NJW to investigate his father's case. Bang only read the file on EBH's father... I hope, CYJ confides to NJW about the arson case!! Now the conversation between DA and CYJ triggered in me a new thought: what if DA Jang saw his son's murder as a revenge from EBH because Jang was the one who declared her father guilty for assault and arson/murder. Yet, he couldn't admit it to anyone because if so, his mistake from the past would have been revealed: the assault case. We shouldn't forget that he once declared that he tried to find out if his son's death was a revenge against him. We know that his favourite motivation for a crime is revenge (how stupid and simple-minded!!).
  7. I agree that it was nice to see him smile. This episode was the best. I liked it very much how the suspicion against HSM got resolved with just one short testimony, how he and HYJ are working together, how YES and HSM even started working together as well... I don't mind a romance but in the sense that HYJ gives HSM the family vibe he has been missing all his life. LCJ got promoted right just after GY's accident. So PMS's death and the attempted murder could be related to LCJ's career. I am wondering why LYB chose LCJ as son-in-law. Maybe he knows deep down that the man is not ruthless enough but clean enough to give a good image of the prosecution. Moreover, LCJ seems be like a puppet of LYB hence he can benefit from it. Notice that LCJ was Il Jae Y.'s student and hoobae for 10 years, indicating that he was rather a clean and righteous person. So maybe LYB wants use LCJ for his dirty tricks and deals. LCJ benefited from the two crimes, yet I am suspecting that people around him are trying to "protect him" for their own profit and interests. We know for sure that PMS's son liked GY but he is trying to hide it. But then since we could see that DJ found GY before HSM and he had his phone, the question is: did he hurt her to silence or did someone else hurt her? From my point of view, PMS's son might become the scapegoat for GY's attempted murder.
  8. @valleryrose @panda08 I don't think that the DA Jang tried to brainwash NJW because he was in reality the real perpetrator. For me, this wouldn't fit with the scene where the DA looks at the picture of EBH's father and adds that it was revenge. The way he talked to himself indicated that he was trying to reassuring himself, that he had judged the situation correctly. He had done no mistake at all. From the way I see it, when DA Jang was with NJW, he was just influencing him, reassuring him that he had found the real culprit. Justice had been done, he had found the perpetrator. Moreover, this wouldn't fit with the DA Jang's words: "You probably think you corrected the prosecution's mistake... and brought justice. No, that's where you are wrong. YOU are the one who made a huge mistake, just like your father". His father died because he made a mistake by correcting a mistake made by the prosecution. Sure, DA Jang planted a fabricated evidence but like NJW said, back then they had no real evidence, only circumstantial evidences! He wanted to make sure that she wouldn't be acquitted due to lack of evidence. For me, the DA JAng is really terrible because he judges people too quickly and allows "circumstantial evidences" to cloud his judgement. He is not really seeking for truth, he just wants to find a culprit very quickly and ends up finding scapegoat!!
  9. First of all, I would like to thank you for the compliment. I also read your last posts with a huge interest! When the drama started, I had always thought that DA Jang must be directly responsible for the death of NJW's parents. But now, I have changed my mind: I would definitely prefer, if DA Jang had never committed such a crime. For me, if his only "sin/crime" was to be a poor investigator and prosecutor, it would be "better" because this is even more infuriating. DA Jang appears to be worse if he is not a corrupt prosecutor. If a prosecutor is corrupt, it is easy to reveal his wrongdoings, but if his way of thinking and working is totally wrong (jumping too quickly to wrong conclusions), it is much more difficult to make the person admit his wrongdoings. It is more than just consumming much more time and energy, in order to make DA to realise how wrong he is, they need to reveal all the causes and effects. Once NJW and EBH reveal to him the real attributable causes of HJ's death: - First HJ was there at the wrong place and at the wrong time - Secondly it was too because DA Jang allowed perpetrators to get scot-free, this might open his eyes. I can't forget JHS's words: "I wouldn't have come this far, if people like you had done your job properly in the first place. I'm only becoming like this because you guys keep locking up the innocent and letting go of the ones who are truly guilty." Imagine if these words are the reason why HJ got killed in the end. For DA Jang, EBH was the culprit... but when NJW and EBH prove that there is more than just one murderer involved, this could be the start for DA Jang to question himself and his belief. Notice how simple-minded he is, when it comes to resolve a crime. For him, there is only one perpetrator and one motive (revenge) for all the crimes he had analysed! And as soon as he gets a testimony, he is convinced of the culpability. Yet this picture proves that a testimony can not be a real evidence, especially if the questions were misleading or influencing the witness. That's why in my opinion, DA Jang is even worse than JHS in the end. First, he is the attributable cause for JHS' revenge ("I wouldn't have come this far, if people like you had done your job properly in the first place. I'm only becoming like this because you guys keep locking up the innocent and letting go of the ones who are truly guilty."). If he had done his job properly, all this killing wouldn't have happened. Then if my theory is correct (the real culprit for the death NJW's parents is the other taxi driver who assaulted the client), the DA's action to convict an innocent and let the real culprit scot-free was the attributable cause for another crime!! The conclusion is that he never stopped a crime from happening again with his belief (find as soon as possible a culprit and even if an innocent is convicted), he even caused more damages!! Moreover, he never allowed anyone to criticise or question the prosecutor office which indicates how superficial and vain he is!
