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  1. This is the best paper: "Find out who is pocketing the money!" One page for one sentence!! This made me so laugh... GE is also terrific. She doesn't have many scenes but she really shines in these! I love the way the writer is using her.
  2. @shana0127 I agree with you. OHW seems to forget that WH is not the ideal son-in-law due to his health condition. His successful surgery made her forget that his condition can anytime worsen. Moreover, BW can give something precious to WH: a very good reputation. We shouldn't forget that in the past, he used to be arrogant and quite rude so that he damaged HB group's reputation. His mother had to apologise for his rudeness and even the board was not pleased with WH's behaviour. After meeting BW, WH could change his reputation. Because she had helped to catch a thief, WH took the benefit from her good action. An article was published about it as WH was described as a good man, WH was really embarrassed that he took the credit instead of BW. However, if journalists get aware about his relationship with BW, first BW might be described as a golddigger, unless the truth about the thief is revealed. In a long run, WH could be judged as less arrogant and appear as a man who doesn't distinguish people based on their social classes. In my opinion, WH could use the media in order to get more support, especially when he describes how his relationship with BW started.
  3. Another thing I understood: KJ mentioned that something was weird/odd and she was thinking about a sound.
  4. Well, in my opinion, CR is cornering BW more and more but her scheme will only create the opposite result. BW feels uncomfortable in the presence of OHW but WH won't stand it, when he notices that due to CR's moves BW is feeling more and more depressed so that WH will no longer postpone the announcement. CR's goal is to make feel BW so small and little so that BW gives up on WH. What she is underestimating is WH's determination. I can see that WH will propose to introduce BW as his girlfriend to his mother and BW will accept it. Since WH is still hiding it from his mother, CR's attempt is to create a riff between WH and BW, to make her shine as his only good partner aso. But CR didn't listen at all to his words. BW never seduced him and he had a hard time to convince her to date him... the total opposite of her relationship with him!! That's why her tactics are not working on WH in the end. On the surface, she looks like the winner but this victory is just superficial. BW's quarreling with WH is a good thing because this incites him to become more attentive and proactive. WH had even WW on his side at home. The latter agreed with WH's remarks which was pretty interesting. CR had to obey!!! I am hoping that Leech will meet BW soon so that the former can help her, when she realises that BW mistakes her for her biological mother. Leech uses BW in order to get revenge on YS and CR!!
  5. Another great episode... This is the third time that a drama is using this scene from another drama (the man is drinking orange juice and is shocked to hear the big news that he spills the orange juice!! I couldn't help myself laughing. I agree with @hazeljrr_c922 that in this episode, you can catch glimpses of the prosecutor SY. It took him one day to find out where the money was and who had the account. Because of that, I am convinced that SY will switch sides at some point. The moment, the executive director tries to get rid of HK. SY might be now ruthless but he is not a murderer that's why he had asked her many times if Lee had really tried to commit suicide in the earlier episodes. The evolution of the relationship between Park MS and KSR is really interesting. KSR has replaced the CEO as father. He is educating PMS and turning him into the future CEO. We hear in this episode that PMS stopped abusing his company card. However, he is still ignorant about business and accountings. So when SY appeared at the office, KSR was actually teaching him. The chairman complains that PMS is a failure as son and blames him for his bad behaviour. Yet the real responsible is his father (and his mother as well) since they never set any boundaries, too busy working for the company. It is refreshing to see the bonding between KSR and PMS. SY is not aware of that special relationship. He didn't even pay attention to the lie PMS gave him. Now, I would like to talk about KSR and SY's first confrontation at his office. We could sense that SY was really jealous of KSR. Despite his poor social background (criminal past), KSR was able to get the support of JYS. SY was really mad because he had to work hard to gain the CEO's trust. Moreover, he was mad since he felt betrayed. He had the impression that KSR had misled him all this time. He had been working for Jang YS. From my point of view, this revealed SY's trauma. He worked hard as a prosecutor but couldn't really win against the big villains as he had no powerful ally by his side which is the reason he decided to switch sides. However, he is now witnessing that KSR as a "criminal" is working for someone powerful and in such a short time. Finally, KSR is also working for the good side: saving employees. No wonder why SY is trying to do anything to ruin KSR's plan. He can't stand it witnessing someone succeeding where he actually failed. I am glad that GE is working for KSR, but actually she would help much more, if she could place a listening device in SY's office. GE is important because as an intern, she is not controlled like the other employees. No one is paying attention to her. Since she witnesses the director from the Accounting department destroying an important paper, she should focus more on him and SY. IT would be great, if she starts following this director so that she finds out the special relationship between SY and him.
