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  1. The fact that WHM lied about BSP's death could be a clue that he could have lied about HJY's death as well, too afraid that he might get punished for failing his task. The detective had a car accident, so the driver could have died in the car accident hence there was no one to confirm that WHM had failed in his task.
  2. @chickenchopflipflop83 Actually, BSP decided to return to Gisung the moment he received the notebook. Remember, he received a delivery and the sender is unknown. To me, it looks like HJY's mother is still alive but she waited for the right moment. Only after reading the content of the black notebook, BSP met HJY at the court, where she lost her case. HJY's mother could be alive Maybe he didn't know the identity of the woman back then, until he received the notebook. He was so young and his uncle couldn't go to Gisung because his sister didn't want her son to return to that town.
  3. @triplem@sava2sava @evie7 @UnniSarah @Dramanoona @nonski @alekaonu @Mau_Cherry Finally, the episodes were released with subtitles, although I have to point out that different sentences are still missing. But okay, it is better than nothing. Now that I have watched the first two episodes, I can tell that the story isn't just well written but also very creative therefore it gives the opportunity to write a deep analysis of the characters and the story. From the start, the main villain is not really hidden. Sure, in the first episode the judge CMS is described in the news as a role model and perfect judge. She has a perfect reputation: she was nominated three times to become a judge at the Supreme Court but she refused this position therefore this reinforced her strong popularity. By turning down three times such a job opportunity, she appears to be humble, loyal and dedicated to justice. She is even internationally famous because there is an article about her in the Asian version of Times magazine. Yet, we have to pay attention how CMS is introduced. Her name is mentioned in connection to the murder of Gisung's mayor which is actually a bad event. Striking is that the sun is shining when CMS is introduced but more importantly, her face is not shown during this good presentation, the camera is actually focused on BSP. From my point of view, here the writer created a certain contrast. In the beginning, BSP was shown as a dangerous driver, then later as a reckless lawyer and fighter. His introduction gave the impression that BSP was rather a bad guy. BSP seems to be a corrupt and ruthless lawyer, whereas CMS seems to be the faithful and modest judge. Nevertheless the connection between the sun/daylight and CMS caught my attention, especially after witnessing this scene: Here, CMS is shown climbing stairs where at the top the statue of Lady justice is standing. The first picture above is quite interesting because behind the statue we can see a building which resembles a temple. It was as if Lady justice was worshiped in this temple. To me, this scene without any dialog is far from being obsolete, because it explains quite well CMS's personality. In my opinion, this can be interpreted in many ways. On the surface, it symbolizes her actual life and path. She seems to have dedicated her life to Lady justice. Yet the action of climbing stairs shouldn't be overlooked. It also represents her rise to power. Moreover, I have the impression that she sees herself as Lady Justice and sun. She is the one who decides who has to live or to get punished. (In a later episode, she decides to have BSP and his mother killed) Since she is shown climbing stairs during the day, it reinforces this idea that CMS's life as judge dedicated to justice is fake and just an illusion. Why ? Because this scene doesn't end with her standing next to Lady Justice, she actually walks away from the statue (picture 2) Her turning away from Lady Justice explains that her true goal has never been to achieve real and true justice. She uses the law for her own interest. The law is her weapon. Look at the statue of Lady Justice, she has a sword in her hand! CMS gave the impression of a fair and humble judge which she never was. Since she is shown next to Lady Justice, this could be seen as the pinnacle of her career and life. She has reached the peak of her life and career. CMS has achieved what she really wanted: to become the real owner of Gisung hence she doesn't want to leave this town. However, her turning way from Lady Justice should be considered as a turning point in CMS's life. The fake image of herself as a good judge is about to be unveiled and her power to be destroyed. To me, this scene indicates that CMS's reign is about to fall apart. We are about to assist to her downfall because she won't be able to keep the illusion. Striking is that the town Gisung is also introduced with such a contrast to CMS. Gisung seems to belong to another world, since BSP needs to cross a bridge in order to enter Gisung. Usually, a bridge embodies the connection between two different worlds. Moreover, it