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  1. @themarchioness They are so cute! The videos gives a glimpse of how happy they will be together once everything gets resolved. CY keeps talking about them living freely away in the woods with their future kids. It would be lovely if that house in the videos is their home. I do hope your thoughts about emperor are proven true. We shall see...it will be interesting for sure.
  2. I feel you. It was so out of CY's usual character to do that to BQ too. Sigh... Thank goodness I have no doubts that CY only has BQ in his heart. That was his saving grace for me.
  3. I back-read and can't believe I almost missed this one! Wine + fingers + "fire" = babies??? Jk...wishful thinking on my part. I can't wait for this scene too. Someone needs to kick that darn candle out of the away though.
  4. @themarchioness Agree with you about the Seventh Prince and the emperor. Interesting how it all it all starts to come together now. No worries about the recaps! As long as you keep them coming, I personally have absolutely no complaints. I look forward to them! That BJF makes me so . When CY found out BJF betrayed him in the dungeon, I was glad CY showed BJF that he still had the upper hand. But now knowing how evil BJF can be, my guard is up. This is cheesy, but hopefully good will overcome evil.
  5. Ugh...what a way to end this week's last episode! @themarchioness, "puke" was the perfect word to describe what my poor eyes just saw. QW just can't seem to ever go away. Now that she suddenly has the emperor's favor, who knows what more evil deeds she will do. The emperor should just get overthrown.
  6. @40somethingahjumma Phew - what a relief. To be honest, I really do not want this drama to end, but since it must, I will await a happy ending. This couple way too cute!
  7. @40somethingahjumma I read that the drama is a total of 51 episodes - is that not true?
  8. @themarchioness Thank you for the previews! I could be wrong, but I believe Bai Jian Fei is CY and Yuan Chong's scholar friend from the capital. I remember CY telling Yuan Chong that he did not want to involve Jian Fei in any of his affairs, but it looks like it's going to happen. I usually catch up during the weekend, but like you, I'm feeling the desire to rush home on Tues, Wed and Thurs now!
  9. Wow, you all are so great with keeping up on the latest episodes. I just caught up! @themarchioness, I truly enjoy your recaps! I just wanted to say that the Lotus couple is so lovely together. I do not watch many C-dramas, but these two totally got me from episode 1. I got a special feeling about these two so I kept watching and I am so glad I did so. I was actually pleasantly surprised that they became a couple so quick in episode 28 and immediately, I got the feels that they were utterly devoted to each other. It almost seemed like they married each other that night. What I appreciate most about this couple are the conversations that they have together. From working out jealousy issues to talking about their plans and future together - I absolutely love their dialogue. I love how CY started to refer to BQ as his "fu yan" and how he shares his thoughts/vision about their future family/kids together. You can tell how much CY deeply loves BQ. However, based on the upcoming previews, it seems like we will have a few more sweet scenes, but it will be getting pretty serious soon. As for CW, I am glad she is starting to show her ugly and manipulative side to CY. CY foolishly thought that he could be friends with CW. Obviously, he was totally wrong. Even though CY may honestly tell CW that he only has BQ in his heart and send her away, CW's obsession with him is unhealthy and scary. I fear what more she may do to BQ in her desperate measures to have CY. Last, as for DFS, I still cannot like the guy. BQ keeps telling him that she does not and will not like him yet DFS keeps forcing his feelings on her knowing that she loves LYK/CY. I am hoping as the story progresses, DFS will chill out and learn to accept/respect the couple. That way, he could at least be friends with BQ.
  10. @luna2nd I could be totally wrong, but I have high hopes that there will be a happy ending. Someone else might have mentioned something similar to this before in a previous post, but I cannot remember who so I apologize. In the ending theme song, the first scene is CY and HBQ as the lotus hero/heroine. Again, I could be totally wrong, but my guess is this is or part of the ending. I think that the only way for CY and HBQ to be together in peace is to live in seclusion hence the lotus costumes. When CY flies down to HBQ in that scene, it looks like he has something for HBQ behind his back. Could it be a rabbit lantern again?! @roxnilla7 CY/Lotus Hero also saved Hua Hua in episode 22 while not knowing she was HBQ.
  11. I normally just come to read everyone's thoughts here, but just wanted to comment on CY and LQW. I do not like CY's interaction with LQW as well, but I do know that CY initially only friended LQW because he wanted to know more about Biluotin and Ming Yue's connection to it so in a sense, CY was just using her. However, LQW ended up saving CY in episode 28/29 and likely one more time based on the upcoming previews so CY has to help LQW when she gets hurt as well. Unfortunately or fortunately, HBQ will witness all of this nonsense between CY and LQW and gets jealous and angry. Looks CY will explain everything to HBQ. I think this will be in the scenes where CY saves HBQ from the bandits in the caves. It seems like HBQ is still upset with CY when CY arrives to save her and it took some convincing from CY to get HBQ to leave the caves with him. To me, it will interesting to see HBQ jealous and it is a good opportunity for CY to explain himself. There is no way that CY has any feelings for LQW. After all, CY is the Lotus Hero so he will save and help anyone.
  12. Hi @themarchioness! Could you please also share with me on how to watch the raw episodes as well? I have been dying to see episode 16+.
  13. I feel the same disappointment about not being able to ship them as well!! @hoyund Hi there! I agree that it did seem to me that JSM was holding back tears. I believe it was an interview soon after filming the final scenes so it she seemed she was affected by them too. Now I understand why her Instagram post was overflowing with emotions as well. I love how JSM truly got into and became JK. Like us, I love how she adored the characters too. I love how she believes in the forever love story of JK and MY.
  14. Yes, I agree that their chemistry is LIT! This may sound crazy, but I think because of their remarkable chemistry together, at times it is hard for me to separate JSM/SIG from JK/MY though I know both are not the same. I love the last scene of the two on the bench as well for all the lovely things that you mentioned - the way they look at each other with loving eyes and smiles. MY's snuggle into JK was perfect. One more thing I love about them is how they clasp their hands and always interlace their fingers. You can sense so much of their love/affection for each other by just those simple gestures. Love the MooKang couple!
  15. @namidajanai Hi there! I couldn't agree more with you. This drama seemed to have really touched JSM. With the finale, I was hoping she would post her thoughts/feelings about the conclusion of the drama and she did! It made me happy to see that she too fell in love with her character JK and MY/JG as well. What a beautiful experience it must have been for her. Also, I feel content that she too in heart believes that JK and MY continues on together in a painless world. With that, I am satisfied. P.S. I hope the drama and actors/actresses will get recognized in the drama awards!! I would love to see JSM and SIG all dressed up together