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  1. @ate@hennybird@songielove@IamMissBookie@beijinhos@quartz13@alex325 Well, I have just finished the last episode and after reading so many comments that it was a disappointing ending... I was afraid of watching it. Sure, it could have been better. I wished, we would have seen another kiss. But it wasn't such a bad ending because we know how the future of everybody looks like. Sure, the acting wasn't the best in the last episode (especially during the chasing), yet I liked how Tang's fate ends. Sure, he dies in a similar way of ZYT's father. Both were chased, one by the police and the other by the loan sharks. Both regretted something... Yet, there is a huge difference between Tang and ZYT's father. One was obsessed with money, while the other was taking care of his family. In the end, QI's fate is tragic: she ends up with nothing and nobody by her side. She lost Uncle Qing and now her father. Since she never had a friend, she is now on her own and has never learnt how to deal with people. With no money, she can't buy people's support. Since her father was so obsessed with money, we can conclude that QI's behaviour can be explained by her father's philosophy. She used money just like him and was upset that she could never be liked like LXN. Striking is that while ZYT acted like a coldhearted and greedy businessman, he has never been like that. Tang who thought that ZYT was similar to him due to his behaviour misunderstood him. He was the total opposite: he used money to punish people and make sure that they got what they deserve. It was entirely selfless... it was in the name of justice, whereas Tang was just a self-centered, greedy businessman with no conscience at all. ZYT had high standards, sure in order to make sure that his plan worked, he lied and manipulated people. However, he never did anything illegal. His ultime goal was to stop that idea of "comfort/thinking about ourselves" that LM mentioned. As conclusion, BYS has become my favourite TW-drama I have ever watched.
  2. Yes, that would be the best scenario and I would really enjoy it. EBW finally gets a mother, even if she knows that CGJ is not her biological mother. We have all witnessed how kind and genuine EBW is, hence she will be happy to see someone claiming to be her mother. EBW resented her mother for abandoning her, yet at some point she was more forgiving. The truth is that EBW has always longed for a mother. Now let us imagine that CGJ goes to EBW's house and meets JY there. What a surprise!!! CGJ will put JY back in her place, when she hears negative comment from JY. Moreover, CGJ could easily tell her what kind of friend CR really is. JY has still no idea about CR's lies. CR never tried to convince OHW to give DM his job back. It would be interesting how OHW will react, when she hears that CGJ claims to be EBW's mother? Will she be like that this?Or will she change her behaviour? Will she look down on EBW even more? If so, I can imagine that CGJ decides to quit her job but makes sure that no one wants to work there.
  3. @Era Ferawati Usually, we keep the avatar of losers for one week! So let keep it that way...
  4. @bohoxstitch Usually, people get upset very quickly because they wished so much to see what they expected and it didn't happen. Yet, the lack of kiss makes sense to me in this episode. Yet physically and emotionally AMH and DBS have become closer. However, like many mentioned it before, even if DBS has moved on from IGD, she is not entirely ready to love AMH. She is inexperienced in that matter. She has just realised that she cares for him so much. Now, she knows what AMH is really feeling for her. She has to take the next step. In the episode 8, with his step he declared that he wanted to change their relationship from friend to lover. Nevertheless, DBS had no idea how much he loves her. Now, she felt it!! @turtle0217 My idea about the bet was: - losers have to change their avatar with BT and thugs (written in it: I lost the bet) - winners have to change their avatar with AMH-DBS: written in it: I won the bet --> (look at my avatar, this was from the last bet for another drama) @athena22 I am here, chingu!! As you can see, 10 people have to change their avatars Episode 9: @Mila Grek @501mony @nonski@arhana@natouuu@minhye1822@sebastian27@lingx2@Carmarie
  5. Here are the bets for the FIRST KISS: Episode 9: @Mila Grek (you're in now!) @501mony @nonski@arhana@natouuu@minhye1822@sebastian27@lingx2@Carmarie Episode 10: @ferily@plappi@athena22@midorinokerochan @bebebisous33 @Visually-wandering@Era Ferawati@emiry32@turtle0217@tianaa@stroppyse@hmseen@Kissy13@febz@Alilla@Wanderlust@penelop3 @ChewyChocolate@WoozyPrincess@SeGafanlady@NhicarT@rocat@Ahpheng@Kasmic@sharreb@isbes83 Episode 11: @happysloth@triplem@carolinedl @tenten0227@greentea3berry@bohoxstitch@Earth2KatyD @dhakra Episode 12: @dimples21@sava2sava@Ana Paula Cionci@USAFarmgirl@MadraRua I have just closed the bet because it would be unfair for the others. So I read the recap that AMH didn't kiss her, although DBS had closed her eyes. However, I noticed two things thanks to the gifs: - she clinched her fist - she only closed her eyes All this indicates a certain passivity and a certain uneasiness which explains why AMH refrains himself. From my point of view, he wants to be loved by her. So far, she hasn't realised her true feelings for him. If there is a kiss, I believe, DBS will initiate it. AMH loves DBS for her energy, her strength... he doesn't want an obedient girl. She would have been kissed because the guy wanted it, but that's not what AMH wants!! Hence I like this scene very much... she is not really ready yet, although she closed her eyes. She is too passive...