is surrounded by a thick fog. His "brother" even notices this: "I've never seen a fog like this before. I feel like I am in Heaven". However, BSP doesn't reply to this comment. This is not surprising because this fog gives me more the impression that you are about to enter Hell and not Heaven. Then the next camera shot emphasises that Gisung is not a paradise, rather like a net where it is almost impossible to escape. The entrance of Gisung seems to be so tiny and small due to the cables and wiring. It really looks like a prison. That's why CMS is able to shine so brightly in Gisung. In this "world" where the fog is so heavy, people are looking for the sun. The sun appears to shine more brightly in a dark world as it gives people some hope. In a world, where despair and crimes are ruling, people are looking for a person who can give hope which is CMS. Since she considers herself as the sun, even mistaking herself as a Goddess (related to Lady Justice), this underlines that she is somehow delusional. Her real and true nature is revealed at night. I also noticed that her true personality is also connected to rain, the opposite of the sun. In reality, she brings death, despair, pain and injustice. BPS's mother and HJY's mother were killed during a rainy night. This is no coincidence. The reality is that CMS is a goddess of death, rather being Lady Justice. NamSJ is actually her shadow. She knows the true personality of CMS: the latter is a thug and crime lord disguised as a judge. Unlike CMS, NSJ is behaving the total opposite. She doesn't care about giving a good impression. For her, pretense is obsolete. She likes power and she doesn't care about good manners as well. What matters to her the most is power and she has no problem to abuse her power (see the scene with the slapping). Since she knows that she can never be CMS's successor (she doesn't have the education for that) she wants her daughter NJH to become CMS's spiritual daughter so that NJH can get her legacy. On the other hand, CMS wants to be seen as a mother by HJY. She prefers HJY over NJH because she sees that HJY has a huge sense of justice. In my opinion, there are many reasons why CMS takes care of HJY and keeps encouraging her. CMS could be feeling sorry towards HJY as she is the one responsible for her mother's death/disappearance. Nevertheless, I suspect that CMS could have been different in the past, similar to HJY but she might have been forced to become like this due to her father. Notice that there is a strong connection between CMS and her father: the picture of them at Ha's studio and it was mentioned in the interview. Another observation is that CMS seems to be quite genuine with HJY. She complained how uncomfortable she feels, when she wears the judge robe. This remark is not anodine: CMS expresses her real discomfort and it is related that she needs to act like a fair judge all the time. Faking to be a good judge represents a huge burden in the long run. On the other hand, CMS can not entirely be herself around HJY because she wants to keep HJY as her most fervent fan. She knows that HJY worships her and this is important for her. She needs this in order to feel less guilty and less burden. Only BPS knows the real face of CMS but he can not tell HJY directly that "all that glitters is not gold". She needs to discover it herself as she has been manipulated and "brainwashed" for such a long time. In order to destroy a "false religion", you need to reveal the true face of that religion: the crimes committed behind people's back. Here are my final words: sun and gold are similar hence this "Golden City project" is linked to CMS.
  4. @Lmangla I liked too that HSJ decided to refuse to take the job as she came to realize that OJD meant much more to her than her dream. We shouldn't forget that she had this dream before she met OJD. Moreover, she got aware that her dream job was just an illusion. She was confronted by reality. Working for a broadcast company is not so fun, when you see what kind of people you are dealing with. But it was good that she worked for that company for a few days because she could quit without having regrets. Even having this dream job, she came to see that her life hadn't changed that much from before: she wouldn't eat properly and would be stressed all the time. She would be so under pressure that she wouldn't be not able to enjoy life as it is. If she had given up this job before working like that, this could have led to resent: blaming OJD for losing this job opportunity. Hence she was forced to find a way how combine both ways of life. She is freelance hence she can choose her own projects.
  5. The ending was good because we were shown their life after the marriage. However, there was one thing that bothered me: the scene on the bed after the wedding ceremony. Both were so shy and argued the time about to go to bed, while in reality they were supposed to be so eager to have ... This looked so unrealistic. Then I was disappointed that HIP didn't go to jail and could still have some influence.