  10. @trollasticwives I agree with you that he will start investigating the past of EBH's father first and starts questioning about his parents' death. But let us imagine that the perpetrator is linked to a case where DA Jang sent an innocent to jail, while he let the real perpetrator run free and he discovered that NJW's father was investigating the case, he thought, he had to stop him!! Let us imagine that it was the real culprit of the assault!! The man could commit a crime twice without getting caught. Imagine the frustration of NJW and EBH, when they discover this!! In the end, DA Jang could be blamed for their parents' death!! Moreover, this would prove his incompetency once again, because if he had really investigated (f. ex. phone calls of NJW's father), he would have found out that there could be another suspect.
  11. @mikmik The guy who caused HS's accident knew what HS was up to. Look, he was waiting for HS in front of his appartment. Once JEH told him about KCH's disappearance, Yang's and LJH's death, he realised what it meant. Someone was getting revenge. Somehow, he must have found out that HS was following him in the first place after meeting JEH. I don't believe for one minute that HS would have asked him for help, since he hadn't planned that someone would fabricate an evidence and would call CYJ. Then it is pretty clear about what happened in the past: EBH's father was accused of assaulting a drunk client and he was convicted. The client had designated him as the taxi driver, but later he told EBH's father that he couldn't remember anything. Back then, if the prosecutor office had done his job properly, they would have checked out that he was not driving that night. He was convicted based on the testimony, pressured by the prosecutor in charge of the case which was DA Jang. When EBH's father begged the prosecutor Jang, he wanted him to reopen his case in order to prove his innocence as he had lost his job due to that conviction. However, prosecutor Jang never agreed to it. Hence it is clear that EBH's father might have asked NJW's father. I don't think that prosecutor Jang even fabricated evidence to have EBH's father convicted. He just used the testimony of the victim as major evidence. Since for him, justice has been done, he saw no reason why he should help him to clear his name. Like @trollasticwives has already pointed out, NJW's father believed in the innocence of EBH's father therefore he called him to his house. How come that he knew where NJW's father was living? But when he arrived, he saw the fire and NJW's father hurt, he first rescued NJW and his mother (who died later at the hospital), while he died trying to save NJW's father. Since NJW's father was lying on the floor hurt, we can conclude that he had been attacked before. So it was definitely arson in order to get rid of the evidence. Since they found the body of EBH's father, they had a suspect. He had a criminal record (assault) and in the DA's eyes, he had hatred for prosecutors, since they had him lost his job. That's why he said to NJW: "You probably think you corrected the prosecution's mistake... and brought justice. No, that's where you are wrong. YOU are the one who made a huge mistake, just like your father". The words illustrate two things: - NJW's father was a prosecutor who would help people who had been wrongly convicted - DA JAng thought that NJW's father died because in the end, he wanted to help a criminal and the latter only used this as a weakness to kill him as he felt hatred for the justice system. We shouldn't forget that Jang mentioned "revenge" while looking at the picture of EBH's father. For him, everything was pointing out to the culpability of EBH's father (he was there at the wrong time, just like EBH). Since he had died, he could no longer defend himself. Besides, DA Jang never questioned NJW as a witness, he only used the picture of EBH's father by telling him that the man was the culprit. This scene underlines how badly DA Jang did the investigation. NJW was at the office for questioning, yet in the end, there was no interrogation of a witness. He only showed a picture of the man and made a statement. I assume that this MO happened too, when the assault of the drunk client happened. He showed a picture to the client and the one agreed to it. This explains how simple-minded DA Jang is: circumstantial evidences, no alibi and that's it. He is a culprit. He jumps to the wrong conclusions as he wants to close the case as soon as possible. In his mind, he gave justice to the victims since he found a culprit. @bongsoonie @kimnabong@onlysb1 @supergal99@bonuibonui@attriste@nonski@Dhakra, @sharreb@triplem@moreenke, @sakura2016, @Bizertine, @athena22 ,@Visually-wandering, @hennybird@evie7@fattyfingers