  6. Here are the bets for the FIRST KISS: Episode 9: @Mila Grek (you're in now!) @501mony @nonski@arhana@natouuu@minhye1822@sebastian27@lingx2 Episode 10: @ferily@plappi@athena22@midorinokerochan @bebebisous33 @Visually-wandering@Era Ferawati@emiry32@turtle0217@tianaa@stroppyse@hmseen@Kissy13@febz@Alilla@Wanderlust@penelop3 @ChewyChocolate@WoozyPrincess@SeGafanlady@NhicarT@rocat@Ahpheng@Kasmic@sharreb Episode 11: @happysloth@triplem@carolinedl @tenten0227@greentea3berry@bohoxstitch@Earth2KatyD @dhakra Episode 12: @dimples21@sava2sava@Ana Paula Cionci@USAFarmgirl (great emoticon, @USAFarmgirl) Please, tag me so that I can add you on the bet list!! @sharreb Thanks for the compliment!! So don't you want to bet? MODERATOR REMINDER: Please remove the pictures, gifs or videos, when you quote!! I took care of it, but if it keeps being ignored, then you'll get warning points. Please follow soompi rules!
  7. @chasen8888 Thanks again for the recap!! @cattx I agree with you that this daily-drama is quite different from the usual ones. Our OTP has remained a couple for a long time, suffered a lot together but they never wavered for one moment. CR might be on the winning side again (which really upsets me a lot!), but like I wrote before, all these tricks are just Pyrrhos-victories because she is helping the OTP to get closer and closer together. Each hardship they face, they try to help each other. In the end, CR might be in the spotlight, but she has entirely disappeared from WH's world and view. He doesn't even bother to watch her appearance on TV. Finally, I would like to add that this drama is quite well written because it keeps surprising us. Some users had predicted an engagement between CR and WH but so far, it hasn't happened yet and I don't believe that the writer has the intention to use that typical k-ingredient. Then, we thought that CGJ would lie to EBW and act as if she was EBW's mother and we were proven wrong. So in the next episode, CGJ will learn the truth about EJH: her dear friend died in a hit-and-run. She will definitely be upset. The way she looked at EBW was really telling. CGJ kept mentioning EJH to YS in order to frighten her, but wait until she hears about his death... CGJ will be shocked to hear that EBW is YS's daughter and her biological mother is hurting her own daughter!! CGJ won't sit still!
  8. @SeGafanlady Glad that you're joining this thread, chingu! Looking forward for your comments!
  9. Here are the bets for the first kiss: Episode 9: @501mony @nonski@arhana@natouuu@minhye1822@sebastian27 Episode 10: @ferily@plappi@athena22@midorinokerochan @bebebisous33 @Visually-wandering@Era Ferawati@emiry32@turtle0217@tianaa@stroppyse@hmseen@Kissy13@febz@Alilla@Wanderlust@penelop3 @ChewyChocolate@WoozyPrincess@rocat@Ahpheng@Kasmic Episode 11: @happysloth@triplem@carolinedl@tenten0227@bohoxstitch@greentea3berry Episode 12: @dimples21@sava2sava Please, tag me so that I can add you on the bet list!! Thanks for your participation!! The winners use an avatar with DBS-AMH and the losers one with the thugs and BT!! I hope, I didn't miss anyone... @athena22 Thanks for the correction! When I wrote it last night, it was quite late... Yes, I meant BT with TB.
  10. @hazeljrr_c922 Yes, SY became bad because of one decision: working for TQ, while the opposite happened with KSR. Both never really intented to become that way (real villain; Mr. Righteous). However, from the start, SY was portrayed to have a soft spot which underlined that he was not really bad. It just humanised him. For me, the episode 18 was so funny and cute... the best so far.
  11. @nonski@Era Ferawati In my opinion, due to her inferiority complex, DBS couldn't imagine that IGD would love her. Besides, he was the total opposite of her: lazy/hardworking; lost/ knew what he wanted aso. Hence she remained silence. Interesting is that her own brother and her best friend knew all along about her crush for IGD, while IGD was still kept in the dark. Why? From my point of view, even DBG and her friend GS never thought or noticed that IGD would be interested in her. However, when she gathered her courage to confess, it was already too late. IGD was dating someone else. AMH could finally notice that her love was not one-sided because DBS was in danger and IGD started intervening a lot and showing a lot of concern. Only due to this change, AMH was able to read IGD's true feelings. That's why IGD is to be blamed for this situation.
  12. Here are the bets for the first kiss: Episode 9: @nonski@natouuu@minhye1822@sebastian27 Episode 10: @ferily@plappi@athena22@midorinokerochan @bebebisous33 @Visually-wandering@Era Ferawati@emiry32@turtle0217@tianaa@stroppyse@febz@Alilla@Wanderlust@penelop3 (I had problems to add the tags) @ChewyChocolate@WoozyPrincess Episode 11: @triplem@carolinedl@tenten0227 Episode 12: @dimples21@sava2sava Please, tag me so that I can add you on the bet list!! Thanks for your participation!! The winners use an avatar with DBS-AMH and the losers from the thugs with TB!!
  13. @prkyjn smileysThanks a lot for becoming my new follower!!raccooncute-rabbit-emoticon-21.gif?1301940532 Based on your avatar, you're watching SWDBS! Hence: should I tag you in my next long analysis? 


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  14. Here are the bets for the first kiss: Episode 9: @nonski Episode 10: @ferily@plappi @bebebisous33 @Visually-wandering@emiry32@turtle0217@tianaa@stroppyse Episode 11: @triplem Episode 12: @dimples21 Please, tag me so that I can add you on the bet list!! @nonski I agree that DBS can be also blamed that her crush remained like that. Yet, in my eyes, IGD is the one who is the most responsible for that because of his harsh and rude behavior. How can you imagine that he loves you, when he keeps saying that you're lazy, you are good at nothing, aso? I wouldn't even confess to him, if I were in her shoes! Moreover, she did try once to confess, after she had knitted him that scarf, nonetheless she found out that he was already dating someone else. She had no idea about it too. Why should she confess, when he was already with someone else?