  6. @nonski I wish you a good recovery. Have you noticed that in the last episode YW visited CKS at home ? This outlines how YW is getting closer to CKS.
  7. Thanks a lot for the compliment. By the way, KBR didn't know that LYC was an orphan. However, I believe that she knew (from her sister) that t LYC was suicidal hence she decided to act as KBH
  8. That's what I have been thinking. At some point, KBR could have switched her place. I noticed that LYC met KBH in a church therefore she was there to pray. Your observation about the mannerism makes me think that LYC was meeting KBR and not KBH. About the words... maybe KBR read it in KBH's diary.
  9. I don't think, he will kiss her too. This is definitely too soon. On the other hand, I appreciate your observation that LYC might be attracted to KBR because of KBH. However, she denied to have said the name KBH, then it was never mentioned again in front of him. Later he dismissed the possibility that the necklace might be the one he offered to KBH. Nevertheless, it came to my mind that KBR could have played KBH in the past. We should be careful. I have the impression that since LYC can not recognize faces, he might have mistaken KBR for KBH. KBR said that she knew LYC, hence she met him before. It could be possible that he offered the necklace to KBR thinking that she was KBH. Do you understand what I mean? KBH could have died and KBR replaced her, until she felt so burdened and decided to cut ties with him. The red mole on the neck will be the clue that she could be the one LYC has been looking for. And this leads us to the next question: when will he realize that he loves KBR and not KBH?
  10. @4evrkdrama You're welcome. Actually, I have the impression that LYC will ask KBR because in the preview, he explains the situation with the kiss to KBR. He wanted her not to misunderstand him. Moreover, the fact that he visits her house is another clue that he worries so much about her. Since DJ is around her, he is afraid that KBR might fall for DJ. Then when MTR proposes to become his girlfriend, this might be the trigger for him to go after KBR. About the significance of the name: KBH as the older sister... I like this idea very much. This would explain why KBR never replied to the SMS and why in the heat of the moment, she mentioned KBH. Then I would like to outline that MTJ has already lied to KBR: he asked her not to mention KBH's name because LYC had been deeply hurt. In reality, LYC is still looking for KBH and has never forgotten her. He doesn't resent her for disappearing from his life. The partner gave KBR a different impression.
  11. @AlexandraReid @dramaninja I watched the jdrama and the writer has changed different things like KBR knew LYC before. In the original, "LYC" is searching for his mother and he had never met her before. Actually, I like the changes because there are still elements of surprise (like the kiss f. ex.). Moreover, LYC has already softened, while in the original it took him longer. As for the kiss, I wasn't surprised since MTR is such a straightforward and impatient woman. The day she arrived from abroad, she wanted to meet LYC and thought, he would remember her. Then on the same day, she invited herself to LYC's home by using her brother. The very next day, she tries to meet him again. Since he visited her gallery, she knew that she had to speed up in order to make sure that he would remember her. Since he can not remember her face, he will remember her kiss, that's what she thought. Her brother is the total opposite, he is more the quiet person who waits and tries to do something through the backdoor. He helped KBR through his connection (interview at Taesang). However, I sense that LYC will snatch KBR from him because he is more direct and straightforward. LYC hired KBR directly and I am sure, he will be the one who proposes to KBR to go out with him. LYC might be suffering from prosopagnosia but he is observing the womanizer DJ. He can somehow recognize KBR, even from far away as he pays attention to her clothes and he knows where her desk is. I have been thinking about the name of Kim Boo Hong... maybe it is her brother's name.