  12. @dito I have to disagree with you. A lot of people knows about CEO Park's bribes, since many were involved in the corruption: DJ, LCJ, his father-in-law Lee YB, the Yongsan police station chief Kim Woo Kyoon, I also suspect Lee Yun Jae (LCJ's wife). Then we have Yoon SE who knew about it as well. Then we have this detective who was asked to take away the laptop. Sure, HSM knew that Kim Soo-Chan was not receiving bribes from Park, but since the latter was asked to remove an evidence from the crime scene, KSC could have realised that Park was somehow involved with police and prosecutor office. I find very striking that DJ is so determined to get rid of HSM by any means. Now, he sees an opportunity to make HSM the culprit for GY (or MA) as DJ views him as a permanent thread. HSM is different from him because he never accepted anything from CEO Park therefore he has to ruin HSM's career or even destroy the man. Since LCJ is asked by his father-in-law to go forward in his career, he needs people around him as pawns so that he can use them to his advantage. Yet, since HSM is not corrupt, LCJ knows deep down that this prosecutor is a double-wedged weapon: HSM can help him to get further in his career or he can put an end to it. That's why he is not entirely abandoning him right now. Sure, now HYJ is wondering if HSM could be involved in the corruption system and might have been blackmailed by MA/GY. He is the one who revealed to her about the bribes Park was giving to prosecutors. Honestly, I am doubting LCJ's words because the scene filmed from his point of view doesn't correspond to the scene we were shown in an earlier episode. While LCJ said that he knew, it was a trap, I am doubting that LCJ resisted to the temptation. Moreover, we know for sure that SDJ was trying to find her as she represented a thread to LCJ. Just because we see HSM acting as the culprit, we shouldn't doubt him at all. He is just trying to reconstruct the crime. Since he has no idea about the culprit's identity, he is trying to put himself in the perpetrator's shoes. In my opinion, since the murder of PMS was planned very carefully (the perfect scapegoat was found, a former criminal; then we have this Bluebox video "indicating" that the victim was not dead, when KJS arrived at the house, the killing of the dog), it seems to me that the murderer is not working alone. He has an accomplice because how would he know that DJ was looking for MA, just like HSM? Notice that both left the prosecutor building at the same time and YSE was a witness. Moreover, how would the criminal know that HSM used that weapon in order to reconstruct how PMS was killed? The timing was not right either. The culprit was waiting for MA to leave the house indicating that he knew, she would disappear and he knew where she lived. This time, he had less time to get rid of her, which explains why he left her thinking that she had died. However, her attempted murder was planned too because the person knew that the house was empty and he knew which knife he should use. Maybe there was a CCTV that the police hadn't noticed. These are no coincidence. What surprised me is that the moment HSM is suspected of being the murderer, YSE appears and explains her whereabouts the night before PMS was killed. Why did she decide to reveal it now? HSM asked her to wear those files in order to see if she was the one who killed GY/MA. That's why he used the same string and I am sure that weight of the files corresponded to the weight of the MA's body. However, she was unable to move those files, this means that she couldn't be the one who moved MA's body in the bathtub. She knew that he suspected her with PMS's death, yet why did she reveal it now, after MA's murder? @maddymappo@jongski @LyraYoo@UnniSarah@titania1000@ross27
  13. No, LSJ and LSH are clones and the doctor's stem cells were used to create them. Right, LSH is looking for the organs that belonged to LYS because he knows that he needs organ transplants if he wants to live. He wants all the 5 organs that were stolen from LYS. Since LSH and LYS have the same stem cells, the rejection is not a problem. However, MR is doubting that a surgery of 5 organs is even possible to do!! So far, I am not lost at all. Nevertheless, I was quite mad at JDC because he didn't confide to LSJ. On the other hand, JDC told LSH that he would do anything for LSH for his daughter, whereas in reality, he wanted to find someone who was important to LSH. Once he got his hands on PDS, he has now leverage against LSH.
  14. Our doctor's name is Lee Yoon Sub and he wasn't a nice person either. He used CSJ and Park DS as cobayes for tests. They thought that they only needed to lie down for 6 months but in the end, they were treated like rats (chained on a bed and no liberty to move freely, moreover they stayed there more than 6 months. No wonder why they got so cruel towards the doctor. But I am in no way supporting their action: killing a man by taking out his organs is cruel and gruesome!!
  15. Yes, I am quite sure that once HSM is sure that she is not responsible for PSM's death, they will come to an understanding. Both want the same thing in the end: justice and destroy that web of corruption. I hope, HSM receives help from LYJ because we know for sure that she hates her husband. Her hugging was not honest at all. She was forced to marry LCJ, since it was a deal made between her father and LCJ.