  6. LiangLiang is indeed betraying WJL because she hid AZ from WJL and even treated his wounds. She knows the reason why AZ is doing it. Yet she doesn't stop him. Honestly, I don't like her very much as she is deceiving WJL, while she is always questioning Shen Luo's loyalty.
  7. @eakeeper From my point of view, CR's first moves won't help her to get what she wants: - separate the OTP - get WH So she will have to use more and more vicious moves since each new approach won't help her. In the end, CR will endanger people or even the company. Like for example, she starts spreading rumours about BW that she is two-timing or she is living with SC! Then she will try to get people on her side but AR for example has already perceived BW's kindness so that AR will never side with her. Or she helps the competition at first so that she wants to appear later as the savior. Or even CR might try to hurt BW physically: defect airconditioning at the restaurant like it happened once. Poisoning food and blame BW for that aso. By the way, WK/WW relationship has moved to the next level... so what kind of the hurdles will face the second couple? The lack of success for his musical or they argue about CR's behaviour or people keep badmouthing WW that he is a golddigger? Any idea?
  8. @eakeeper That's what I have been thinking. CR's tricks were never a success in the long run. So for the first time, BW will complain to WH which makes him realise that he needs to protect BW much more. So far, he hasn't really protected her. Notice that at the dinner with the clients (buyers), he couldn't help her as his relationship with BW was hidden. BW felt hurt (you saw her hand on the apron), but she didn't show it later to WH (at the house or outside). This time, BW can't hide it any longer which will force WH to make his relationship with BW official. By announcing it, BW has got a different status. She can no longer be treated by CR like the maid. Sure, after that the pressure will be coming from his mother, however he can stop her. He can put himself between his mother and BW. CR is doing it in order to humiliate BW, to make her feel so low and slow. In the last episode, she created the picture that she was close to WH and his family, since she was in the house. She anticipates, BW will give in after these moves but what CR is forgetting is that WH is totally different. Since he had a hard time to persuade BW to date him, he won't accept BW's resignation. Her complain is actually a good thing because WH will become more proactive. I hope, WK reveals to WH what happened to the sauce. WH had already seen a glimpse of CR's true intention with the dinner but CRazy could convince him otherwise. Yet, this little move of CR (caught in the act) might have a huge impact. I am looking forward for their confrontation... where WH is even more determined and really cut ties with her.
  9. Well, I don't see why CR shouldn't be sent to jail, just because she is suffering from NPD. The reason is that her mental issues has no effect on the ability to distinguish right from wrong. When she hurt BW's father with her car, she was DUI and she knew that she had done something wrong. She definitely knows what is right from wrong. It is different, when someone is suffering from schrizophenia or something similar. In her case, her disorder only makes her use or hurt people in a psychological way as such, she is not breaking any laws or rules. It is different, when she wants to kill someone...At some point, I see her to use such mean in order to get rid of BW. And I was right by the way with my predictions: her move was to make BW look lower than herself and she used the occasion to shine. I hope, WH starts seeing CR in a different way. CR is really dangerous. @chasen8888 Thanks for the recap... I could read it during my lunchtime...