  12. @stargazer187 I had already posted on this thread before but last week I was so busy that I could only watch the episodes on Sunday. The episodes from this week were interesting because YW and CKS were facing a similar situation: CKS criticised YW for being too emotional hence he lost the mock trial. However, YW argued that CKS was not different from him too. His emotions are clouding his judgement and YW was right. Besides, I paid attention to the words HY and CKS used, when they described YW. They said that he was weak, naive, not competent and not qualified. Striking is that CKS was also described as naive. He used to be naive, genuine and passionate in the past. Moreover, CKS mentioned that he was having a hard time due to JH, when prosecutor Oh chose. Oh helped him and JH aso. In other words, CKS could be considered as weak too. To conclude, YW and CKS have something in common: emotions (CKS was described as passionate and genuine in his early career), naivety and a certain weakness: easily influenced. YW was also under the bad influence of his friend. Besides, the focus of this week was the relationship of mentor and mentee. OBW manipulated and even used CKS. His speech about "fighting the bad guys" was really telling. Oh was trying to portray himself as a good guy, like David fighting against Goliath and CKS believed in him. But like YW pointed out, this speech was in the end a huge lie. Oh was a corrupted prosecutor and the first case CKS won as prosecutor was actually manipulated. CKS sent an innocent to jail. CKS misjudged Oh completely as he believed in Oh's speech and words, yet the reality was totally different. As a result of this, we can see the real nature of their relationship. Oh didn't treat CKS like his mentee and child, rather like a pawn and used CKS's trust and heart for his own ambition. Notice that Oh mentioned a lot of time trust which underlines that Oh was actually acting behind his back and went against principles. In YW-CKS's case, it is actually the opposite: YW does act behind CKS's back but he is following moral rules. Moreover, YW is different from CKS because he has no problem to question his mentor's decisions. CKS left the prosecution office because he didn't dare to question his sunbae's integrity or even decisions. He actually ran away. To me, YW's actions illustrates his greatness because he questions things and doesn't just listen to his client. CKS reproached YW to do a background check on the client, yet CKS did it himself as well in the second episode. He used the son of the chaebol to get his deal done. Compare CKS in the first episode and in the episode 9. In the beginning, he refuses to take pro bono cases. Only money matters and in the next episode, CKS decides to correct his mistake from many years ago. I don't perceive YW's loss at the mock trial as a real loss because it was not a real trial. He realized that JN was actually suffering. CKS might have won all his cases as a prosecutor but it doesn't mean that justice prevailed. The fact that YW discovered that Oh manipulated the evidence back then is like a slap in CKS's face... Then we have CKS who is acting as a mentor towards YW. However, he doesn't give any huge speech about justicein contrast to OBW. CKS is quite realistic and pragmatical in his advises. Furthermore, unlike his own mentor OBW, CKS doesn't give him any real direction what kind of lawyer he has to be. In their last conversation, CKS tells YW that the latter is the one who chooses his own place. YW can choose the pattern of his card. He doesn't want to form him after his own image. This illustrates that CKS is a different mentor. He gives advises and critics but he lets YW choose and trusts him. The question "why did he choose YW?" makes people wonder, even the viewers. OBW chose CKS because he realized that he was the perfect person to use and manipulate. In YW's case, I have the feeling, he wants to give YW the opportunity to become a good lawyer. While OBW wanted to use CKS for his own career, we have here a reversed situation: he wants to give a real chance for YW. Actually, CKS is endangering his own career, quite the opposite of Oh's situation. In my opinion, there is more than CKS could have seen himself in YW. Sure, CKS used to be naive and genuine too. But I have the feeling that for the first time, CKS met a person who was supposed to be a bad guy (dealing with drugs, police was pursuing him), yet he was able to perceive the good personality. Sure, his knowledge impressed him. As conclusion, YW is teaching a lot to CKS as well. YW is more detail-oriented, questioned more people's decisions and order (due to his hardships aso). When YW will be caught, he will never betray CKS... and here again the opposite situation of OBW and CKS.
  13. [Drama 2016] Signal 시그널

    @liddi Thanks for the great news!! Looking forward for the next season!!
  14. @hyall I liked the beginning of the drama and enjoyed this until the episode 14... From the episode 15 to 18, I waited because I wasn't so sure of the evolution. To me, the story got dragged in the middle... however, it is again much better. I mean, the fact that they tried to create a fake story with JEJ sounded so irrealistic.
  15. @Lmangla I liked how you connected the title "everything has changed, nothing has changed" to the ending. Nonetheless, it was clearly shown that SDC hasn't forgotten his father's advice because he mentioned to OHR that for that he needs a bigger set-up. So the fact that they show up again after some time, leaving a clue behind... is part of the set-up in my opinion.