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  1. Simple question, I am really fascinated to know why people have chosen there names for this site? I chose mine because, I am me and I love myself... I'd love to know why you chose yours.
  2. This thread used to exist before, lets bring it back!How depressed are you today?I would say I am 2/10.
  3. I believe that every day contains at least one happy event, a moment in time that we are thankful for.Even if the day seems to go completely wrong, there is always something to cherish.I know pain, I know shitty days.. It is a rare day that I go without crashing from anger or sadness over something that happens in my life.But I think we all need to remember that there's something worth smiling over, whether it be a sunny day or a marriage proposal.So I wanted to start this so that even on the bad days, everyone can remember there's a little thing to smile about. I'm happy today because i have someone who loves me <3
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