  10. Well, there is another possibility: At the end of the episode, CR shows OHW where BW works and what she does. She wants to make OHW realise that BW is a manual worker which CR considers herself as low. She wants to create a wall and a distance between OHW and BW. By making her visualise what kind of work BW does, OHW can never accept her as her son's wife. She touches meat with her hand... she doesn't look elegant and refined. By manipulating OHW, CRazy hopes that once WH reveals his relationship with BW, OHW will be really upset. Moreover, at the same time she wants to frighten and intimitade BW too. She thinks that BW won't be able to handle the pressure. But there is one thing that CRazy doesn't know. OHW has already met BW and knows about her skills. It would be interesting if CR's scheme doesn't work at all (if this theory is correct) so that she needs to become nasty in order to create an argument between mother and son. Since the meeting is arranged for the weekend, something must happen before with CR's intervention. I really liked this episode because you can see how crazy and delusional CR has become. I am now wondering if CR is not suffering from a narcissic personality disorder. Take a closer look: It does fit her profile and when she met WH, her delusion and disorder increased because PWH is the heir of HB Group, this would have improved her "prestige". I have the impression that CR might really do something terrible... the fact that she yelled, she would kill her twice gave me a chill. Imagine, she tries to kill BW and that's how people discover her crime from the past, while YS had to take the blame for the hit and run first. Imagine CR's face, when she discovers that BW is not just a widow but also a single mother!! Her pride won't stand it. So far, she doesn't know anything about BY. I guess, BY could be the reason why CR and JY disagree with each other because JY really likes BY. I hope, our writer won't go down that road where BW has to suffer so much like at the beginning. I just hope, CR never really wins with her schemes but ends up hurting herself more and more. Because so far, she has not suffered like BW did in the past. Actually, if we look at CR's situation, she is still well off. Even her ex is the one who is punished for her misdeed/low move! I didn't feel sorry for CR at all, even when she is crying. She is not able to feel empathy for others, it is just her pride that is hurt. @finebyme Well, I would prefer WH leaving the house if OHW is so against his relationship with BW. She once threatened WK with it, it would be much more interesting if this happened with WH. Imagine, he would be welcome by FIL/MIL. What really bothers me is that SC is still having this positive image of CR. Even if he warned CR many times, he has always thought, she wasn't such a bad woman that's why his moves weren't just protecting our OTP, but also CR in the end. Hence WH and BW have no idea about CR's true personality. However, he underestimated CR's delusion and true personality, although he was the only one who had to suffer from it many times!! I guess, the slap didn't really wake him up because he has not mentioned CR's past actions yet. SC needs to lose WH's trust, especially when BW is hurt by CR's actions.
  11. I guess, today CRazy might ruin the meeting between OHW, PWH and BW, since WH proposed to have her met his mother. JY was really bothered by PWH's appearance because she had nothing to complain about him. Since JY is doing OHW's make-up, I think, she might talk to OHW about BW later. Anyway, JY and CR will work together.
  12. I don't think that CRazy will succeed, when she barges into OHW's office. PWH is not a pushover. Notice that she didn't ask WH directly about his relationship with BW. She was asking for explanations about his time schedule and whereabouts. From my point of view, WH will scold CR for her manners and behaviour. As her chief director, he is in no obligation to give her any explanation. That's why CR will follow him and see him kissing BW. Since she has no proof and can't make a fool of herself in front of OHW, in my opinion, CR might take a picture of our OTP and show it to OHW. WH's answer about BW can be explained: it is work related.
  13. @dhakra @MiAmour@Prettysup@lexicon I don't think that Mdm Jang is alive for many reasons, if not... she is about to die. This time, MTG didn't know that NST would appear at Fantasia hence he had no time to prepare anything in advance. He had no idea that NST would pop up there. Secondly, NST put MTG under pressure by asking him to meet. He had to leave his father with the politicians. He didn't have much time to meet NST "the dog". Jang saw NST by coincidence and MTG was able to catch her calling the police. Calling the police was dangerous for MTG because if NST had been caught, the latter could have revealed his relationship with MTG and claim his innocence for the last murder case. Ceo Mo has no idea that NST and MTG have been working together behind his back. In my opinion, MTG saw an opportunity to put NST under much more pressure. Since Jang had called the police due to NST's presence and there is a murder scene, NST becomes the perfect target: NST is the killer of JH's wife and GJ's father as well. The question is: why did he hide the body and only left an eye? I guess, since NST had already left the place, the detectives might come to the conclusion that he is the killer from the last case. Last time, he left the body but took the tongue and this time, he does the opposite. MTG is trying to turn NST as a serial killer. So now, where is Mdm Jang? Either still well hidden at Fantasia or MTG was able to bring her (corpse) to his car. MTG knows the place very well. Mdm JAng needs to die because she is the only one who knows about the special relationship between NST and MTG. Hence I believe, we can assume she is dead in the end. MTG needs to get rid of her as witness but he used to her in order to worsen NST's situation who doesn't want to leave the country as asked.
  14. @chasen8888 In my opinion, Leech will try to ruin CR's plan because she really "hates" YS for badmouthing her behind her back. She knows CR and she didn't like how CR laughed about the ripped shirt. That's why I really believe, she will do anything for BW and WH, when she hears that WH dumped CR and has another girlfriend. We shouldn't forget that WH offered her 3 packs and he is not rude to her. It would be great that when GJ meets BW, the latter treats her nicely.
  15. Since Mdm Jang called the police and mentioned that NST was at Fantasia, the murder scene suggests again that Mdm Jang was a victim of NST as she had revealed his whereabouts !!